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The following is a list of mountains in the Philippines.


Mount Agad-AgadIligan490 m (est)Located in Iligan City
Mount PiagayunganLanao del Sur2894 masl as measured by IIT Mountaineers #TeamPayong on April 21, 20142894 masl (the new 5th highest mountain in the Philippines)Located in the boundaries of Lanao Sur and Cotabato
AmorongPangasinan376 m[1][ l ]
Mount ApoDavao del Sur2,954 m[2]2,954 m[2][ s ]
Mount ArayatPampanga1,026 mLocated at Arayat(municipality).
Mount Arman de BadingLaguna2,364 m[2]1,574 in.[2]
Babuyan ClaroCagayan843 m[3]843[ s ]
BalatukanMisamis Oriental2,450 m[4][5][ sV ]
Balut SaranganiDavao del Sur862 m862 m[ s ]
Mount BanahawLaguna, Quezon2,158 m[6]
2,170 m[2]
1,919 m
2,170 m[2]
[ V ]
Batorampon PointZamboanga1,335 mHighest mountain in Zamboanga City
BiliranBiliran1,301 m[ V ]
Mount BintuodNueva Vizcaya1,935 m
BinubulauanKalinga2,329 m[ s ]
Bud DajoSulu620 m[ aC ]
Mount BulusanSorsogon1,565 m[2]1,547 m[2][ asu ]
Mount Busa(on Mindanao)2,030 m[2]1,661 m[2]
Cagua VolcanoCagayan1,133 m[7][ s ]
Mount Calavite(on Mindoro)1,620 m[2]1,462 m[2]
Canlaon Mountain(on Negros)2,430 m[2]2,430 m[2]
Cleopatra NeedlePalawan1,608 m[2]1,582 m[2]
Didicas VolcanoCagayan228 m[ a ]
Mount. AnnaguanCagayan1,400 m1,400 mHighest mountain in Cagayan; Located in Rizal, Cagayan
Mount Dulang-dulangBukidnon2,938 m2,938 m
Mount Guiting-GuitingRomblon2,050 m[2]2,050 m[2][ u ], Elevation is sometimes seen listed as 2,058 m[8][9]
Mount Halcon(on Mindoro)2,582 m[2]2,582 m[2]
Mount HamiguitanDavao Oriental1,620 m[2]1,497 m[2][ s ]
Mount Hibok-HibokCamiguin1,332 m[10]1,332 m[ s ]
Mount Hilong-Hilong(on Mindanao)1,920 m[2]1,838 m[2][ as ]
Mount IrayaBatanes1,009 m1,009 m[ as ]
Mount IrigaCamarines Sur1,196[ asu ]
Mount IsarogCamarines Sur2,000 m[2]1,951 m[2]
Jolo GroupSulu
Mount KabuyaoBenguet Provinceover 2,000 m
Mount KalatunganBukidnon2,880 m[2]
1,502 m[2][13][ s ]
KanlaonNegros Occidental and Negros Oriental2,435 m2,435 m[ asu ]
Mount Dulang-dulangBukidnon2,938 m[2]2,440 m[2][ u ]
Mount Kitanglad[14]Bukidnon2,899 m2,440 m[2][15][ u ]
Kioto Mountains(on Mindanao)1,816 m[2]1,639 m[2]
Mount LaboCamarines Norte1,544 m[2]1,524 m[2][ c ]
Mount ManalmonBulacan196 m[2]196 m[2][ c ]
Laguna CalderaLaguna743 m
Mount LantoyCebu593 m[16]
LatukanLanao del Sur2,338 m[ s ]
Leonard KniaseffDavao del Norte1,190 m[17][ s ]
Mount MadiacAntique_(province)2,117 m[2]2,117 m[2]
MahagnaoLeyte860 m[ s ]
Mount MakaturingLanao del Sur1,940 m[ s ]
Mount MakilingBatangas and Laguna1,090 m[18][ s ]
Malinao VolcanoAlbay and Camarines Sur1,548 m[ s ]
Mount MalindangMisamis Occidental2,404 m[2][19]2,290 m[2][ s ]
Mount MalindigMarinduque1,1571,157[ s ]
MandalaganNegros Occidental1,885 m[20][ s ]
Mount Mangabon(on Mindanao)2,480 m[2]1,803 m[2]
Mariveles VolcanoBataan1,388 m[21][ s ]
MasaragaAlbay1,328 m[22][ s ]
Mount MatutumSouth Cotabato2,286 m[2]1,950 m[2][ asu ]
Mount MayaboboQuezon300 m (approx)[ C ]
Mayon VolcanoAlbay2,462 m[2]2,447 m[2][ asu ]
Mount MacolodBatangas600 (about)
Mount MantalingajanPalawan2,085 m[2]2,085 m[2]
Mingan MountainsAurora1,901 m[2]1,601 m[2]
Mount MiradorQuezon
Musuan PeakBukidnon646 m[ lt ]
Mount PiapayunganLanao del Sur and Cotabato2,815 m[2]1,590 m[2][ s ]
Mount SicapooIlocos Norte2,361 m[2]1,581 m[2]
Victoria PeaksPalawan1,709 m[2]1,619 m[2]The Pinoy mountaineer website gives the official elevation as 1726 m but says that a supra-2000 altitude has been suggested. They identify Mount Victoria as the second-highest mountain in Palawan, next only to Mt. Mantalingajan, "The Mountain of God".[23]
Mount NailogRomblon789 m
NatibBataan1,253 m{ s ]
Paco VolcanoSurigao del Norte524 m[24]
Mount PanayBatangas501 m[25][ s ]
Mount PangasuganLeyte1,150 m
Mount ParkerSouth Cotabato1,824 mm[28][ s ]
PatocMountain Province1,865 m[26][ s ]
Mount Pinatubo1,485 m (current)
1,745 m (5,725 ft) (before 1991 eruption)[29]
[ s ], The volcano's Plinian/ Ultra-Plinian eruption (~VEI 6) in June 1991 produced the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century (after the 1912 eruption of Novarupta) and the largest eruption in living memory.[30][not in citation given]
Pocdol MountainsAlbay and SorsogonThe Pocdol Mountains are a volcanic group of stratovolcanos.
Mount Pulag(Mountain Province)2,922 m[2]2,922 m[2]
Mount PulumbatoZamboanga980 m
Mount RagangLanao del Sur and Cotabato2,815 m[31][ s ]
Mount PolisIfugao-Mountain Province1,895 m[32]
Mount SamatBataan
Mount Santo TomasBenguet2,260 m[33]
Mount SembranoRizal and Laguna745 m[34][ x ]
Sleeping Beauty, KalingaKalinga
Smith VolcanoBatanes1,080+ m[35]
Mount SumagayaMisamis Oriental2,248 m[36]
Mount Tagubud(on Mindanao)2,670 m[2]2,580 m[2][ s ]
Mount TalinisNegros Oriental1,903 m[37]
Thumb PeakPalawan1,296 m1,296 m
Mount TiradIlocos Sur and Mountain Province1,154 m[38]Site of the 1899 battle of Tirad Pass.
Mount TumatangasSulu811 m[39][ C ]
Unnamed high peakCamiguin1,630 m[2]1,630 m[2]
Unnamed high peak(on Luzon)2,037 m[2]2,015 m[2]
Unnamed volcano (Ibugos)Batanes[ a ], A submarine volcano near the island of Ibugos.

a: Active volcano
c: Compound stratovolcano
C: Cinder cone volcano
l: Lava dome
s: Stratovolcano
t: Tuff cone
u: Ultra prominent peak
V: Complex volcano x: Extinct volcano

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