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Map of lakes and rivers of Switzerland labelled in the relevant local language (French, German or Italian).

Switzerland has a large number of lakes, large and small, which can be found in most areas of the country. The two most extensive, Lake Geneva and Lake Constance are shared with neighbouring countries (France, and Germany and Austria, respectively). The largest wholly Swiss lake is Lake Neuchâtel.

Next in size comes Lake Maggiore (shared with Italy) followed by Lake Lucerne, Lake Zurich, Lake Lugano (also shared with Italy), Lake Thun, Lake Biel and Lake Zug. A further 46 lakes exist that are more than 1 square kilometre (0.39 sq mi) in surface area, and a considerable number of smaller lakes.

For a list of artificial lakes, see List of dams and reservoirs in Switzerland. For a list of lakes above 800 metres that includes smaller lakes, see List of mountain lakes of Switzerland.

Lakes larger than 1 km²[edit]

NameLocal namesSortCanton(s), neighboring countriesArea in km²Elevation
max. depth
in meter
Lake GenevaLac Léman, Lac de GenèveGenevaGeneva, Vaud, Valais, France580.03372.0310
Lake ConstanceBodenseeConstanceSt. Gallen, Thurgau, Austria, Germany536.00395.6252
Lake NeuchâtelLac de Neuchâtel, NeuenburgerseeNeuchâtelBerne, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Vaud215.20429.4153
Lake MaggioreLago MaggioreMaggioreTicino, Italy210.12193.5372
Lake LucerneVierwaldstätterseeLucerneLucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Uri113.72433.6214
Lake ZurichZürichseeZurichSt. Gallen, Schwyz, Zurich88.17405.9136
Lake LuganoCeresio, Lago di LuganoLuganoTicino, Italy48.67270.5288
Lake ThunThunerseeThunBerne47.74557.8215
Lake BielLac de Bienne, BielerseeBiel/BienneBerne, Neuchâtel39.51429.174
Lake ZugZugerseeZugLucerne, Schwyz, Zug38.41413.6198
Lake BrienzBrienzerseeBrienzBerne29.81563.7260
Lake WalenWalenseeWalenGlarus, St. Gallen24.16419.0150
Lake MurtenMurtensee, Lac de MoratMurtenFribourg, Vaud22.80429.246
Lake SempachSempacherseeSempachLucerne14.36503.887
Lake HallwilHallwilerseeHallwilAargau, Lucerne10.21448.747
Lac de la GruyèreLac de la GruyèreGruyèreFribourg9.6067775
Lac de Joux and
Lac Brenet
*Lac de Joux and
Lac Brenet
Lake SarnenSarnerseeSarnenObwalden7.38468.452
Lake BaldeggBaldeggerseeBaldeggLucerne5.24463.066
Lago di LivignoLago di LivignoLivignioGrisons, Italy4.711805119
SchiffenenseeSchiffenensee, Lac de SchiffenenSchiffenenFribourg4.2553238
Lago di LeiLago di LeiLeiGrisons, Italy4.121931133
Lake SilsSilsersee, Lej da SeglSilsGrisons4.1179771
Lac des DixLac des DixDixValais3.652365227
Lake WohlenWohlenseeWohlenBerne3.6548020
Lac d'EmossonLac d'EmossonEmossonValais3.271930161
Lake SilvaplanaSilvaplanersee, Lej da SilvaplaunaSilvaplanaGrisons3.1179077
Lake LauerzLauerzerseeLauerzSchwyz3.144714
Lake Lungern*Lungerersee, LungernseeLungernObwalden2.0168868
Lac de MauvoisinLac de MauvoisinMauvoisinValais2.081961180
Lago di Poschiavo*Lago di PoschiavoPoschiavoGrisons1.9896285
Lai da Sontga MariaLai da Sontga MariaSt. MariaGrisons, Ticino1.77190886
Lago di VogornoLago di VogornoVogornoTicino1.68470204
Lac de SalanfeLac de SalanfeSalanfeValais1.62192548
Lac de l'HongrinLac de l'HongrinHongrinVaud1.601255105
Lago Bianco*Lago BiancoBiancoGrisons1.50223453
Lago Ritom*Lago RitomRitomTicino1.49185069
Lai da MarmoreraLai da MarmoreraMarmoreraGrisons1.41168065
Lac de MoiryLac de MoiryMoiryValais1.402249120
Lago di LuzzoneLago di LuzzoneLuzzoneTicino1.271606181
Klingnauer StauseeKlingnauer StauseeKlingnauAargau1.163188.5
Albigna lakeLago da l'Albigna
Lägh da l'Albigna
Oeschinen LakeOeschinenseeOeschinenBerne1.11157856
Lago del SambucoLago del SambucoSambucoTicino1.111461124


↑ artificial lakes
* natural lakes used as reservoirs

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