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The following is a list of opening and closing times for stock and futures exchanges worldwide. It includes a partial list of stock exchanges and the corresponding times the exchange opens and closes, along with the time zone within which the exchange is located.

World exchanges[notes 1]Time zone[notes 2]Local timeUTC[notes 3]
New Zealand New Zealand Stock Market (NZSX)NZST+12Sep–Apr10:0017:00No22:0005:00No
Australia Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)AEST+10Oct–Apr09:5016:12No23:5006:12No
Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)JST+909:0015:0011:30–12:3000:0006:0002:30–03:30
South Korea Korea Stock Exchange (KRX)KST+909:0015:00No00:0006:00No
Malaysia Bursa Malaysia (MYX)MYT+809:0017:0012:30–14:0001:0009:0004:30–06:00
Singapore Singapore Exchange (SGX)SGT+809:0017:00No01:0009:00No
Taiwan Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE)CST+809:0013:30No01:0005:30No
Hong Kong Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE)HKT+809:1516:0012:00–13:0001:1508:0004:00–05:00
Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX)HKT+809:2016:0012:00–13:0001:2008:0004:00–05:00
China Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)CST+809:3015:0011:30–13:0001:3007:0003:30–05:00
China Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)CST+809:3015:0011:30–13:0001:3007:0003:30–05:00
Philippines Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)PHT+809:3015:3012:00–13:3001:3007:3004:00–05:30
Indonesia Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)WIB+709:3016:00No02:3009:00No
Thailand Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)ICT+710:0016:3012:30–14:3003:0009:3005:30–07:30
India Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)IST+5.509:1515:30No03:4510:00No
India National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)IST+5.509:1515:30No03:4510:00No
Sri Lanka Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)IST+5.509:3014:30No04:0009:00No
Pakistan Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE)PKT+509:3015:30No04:3010:30No
Russia Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)MSK+310:0018:45No07:0015:45No
Israel Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)IST+2Mar–Oct09:0016:25No07:0014:25No
Lebanon Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE)EET+2Mar–Oct09:3012:30No07:3010:30No
South Africa Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)SAST+209:0017:00No07:0015:00No
Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSX)
Xetra / Eurex
CET+1Mar–Oct08:00 (Eurex)
08:00 (floor)
09:00 (Xetra)
22:00 (Eurex)
20:00 (floor)
17:30 (Xetra)
No07:00 (Eurex)
07:00 (floor)
08:00 (Xetra)
21:00 (Eurex)
19:00 (floor)
16:30 (Xetra)
Turkey Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE)EET+2Mar–Oct09:3017:3012:30–14:0007:3015:3010:30–12:00
Austria Wiener Börse AGCET+1Mar–Oct08:5517:35No07:5516:35No
Hungary Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0017:00[1]No08:0016:00No
Saudi Arabia Saudi Stock Exchange (TADAWUL)AST+311:0015:30No08:0012:30No
Ukraine Ukrainian Exchange (UX)EET+2Mar–Oct10:0017:30No08:0015:30No
Latvia Riga Stock Exchange (OMXR)EET+2Mar–Oct10:0016:00No08:0014:00No
Jordan Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)EET+2Mar–Oct10:0012:00No08:0010:00No
France Euronext Paris (EPA)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0017:30No08:0016:30No
Switzerland Swiss Exchange (SIX)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0017:30No08:0016:30No
Switzerland Berne eXchange (BX)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0016:30No08:0015:30No
Spain Spanish Stock Exchange (BME)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0017:30No08:0016:30No
Italy Milan Stock Exchange (MTA)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0017:25No08:0016:25No
Netherlands Euronext Amsterdam (AMS)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0017:40No08:0016:40No
Luxembourg Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0017:35No08:0016:35No
Finland Helsinki Stock Exchange (OMX)EET+2Mar–Oct10:0018:30No08:0016:30No
Sweden Stockholm Stock Exchange (OMX)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0017:30No08:0016:30No
Norway Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0016:30No08:0015:30No
Denmark Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0017:00No08:0016:00No
Poland Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW)CET+1Mar–Oct09:0017:30No08:0016:30No
United Kingdom London Stock Exchange (FTSE)GMT+0Mar–Oct08:0016:30No08:0016:30No
Republic of Ireland Irish Stock Exchange (ISE)GMT+0Mar–Oct08:0016:30No08:0016:30No
Nigeria Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)WAT+110:0016:00No9:0015:00No
Brazil Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo (Bovespa)BRT-3Oct–Feb10:0017:30No13:0020:00No
Argentina Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BCBA)ART-311:0017:00No14:0020:00No
United States New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)EST-5Mar–Nov09:3016:00[2]No14:3021:00No
United States NASDAQEST-5Mar–Nov09:3016:00[3]No14:3021:00No
Canada Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)EST-5Mar–Nov09:3016:00No14:3021:00No
Mexico Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV)CST-6Apr–Oct08:3015:00No14:3021:00No


  1. ^ Sorted by 1) UTC Open, 2) Time zone, and 3) market cap, starting with the first exchange to open Monday morning.
  2. ^ Time zones subdivided into 3 columns: 1) Zone=time zone acronym, 2) Δ=standard time differential from UTC in hours + hyperlink to current local time, and 3) DST=approximate time frame (start-end) that daylight saving time is in effect.
  3. ^ UTC times will fluctuate for each exchange based on changes resulting from daylight saving time.


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