List of mayors of Tulsa, Oklahoma

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This is a list of mayors of Tulsa, a city in the U.S. state of Oklahoma.

Mayors of Tulsa[edit]

#MayorTerm startTerm end Party
1Calkins, Edward E.Edward E. Calkins18981899 No party
2Bynum, R. N.R. N. Bynum18991900 No party
3Poe, Lewis M.Lewis M. Poe19001901 No party
4Blakey, George D.George D. Blakey19011903 No party
5Mowbray, Sr., George W.George W. Mowbray, Sr.19021904 No party
6Cline, H. R.H. R. Cline19041905 No party
7Reeder, C. L.C. L. Reeder19051906 No party
8Mitchell, John O.John O. Mitchell19061907 No party
9Rohde, W. E.W. E. Rohde19071909Democrat
10Mitchell, John O.John O. Mitchell19091910Democrat
11Martin, L. J.L. J. Martin19101912Democrat
12Wooden, Frank M.Frank M. Wooden[A 1]19121916Democrat
13Simmons, John H.John H. Simmons19161918Republican
14Hubbard, C. H.C. H. Hubbard19181920Democrat
15Evans, T. D.T. D. Evans19201922Republican
16Newblock, Herman FrederickHerman Frederick Newblock19221928Democrat
17Patton, Dan W.Dan W. Patton19281930Republican
18Watkins, George L.George L. Watkins19301932Democrat
19Newblock, Herman FrederickHerman Frederick Newblock19321934Democrat
20Penney, T. A.T. A. Penney19341940Democrat
21Veale, Clarence H.Clarence H. Veale19401944Democrat
22Flynn, Olney F.Olney F. Flynn19441946Republican
23Price, LeeLee Price19461948Republican
24Lundy, Roy M.Roy M. Lundy19481950Democrat
25Stoner, George H.George H. Stoner19501952Republican
26Warren, Clancy M.Clancy M. Warren19521954Republican
27Clark, L. C.L. C. Clark19541956Republican
28Norvell, George E.George E. Norvell19561958Democrat
29Maxwell, James L.James L. Maxwell19581966Democrat
30Hewgley, Jr., James M.James M. Hewgley, Jr.19661970Republican
31LaFortune, Robert J.Robert J. LaFortune19701978Republican
32Inhofe, JimJim Inhofe19781984Republican
33Young, TerryTerry Young19841986Democrat
34Crawford, DickDick Crawford19861988Republican
35Randle, RodgerRodger Randle[A 2]19881992Democrat
36Savage, SusanSusan Savage1992March 31, 2002Democrat
37LaFortune, BillBill LaFortuneApril 1, 2002[2]April 9, 2006Republican
38Taylor, KathyKathy TaylorApril 10, 2006[3]December 6, 2009Democrat
39Bartlett, Jr., Dewey F.Dewey F. Bartlett, Jr.December 7, 2009[4]incumbentRepublican


  1. ^ Wooden was removed from office in 1916.[1]
  2. ^ Randle resigned July 13, 1992. Savage served as Mayor Pro Tem, elected August 25, 1992 to complete Randall's term.


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