List of largest lakes of the United States by area

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The following is a list of lakes of the United States by surface area. The top twenty lakes in size are as listed by the National Atlas of the United States, a publication of the United States Department of the Interior. Most of the remainder are compiled from a list on, accessed 7 Mar 2011. The area given is the normal or average area of the lake. Some lakes fluctuate substantially. For those lakes partially in Canada or Mexico the area given for the lake is the total area, not just the part of the lake in the United States.

RankNameU.S. states/Canadian provinces/Mexican statesAreaNotes
1Lake SuperiorMichigan-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Ontario31,700 sq mi (82,103 km2)[1]
2Lake HuronMichigan-Ontario23,000 sq mi (59,570 km2)[2]
3Lake MichiganIllinois-Indiana-Michigan-Wisconsin22,300 sq mi (57,757 km2)[3]
4Lake ErieMichigan-New York-Ohio-Ontario-Pennsylvania9,910 sq mi (25,667 km2)[4]
5Lake OntarioNew York-Ontario7,340 sq mi (19,011 km2)[5]
6Great Salt Lake (salt)Utah2,117 sq mi (5,483 km2)[6]
7Lake of the WoodsManitoba-Minnesota-Ontario1,485 sq mi (3,846 km2)
8Iliamna LakeAlaska1,014 sq mi (2,626 km2)
9Lake Oahe (man-made)North Dakota-South Dakota685 sq mi (1,774 km2)[7]
10Lake OkeechobeeFlorida662 sq mi (1,715 km2)[8]
11Lake Pontchartrain (salt)Louisiana631 sq mi (1,634 km2)[9]
12Lake Sakakawea (man-made)North Dakota520 sq mi (1,347 km2)
13Lake ChamplainNew York-Vermont-Quebec490 sq mi (1,269 km2)
14Becharof LakeAlaska453 sq mi (1,173 km2)
15Lake St. ClairMichigan - Ontario440 sq mi (1,140 km2)
16Red LakeMinnesota427 sq mi (1,106 km2)[10]
17Selawik LakeAlaska404 sq mi (1,046 km2)
18Fort Peck Lake (man-made)Montana393 sq mi (1,018 km2)
19Salton Sea (salt)California347 sq mi (899 km2)[11]
20Rainy LakeMinnesota-Ontario345 sq mi (894 km2)
21Devils LakeNorth Dakota300.0 sq mi (777 km2)[12][13][14][15]
22Toledo Bend Reservoir (man-made)Louisiana-Texas284 sq mi (736 km2)
23Lake Powell (man-made)Arizona-Utah251 sq mi (650 km2)
24Kentucky Lake (man-made)Kentucky-Tennessee250 sq mi (647 km2)
25Lake Mead (man-made)Arizona-Nevada247 sq mi (640 km2)
26Naknek LakeAlaska242 sq mi (627 km2)
27Lake WinnebagoWisconsin215 sq mi (557 km2)
28Mille Lacs LakeMinnesota207 sq mi (536 km2)
29Flathead LakeMontana192 sq mi (497 km2)
30Lake TahoeCalifornia-Nevada191 sq mi (495 km2)
31Pyramid LakeNevada183 sq mi (474 km2)
32Sam Rayburn Reservoir (man-made)Texas179 sq mi (464 km2)
33Lake Marion (man-made)South Carolina165 sq mi (427 km2)
34Eufaula Lake (man-made)Oklahoma164 sq mi (425 km2)
35Leech LakeMinnesota161 sq mi (417 km2)
36Utah LakeUtah151 sq mi (391 km2)
37Lake Francis Case (man-made)South Dakota149 sq mi (386 km2)
38Lake Texoma (man-made)Oklahoma-Texas139 sq mi (360 km2)
39Yellowstone LakeWyoming136 sq mi (352 km2)
40Lake Pend OreilleIdaho134 sq mi (347 km2)
41Falcon Lake (man-made)Tamaulipas-Texas131 sq mi (339 km2)
42Lake Livingston (man-made)Texas130 sq mi (337 km2)
43Lake Roosevelt (man-made)Washington128 sq mi (332 km2)
44Lake ClarkAlaska120 sq mi (311 km2)
45Moosehead LakeMaine117 sq mi (303 km2)
46Lake Strom Thurmond (man-made)Georgia-South Carolina111 sq mi (287 km2)
47Bear LakeIdaho-Utah109 sq mi (282 km2)
48Lake Guntersville (man-made)Alabama-Tennessee108 sq mi (280 km2)
49Lake St. Francis (man-made)New York-Ontario-Quebec105 sq mi (272 km2)[16]
50Wheeler Lake (man-made)Alabama105 sq mi (272 km2)
51Amistad Lake(man-made)Coahuila-Texas102 sq mi (264 km2)
52Klamath LakeOregon96 sq mi (249 km2)
53Lake Moultrie (man-made)South Carolina94 sq mi (243 km2)
54Lake WinnibigoshishMinnesota91 sq mi (236 km2)
55Lake Barkley (man-made)Kentucky-Tennessee91 sq mi (236 km2)
56Lake Sharpe (man-made)South Dakota89 sq mi (231 km2)
57American Falls Reservoir (man-made)Idaho88 sq mi (228 km2)
58Lake Hartwell (man-made)Georgia-South Carolina87 sq mi (225 km2)
59Truman Reservoir (man-made)Missouri87 sq mi (225 km2)
60Lake of the Ozarks (man-made)Missouri86 sq mi (223 km2)
61Oneida LakeNew York80 sq mi (207 km2)
62Lake Cumberland (man-made)Kentucky79 sq mi (205 km2)
63Kerr Lake (man-made)North Carolina-Virginia78 sq mi (202 km2)
64Calcasieu LakeLouisiana77 sq mi (199 km2)
65Lake Murray (man-made)South Carolina75 sq mi (194 km2)
66Grand Lake o' the Cherokees (man-made)Oklahoma73 sq mi (189 km2)
67Lake WinnipesaukeeNew Hampshire71 sq mi (184 km2)
68Bull Shoals Lake (man-made)Arkansas-Missouri71 sq mi (184 km2)
69Walter F. George Lake (man-made)Alabama-Georgia71 sq mi (184 km2)
70Lake Martin (man-made)Alabama69 sq mi (179 km2)
71Robert S. Kerr Lake (man-made)Oklahoma68 sq mi (176 km2)
72Seneca LakeNew York68 sq mi (176 km2)
73Pickwick Lake (man-made)Alabama-Mississippi67 sq mi (174 km2)
74Table Rock Lake (man-made)Arkansas-Missouri67 sq mi (174 km2)
75Cayuga LakeNew York67 sq mi (174 km2)
76Flaming Gorge Reservoir (man-made)Utah-Wyoming66 sq mi (171 km2)
77Lake VermillionMinnesota63 sq mi (163 km2)
78Lake Ouachita (man-made)Arkansas63 sq mi (163 km2)
79Lake MattamuskeetNorth Carolina63 sq mi (163 km2)
80Watts Bar Lake (man-made)Tennessee61 sq mi (158 km2)
81Lake Wallula (man-made)Oregon-Washington61 sq mi (158 km2)
82Lake Lanier (man-made)Georgia59 sq mi (153 km2)
83Lake Seminole (man-made)Florida-Georgia58 sq mi (150 km2)
84Lake Tawakoni (man-made)Texas57 sq mi (148 km2)
85Elephant Butte Lake (man-made)New Mexico57 sq mi (148 km2)
86Chickamauga Lake (man-made)Tennessee57 sq mi (148 km2)
87Grenada Lake (man-made)Mississippi55 sq mi (142 km2)
88Lake KissimmeeFlorida55 sq mi (142 km2)
89Lake Dardanelle (man-made)Arkansas54 sq mi (140 km2)
90Norris Lake (man-made)Tennessee53 sq mi (137 km2)
91Canyon Ferry Lake (man-made)Montana53 sq mi (137 km2)
92Lake ChelanWashington52 sq mi (135 km2)
93Cedar Creek Lake (man-made)Texas51 sq mi (132 km2)
94Lake Norman (man-made)North Carolina51 sq mi (132 km2)
95Sardis Lake (man-made)Mississippi51 sq mi (132 km2)
96Walker Lake (Nevada)Nevada50 sq mi (129 km2)
97Lake McConaughy (man-made)Nebraska48 sq mi (124 km2)
98Lake GeorgeNew York45 sq mi (117 km2)
99Great Sacandaga LakeNew York42 sq mi (109 km2)
100Lake MemphremagogVermont-Quebec41 sq mi (106 km2)


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  3. ^ Although it forms one a single hydrological unit with Lake Huron (their surfaces are at the same elevation and the water flows in either direction in the channel separating them), they are generally considered distinct lakes, and Lake Michigan is generally considered the largest lake entirely within the United States, as Lake Huron and Lake Superior are binational (shared with Canada).
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  9. ^ Often considered an estuary rather than a lake
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  11. ^ highly variable in area
  12. ^ The area of Devils Lake was taken from the summer 2011 record peak of 1,454.4 ft (443.3 m) MSL. Devils Lake has experienced severe flooding and has risen more than 31 feet (9.4 m) since 1993. Area has increased by 4 times.
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