List of lighthouses in Minnesota

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This is a list of all lighthouses in the U.S. state of Minnesota as identified by the United States Coast Guard. There are five active lights in the state; one light is inactive but has been converted to a museum, and one is in ruins.

The first lighthouse in the state was erected in 1858[1] and the last in 1922 (ignoring automated towers erected later); the oldest active light is the Two Harbors Light.[2]

If not otherwise noted, focal height and coordinates are taken from the United States Coast Guard Light List,[3] while location and dates of activation, automation, and deactivation are taken from the United States Coast Guard Historical information site for lighthouses.[2]

Built[note 1]AutomatedDeactivatedStatus
Duluth North Pier Lightend of north breakwater of Duluth, Minnesota harbor entrance46°46′52″N 92°05′17″W / 46.7810°N 92.0881°W / 46.7810; -92.0881 (Duluth North Pier Light)Duluth North Pier Light HAER.png043 43 ft (13 m)1910unknownActive
Duluth South Breakwater Inner Lightsouth breakwater of Duluth harbor entrance near the lift bridge46°46′44″N 92°05′30″W / 46.7788°N 92.0918°W / 46.7788; -92.0918 (Duluth South Breakwater Light)Duluth South Breakwater Inner Range Light USCG.jpg068 68 ft (21 m)1889/19011976Active
Duluth South Breakwater Outer Lightend of south breakwater of Duluth harbor entrance46°46′48″N 92°05′15″W / 46.7801°N 92.0875°W / 46.7801; -92.0875 (Duluth South Breakwater Light)Duluth South Breakwater Light HAER.png044 44 ft (13 m)1874/19011976Active
Grand Marais Lightharbor entrance in Grand Marais, Minnesota47°44′43″N 90°20′16″W / 47.7452°N 90.3379°W / 47.7452; -90.3379 (Grand Marais Light)Evening on the Gd Marias Light.jpg048 48 ft (15 m)1885/19221937Active
Minnesota Point LightMinnesota Point east of Superior, Wisconsin46°42′36″N 92°01′33″W / 46.7100°N 92.0259°W / 46.7100; -92.0259 (Minnesota Point Light)[4]Minnesota Point Light Postcard.jpg050 approx. 50 ft (15 m)18581913Ruins
Split Rock LightSplit Rock Lighthouse State Park in Beaver Bay Township, Minnesota47°12′00″N 91°22′02″W / 47.1999°N 91.3671°W / 47.1999; -91.3671 (Split Rock Light)[5]Northern MN Spring 2005 150.jpg168 168 ft (51 m)[5]19101969Inactive/Museum[note 2]
Two Harbors LightTwo Harbors, Minnesota47°00′50″N 91°39′49″W / 47.0140°N 91.6635°W / 47.0140; -91.6635 (Two Harbors Light)TwoHarborsLight.jpg078 78 ft (24 m)18921980Active/Museum


  1. ^ If there is a second date, it represents the date the most recent tower was lit.
  2. ^ The beacon is still working but is only lit on special occasions.