List of largest dams in the world

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For the Tallest dam in the world, see List of tallest dams in the world. For the largest reservoirs in the world, see List of reservoirs by volume.

The following table lists the largest dams in the world by volume of structure. Be aware that data on volume of structure is not as easily available or reliable as data on dam height and reservoir volume.

Name[1]CountryYearStructure Height [m]Structure Volume[2] [106 m3]Reservoir Volume [109 m3]Electrical Generation [MWe]Type
Syncrude Tailings Dam Mildred MLSB[3] Canada199588540[4]/7200.35NATE
Tarbela Dam Pakistan1976143106[5][6]/152[7]13.73478TE/ER
Syncrude Tailings Dam Mildred SWSS[8] Canada201040-50119[4]0.25[4]NATE
Fort Peck Dam[9] United States194076.49623NATE
Atatürk Dam[10] Turkey199016684.548.7NATE/ER
Flevoland Dyke Netherlands19681378[4]0 [11]NATE/ER
Oahe Dam[9] United States19637570.329NATE/ER
Gardiner Dam[12] Canada19676465.49.4187TE
Mangla Dam Pakistan196713865.47.25NATE or TE/ER
Oroville Dam United States196823059.64.36NATE/ER
San Luis Dam (B F Sisk Dam) United States19679359.62.52NATE
Nurek Dam Tajikistan19803005410.53200TE
Samara Dam (Kuybyshev Reservoir) Russia19555254[4]57.32315TE or ER
Garrison Dam (Lake Sakakawea)[9] United States19546450.829NATE
Cochiti Dam United States197576.550.20.73NATE
Aswan Dam[13] Egypt197011144.31692100TE/ER
W. A. C. Bennett Dam (Williston Lake) Canada196818643.77.4NATE
ASARCO Mission Mine Tailings Dam United States197330[14]40.10 [15]NAER
Fort Randall Dam (Lake Francis Case)[9] United States195350.338.26.7NATE/ER
Afsluitdijk Netherlands19321336.5[4]5.5NATE/ER
San Roque Dam Philippines2003200/21035[4]0.835NATE or ER

Type: TE - Earth; ER - Rock-fill; PG - Concrete gravity; CFRD - Concrete face rock fill

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