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The vast majority of mountains in Canada lie in the western provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon Territory. Mountains can be found all over British Columbia while those in Alberta are mainly concentrated on the eastern side of the Canadian Rockies. The Saint Elias Mountains in the Yukon hold some of country's highest mountains, including the highest, Mount Logan at 5,959 metres.


Castle Mountain
Grotto Mountain
Main article: Mountains of Alberta

British Columbia[edit]

Mount Assiniboine
Mount Robson, highest in Canadian Rockies
The Black Tusk
Snow Dome and Dome Glacier


New Brunswick[edit]

Newfoundland and Labrador[edit]

Bishop's Mitre

Northwest Territories[edit]

Nova Scotia[edit]


Twin peaks of Mount Asgard
Mount Odin snow and ice


Prince Edward Island[edit]




Mount Logan, Highest in Canada
Mount Saint Elias, 2nd highest in Canada
MountainMetresFeetLocation and Notes
Alsek Peak2,7168,911Saint Elias Mountains
Avalanche Peak4,22813,871Saint Elias Mountains – #20 in Yukon
Fox Mountain2,4047,887Pelly Mountains
Grey Hunter Peak2,2147,264North Yukon Plateau Ranges
Keele Peak2,9729,751Mackenzie Mountains
King Peak5,17316,972Saint Elias Mountains – #4 in Canada
McArthur Peak4,34414,252Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Alverstone4,42014,501Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Archibald2,5888,491Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Augusta4,28914,072Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Cairnes2,8109,219Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Cook4,19413,760Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Frank Rae2,3607,743Ogilvie Mountains
Mount Hubbard4,55714,951Saint Elias Mountains – #10 in Canada
Mount Kennedy4,25013,944Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Logan5,95919,551Saint Elias Mountains – #1 in Canada
Mount Lucania5,22617,146Saint Elias Mountains – #3 in Canada
Mount Macdonald2,7609,055Mackenzie Mountains
Mount Martha Black2,5128,241Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Saint Elias5,48918,009Saint Elias Mountains – #2 in Canada
Mount Saskatchewan3,50011,483Saint Elias Mountains – Unclimbed
Mount Seattle3,13910,299Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Slaggard4,74215,558Saint Elias Mountains – #8 in Canada
Mount Steele5,07316,644Saint Elias Mountains – #5 in Canada
Mount Strickland4,24013,911Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Vancouver4,81015,781Saint Elias Mountains – #7 in Canada
Mount Walsh4,50714,787Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Wood4,85215,919Saint Elias Mountains – #6 in Canada

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