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This is a list of existing and past lighthouses in the state of Florida in the United States.


NameImageLocationCoordinatesYear first litYear deactivatedHeight
above water
Additional Description
Alligator Reef LightAlligator-reef-lh.JPGEast of Indian Key near the Upper and Lower Matecumbe Keys24°51′6″N 80°37′6″W / 24.85167°N 80.61833°W / 24.85167; -80.61833 (Alligator Reef Light)1873Active&&&&&&&+136 ft (41.4 m)
Amelia Island LightAmeliaislandlh.JPGN end of Amelia Island, at the mouth of St. Mary's River30°40′23.46″N 81°26′32.8″W / 30.6731833°N 81.442444°W / 30.6731833; -81.442444 (Amelia Island Light)1838Active&&&&&&&+107 ft (32.6 m)Oldest existing active lighthouse in Florida
Amelia Island North Range LightAmelianorthrange.jpgAt the mouth of St. Mary's River30°42′09″N 81°26′26″W / 30.70250°N 81.44056°W / 30.70250; -81.44056 (Amelia Island North Range Light)18721899&&&&&&&&+30 ft (9.1 m)Nonextant
American Shoal LightAmericanshoal.JPGEast of the Saddlebunch Keys, close to Looe Key24°31′30″N 81°31′12″W / 24.52500°N 81.52000°W / 24.52500; -81.52000 (American Shoal Light)1880Active&&&&&&&+109 ft (33.2 m)
Anclote Keys LightUSCG Anclote Keys Lighthouse.jpgAnclote Key at the mouth of Anclote River near Tarpon Springs, Florida28°10′01.11″N 82°50′40.74″W / 28.1669750°N 82.8446500°W / 28.1669750; -82.8446500 (Anclote Keys Light)1887Active&&&&&&&+110 ft (33.5 m)Inactive from 1984 to 2003
Cape Canaveral Light (1)left towernorth of Launch Complex 46 inside the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station28°27′36.8″N 80°31′37.9″W / 28.460222°N 80.527194°W / 28.460222; -80.527194 (Cape Canaveral Light 1848)18481868&&&&&&&&+60 ft (18.3 m)Located next to its replacement, the 1868 Cape Canaveral lighthouse; destroyed in 1893 for used as foundation material when the 1868 tower was relocated
Cape Canaveral Light (2)Intelsat IV-F5 Launch - GPN-2000-000639.jpg1 mile (1.6 km) inland from Cape Canaveral, inside the Air Force Station28°27′37.26″N 80°32′36.42″W / 28.4603500°N 80.5434500°W / 28.4603500; -80.5434500 (Cape Canaveral Light)1868Active&&&&&&&+137 ft (41.8 m)The tower is 151 feet (46 m) tall.
Cape Florida Light (1)Cape Florida, south of Key Biscayne25°39′59.72″N 80°09′21.47″W / 25.6665889°N 80.1559639°W / 25.6665889; -80.1559639 (Cape Florida Light)18251836&&&&&&&&+65 ft (19.8 m)Burned down during a Seminole attack
Cape Florida Light (2)Lighthouse 4.JPGCape Florida, South of Key Biscayne25°39′59.72″N 80°09′21.47″W / 25.6665889°N 80.1559639°W / 25.6665889; -80.1559639 (Cape Florida Light)1847Active&&&&&&&&+95 ft (29.0 m)Third oldest existing active lighthouse in Florida; Inactive from 1878 to 1978
Cape San Blas LightCape San Blas FL houses and light01.jpgOn Cape San Blas, southwest of Port St. Joe29°40′16.41″N 85°21′22.72″W / 29.6712250°N 85.3563111°W / 29.6712250; -85.3563111 (Cape San Blas Light)1885Active&&&&&&&+101 ft (30.8 m)
Cape St. George Light (1)Capestgeorge1900s.JPGLittle St. George Island, Apalachicola Bay29°35′15.2″N 85°02′49.32″W / 29.587556°N 85.0470333°W / 29.587556; -85.0470333 (Cape St. George Light)18522005&&&&&&&&+72 ft (21.9 m)Tower collapsed in 2005 and was reconstructed in St. George Island
Cape St. George Light (2)Cape St. George Lighthouse.jpgSt. George Island, Apalachicola Bay29°39′46.1″N 84°51′45.2″W / 29.662806°N 84.862556°W / 29.662806; -84.862556 (Cape St. George Light)2008Active&&&&&&&&+72 ft (21.9 m)Inactive 2005 to 2008
Carysfort Reef LightCarysfort-reef-lh.JPG6 miles (9.7 km) East of Key Largo25°13′18″N 80°12′42″W / 25.22167°N 80.21167°W / 25.22167; -80.21167 (Carysfort Reef Light)1852Active&&&&&&&+100 ft (30.5 m)Oldest existing screw-pile lighthouse still in service in the United States
Cedar Key LightCedarkeylh.JPGOn Seahorse Key across the harbor from Cedar Key, Florida29°05′47.33″N 83°03′55″W / 29.0964806°N 83.06528°W / 29.0964806; -83.06528 (Cedar Key Light)18541915&&&&&&&&+75 ft (22.9 m)Now serves as a Marine Laboratory for the University of Florida
Charlotte Harbor LightCharlottehbrlh.JPGOn Charlotte Harbor in Punta Gorda, FL26°45′35″N 82°06′29″W / 26.75972°N 82.10806°W / 26.75972; -82.10806 (Charlotte Harbor Light)18901943&&&&&&&&+36 ft (11.0 m)Demolished in 1943; Iron pilings removed in 1915
Cosgrove Shoal Light (1)10 miles (16 km) WSW of Key West
S of Marquesas Keys
24°27′28.44″N 82°11′6.16″W / 24.4579000°N 82.1850444°W / 24.4579000; -82.1850444 (Cosgrove Shoal Light)1935Unknown&&&&&&&&+49 ft (14.9 m)[1]
Cosgrove Shoal Light (2)10 miles (16 km) WSW of Key West
S of Marquesas Keys
24°27′28.44″N 82°11′6.16″W / 24.4579000°N 82.1850444°W / 24.4579000; -82.1850444 (Cosgrove Shoal Light)UnknownActive&&&&&&&&+54 ft (16.5 m)[2]
Crooked River LightCrookedriverlh.JPGDog Island off Carrabelle29°49′39″N 84°42′04″W / 29.82750°N 84.70111°W / 29.82750; -84.70111 (Crooked River Light)1895Active&&&&&&&+115 ft (35.0 m)
Dames Point LightOn the shoals off Dames Point on St. Johns River near Jacksonville, Florida30°23′00″N 81°33′16″W / 30.38333°N 81.55444°W / 30.38333; -81.55444 (Dames Point Light)18721893&&&&&&&&+35 ft (10.7 m)No remnants of the screw-pile lighthouse
Dog Island LightDogislandlh.JPGWestern tip of Dog Island south of Carrabelle, Florida29°47′N 84°40′W / 29.783°N 84.667°W / 29.783; -84.667 (Dog Island Light)18511872&&&&&&&&+70 ft (21.3 m)Nonextant, destroyed by a hurricane in 1873; replaced by the Crooked River Light
Dry Tortugas LightDry Tortugas Lighthouse 2005.jpgLoggerhead Key, Dry Tortugas 3 mi (4.8 km) W of Fort Jefferson24°38′00″N 82°55′12″W / 24.63333°N 82.92000°W / 24.63333; -82.92000 (Dry Tortugas Light)1858Active&&&&&&&+151 ft (46.0 m)The third tallest lighthouse tower in Florida at 157 ft (48 m)
Egmont Key Light (2)EgmontkeyWith.JPGNorth end of Egmont Key, at the entrance to Tampa Bay27°36′03″N 82°45′39″W / 27.60083°N 82.76083°W / 27.60083; -82.76083 (Egmont Key Light)1858Active&&&&&&&&+85 ft (25.9 m)Lantern was removed in 1944
Fowey Rocks LightFowey Lighthouse.jpg7 miles (11 km) SE of Cape Florida on Key Biscayne25°35′26.25″N 80°05′48.24″W / 25.5906250°N 80.0967333°W / 25.5906250; -80.0967333 (Fowey Rocks Light)1878Active&&&&&&&+110 ft (33.5 m)
Garden Key LightGarden Key Light at sunset.jpgOn top of Fort Jefferson at Dry Tortugas National Park24°37′41″N 82°52′20″W / 24.62806°N 82.87222°W / 24.62806; -82.87222 (Garden Key Light)1877Active&&&&&&&&+70 ft (21.3 m)Operates as a private aid
Gasparilla Island LightGasparilla Island Rear Range Light.jpgSouth of Gasparilla Island, on the Boca Grande Pass26°43′02″N 82°15′39″W / 26.71722°N 82.26083°W / 26.71722; -82.26083 (Boca Grande Light Rear)1932Active&&&&&&&+105 ft (32.0 m)
Hen and Chickens Shoal Light2 mi (3.2 km) southeast of Plantation Key24°55′58.69″N 80°32′55.36″W / 24.9329694°N 80.5487111°W / 24.9329694; -80.5487111 (Hen and Chickens Shoal Light)1929Active&&&&&&&&+35 ft (10.7 m)
Hillsboro Inlet LightHillsboro Inlet Lighthouse.jpgNorth of Hillsboro Inlet, near Hillsboro Beach26°15′33″N 80°04′51″W / 26.25917°N 80.08083°W / 26.25917; -80.08083 (Hillsboro Inlet Light)1907Active&&&&&&&+136 ft (41.4 m)
Jupiter Inlet LightJupiter Lighthouse.JPGNorth of Jupiter Inlet in Jupiter, Florida26°56′55″N 80°04′55″W / 26.94861°N 80.08194°W / 26.94861; -80.08194 (Jupiter Inlet Light)1860Active&&&&&&&+146 ft (44.5 m)The height of the tower is 108 ft (33 m).
Key West LightKey West Lighthouse.jpgOn Whitehead St., downtown Key West24°33′2.16″N 81°48′2.52″W / 24.5506000°N 81.8007000°W / 24.5506000; -81.8007000 (Key West Light)18491969&&&&&&&&+91 ft (27.7 m)Operates as a museum
Molasses Reef LightMolasses Reef Light, Florida.jpg8 miles (13 km) SE of Key Largo25°00′42.66″N 80°22′35.31″W / 25.0118500°N 80.3764750°W / 25.0118500; -80.3764750 (Molasses Reef Light)1921Active[3]&&&&&&&&+45 ft (13.7 m)Also operates as an Automatic weather station
Northwest Passage LightNorthwestpassagekwlh.JPGEntrance to the northwest channel to the Key West Harbor.24°37′8.31″N 81°53′56.71″W / 24.6189750°N 81.8990861°W / 24.6189750; -81.8990861 (Northwest Passage Light)18551971&&&&&&&&+47 ft (14.3 m)The wooden structure burned down in 1971; only the iron pilings remain
Pacific Reef LightPacificreeflight.JPG3 miles (4.8 km) SE of Elliott Key25°22′15.55″N 80°08′31.41″W / 25.3709861°N 80.1420583°W / 25.3709861; -80.1420583 (Pacific Reef Light)1921Active&&&&&&&&+44 ft (13.7 m)
Pensacola LightNAS Pensacola;vt15.jpgEntrance to Pensacola Bay, Pensacola30°20′47″N 87°18′29″W / 30.34639°N 87.30806°W / 30.34639; -87.30806 (Pensacola Light)1858Active&&&&&&&+191 ft (58.2 m)Tower height is 150 ft (46 m).
Ponce de Leon Inlet LightPonce Inlet Lighthouse 01.jpgPonce Inlet, Florida, south of Daytona Beach29°04′49″N 80°55′41″W / 29.08028°N 80.92806°W / 29.08028; -80.92806 (Ponce de Leon Inlet Light)1887Active&&&&&&&+159 ft (48.4 m)The tallest lighthouse tower in Florida at 175.0 ft (53.3 m);[4] the third tallest tower in the United States
Port Boca Grande LightGasparilla Island SP lighthouse02.jpgSouthern tip of Gasparilla Island in Boca Grande, Florida26°43′02″N 82°15′39″W / 26.71722°N 82.26083°W / 26.71722; -82.26083 (Port Boca Grande Light)1890Active&&&&&&&&+41 ft (12.5 m)Inactive from 1966 to 1986; also a museum
Pulaski Shoal Light (1)Pulaskishoallh.JPG30 miles (48 km) NW of Key West, north of the Dry Tortugas24°41′36.02″N 82°46′22.79″W / 24.6933389°N 82.7729972°W / 24.6933389; -82.7729972 (Pulaski Shoal Light)1935Unknown&&&&&&&&+49 ft (14.9 m)Nonextant
Pulaski Shoal Light (2)30 miles (48 km) NW of Key West, north of the Dry Tortugas24°41′36.02″N 82°46′22.79″W / 24.6933389°N 82.7729972°W / 24.6933389; -82.7729972 (Pulaski Shoal Light)UnknownActive&&&&&&&&+56 ft (17.1 m)[5]
Rebecca Shoal Light (1)Rebeccashoal.JPG10 miles (16 km) W of the Marquesas Keys24°34′42″N 82°35′06″W / 24.57833°N 82.58500°W / 24.57833; -82.58500 (Rebecca Shoal Light)18861953&&&&&&&&+66 ft (20.1 m)The original lantern was mounted to a private lighthouse in Key Largo, Florida.
Rebecca Shoal Light (4)10 miles (16 km) W of the Marquesas Keys24°34′44.48″N 82°35′6.78″W / 24.5790222°N 82.5852167°W / 24.5790222; -82.5852167 (Rebecca Shoal Light)2004Active&&&&&&&&+66 ft (20.1 m)[6]
Sand Key LightSand Key Light 2005.jpg8 miles (13 km) miles SW of Key West, adjacent to the Southwest Channel24°27′14.18″N 81°52′39.02″W / 24.4539389°N 81.8775056°W / 24.4539389; -81.8775056 (Sand Key Light)1853Active&&&&&&&+109 ft (33.2 m)
Sanibel Island LightSanibelIslLight.jpgE end of Sanibel Island26°27′10.51″N 82°00′51.32″W / 26.4529194°N 82.0142556°W / 26.4529194; -82.0142556 (Sanibel Island Light)1885Active&&&&&&&&+98 ft (29.9 m)
Smith Shoal Light (1)11 miles (18 km) NNW of Key West24°43′5.82″N 81°55′17.54″W / 24.7182833°N 81.9215389°W / 24.7182833; -81.9215389 (Smith Shoal Light)1933Unknown&&&&&&&&+49 ft (14.9 m)
Smith Shoal Light (2)11 miles (18 km) NNW of Key West24°43′5.82″N 81°55′17.54″W / 24.7182833°N 81.9215389°W / 24.7182833; -81.9215389 (Smith Shoal Light)UnknownActive&&&&&&&&+54 ft (16.5 m)[5]
Sombrero Key LightUSCGSombrero key 1971 sm.jpgNear Key Vaca in Marathon24°37′40.46″N 81°06′41.78″W / 24.6279056°N 81.1116056°W / 24.6279056; -81.1116056 (Sombrero Key Light)1858Active&&&&&&&+142 ft (43.3 m)Highest light from a screw-pile lighthouse in Florida
St. Augustine Light (1)Staugustine1824.JPGAnastasia Island, St. AugustineUnknown17371874&&&&&&&&+52 ft (15.8 m)Destroyed by the ocean in 1880; tower ruins can still be seen during low tide
St. Augustine Light (2)StAugustineLighthouse.jpgN Anastasia Island, St. Augustine29°53′08″N 81°17′19″W / 29.88556°N 81.28861°W / 29.88556; -81.28861 (St. Augustine Light)1874Active&&&&&&&+161 ft (49.1 m)Second tallest lighthouse tower in Florida at 165 ft (50 m)
St. Johns LightStjohns1954.JPG0.75 miles (1.21 km) S of the mouth of the St. Johns River Naval Station Mayport near Jacksonville30°23′10″N 81°23′53″W / 30.38611°N 81.39806°W / 30.38611; -81.39806 (St. Johns Light)1954Active&&&&&&&&+83 ft (25.3 m)Constructed to replace a lightship; Never had a traditional lantern
St. Johns River LightMayport FL lighthouse01.jpgNear the mouth of St. Johns River inside Naval Station Mayport30°23′36.77″N 81°25′33.49″W / 30.3935472°N 81.4259694°W / 30.3935472; -81.4259694 (St. Johns River Light)18591929&&&&&&&&+81 ft (24.7 m)Replaced by a lightship in 1929
St. Joseph Bay LightOn St. Joseph Point at the end of St. Joseph Peninsula29°53′N 85°23′W / 29.883°N 85.383°W / 29.883; -85.383 (St. Joseph Bay Light)18391847&&&&&&&&+50 ft (15.2 m)Lighthouse lantern was moved to the new Cape San Blas Light in 1847; tower was washed away in 1851
St. Joseph Point Rear Range LightStjosephpointrear.JPGEntrance to St. Joseph Bay, on Beacon Hill (mainland)29°55′5.67″N 85°22′49.79″W / 29.9182417°N 85.3804972°W / 29.9182417; -85.3804972 (St. Joseph Point Rear Range Light)19021960&&&&&&&&+78 ft (23.8 m)Replaced with a skeletal steel tower in 1960; the old lighthouse was moved and is now a private residence
St. Marks Light (1)USCGStmarks1840.JPGOn mouth of St. Marks River, St. Marks on Apalachee BayUnknown18311842&&&&&&&&+65 ft (19.2 m)Demolished and moved to a new location
St. Marks Light (2)St-marks-lighthouse.jpgOn mouth of St. Marks River, St. Marks on Apalachee Bay30°04′19″N 84°10′48″W / 30.07194°N 84.18000°W / 30.07194; -84.18000 (St. Marks Light)1842Active&&&&&&&&+82 ft (25.0 m)Second oldest existing active lighthouse in Florida
Tennessee Reef LightTennesseereeflight.JPGS of Long Key, in the middle Florida Keys24°44′45.88″N 80°46′56.47″W / 24.7460778°N 80.7823528°W / 24.7460778; -80.7823528 (Tennessee Reef Light)1933Active&&&&&&&&+49 ft (14.9 m)
Volusia Bar LightVolusiabar.jpgEntrance to St. Johns River on the S side of Lake George, Florida29°12′24″N 81°34′46″W / 29.20667°N 81.57944°W / 29.20667; -81.57944 (Volusia Bar Light)18861916&&&&&&&&+34 ft (10.4 m)The building was burned down by vandals in 1974; some cast iron foundation piles remain.

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