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Haeo Suwat waterfall in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand's first national park, designated in 1961.

National parks in Thailand (Thai: อุทยานแห่งชาติ) are defined as an area that contains natural resources of ecological importance or unique beauty, or flora and fauna of special importance. Currently there are 127 national parks (including 22 marine national parks, อุทยานแห่งชาติทางทะเล). Often forest parks (วนอุทยาน) are miscalled as national parks as well.

The parks are administrated by the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department (DNP), of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE). The department was newly created in 2002, and took over the national parks from the Royal Forest Department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The first national park was Khao Yai in 1961, when the National Park Act B.E. 2504 was passed. The first marine park was Khao Sam Roi Yot, established in 1966. In 1993 the administration of the national parks was split into two divisions, one for the terrestrial and one for the Marine National Park Division (MNPD).[1]

Controversies about Thailand's national parks include complaints over excessive development and allotment of private concessions. Ko Samet, and other island-based national parks, are particularly impacted by the activities of private concessions, often in the form of excessive bungalow developments. Many of the northern parks are greatly impacted by illegal swidden farming and poaching.

There are 33 national parks and three marine parks in the process of creation, and are scheduled to be officially gazetted in the future.

National parks of Thailand[edit]

A view over Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park in Loei, Phitsanulok and Phetchabun provinces.
Wachirathan (lit. "Diamond Creek") waterfall on Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand.
Khao Yai National Park is the second largest in Thailand, covering an area of 2,168 square kilometers.
Phraya Nakhon Cave in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, Thailand's first national marine park.
One of the many beaches of Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park
NameProvinceArea (km²)Date createdSource
Doi InthanonChiang Mai482.41972[1]
Doi Pha Hom PokChiang Mai524[2]
Doi Suthep–PuiChiang Mai261.061981[3]
Huai Nam DangChiang Mai1252.12[4]
Khun KhanChiang Mai208[5]
Mae WangChiang Mai[2]120[6]
Op LuangChiang Mai5531991[7]
Pha DaengChiang Mai1154.922000[8]
Si LannaChiang Mai14061989[9]
Doi LuangChiang Rai, Phayao, Lampang1170[10]
Khun ChaeChiang Rai2701995[11]
Chae SonLampang5921988[12]
Mae WaLampang, Tak5872000[13]
Doi Khun TanLamphun255.291975[14]
Mae PingLamphun, Tak, Chiang Mai1003.75[15]
Namtok Mae SurinMae Hong Son396.61981[16]
SalawinMae Hong Son721.52[17]
Tham Pla–Namtok Pha SueaMae Hong Son511[18]
Doi Phu KhaNan1704[19]
Khun NanNan208[20]
Mae CharimNan432[21]
Si NanNan1024[22]
Doi Phu NangPhayao860[23]
Mae PuemPhayao, Chiang Rai350.948[24]
Phu SangPhayao, Chiang Rai284.88[25]
Doi Pha KlongPhrae189[26]
Mae YomPhrae454.75[27]
Wiang KosaiPhrae, Lampang410[28]
Lam Nam NanUttaradit, Phrae999.151998[29]
Phu Soi DaoUttaradit340[30]
Ton Sak YaiUttaradit520[31]
Ta PhrayaBuriram, Sakaeo594[32]
Pa Hin NgamChaiyaphum1121994[33]
Phu LaenkhaChaiyaphum201[34]
Sai ThongChaiyaphum319[35]
Tat TonChaiyaphum217.181980[36]
Nam PhongKhon Kaen, Chaiyaphum197[37]
Phu Kao–Phu Phan KhamKhon Kaen322[38]
Phu Pha ManKhon Kaen, Loei340[39]
Phu WiangKhon Kaen3251991[40]
Phu KraduengLoei348.121962[41]
Phu RueaLoei120.84[42]
Phu Suan SaiLoei117.161991[43]
Phu Pha ThoepMukdahan48.5[44]
Phu Sa Dok BuaMukdahan, Ubon Ratchathani, Yasothon231[45]
Phu LangkaNakhon Phanom, Nong Khai50[46]
Khao YaiNakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Nayok, Prachinburi2168.6351962[47]
Phu Pha LekSakon Nakhon, Ubon Ratchathani404[48]
Phu Pha YonSakon Nakhon, Nakhon Phanom, Mukdahan828.561987[49]
Phu PhanSakon Nakhon, Kalasin664.7[50]
Khao Phra WihanSisaket, Ubon Ratchathani1301998[51]
Kaeng TanaUbon Ratchathani801981[52]
Pha TaemUbon Ratchathani350[53]
Phu Chong–Na YoiUbon Ratchathani686[54]
Khlong LanKamphaeng Phet3001985[55]
Khlong Wang ChaoKamphaeng Phet, Tak7471990[56]
Mae WongKamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Sawan8941987[57]
Khao KhoPhetchabun483[58]
Nam NaoPhetchabun9661972[59]
Tat MokPhetchabun2901998[60]
Namtok Chat TrakanPhitsanulok543[61]
Phu Hin Rong KlaPhitsanulok, Loei3071984[62]
Thung Salaeng LuangPhitsanulok, Phetchabun1262.41972[63]
Namtok Sam LanSaraburi44.571981[64]
Si SatchanalaiSukhothai213.21981[66]
Phu ToeiSuphanburi317.481987[67]
Khao KhitchakutChanthaburi58.311977[68]
Khao Sip Ha ChanChanthaburi118[69]
Namtok PhlioChanthaburi134.51975[70]
Thap LanPrachinburi, Nakhon Ratchasima2235.81981[71]
Khao Chamao–Khao WongRayong, Chanthaburi83.681975[72]
Khao Laem Ya–Mu Ko SametaRayong1311981[73]
Pang SidaSa Kaeo, Prachinburi8441982[74]
Mu Ko ChangaTrat6501982[75]
Namtok Khlong KaeoTrat198[76]
Chaloem RattanakosinKanchanaburi591980[77]
Khao LaemKanchanaburi14971987[79]
Khuean SrinagarindraKanchanaburi15321981[80]
Lam Khlong NguKanchanaburi673[81]
Sai YokKanchanaburi5001980[82]
Thong Pha PhumKanchanaburi1120[83]
Kaeng KrachanPhetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan2914.71981[84]
Hat WanakonaPrachuap Khiri Khan381992[85]
Khao Sam Roi YotaPrachuap Khiri Khan98.081966[86]
Kui BuriPrachuap Khiri Khan969[87]
Namtok Huai YangPrachuap Khiri Khan1611991[88]
Chaloem Phrakiat Thai PrachanRatchaburi329[89]
Khun PhawoTak220[90]
Lan SangTak1041978[91]
Mae MoeiTak185.281990[92]
Taksin MaharatTak1491981[93]
Mu Ko ChumphonaChumphon3171999[94]
Hat Noppharat Thara–Mu Ko Phi PhiaKrabi387.91983[95]
Khao Phanom BenchaKrabi50.12[96]
Mu Ko LantaaKrabi1341990[97]
Than Bok KhoraniaKrabi1041998[98]
Khao LuangNakhon Si Thammarat5701974[99]
Khao NanNakhon Si Thammarat410[100]
Namtok YongNakhon Si Thammarat205[101]
Namtok Si KhitNakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani1451999[102]
Budo–Su-ngai PadiNarathiwat, Pattani, Yala3411974[103]
Namtok Sai KhaoPattani, Yala, Songkhla70[104]
Ao Phang-ngaaPhang Nga4001981[2][105]
Khao Lak–Lam RuaPhang Nga1251991[106]
Khao Lampi–Hat Thai MueangaPhang Nga721986[107]
Mu Ko SimilanaPhang Nga1401982[108]
Mu Ko SurinaPhang Nga1351981[109]
Si Phang-ngaPhang Nga246.081988[110]
Khao Pu–Khao YaPhattalung694[111]
Laem SonaRanong3151983[113]
Lam Nam Kra BuriaRanong1601999[114]
Mu Ko RanongaRanong357[115]
Namtok NgaoRanong, Chumphon668[116]
Mu Ko PhetraaSatun, Trang494.381984[117]
Thale BanaSatun1961980[119]
Khao Nam KhangSongkhla212[120]
Kaeng KrungSurat Thani5411990[121]
Khao SokSurat Thani738.741980[122]
Khlong PhanomSurat Thani410.42000[123]
Mu Ko Ang ThongaSurat Thani1021980[124]
Tai Rom YenSurat Thani4251991[125]
Hat Chao MaiaTrang230.871981[126]
Bang LangYala261[127]

a Marine parks

Not yet gazetted[edit]

The beach at the under-development Hat Khanom - Mu Ko Thale Tai National Park.
A Siam Tulip (Curcuma alismatifolia) in the proposed Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Chaiyaphum Province.
NameProvinceArea (km²)
Mae NgaoMae Hong Son, Tak, Chiang Mai412
Op KhanChiang Mai484
Than Sadet–Ko Pha-nganSurat Thani65.93
Hat Khanom–Mu Ko Thale TaiNakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani739
Ao Manao–Khao TanyongNarathiwat37
Mu Ko Ra–Ko Phra ThongPhang Nga642
Namtok SipoNarathiwat, Pattani289
San Kala KhiriSongkhla, Yala215
Namtok Chet Sao NoiSaraburi28
Na Yung–Nam SomUdon Thani, Loei, Nong Khai344
Lam Nam KokChiang Rai733
Doi Wiang PhaChiang Mai, Chiang Rai583
Mae TakhraiChiang Mai1114
Mae ThoChiang Mai491
Namtok Pha CharoenTak855
Khun SathanNan419
Tham SakoenNan248
Kaeng Chet KhwaePhitsanulok261
Doi ChongLampang, Lamphun332
Tham Pha ThaiLampang1214

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