List of mountains and hills of Arizona by height

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The following is a list of the mountains and hills of Arizona, ordered by height.

Entries in bold indicate the peak is the highest point in its respective county.

Entries with a indicate the peak has a low topographic prominence and may be considered a subpeak to a higher nearby summit.

Mountains over 12000 feet[edit]

Humphreys PeakCoconino12633 ft (3850 m)
Agassiz PeakCoconino12356 ft (3766 m)

Mountains over 11000 feet[edit]

Fremont PeakCoconino11969 ft (3648 m)
Aubineau PeakCoconino11838 ft (3608 m)
Rees Peak†Coconino11474 ft (3497 m)
Doyle PeakCoconino11460 ft (3493 m)
Mount BaldyApache11420 ft (3480 m)
Mount Ord (White Mountains)Apache11357 ft (3462 m)
Paradise ButteApache11150 ft (3399 m)
Mount Thomas†Apache11121 ft (3390 m)
Apache PeakApache11100 ft (3383 m)
Mount Warren†Apache11036 ft (3364 m)

Mountains over 10000 feet[edit]

Escudilla MountainApache10912 ft (3325 m)
Mount GrahamGraham10720 ft (3267 m)
Hawk Peak†Graham10627 ft (3239 m)
Diamond ButteApache10624 ft (3238 m)
Profanity Ridge†Apache10590 ft (3228 m)
Kendrick PeakCoconino10418 ft (3175 m)
Bonito Cienega Peak†Apache10416 ft (3175 m)
Plain View Peak†Graham10370 ft (3161 m)
Unnamed PeakApache10368 ft (3160 m)
Tiger Butte†Apache10185 ft (3104 m)
Greens PeakApache10133 ft (3089 m)
Sunrise PeakApache10700 ft (3261 m)
Cyclone CircleApache10700 ft (3261 m)
Schultz Peak†Coconino10083 ft (3073 m)
Unnamed Peak on Escudilla MountainApache10082 ft (3073 m)

Mountains over 9000 feet[edit]

Roof ButteApache9800 ft (2987 m)
Chiricahua PeakCochise9796 ft (2985 m)
Matthews PeakApache9550 ft (2911 m)
Miller PeakCochise9466 ft (2885 m)
Mount WrightsonSanta Cruz9453 ft (2881 m)
(Unnamed)Greenlee9441 ft (2878 m)
Pastora PeakApache9407 ft (2822 m)
Sitgreaves MountainCoconino9388 ft (2816 m)
Mount EldenCoconino9299 ft (2834 m)
Bill Williams MountainCoconino9264 ft (2824 m)
Carr PeakCochise9200 ft (2805 m)
Kaibab Plateau High PointCoconino9176 ft (2797 m)
Mount LemmonPima9157 ft (2791 m)

Mountains over 8000 feet[edit]

Pat Scott Peak†Cochise8800 ft (2683 m)
Ramsey Peak†Cochise8730 ft (2662 m)
Mica MountainPima8664 ft (2641 m)
Mount HopkinsSanta Cruz8585 ft (2616 m)
Rincon PeakPima8482 ft (2585 m)
Hualapai PeakMohave8417 ft (2566 m)
Mount TurnbullGraham8282 ft (2524 m)
Maness PeakGreenlee8262 ft (2518 m)
Black MesaNavajo8168 ft (2490 m)
Sunset CraterCoconino8042 ft (2451 m)
Mount TrumbullMohave8038 ft (2450 m)
Mount BangsMohave8016 ft (2443 m)

Mountains over 7000 feet[edit]

Mount UnionYavapai7979 ft (2432 m)
Promontory Butte (Myrtle Point)Gila7940 ft (2420 m)
Mazatzal PeakGila7903 ft (2409 m)
Mount LoganMohave7886 ft (2398 m)
Pinal PeakGila7850 ft (2393 m)
Willow MountainGreenlee7817 ft (2383 m)
Mingus MountainYavapai7815 ft (2382 m)
Mount TritleYavapai7793 ft (2375 m)
Aztec PeakGila7748 ft (2362 m)
Baboquivari PeakPima7730 ft (2356 m)
Bassett PeakGraham7663 ft (2336 m)
Four Peaks (Browns Peak)Maricopa7657 ft (2334 m)
Reiley PeakCochise7631 ft (2326 m)
Granite MountainYavapai7626 ft (2324 m)
Mount GlennCochise7512 ft (2290 m)
Mohon PeakYavapai7502 ft (2287 m)
Mount BallardCochise7500 ft (2286 m)
Fissure PeakCochise7360 ft (2243 m)
Red ButteCoconino7324 ft (2232 m)
Bryce MountainGraham7302 ft (2226 m)
Rice PeakPinal7280 ft (2219 m)
Hyde Creek Mountain†Yavapai7270 ft (2216 m)
Mount WashingtonSanta Cruz7221 ft (2201 m)
Swisshelm MountainCochise7185 ft (2190 m)
Mount TiptonMohave7148 ft (2179 m)
Mount Ord (Mazatzal Mtns)Gila7128 ft (2173 m)
Zihi-Dush-Jhini Peak (Big Mountain)Navajo7107 ft (2166 m)
Williams PeakYavapai7058 ft (2151 m)
Tanque Verde PeakPima7049 ft (2149 m)

Mountains over 6000 feet[edit]

Kitt PeakPima6886 ft (2099 m)
Grand Wash CliffsMohave6769 ft (2063 m)
Mae West PeaksCochise6732 ft (2052 m)
Weaver PeakYavapai6574 ft (2004 m)
Guthrie PeakGreenlee6573 ft (2003 m)
El Capitan MountainGila6568 ft (2002 m)
Coyote Mountain BenchmarkPima6529 ft (1990 m)
Atascosa PeakSanta Cruz6422 ft (1957 m)
College PeaksCochise6388 ft (1947 m)
Peacock PeakMohave6293 ft (1918 m)
Keystone PeakPima6188 ft (1886 m)
Forest HillCochise6114 ft (1864 m)
San Cayetano PeakSanta Cruz6007 ft (1831 m)

Mountains over 5000 feet[edit]

Harquahala MountainLa Paz5681 ft (1732 m)
Empire Mountains (unnamed peak)Pima5588 ft (1703 m)
Mount PerkinsMohave5459 ft (1664 m)
Pusch PeakPima5361 ft (1634 m)
Colorado BenchmarkPima5319 ft (1621 m)
Smith PeakYavapai5242 ft (1598 m)
Crossman PeakMohave5103 ft (1555 m)
Scott MountainPinal5096 ft (1553 m)
Superstition Mountains BenchmarkPinal5059 ft (1542 m)

Mountains over 4000 feet[edit]

Signal PeakYuma4882 ft (1488 m)
Salt River PeakGila4856 ft (1480 m)
Mount AjoPima4811 ft (1466 m)
Arrastra MountainMohave4805 ft (1465 m)
Mount DevinePima4783 ft (1458 m)
Wasson PeakPima4686 ft (1428 m)
Harcuvar PeakLa Paz4618 ft (1408 m)
Gu Achi PeakPima4556 ft (1389 m)
Weavers NeedlePinal4553 ft (1388 m)
Antelope PeakPinal4547 ft (1386 m)
Sierra Estrella High PointMaricopa4512 ft (1375 m)
Newman PeakPinal4508 ft (1374 m)
Picketpost MountainPinal4375 ft (1336 m)
Tres AlamosYavapai4296 ft (1309 m)
Golden Gate Mountain†Pima4288 ft (1307 m)
Silver Bell PeakPima4261 ft (1299 m)
East EndMaricopa4069 ft (1240 m)
Maricopa PeakMaricopa4048 ft (1234 m)
Martina MountainPima4042 ft (1232 m)
McDowell PeakMaricopa4034 ft (1229 m)

Mountains over 3000 feet[edit]

Salome PeakLa Paz3991 ft (1216 m)
Thompson PeakMaricopa3982 ft (1213 m)
Waterman PeakPima3830 ft (1167 m)
Castle DomeYuma3793 ft (1156 m)
Vulture PeakMaricopa3663 ft (1116 m)
Brownell PeakPima3576 ft (1090 m)
Granite Mountain (Arizona)Maricopa3526 ft (1075 m)
Big Horn PeakMaricopa3480 ft (1061 m)
Dome MountainMaricopa3381 ft (1031 m)
Woolsey PeakMaricopa3381 ft (1031 m)
Picacho PeakPinal3370 ft (1027 m)
Cunningham MountainLa Paz3316 ft (1011 m)
Prieta PeakPinal3309 ft (1009 m)
Madril PeakMohave3308 ft (1008 m)
Eagletail Peak (North Feather)Maricopa3300 ft (1006 m)
Kino PeakPima3199 ft (975 m)
Pinnacle Peak (Arizona)Scottsdale3171 ft (967 m)
Pinkley PeakPima3147 ft (959 m)
Sheep MountainYuma3146 ft (959 m)
Tumamoc HillPima3108 ft (947 m)
Black MountainPima3012 ft (918 m)

Mountains over 2000 feet[edit]

Fools PeakMohave2980 ft (908 m)
Sentinel PeakPima2897 ft (883 m)
Mount McDowellMaricopa2822 ft (860 m)
Mohawk PeakYuma2765 ft (843 m)
Sacaton PeakPinal2755 ft (840 m)
Camelback MountainMaricopa2704 ft (824 m)
South Mountains (Mount Suppoa)Maricopa2690 ft (820 m)
Piestewa PeakMaricopa2608 ft (795 m)
Mummy MountainMaricopa2260 ft (689 m)
Shaw ButteMaricopa2149 ft (655 m)
Silly Mountain†Pinal2139 ft (655 m)

Mountains over 1000 feet[edit]

Barnes ButteMaricopa1745 ft (532 m)
Tempe ButteMaricopa1496 ft (456 m)
Bell ButteMaricopa1370 ft (418 m)

Mountains under 1000 feet[edit]

Fraesfield MtnMaricopa600 ft

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