List of mayors of Atlanta

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This is a list of mayors of Atlanta in the state of Georgia in the United States. The term of office was one year until Cicero C. Hammock's second term (1875-1877), when a new city charter changed it to two years. The term was changed to four years in 1929, giving Ragsdale the modern stay in office. Though a political party is listed where known, the mayoral election is officially non-partisan, so the candidate did not represent their party when elected. In recent history, the viable candidates in the race have been primarily Democrats.

See the mayors of Atlanta category for an alphabetical list.

Moses Formwalt1848–1849Rowdy
Benjamin Bomar1849–1850Rowdy
Willis Buell1850–1851Rowdy
Jonathan Norcross1851–1852Moral
Thomas Gibbs1852–1853
John Mims1853 - 1853 (resigned due to illness)
William Markham1853 - 1854 (special election)
William Butt1854–1855
Allison Nelson1855 - 1855 (resigned)Democratic
John Glen1855 - 1856 (acting)
William Ezzard1856 - 1858 (first & second terms)Democratic
Luther Glenn1858 - 1860 (first & second terms)
William Ezzard1860 - 1861 (third term)Democratic
Jared Whitaker1861 - 1861 (joined CSA government)
Thomas Lowe1861 - 1862 (acting)
James Calhoun1862 - 1866 (four terms)
James E. Williams1866 - 1869 (first & second terms)Democratic
William Hulsey1869–1870Democratic
William Ezzard1870 - 1871 (fourth term)Democratic
Dennis Hammond1871–1872Radical Republican
John H. James1872–1873Democratic
Cicero C. Hammock1873 - 1874 (first term)
S.B. Spencer1874–1875Democratic
Cicero C. Hammock1875 - 1877 (second term)
Nedom L. Angier1877–1879Republican
William Lowndes Calhoun1879–1881
James W. English1881–1883
John B. Goodwin1883 - 1885 (first term)
George Hillyer1885–1887
John Tyler Cooper1887–1889
John Thomas Glenn1889–1891
William Hemphill1891–1893
John B. Goodwin1893 - 1895 (second term)
Porter King1895–1897
Charles Collier1897–1899
James G. Woodward1899 - 1901 (first term)
Livingston Mims1901–1903Democratic
Evan Howell1903–1905
James G. Woodward1905 - 1907 (second term)
W.R. Joyner1907–1909
Robert Maddox1909–1911
Courtland Winn1911–1913
James G. Woodward1913 - 1917 (third & fourth terms)
Asa Candler1917–1919
James L. Key1919 - 1923 (first & second terms)
Walter Sims1923 - 1927 (first & second terms)Democratic
Isaac Newton Ragsdale1927–1931
James L. Key1931 - 1937 (third & fourth term)
William B. Hartsfield1937 - 1941 (first term)Democratic
Roy LeCraw1941 - 1942 (enlisted in army)
George B. Lyle1942 - 1942 (acting)
William B. Hartsfield1942 - 1962 (second through sixth terms)Democratic
Ivan Allen, Jr.1962 - 1970 (first & second terms)Democratic
Sam Massell1970–1974Democratic
Maynard Jackson1974 - 1982 (first & second terms)Democratic
Andrew Young1982 - 1990 (first & second terms)Democratic
Maynard Jackson1990 - 1994 (third term)Democratic
Bill Campbell1994 - January 7, 2002 (first & second terms)Democratic
Shirley FranklinJanuary 7, 2002 - January 4, 2010 (first & second terms)Democratic
Kasim ReedJanuary 4, 2010–presentDemocratic

In the 2009 runoff election on December 1, Kasim Reed received 50.37% of the vote, while Mary Norwood received 49.63%. After certification, Norwood asked for a recount, in which Kasim Reed was declared the winner. Reed will serve a term from January 2010 to January 2014.