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Largest public and private employers in the World[edit]

The BBC includes non-corporate employers in its list:

World's largest public and private employers, 2012[1]
United States Department of Defense3.2 million United States
People's Liberation Army2.3 million China
Walmart2.1 million United States
McDonald's1.9 million United States
National Health Service (NHS)1.7 million United Kingdom
China National Petroleum Corporation1.6 million China
State Grid Corporation of China1.5 million China
Indian Railways1.4 million India
Indian Armed Forces1.3 million India
Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)1.2 million Taiwan

The Economist includes non-corporate employers in its list:

World's largest public and private employers, 2010[2]
United States Department of Defense3.2 million
People's Liberation Army2.3 million (2008 data)
Walmart2.1 million
China National Petroleum Corporation1.7 million
State Grid Corporation of China1.65 million
National Health Service1.5 million
Indian Railways1.4 million
China Post0.9 million
Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)0.8 million

The rankings below are the 6 private-sector companies providing the most jobs worldwide, which do not include government-owned corporations.

The 6 Companies With the Most Employees in the World, 2013
1Walmart United States2,200,000
2Sinopec China1,021,979
3Hon Hai Precision Industry Taiwan961,000
4G4S United Kingdom620,000
5United States Postal Service United States601,601
6Tesco United Kingdom597,784

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