List of longest tunnels in the world

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This list of longest tunnels in the world ranks tunnels that are at least 13 km (43,000 ft) long. Only continuous tunnels are included, pipelines (also buried) are excluded. The longest have been constructed for water distribution, followed by tunnels for railways. Both uses are highly sensitive to gradients.

World's longest tunnels (in use)[edit]

Delaware AqueductUnited States New York state, United States137,000 m (85.1 mi)Water supply1945New York City's main water supply tunnel, drilled through solid rock.
Päijänne Water TunnelFinland Southern Finland, Finland120,000 m (74.6 mi)Water supply198216 m2 cross section
Dahuofang Water TunnelChina Liaoning Province, China85,320 m (53.0 mi)Water supply20098 m in diameter[1] (50m2 cross section)
Orange–Fish River TunnelSouth Africa South Africa82,800 m (51.4 mi)Water supply1972Longest continuous enclosed aqueduct in the southern hemisphere (22.5 m2 cross section)
Bolmen Water TunnelSweden Kronoberg/Scania, Sweden82,000 m (51.0 mi)Water supply19878 m2
Guangzhou Metro: Line 3China Guangzhou, China60,400 m (37.5 mi)Excl. branchMetro2005-2010Longest metro/rapid transit tunnel
longest railway tunnel
Tunel Emisor Oriente: Water management in Greater Mexico CityMexico Mexico City, Mexico62,500 m (38.8 mi)Waterwaste2006-2012Longest waterwaste tunnel
Beijing Subway: Line 10China Beijing, China57,100 m (35.5 mi)Metro2008-2012
Seikan TunnelJapan Tsugaru Strait, Japan53,850 m (33.5 mi)Railway Single Tube1988Longest railway tunnel excluding urban metro lines with intermediate stations, 74 m2
Želivka Water Tunnel[2]Czech Republic Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic51,075 m (31.7 mi)Water supply19725 m2
Channel TunnelUnited Kingdom France English Channel, United Kingdom/France50,450 m (31.3 mi)Railway Twin Tube1994Longest underwater section, longest international tunnel, second-longest railway tunnel (2×45 m2 + 1×18 m2)
Arpa-Sevan Tunnel[3]Armenia Armenia
(at the time of construction Soviet Union Soviet Union)
48,314 m (30.0 mi)Water supply1981
Seoul Subway: Line 5South Korea Seoul, South Korea47,600 m (29.6 mi)Metro1995
Seoul Subway: Line 3 (Apgujeong-Ogeum)South Korea Seoul, South Korea47,600 m (29.6 mi)Metro1985-2010
#1 Tunnel, Yellow River Diversion to Shanxi North LineChina Shanxi, China43,670 m (27.1 mi)Water supply2011
#7 Tunnel, Yellow River Diversion to Shanxi South LineChina Shanxi, China43,500 m (27.0 mi)Water supply2002
Altufyevo - Bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo (line 9)Russia Moscow Metro, Russia41,500 m (25.8 mi)Metro1983–2002
Metro Madrid: L-12 (Metro Sur)Spain Madrid, Spain40,900 m (25.4 mi)Metro1999–2003
Tocho-mae - Shiodome - Hikarigaoka (Toei Oedo Line)[4]Japan Tokyo, Japan40,700 m (25.3 mi)Metro1991–2000Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation
Shanghai Subway: Line 7China Shanghai, China40,200 m (25.0 mi)Metro2009-2011
Kárahnjúkar Hydropower PlantIceland Fljótsdalshreppur, Iceland39,700 m (24.7 mi)Hydroelectric2003–20077.2-7.6 meters in diameter (45m2 cross section). Part of a wider complex of tunnels that are 72 kilometers in length combined
Quabbin AqueductUnited States Massachusetts, United States39,600 m (24.6 mi)Water supply1897–1905
Medvedkovo - Novoyasenevskaya (line 6)Russia Moscow Metro, Russia37,600 m (23.4 mi)Metro1958–1990Longest railway tunnel 1978–1984 and from November 1987 till March 1988; longest metro/rapid transit tunnel 1990-1995
Shenzhen Subway: Luobao LineChina Shenzhen, China37,497 m (23.3 mi)Metro2009-2011
Shenzhen Subway: Shekou LineChina Shenzhen, China36,146 m (22.5 mi)Metro2010-2011
Dawushan Tunnel, Niulan River Diversion to DianchiChina Yunnan, China36,137 m (22.5 mi)Water supply2013
Shanghai Subway: Line 10China Shanghai, China36,000 m (22.4 mi)Metro2010
Singapore: Circle LineSingapore Singapore, Singapore35,700 m (22.2 mi)Metro2012
Busan Metro: Line 2 (Dongwon-Jangsan)South Korea Busan, South Korea35,500 m (22.1 mi)Metro1999-2002
Seoul Subway: Line 6South Korea Seoul, South Korea35,100 m (21.8 mi)Metro2001
Seoul Subway: Line 7 (Cheongdam-Bupyeong-gu Office)South Korea Seoul, Incheon, Bucheon and Gwangmyeong in South Korea35,100 m (21.8 mi)Metro2000-2012
Lötschberg Base TunnelSwitzerland Bernese Alps, Switzerland34,577 m (21.5 mi)Railway Single Track2007Longest land tunnel, single track along 22 km
Tyne-Tees TunnelUnited Kingdom England, United Kingdom34,000 m (21.1 mi)Water supplyNorthumbrian water supply tunnel.
Metro Madrid: L-7Spain Madrid, Spain32,919 m (20.5 mi)Metro1974–2007
New Guanjiao TunnelChina Qinghai, China32,645 m (20.3 mi)Railway Twin Tube2014[5]Longest tunnel on the upgraded dual-track Xining–Golmud section of Qinghai–Tibet Railway, longest railway tunnel in China, 3323.58–3380.97 meters above sea level
Meijo Line - Meikō Line[6][7]Japan Nagoya Municipal Subway, Japan32,400 m (20.1 mi)Metro1965–2004
Guangzhou Subway: Line 2China Guangzhou, China32,000 m (19.9 mi)Metro2010
Rathaus Spandau-Rudow (U7)Germany Berlin U-Bahn, Germany31,800 m (19.8 mi)Metro1924–1984
Seoul Metropolitan Subway: Bundang Line (Seoul Forest-Jukjeon)South Korea Seoul, Seongnam and Yongin in South Korea31,400 m (19.5 mi)Metro1994-2012
Daegu Metro: Line 2South Korea Daegu and Gyeongsan in South Korea31,400 m (19.5 mi)Metro2005-2012
Beijing Subway: Line 1China Beijing, China31,040 m (19.3 mi)Metro1971-1987
Beijing Subway: Line 4China Beijing, China30,950 m (19.2 mi)Metro2009-2010
Côte-Vertu - Montmorency (Line 2 Orange)Canada Montreal Metro, Canada30,798 m (19.1 mi)Metro1966–2007
Shanghai Subway: Line 2China Shanghai, China30,187 m (18.8 mi)Metro2000
Parnas - Kupchino (line 2)Russia Saint Petersburg Metro, Russia30,100 m (18.7 mi)Metro1961–2006
Guangzhou Subway: Line 5China Guangzhou, China29,900 m (18.6 mi)Metro2009
Shanghai Subway: Line 8China Shanghai, China29,650 m (18.4 mi)Metro2007-2009
Prospekt Veteranov - Devyatkino (line 1)Russia Saint Petersburg Metro, Russia29,600 m (18.4 mi)Metro1955–1978
Evinos - Mornos Tunnel[8][9]Greece Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece29,400 m (18.3 mi)Water Supply1992-1995
Hultman Aqueduct[10]United States Eastern Massachusetts, United States28,640 m (17.8 mi)Water Supply193911.5 ft (3.5 m) to 14 ft (4.3 m) diameter (15m2 cross section); offline for rehabilitation
Guadarrama Tunnel[11]Spain Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain28,377 m (17.6 mi)Railway Twin Tube2007
MetroWest Water Supply Tunnel[12]United States Eastern Massachusetts, United States28,300 m (17.6 mi)Water Supply1996–200314 ft (4.3 m) diameter (15m2 cross section)
Zyablikovo - Maryina Roshcha (line 10)Russia Moscow Metro, Russia28,200 m (17.5 mi)Metro1995–2011
Taihang Tunnel[13]China Taihang Mountains, China27,848 m (17.3 mi)Railway Single Tube2007On Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan high-speed railway
Morden - East Finchley (Northern line)United Kingdom London Underground, England, United Kingdom27,800 m (17.3 mi)Metro1890–1940Longest railway tunnel in UK
Shenyang Subway: Line 1China Shenyang, China27,800 m (17.3 mi)Metro2010
Seoul Metropolitan Subway: Incheon Line 1 (Bakchon-International Business District)South Korea Incheon, South Korea27,000 m (16.8 mi)Metro1999-2009
MRT Blue LineThailand Bangkok, Thailand27,000 m (16.8 mi)Metro2004Second phase will be open in 2017
Dainichi-Nagahara (Tanimachi Line)[14]Japan Osaka Municipal Subway, Japan26,900 m (16.7 mi)Metro1967–1983
LEP Tunnel[15]Switzerland France CERN, Switzerland/France26,659 m (16.6 mi)Particle accelerator198911.3–15.9 m2 circular ring, now used by Large Hadron Collider
İstanbul Metro (Line M4)Turkey İstanbul, Turkey26,500 m (16.5 mi)Metro2012
Hakkōda Tunnel(Tōhoku Shinkansen)Japan Hakkōda Mountains, Japan26,455 m (16.4 mi)Railway Single Tube201064–74 m2
Şanlıurfa Irrigation TunnelsTurkey Turkey26,400 m (16.4 mi)Irrigation2005[16]
Shanghai Subway: Line 9China Shanghai, China26,263 m (16.3 mi)Metro2007-2010
Gilgel Gibe II Power Station headrace tunnelEthiopia Ethiopia26,000 m (16.2 mi)Hydroelectric2005–2009Tunnel partially collapsed, under repair until November 2010.[17]
#5 Tunnel, Yellow River Diversion to Shanxi South LineChina Shanxi, China26,000 m (16.2 mi)Water2002
Daegu Metro: Line 1South Korea Daegu, South Korea25,900 m (16.1 mi)Metro1997-2002
Iwate-Ichinohe TunnelJapan Ōu Mountains, Japan25,810 m (16.0 mi)Railway Single Tube2002
Sudbury AqueductUnited States Eastern Massachusetts, United States25,750 m (16.0 mi)Water Supply1878Emergency backup use
Suzhou Subway: Line 1China Shanghai, China25,739 m (16.0 mi)Metro2007-2011
Lærdal TunnelNorway Lærdal - Aurland, Norway24,510 m (15.2 mi)Road2000The longest road tunnel in the world
Yellow Line (Delhi Metro): GTB Nagar - Qutub Minar[18]India Delhi, India24,000 m (14.9 mi)Metro2004–2010Longest tunnel in India
Metro Madrid: L-1Spain Madrid, Spain23,876 m (14.8 mi)Metro
Lainzer/WienerwaldtunnelAustria west of Vienna, Austria23,844 m (14.8 mi)Railway2012Breakthrough 2007-09-03
Eucumbene-Snowy Tunnel[19]Australia NSW, Australia23,500 m (14.6 mi)Water supply1965Part of the 145 km tunnel network of the Snowy Mountains Scheme
Metro Madrid: L-6Spain Madrid, Spain23,472 m (14.6 mi)Metro1979–2007
Seoul Subway: Line 9 (Gimpo Airport-Sinnonhyeon)South Korea Seoul, South Korea23,400 m (14.5 mi)Metro2009
Angrignon - Honoré-Beaugrand (Line 1 Green)Canada Montreal Metro, Canada23,262 m (14.5 mi)Metro1966–2007
Warsaw Metro L-1: Kabaty - MłocinyPoland Warsaw, Poland23,100 m (14.4 mi)Metro1983–2008
Beijing Subway: Line 2China Beijing, China23,100 m (14.4 mi)Metro1969-1987
Xinma Hydroelectric Power Station Water TunnelChina Sichuan, China22,975 m (14.3 mi)Hydroelectric2009
Eucumbene-Tumut Tunnel[19]Australia NSW, Australia22,200 m (13.8 mi)Water supply1959Part of the 145 km tunnel network of the Snowy Mountains Scheme
Daishimizu TunnelJapan Mount Tanigawa, Japan22,221 m (13.8 mi)Railway1982
Taipei Metro: Blue LineTaiwan Taipei, Taiwan21,900 m (13.6 mi)Metro1999-2011
Vorotan-Arpa Tunnel[20]Armenia Armenia21,652 m (13.5 mi)Water supply2004
Taipei Metro: Orange Line (Fu Jen University - Nanshijiao)Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan21,400 m (13.3 mi)Metro1998-2010
UNK proton acceleratorRussia Protvino (near Moscow), Russia21,000 m (13.0 mi)Particle accelerator (incomplete)1994 (breakthrough)Construction stopped after finishing of main circle tunnel, future is unclear
Guangfo MetroChina Foshan, China20,900 m (13.0 mi)Metro2010
Luliangshan TunnelChina Shanxi, China20,785 m (12.9 mi)Railway Twin Tube20112 tubes, left tube is 20785 meters, right tube is 20738 meters
Shanghai Subway: Line 4China Shanghai, China20,740 m (12.9 mi)Metro2005-2007
Barcelona Metro: Line 1Spain Barcelona, Spain20,700 m (12.9 mi)Metro1926–1992
Busan Metro: Line 1 (Hadan-Busan Nat'l Univ. of Education)South Korea Busan, South Korea20,600 m (12.8 mi)Metro1985-1994
Xian Subway: Line 2China Xian, China20,500 m (12.7 mi)Metro2011
Daejeon Metro: Line 1South Korea Daejeon, South Korea20,470 m (12.7 mi)Metro2006-2007
Nanjing Subway: Line 2China Nanjing, China20,380 m (12.7 mi)Metro2010
Shanghai Subway: Line 6China Shanghai, China20,336 m (12.6 mi)Metro2007
Ward Tunnel[citation needed]United States California, United States20,610 m (12.8 mi)Hydroelectric1920-1925Part of the Big Creek Hydroelectric Project of the Southern California Edison Company. Excavated through solid granite.
Geumjeong Tunnel[21]South Korea Busan, South Korea20,323 m (12.6 mi)Railway2010Gyeongbu High Speed Railway
Wushaoling TunnelChina Wuwei, China20,060 m (12.5 mi)Railway Twin Tube2006-2007Twin Tube, left tube is 20060 meters, right tube is 20050 meters
The London Connection[22]United Kingdom London, England, United Kingdom20,000 m (12.4 mi)Electric power transmission tunnel2005[23]National Grid plc, 3-metre diameter, 400 kilovolt circuit
Taipei Metro: Orange Line (Luzhou - Nanshijiao)Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan19,600 m (12.2 mi)Metro1998-2010
Simplon TunnelSwitzerland Italy Lepontine Alps, Switzerland/Italy19,803 m (12.3 mi)Railway Twin Tube1906A parallel tunnel was opened in 1922 (19,824 m long)
Koltsevaya Line (Circle Line)Russia Moscow Metro, Russia19,400 m (12.1 mi)Metro1950-1954
Futang Hydroelectric Power Station Water TunnelChina Wenchuan, Sichuan, China19,319 m (12.0 mi)Hydroelectric2009
Seoul Metropolitan Subway: Bundang Line (Suwon Station-Jukjeon Station)South Korea Yongin and Suwon in South Korea19,300 m (12.0 mi)Metro2007-2013
VereinaSwitzerland Silvretta, Switzerland19,058 m (11.8 mi)Railway Single Track1999Single track with passing loops, metre gauge
Seoul Subway: Line 4 (Ssangmun-Ichon)South Korea Seoul, South Korea19,000 m (11.8 mi)Metro1980
Shin Kanmon TunnelJapan Kanmon Straits, Japan18,713 m (11.6 mi)Railway1975
Shiziping Hydroelectric Power Station Water TunnelChina Sichuan, China18,712 m (11.6 mi)Hydroelectric2009
VagliaItaly Bologna - Firenze, Italy18,711 m (11.6 mi)Railway Single Tube2009Bologna–Florence high-speed railway
Apennine Base TunnelItaly Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, Italy18,507 m (11.5 mi)Railway Single Tube1934
Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska LineUkraine Kiev Metro, Ukraine18,480 m (11.5 mi)Metro1976
Qinling Tunnel I-IIChina Qin Mountains, China18,460 m (11.5 mi)Railway Twin Tube2000Twin tubes, left tube is 18460 meters, right tube is 18456 meters[24]
Shanghai Subway: Line 17China Shanghai, China18,110 m (11.3 mi)Metro1995
Avtozavodskaya LineBelarus Minsk Metro, Belarus18,100 m (11.2 mi)Metro1990
Baoxing Hydroelectric Power Station Water TunnelChina Sichuan, China18,053 m (11.2 mi)Hydroelectric2009
ZhongnanshanChina China18,040 m (11.2 mi)Road2007The longest road tunnel in China
Line 2 (Athens Metro)[25]Greece Athens, Greece17,900 m (11.1 mi)Metro1991–2013
Line 3 (Athens Metro)[25]Greece Athens, Greece17,800 m (11.1 mi)Metro1991–2013Line 3 is actually 41 km long, but only 17.8 km of it are underground.
Beijing Subway: Line 5China Beijing, China17,825 m (11.1 mi)Metro2007
JingpingshanChina Sichuan China17,500 m (10.9 mi)Road2008The deepest transportation tunnel in China
Shenzhen Subway: Longgang LineChina Shenzhen, China17,333 m (10.8 mi)Metro2010-2011
Kholodnohirsko–Zavodska LineUkraine Kharkiv Metro, Ukraine17,300 m (10.7 mi)Metro1975
Seoul Metropolitan Subway: Shinbundang LineSouth Korea Seoul and Seongnam in South Korea17,300 m (10.7 mi)Metro2011
Mavi Tünel (Blue Tunnel)[26]Turkey Konya, Turkey17,034 m (10.6 mi)Water / Irrigation2012Breakthrough 2007
Gotthard Road TunnelSwitzerland Lepontine Alps, Switzerland16,918 m (10.5 mi)Road1980
Guangzhou Metro: Line 43China Guangzhou, China16,790 m (10.4 mi)Metro2005
Barcelona Metro: Line 4Spain Barcelona, Spain16,700 m (10.4 mi)Metro1929–1999
Barcelona Metro: Line 3Spain Barcelona, Spain16,600 m (10.3 mi)Metro1924–2001
Seoul Subway: Line 2 (Jamsil-Sillim)South Korea Seoul, South Korea16,700 m (10.4 mi)Metro1980-1984
Barcelona Metro: Line 5Spain Barcelona, Spain16,600 m (10.3 mi)Metro1959–1983
Murrumbidgee-Eucumbene Tunnel[19]Australia NSW, Australia16,600 m (10.3 mi)Water supply1961Part of the 145 km tunnel network of the Snowy Mountains Scheme
Ankara Metro (Kizilay-Çayyolu)Turkey Ankara, Turkey16,590 m (10.3 mi)Metro2002-2014Tunnel construction complete, to be opened to public in 2014.
İstanbul Metro (Line M2)Turkey İstanbul, Turkey16,500 m (10.3 mi)Metro2000-2009
Beijing Subway: Line 9China Beijing, China16,500 m (10.3 mi)Metro2011-2012
Jinkang Hydroelectric Power Station Water TunnelChina Sichuan, China16,490 m (10.2 mi)Hydroelectric2006
Metro Madrid: L-8Spain Madrid, Spain16,467 m (10.2 mi)Metro1998–2007
Guangzhou Metro: Line 1China Guangzhou, China16,449 m (10.2 mi)Metro1997
Metro Madrid: L-3Spain Madrid, Spain16,424 m (10.2 mi)Metro1939–2007
Rokkō Tunnel[27]Japan Mount Rokkō, Japan16,250 m (10.1 mi)Railway1972
Soran Tunnel[28]South Korea Taebaek, Gangwon-do, South Korea16,240 m (10.1 mi)Railway2012Taebaek Line, includes a spiral; breakthrough 2006-12-07
Seoul Subway: Line 7 (Suraksan-Konkuk University)South Korea Seoul, South Korea16,000 m (9.9 mi)Metro1996
İstanbul Metro (Line M3)Turkey İstanbul, Turkey15,900 m (9.9 mi)Metro2013
Henderson Tunnel[29][30]United States Front Range, United States15,800 m (9.8 mi)Former railway1976Narrow gauge railway, replaced by a conveyor belt in 1999. Only one portal (served an underground mine)[31]
Pandaoling Tunnel, Datong River Diversion to Shaanxi ProjectChina China15,723 m (9.8 mi)Water supply1994
Furka BaseSwitzerland Urner Alps, Switzerland15,442 m (9.6 mi)Railway Single Track1982Single track with passing loops, metre gauge
Seoul Subway: Line 3 (Gupabal-Geumho)South Korea Seoul, South Korea15,400 m (9.6 mi)Metro1985
Tianjin Subway: Line 1China Tianjin, China15,378 m (9.6 mi)Metro1976-2006
Dingshan Tunnel, Irtysh River Diversion to Ürümqi ProjectChina Xinjiang, China15,351 m (9.5 mi)Water supply2006
HarunaJapan Gunma Prefecture, Japan15,350 m (9.5 mi)Railway1982
Severomuysky TunnelRussia Severomuysky Range, Russia15,343 m (9.5 mi)Railway Single Track2003
Deer Island Outfall Tunnel[32]United States Deer Island, Boston, Massachusetts, United States15,290 m (9.5 mi)Sewerage200024 ft (7.3 m) diameter (42m2 cross section); discharges treated effluent into Atlantic Ocean
FirenzuolaItaly Bologna - Firenze, Italy15,285 m (9.5 mi)Railway Single Tube2009Bologna–Florence high-speed railway
Shanghai Subway: Line 2China Shanghai, China15,274 m (9.5 mi)Metro2000Between Zhanjianggaoke station and Lingkong Station
Jinquidi Tunnel, Niulan River Diversion to DianchiChina Yunnan, China15,257 m (9.5 mi)Water supply2013
Beijing Subway: Line 8China Beijing, China15,200 m (9.4 mi)Metro2008-2011
Baotan Hydroelectric Power Station Water TunnelChina Guangxi, China15,200 m (9.4 mi)Hydroelectric2010
Gorigamine Tunnel[27]Japan Takasaki - Nagano, Japan15,175 m (9.4 mi)Railway1997
Xuecheng Hydroelectric Power Station Water TunnelChina Sichuan, China15,174 m (9.4 mi)Hydroelectric2007
Monte SantomarcoItaly Paola - Cosenza, Italy15,040 m (9.3 mi)Railway Single Track1987
Gotthard Rail TunnelSwitzerland Lepontine Alps, Switzerland15,003 m (9.3 mi)Railway Single Tube1882
Gwangju Metro: Line 1 (Hakdong·Jeungsimsa-GwangjuSongjeong)South Korea Gwangju, South Korea15,000 m (9.3 mi)Metro2004
Nakayama TunnelJapan Gunma Prefecture, Japan14,857 m (9.2 mi)Railway1982Jōetsu Shinkansen
Cuajone-El SargentoPeru Ilo-Toquepala / Cuajone Industrial Railroad - Southern Peru Copper Corporation, Peru14,724 m (9.1 mi)[33]Railway1975
Mount Macdonald TunnelCanada Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park, Canada14,723 m (9.1 mi)Railway Single Track1989
Lötschberg TunnelSwitzerland Alps, Switzerland14,612 m (9.1 mi)Railway Single Tube1913
Caoe River Diversion ProjectChina Zhejiang, China14,600 m (9.1 mi)Water supply2011
Romerike TunnelNorway Oslo - Lillestrøm, Norway14,580 m (9.1 mi)Railway Single Tube1999
Snowy-Geehi Tunnel[19]Australia NSW, Australia14,500 m (9.0 mi)Water supply1966Part of the 145 km tunnel network of the Snowy Mountains Scheme
Seoul Metropolitan Subway: Line 4 (Isu-Beomgye)South Korea Seoul, Gwacheon and Anyang in South Korea14,500 m (9.0 mi)Metro1980-1994
Jisha Hydroelectric Power Station Water TunnelChina Yunnan, China14,467 m (9.0 mi)Hydroelectric2007
#6 Tunnel, Yellow River Diversion to Shanxi South LineChina Shanxi, China14,400 m (8.9 mi)Water supply2002
Ala Mountain Pass Water Supply ProjectChina Xinjiang, China14,346 m (8.9 mi)Water Supply2010
Tunnelbana 3 (Blue line), Kungsträdgården-HjulstaSweden Stockholm, Sweden14,300 m (8.9 mi)Metro1975–1977
Tooma-Tumut Tunnel[19]Australia NSW, Australia14,200 m (8.8 mi)Water supply1961Part of the 145 km tunnel network of the Snowy Mountains Scheme
Dayaoshan Tunnel[34]China Nanling Mountains, China14,294 m (8.9 mi)Railway Single Tube1987
Guangzhou Subway: Line 8China Guangzhou, China14,200 m (8.8 mi)Metro2003-2010
Metro Lisbon - Blue (Seagull) LinePortugal Lisbon, Portugal14,000 m (8.7 mi)Metro1959–2007
Arlberg Road TunnelAustria Arlberg, Austria13,972 m (8.7 mi)Road1978
Shanggongshan Tunnel, Zhangjiuhe Water Supply ProjectChina Yunnan, China13,941 m (8.7 mi)Water Supply2007
Dayingshan #4 Hydroelectric Power Station Water TunnelChina Yunnan, China13,932 m (8.7 mi)Hydroelectric20098.5 meters in diameter (57m2 cross section)
Hokuriku TunnelJapan Fukui Prefecture, Japan13,870 m (8.6 mi)Railway1962Hokuriku Main Line
Xiapu TunnelChina Fujian, China13,838 m (8.6 mi)Railway Single Tube2009
Yesanguan TunnelChina Hubei, China13,838 m (8.6 mi)Railway Twin Tube2010Tube I: 13838 meters, tube II: 13796 meters
Xishan TunnelChina Shanxi, China13,654 m (8.5 mi)Road Twin Tube2012Left tube: 13654 meters, right tube: 13570 meters
Fréjus (Mont Cenis)France Italy Alps, France/Italy13,636 m (8.5 mi)Railway Single Tube1871
North Tianshan TunnelChina Xinjiang, China13,610 m (8.5 mi)Railway Single Tube2009
MarmarayTurkey Istanbul, Turkey13,600 m (8.5 mi)Metro2013Built next to a fault zone, between two continents
Busan Metro: Line 3 (Suyeong-Deokcheon)South Korea Busan, South Korea13,500 m (8.4 mi)Metro2005
Shin Shimizu Tunnel[27]Japan Mount Tanigawa, Japan13,500 m (8.4 mi)Railway Twin Tube1967
Savio Rail TunnelFinland Helsinki - Kerava, Finland13,500 m (8.4 mi)Railway Single Track2008
Hex River Tunnel[35]South Africa Hex River Pass, South Africa13,400 m (8.3 mi)Railway Single Track1989
Wonhyo Tunnel[36][37]South Korea Ulsan, South Korea13,270 m (8.2 mi)Railway2010Gyeongbu High Speed Railway
Dabieshan TunnelChina Hubei, China13,256 m (8.2 mi)Railway Single Tube2008
Schlern Tunnel[38]Italy South Tyrol, Italy13,159 m (8.2 mi)Railway1993
Caponero-CapoverdeItaly Genova - Ventimiglia, Italy13,135 m (8.2 mi)Railway Single Tube2001Includes an underground station ("San Remo")
Hongtiguan TunnelChina Shanxi, China13,122 m (8.2 mi)Road Dual Tube2013Left tube: 13122 meters, right tube: 13098 meters
Barcelona Metro: Line 2Spain Barcelona, Spain13,100 m (8.1 mi)Metro1985–1997
Aki TunnelJapan Sanyo Shinkansen, Japan13,030 m (8.1 mi)Railway1975
Many more tunnels exist that are shorter than 13 kilometres (8 mi)

World's longest tunnels (under construction)[edit]

Qinling Tunnel, Han River Diversion to Wei RiverChina Shaanxi, China98,300 m (61.1 mi)Water Supply
New York City Water Tunnel No. 3United States New York State, United States96,560 m (60.0 mi)Water2020More water supply for New York City. Already in use; at completion it will be the world's third longest tunnel
Northern Cyprus Water Supply ProjectTurkey Northern Cyprus Mediterranean Sea, Turkey/Northern Cyprus80,000 m (49.7 mi)Water Supply2014Construction of the world's first long undersea water supply pipeline, but is not a tunnel.
Gotthard Base TunnelSwitzerland Lepontine Alps, Switzerland57,104 m (35.5 mi) or 57,017 m (35.4 mi)Railway Twin Tube2016new Gotthard Railway; at completion it will be the longest railway tunnel (breakthrough 2010-10-15)
Two tubes (East 57,104 m (35.5 mi), West 57,017 m (35.4 mi)), 8.8–9.5 m (29–31 ft) diameter, (71m2 cross section)
Brenner Base TunnelAustria Italy Stubai Alps, AustriaItaly55,000 m (34.2 mi)Railway Twin Tube2025Pilot tunnel under construction. Together with the already constructed Inntal Tunnel it will form the world's longest continuous railway tunnel with 64 km.[39]
L9 / L10Spain Barcelona, Spain43,710 m (27.2 mi)Metro2016 partiallyThe total system will have a length of 47.8 km, of which 43.71km is underground and 4.09km is on viaducts. North section of the line is in operation. In 2016 south section: airport El Prat / Collblanc will be in operation.
Gaoligongshan TunnelChina Yunnan, China39,600 m (24.6 mi)Railway2017Railway between Dali and Ruili
Koralm TunnelAustria Koralpe, Austria32,900 m (20.4 mi)Railway Twin Tube2022Boring of main tunnel started at the west portal May 2010[40]
Neelum Jhelum HydroPower TunnelPakistan Muzaffarabad AJ&k, Pakistan31,500 m (19.6 mi)Hydroelectric2016
Semmering Base TunnelAustria Lower Austria/Styria, Austria27,300 m (17.0 mi)Railway Twin Tube2024Construction of the first contract section started January 2014.[41] Will cut travel time between Vienna and Graz by 30 minutes and is part of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor
Melamchi Water supply Development BoardNepal Melamchi to Kathmandu, Nepal26,000 m (16.2 mi)Water Tunnel2014Under construction, financed by Asian Development Bank
Musil Tunnel[42][43]South Korea Wonju-Jecheon (Jungang Line), South Korea25,080 m (15.6 mi)Railway2018Work slated to start June 2011[needs update]
Pajares Base TunnelSpain Principado de Asturias, Spain24,667 m (15.3 mi)Railway Twin Tube2016Breakthrough 2008
Iiyama Tunnel[44]Japan Iiyama, Japan22,225 m (13.8 mi)Railway2015Being built for the Hokuriku Shinkansen, breakthrough 2007
Ceneri Base TunnelSwitzerland Lepontine Alps, Switzerland15,400 m (9.6 mi)Railway Twin Tube2019New Gotthard Railway
Mount Ovit Tunnel[45]Turkey Erzurum Province-Rize Province, Turkey14,700 m (9.1 mi)Highway Twin tube2015Groundbreaking 2012
RyfastNorway Stavanger-Strand, Norway14,300 m (8.9 mi)Highway Twin tube2018Groundbreaking 2012
Possibly incomplete table. Many more tunnels are under construction that will be shorter than 13 kilometres (8 mi)

World's longest tunnels (advanced planning stage)[edit]

Bohai Strait tunnelChina Bohai Strait, China123,000 m (76.4 mi)Railway2017–2023
Mont d'Ambin base tunnelFrance Italy Cottian Alps, FranceItaly52,000 m (32.3 mi)Railway2020–2023Access shafts under construction
Line 4 (Athens Metro)[46]Greece Athens, Greece33,000 m (20.5 mi)Metro2015-2025
RogfastNorway Stavanger, Norway25,000 m (15.5 mi)Road2015–2023Two tunnels at 25 km each plus a 4 km detour tunnel
Barrandov tunnelCzech Republic PragueBeroun24,700 m (15.3 mi)[47]Railwayafter 2018Project is on hold
Follo LineNorway Oslo, Norway19,000 m (11.8 mi)Railway2020–2021
Fehmarn Belt Fixed LinkGermanyDenmark Germany-Denmark17,600 m (10.9 mi)Road & Railway2020Start of construction planned for 2014
Förbifart Stockholm[48]Sweden Stockholm, Sweden16,000 m (9.9 mi)Road2020Construction not started yet
Kresna Gorge Tunnel[49]Bulgaria Kresna, Bulgaria15,410 m (9.6 mi)Highway Twin tube2020-23Part of Struma motorway, connecting Sofia and Athens. Construction not started yet.

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