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USGS map of countries where oil is located.
An oil refinery in Mina-Al-Ahmadi, Kuwait

This list of oil fields includes some major oil fields of the past and present.

The list is incomplete; there are more than 65,000 oil and gas fields of all sizes in the world.[1] However, 94% of known oil is concentrated in fewer than 1500 giant and major fields.[2] Most of the world's largest oilfields are located in the Middle East, but there are also supergiant (>10 billion bbls) oilfields in India, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Amounts listed below, in billions of barrels, are the estimated ultimate recoverable petroleum resources (proved reserves plus cumulative production), given historical production and current extraction technology. Oil shale reserves (perhaps 3 trillion barrels (4.8×1011 m3)) and Coal reserves, both of which can be converted to liquid petroleum, are not included in this chart. Other non-conventional liquid fuel sources are similarly excluded in this list.

Oil fields greater than 1 billion barrels (160 million cubic metres)[edit]

FieldLocationDiscoveredStarted ProductionPeakedRecoverable Oil, Past and Future (Billion Barrels)Production (Million Barrels/day)Rate of Decline
Ghawar FieldSaudi Arabia1948[3]1951[3]2005,[4] disputed[5]75-83[6][7]5[8]8% per year[citation needed]
Burgan FieldKuwait193719482005[9]66-72[6][7]1.7[10]14% per year[citation needed]
Ferdows/Mound/Zagheh FieldIran20037-9 (38 Gb resource)[11]
Sugar Loaf fieldBrazil2007~ 25-40[12]Not yet developed
Cantarell FieldMexico197619812004[13]35,[7] 18 billion recoverable.340 [14]peaked in 2004 at 2.14 million barrels per day (340,000 m3/d)[14]
Bolivar Coastal FieldVenezuela1917192230-32[7]2.6-3[7]
Azadegan fieldIran200426 (9 recoverable)[15]
Lula FieldBrazil, Santos Basin20075-8
Safaniya-Khafji FieldSaudi Arabia/Neutral Zone195130
Esfandiar FieldIran30
Rumaila FieldIraq195317[16]1.3[16]
Tengiz FieldKazakhstan19791993201026-40[7].53[7]Expanding from 285k to 1.3 m bpd [1]
Ahwaz FieldIran19581970s[17]10.1.700[18]Expected to surpass original peak due to new gas injection.[2]
Kirkuk FieldIraq192719348.50.480
Shaybah FieldSaudi Arabia15
Agha Jari FieldIran19378.7.200
Majnoon FieldIraq197511-20[16]0.5[16]
Samotlor FieldRussia, West Siberia196519691980[19]14-160.844 [20](depletion: 73%) [20]
Romashkino FieldRussia Volga-Ural19481949in decline16-17.301 (2006) [20]depletion: 85% [20]
Prudhoe BayUnited States, Alaska1967-6819771988 [21]25 (~13 recoverable)0.6611% per year[citation needed]
Sarir FieldLibya1961196112 (6.5 billion recoverable)
Priobskoye fieldRussia, West Siberia19822000130.680 (2008)14% depleted, Production rapidly expanding.[22]
Lyantorskoye fieldRussia, West Siberia19661979130.168 (2004) [20]depletion: 81% [20]
Abqaiq FieldSaudi Arabia120.43[23]
Chicontepec FieldMexico19266.5 [14] (19 certified)[24]
Berri FieldSaudi Arabia12
Zakum FieldAbu Dhabi, UAE1965[25]196712
West Qurna FieldIraq197315-21 [16]0.18-0.25 (pot.)*civil war [16]
Manifa FieldSaudi Arabia11
Fyodorovskoye FieldRussia, West Siberia19711974111.9 (197x)
East Baghdad FieldIraq19768 [16]0-0.05 (pot.)*civil war [16]
Faroozan-Marjan FieldSaudi Arabia/Iran10
Marlim FieldBrazil, Campos Basinin decline10-148% per year[26]
Aghajari FieldIran14
Azadegan FieldIran19995.2
Gachsaran FieldIran192715
Marun FieldIran16
Mesopotamian Foredeep BasinKuwait66-72
Mukhaizna Oil FieldOman1
Dukhan FieldQatar2.2
Halfaya FieldIraq4.1
Az Zubayr FieldIraq6
Nahr Umr FieldIraq6
Abu-Sa'fah fieldSaudi Arabia6.1
Hassi MessaoudAlgeria9
Kizomba ComplexAngola2
Dalia (oil field)Angola1
Zelten oil fieldLibya2.5
Agbami FieldNigeria0.8-1.2
Bonga FieldNigeria1.4
Karachaganak FieldKazakhstan19722.5
Kashagan FieldKazakhstan200030 [27]
Kurmangazy FieldKazakhstan6-7
Darkhan FieldKazakhstan9.5
Zhanazhol FieldKazakhstan3
Uzen FieldKazakhstan7
Kalamkas FieldKazakhstan3.2
Zhetybay FieldKazakhstan2.1
Nursultan FieldKazakhstan4.5
Ekofisk oil fieldNorway19693.3
Troll VestNorway1.4
Mamontovskoye FieldRussia8
Russkoye FieldRussia2.5
Kamennoe FieldRussia1.9
Vankor FieldRussia198320093.8[28]
Vatyeganskoye FieldRussia1.4
Tevlinsko-Russkinskoye FieldRussia1.3
Sutorminskoye FieldRussia1.3
Urengoy groupRussia1
Ust-Balykskoe FieldRussia>1
Tuymazinskoe FieldRussia3
Arlanskoye FieldRussia>2
South-Hilchuy FieldRussia3.1
North-Dolginskoye FieldRussia2.2
Nizhne-Chutinskoe FieldRussia1.7
South-Dolginskoye FieldRussia1.6
Prirazlomnoye FieldRussia1.4
West-Matveevskoye FieldRussia1.1
Sakhalin IslandsRussia14
Piltun-Astokhskoye FieldRussia1
Ayash Field East-Odoptu FieldRussia4.5
Verhne-Chonskoye FieldRussia1.3
Talakan FieldRussia1.3
North-Caucasus BasinRussia1.7
Clair oilfieldUnited Kingdom19775 (1.75 recoverable)
Forties oilfieldUnited Kingdom19705
Jupiter fieldBrazil7
Boscán Field, VenezuelaVenezuela1.6
Swan HillsCanada
Rainbow LakeCanada
Terra Nova FieldCanada198420021.0
Kelly-Snyder / SACROCUnited States, Texas1.5
Bakken Oil FieldUnited States, North Dakota19511 billion recovered as of May 2014, using current technology an estimated 7.4 billion could be recovered, nearly double the estimate from just 10 years ago).862
Yates Oil FieldUnited States, Texas1926192619293.0 (2.0 billion recovered; 1.0 reserve remaining)[29][30]
Kuparuk oil fieldUnited States, Alaska19696
AlpineUnited States, Alaska0.4-1
East Texas Oil FieldUnited States, Texas19306
Spraberry TrendUnited States, Texas194310[31]
Wilmington Oil FieldUnited States, California19323
South Belridge Oil FieldUnited States, California19112[32]
Coalinga Oil FieldUnited States, California18871
Elk HillsUnited States, California19111.5[32]
Kern RiverUnited States, California18992.5[32]
Midway-Sunset FieldUnited States, California18943.4[32]
Thunder Horse Oil FieldUnited States, Gulf of Mexico>1
Daqing FieldChina1959196016depletion: 90%
Jidong FieldChina2.2
Tahe FieldChina8
Nanpu Oil FieldChina7.35

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