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The Mayor of Jacksonville is the chief executive for the city of Jacksonville, Florida, United States. Jacksonville currently utilizes the strong mayor form of government, in which the mayor has significant powers compared to the Jacksonville City Council. Since the consolidation of Jacksonville with the Duval County government in 1968, the mayor is the administrator over the entire county. The current holder of the position is Alvin Brown.


The first mayor of Jacksonville, William J. Mills, was elected in 1832. A new city charter in 1841 changed the titled to "Intendant" until 1859 when it was changed back to mayor. The information on mayors of Jacksonville from 1832 to 1848 is limited, mostly due to the Great Fire of 1901 which destroyed some of the city's records. Most of the information available today was taken from newspapers published during the period.

There was no election for mayor in 1840, nor during the Civil War in 1862, 1863, and 1864. During the Reconstruction era, mayoral elections resumed but the position had no real power, with the city being administered by the United States Military. There is no set amount of time in which one person can stay as mayor, but it is up to the individual to financially support his or her own campaign.

On May 31, 1887, the city instituted a new charter, annexing several suburbs, including LaVilla, Springfield, Riverside, Brooklyn, East Jacksonville, and Fairfield. The mayor's term of office was also increased from one year to two. The mayor serving at the time, J. Q. Burbridge, had been elected on April 8 of that year, but the new charter required a new election to be held. On December 13, 1887 another election was held and C. B. Smith, a Republican, won with support from members of the city's large African American community. After this, local Democrats petitioned the Florida State Legislature to change the city charter once again in an effort to curb Republican and black participation in local politics. The result was that direct election of mayors in the city was abolished from 1889 until 1893. Mayors during this period were elected by the city council, who were appointed by the Governor of Florida.

The city's charter changed several times over the next several decades, and additional areas were annexed, expanding the city limits. The biggest change to local government, however, was the Jacksonville Consolidation, which took effect on October 1, 1968. In this measure, the Duval County and City of Jacksonville governments were consolidated, expanding the city limits to include almost the entire county. Mayor Hans Tanzler had just taken office on June 23, 1967; however, consolidation meant that he would have to run again for the office of mayor for the newly consolidated city government. Tanzler was re-elected and took office on March 1, 1968. Since that time mayors have been elected every four years.

Mayors of Jacksonville, Florida[edit]

The following is a list of mayors of Jacksonville:

Pre-Civil War mayors[edit]

#NameTook OfficeLeft Office
1William J. Mills18321835
3Stephen Eddy18391840

Intendant period[edit]

#NameTook OfficeLeft Office
2Obediah Congar18441845
4Joseph B. Lancaster18461847
5Oliver Wood18471848
7Rodney Dorman18491850
8J. McRobert Baker18501851
9Rodney Dorman18511852
10Henry D. Holland18521853
11Isaac Swart18531854
12F. C. Barrett18541855
13Philip Frazer18551856
14F. I. Wheaton18561857
15George C. Gibbs18561857
16John S. Murdock18581859

Pre-Civil War Mayors revived[edit]

#NameTook OfficeLeft Office
1Holmes Steele18591860
2Halstead H. Hoeg18611862

There were no elections held in 1862, 1863, and 1864.

Pre-consolidation mayors[edit]

#NameTook OfficeLeft OfficeParty
1Halstead H. Hoeg18651866Democrat
2Holmes Steele18661867Democrat
3John Clark18671868Democrat
4Edward Hopkins18681870Democrat
5Peter Jones18701873Republican
6J. C. Greeley18731874Republican
7Peter Jones18741876Republican
8Luther McConihe18761877Democrat
9W. Stokes Boyd18771878Democrat
10Luther McConihe18781879Democrat
11Peter Jones18791880Republican
12J. Ramsey Dey18801881Republican
13Morris A. Dzialynski18811883Democrat
14W. McClaws Dan18831885Democrat
15M.C. Rice18851886Democrat
16Patrick McQuaid18861887Democrat
17J.Q. Burbridge18871887Democrat
18C.B. Smith18871888Republican
19Patrick McQuaid18881891Democrat
20Henry Robinson18911893Democrat
21Duncan U. Fletcher18931895Democrat
22William M. Bostwick18951897Democrat
23William D. Knight18971899Democrat
24J. E. T. Bowden18991901Democrat
25Duncan U. Fletcher19011903Democrat
26George M. Nolan19031906Democrat
27William H. Baker19061907Democrat
28William H. Sebring19071909Democrat
29William S. Jordan19091913Democrat
30Van C. Swearingen19131915Democrat
31J. E. T. Bowden19151917Democrat
32John W. Martin19171923Democrat
32John T. Alsop, Jr.19231937Democrat
32George C. Blume19371941Democrat
33John T. Alsop, Jr.19411945Democrat
34Frank Whitehead19451949Democrat
35W. Haydon Burns19491965Democrat
36Lou Ritter19651967Democrat
37Hans Tanzler19671968Democrat

Consolidated city mayors[edit]

#NameTook OfficeLeft OfficeParty
1Hans TanzlerMarch 1, 1968July 1, 1979Democrat
2Jake GodboldJuly 1, 1979July 1, 1987Democrat
3Tommy HazouriJuly 1, 1987July 1, 1991Democrat
4Ed Austin, Jr.[1]July 1, 1991July 1, 1995Democrat / Republican
5John DelaneyJuly 1, 1995July 1, 2003Republican
6John PeytonJuly 1, 2003July 1, 2011Republican
7Alvin BrownJuly 1, 2011CurrentDemocrat


  1. ^ Ed Austin, Jr. campaigned and was elected as a Democrat, but announced that he was changing party affiliation to Republican after he was in office for a length of time.