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According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, there are approximately 50,000 lakes and small ponds in US State of Ohio with a total surface area of about 200,000 acres (81,000 ha). About 2200 of these lakes are 5 acres (2.0 ha) or greater with a total surface area of 134,000 acres (54,000 ha). These 2,200 lakes include both public and private lakes. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimated (from an electronic file generated from 1:100,000 scale maps) that Ohio has 5,130 lakes totaling 188,461 acres (76,267 ha). The difference in number of lakes estimated by USEPA and ODNR is likely related to numerous small ponds (high number, small acreage) not detected on the 1:100,000 scale maps.[1]

The following is a list of lakes in the State of Ohio.

Great Lakes[edit]

One of the five Great Lakes is partially within Ohio.

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Surface Area
Lake Erie107581341°52′35″N 80°53′34″W / 41.87639°N 80.89278°W / 41.87639; -80.89278 (Lake Erie)9,910 sq mi (25,700 km2)Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Erie, Lake
Lorain, Lucas, Ottawa

Natural inland lakes[edit]

There are 110 natural inland lakes in Ohio with a surface area of 5 acres (2.0 ha) or larger.[2]

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Surface Area
Alder Pond15 acres (6.1 ha)TallmadgeSummit
Aurora Pond345 acres (140 ha)AuroraPortage
Baker Lake10375868 acres (3.2 ha)GoshenChampaign
Bass Lake1060847128 acres (52 ha)MunsonGeauga
Bath Pond103767713 acres (5.3 ha)BathSummit
Big Lake106087215 acres (6.1 ha)MilfordDefiance
Black Lake103807727 acres (11 ha)MiamiLogan
Black Pond7 acres (2.8 ha)CopleySummit
Braden Lake14 acres (5.7 ha)UnionLogan
Brady Lake103825670 acres (28 ha)FranklinPortage
Breed Loves Pond7 acres (2.8 ha)SalemChampaign
Brown Lake10608986 acres (2.4 ha)ClintonWayne
Brush Lake103841715 acres (6.1 ha)RushChampaign
Camden Reservoir9 acres (3.6 ha)CamdenLorain
Chippewa Lake324 acres (131 ha)WestfieldMedina
Collins Pond6 acres (2.4 ha)RavennaPortage
Congress Lake1070720200 acres (81 ha)LakeStark
Crystal Lake103951620 acres (8.1 ha)BethelClark
Crystal Lake103951725 acres (10 ha)RootstownPortage
Crystal Lake103951825 acres (10 ha)Silver LakeSummit
Davenport Pond103958910 acres (4.0 ha)PickawayPickaway
Dohner Lake107073317 acres (6.9 ha)ChippewaWayne
Doke Lake6 acres (2.4 ha)UnionLogan
East Twin Lake105827167 acres (27 ha)FranklinPortage
Ensley-Genert Pond6 acres (2.4 ha)BloomSeneca
Ferry Lake8 acres (3.2 ha)FranklinPortage
Fishel Lake19 acres (7.7 ha)ValleyGuernsey
Fox Lake40 acres (16 ha)BaughmanWayne
Fudger Lake10407166 acres (2.4 ha)GoshenChampaign
Geauga Lake104080550 acres (20 ha)BainbridgeGeauga
Grape Lake104105614 acres (5.7 ha)CoventrySummit
Haddix Lake7 acres (2.8 ha)PleasantClark
Hitler Pond10416276 acres (2.4 ha)PickawayPickaway
Kiwanis Lake10423108 acres (3.2 ha)NewburyGeauga
Ladd Lake104236510 acres (4.0 ha)MilfordDefiance
Lake Anna103743112 acres (4.9 ha)BarbertonSummit
Lake Aquilla106082627 acres (11 ha)ClaridonGeauga
Lake George104082112 acres (4.9 ha)FranklinPortage
Lake Hodgson1043717190 acres (77 ha)RavennaPortage
Lake Kelso106113726 acres (11 ha)BurtonGeauga
Lake Nesmith106116880 acres (32 ha)CoventrySummit
Lake O'Pine104401716 acres (6.5 ha)LakeStark
Lake Pippen1058265143 acres (58 ha)FranklinPortage
Lemon Lake10660665 acres (2.0 ha)UnionLogan
Little Fox Lake7 acres (2.8 ha)BaughmanWayne
Little Lake104267010 acres (4.0 ha)MilfordDefiance
Little Punderson Lake107081926 acres (11 ha)NewburyGeauga
Long Lake42 acres (17 ha)WashingtonHolmes
Luna Lake104283561 acres (25 ha)FranklinSummit
McMillen Lake10431385 acres (2.0 ha)UnionLogan
McQuery Lake6 acres (2.4 ha)HarrisonChampaign
Meadowbrook Lake45 acres (18 ha)DanburyOttawa
Metcalf Lake12 acres (4.9 ha)LakeAshland
Meyers Lake1058174134 acres (54 ha)CantonStark
Mud Lake104369435 acres (14 ha)Clear CreekAshland
Mud Lake104369710 acres (4.0 ha)NorthwestWilliams
Muzzy Lake106116682 acres (33 ha)RootstownPortage
Nettle Lake104380894 acres (38 ha)NorthwestWilliams
Newell Lake5 acres (2.0 ha)UnionLogan
Nobles Pond5 acres (2.0 ha)JacksonStark
Odell Lake1057895107 acres (43 ha)WashingtonHolmes
Punderson Lake1044798101 acres (41 ha)NewburyGeauga
Restful Lake104495111 acres (4.5 ha)NewburyGeauga
Round Lake104522225 acres (10 ha)LakeAshland
Rubber City Sand & Gravel13 acres (5.3 ha)SpringfieldSummit
Ruby Lake10579735 acres (2.0 ha)UnionLogan
Rushcreek Lake21 acres (8.5 ha)Rush CreekLogan
Sandy Lake104595690 acres (36 ha)RootstownPortage
Sayres Lake10795887 acres (2.8 ha)ConcordChampaign
Shocalog Lake7 acres (2.8 ha)CopleySummit
Silver Lake104628135 acres (14 ha)HarrisonLogan
Silver Lake104628291 acres (37 ha)Silver LakeSummit
Singer Lake104629862 acres (25 ha)GreenSummit
Sippo Lake88 acres (36 ha)PerryStark
Sites Lake10463067 acres (2.8 ha)MifflinRichland
Smoot Lake10463925 acres (2.0 ha)WashingtonLicking
Snow Lake105802711 acres (4.5 ha)BurtonGeauga
Spring Lake104656629 acres (12 ha)Clear CreekAshland
Springfield Lake1046596200 acres (81 ha)SpringfieldSummit
Stewart Pond106120829 acres (12 ha)FranklinPortage
Summit Lake100 acres (40 ha)BarbertonSummit
Sunny Lake104686263 acres (25 ha)AuroraPortage
Turkeyfoot Lake1061221318 acres (129 ha)GreenSummit
Twin Lake (1)5 acres (2.0 ha)UnionLogan
Twin Lake (2)5 acres (2.0 ha)UnionLogan
West Twin Lake105826991 acres (37 ha)FranklinPortage
White Pond18 acres (7.3 ha)CopleySummit
Wingfoot Lake262 acres (106 ha)SuffieldPortage
Wyoga Lake104816660 acres (24 ha)StowSummit
Yellow Pond5 acres (2.0 ha)CopleySummit
Z13 acres (5.3 ha)TwinsburgSummit
Z11 acres (4.5 ha)HudsonSummit
Z10 acres (4.0 ha)SuffieldPortage
Z10 acres (4.0 ha)TwinsburgSummit
Z9 acres (3.6 ha)PlainStark
Z8 acres (3.2 ha)GreenSummit
Z6 acres (2.4 ha)GreenSummit
Z6 acres (2.4 ha)GreenSummit
Z6 acres (2.4 ha)SpringfieldSummit
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)BloomScioto
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)CoventrySummit
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)FranklinSummit
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)FranklinSummit
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)GreenSummit
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)GreenSummit
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)GreenSummit
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)HudsonSummit
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)LakeAshland
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)StowSummit
Z5 acres (2.0 ha)TwinsburgSummit
Z -denotes that a lake is unnamed or that its name is not known.

Artificial inland lakes[edit]

There are 113 artificial inland lakes in or partially within Ohio with a surface area greater than 100 acres (40 ha).[3]

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Surface Area
County or Counties
Acton Lake1070657604 acres (244 ha)Butler and Preble
Alum Creek Lake3,387 acres (1,371 ha)Delaware
Atwood Lake10706671,540 acres (620 ha)Carroll and Tuscarawas
Barbertown Wolf Creek Reservoir196 acres (79 ha)Summit
Beach City Lake420 acres (170 ha)Tuscarawas
Beaver Creek Reservoir110 acres (45 ha)Seneca
Beaver Lake103 acres (42 ha)Columbiana
Belmont Lake117 acres (47 ha)Belmont
Berlin Reservoir3,590 acres (1,450 ha)Portage
Big Island Wildlife Area Reservoir382 acres (155 ha)Marion
Bresler Reservoir582 acres (236 ha)Allen
Brown Lake2,120 acres (860 ha)Clark
Buckeye Lake3,136 acres (1,269 ha)Butler, Fairfield, Licking
Bucyrus Reservoir #4150 acres (61 ha)Crawford
Burr Oak Lake664 acres (269 ha)Athens and Morgan
Caesar Creek Reservoir2,830 acres (1,150 ha)Clinton and Warren
Charles Mill Lake10390021,350 acres (550 ha)Ashland and Richland
Cinnamon Lake131 acres (53 ha)Ashland
Clear Fork Reservoir10707161,010 acres (410 ha)Morrow and Richland
Clendening Lake108545840°16′7″N 81°16′36″W / 40.26861°N 81.27667°W / 40.26861; -81.27667 (Clendening Lake reservoir (Harrison County))1,800 acres (730 ha)Harrison
Cowan Lake106100139°23′19″N 83°55′29″W / 39.38861°N 83.92472°W / 39.38861; -83.92472 (Cowan Lake reservoir (Clinton County))688 acres (278 ha)Clinton
Deer Creek Lake1,277 acres (517 ha)Pickaway
Deer Creek Reservoir313 acres (127 ha)Stark
Defiance Power Dam Reservoir679 acres (275 ha)Defiance
Delaware Lake1,300 acres (530 ha)Delaware
Dillon Lake10372801,325 acres (536 ha)Muskingum
Dow Lake161 acres (65 ha)Athens
East Branch Reservoir416 acres (168 ha)Gauga
East Reservoir201 acres (81 ha)Summit
Eastwood Lake170 acres (69 ha)Montgomery
Evans Lake1040260566 acres (229 ha)Mahoning
Ferguson Reservoir305 acres (123 ha)Allen
Findlay Reservoir #1186 acres (75 ha)Hancock
Findlay Reservoir #2650 acres (260 ha)Hancock
Forked Run Lake104 acres (42 ha)Meigs
Grand Lake St. Marys108399240°31′52″N 84°29′59″W / 40.53111°N 84.49972°W / 40.53111; -84.4997212,700 acres (5,100 ha)Auglaize and Mercer
Grant Lake181 acres (73 ha)Brown
Griggs Reservoir385 acres (156 ha)Franklin
Guilford Lake396 acres (160 ha)Columbiana
Hammertown Lake186 acres (75 ha)Jackson
Hargus Lake130 acres (53 ha)Pickaway
Harsha Lake2,160 acres (870 ha)Clermont
Highlandtown Lake170 acres (69 ha)Columbiana
Hoover Reservoir40°06′29″N 82°52′54″W / 40.10806°N 82.88167°W / 40.10806; -82.881673,000 acres (1,200 ha)Franklin
Independence Dam Reservoir605 acres (245 ha)Defiance
Indian Lake104194340°28′03″N 83°52′31″W / 40.46750°N 83.87528°W / 40.46750; -83.875285,104 acres (2,066 ha)Logan
Jackson Lake243 acres (98 ha)Jackson
Killdeer Reservoir253 acres (102 ha)Wyandot
Killdeer Wildlife Pond #7373 acres (151 ha)Wyandot
Killdeer Wildlife Pond #8225 acres (91 ha)Wyandot
Killdeer Wildlife Pond #9225 acres (91 ha)Wyandot
Kirwin Reservoir2,650 acres (1,070 ha)Portage
Kiser Lake380 acres (150 ha)Champaign
Knox Lake474 acres (192 ha)Knox
LaDue Reservoir10840111,500 acres (610 ha)Geauga
Lake Hamilton104 acres (42 ha)Mahoning
Lake Hodgson190 acres (77 ha)Portage
Lake Hope127 acres (51 ha)Vinton
Lake LaComte128 acres (52 ha)Hancock
Lake La Su An134 acres (54 ha)Williams
Lake Logan107807339°32′20″N 82°28′02″W / 39.53889°N 82.46722°W / 39.53889; -82.46722 (Lake Logan (Lake))354 acres (143 ha)Hocking
Lake Loramie785 acres (318 ha)Shelby
Lake Medina109 acres (44 ha)Medina
Lake Milton1,685 acres (682 ha)Mahoning
Lake Mohawk106115640°40′26″N 81°11′29″W / 40.67389°N 81.19139°W / 40.67389; -81.19139507 acres (205 ha)Carroll
Lake Rockwell539 acres (218 ha)Portage
Lake Rupert325 acres (132 ha)Vinton
Lake Snowden131 acres (53 ha)Athens
Lake Vesuvius105 acres (42 ha)Lawrence
Lake White337 acres (136 ha)Pike
Lake Waynoka107788938°56′15″N 83°46′56″W / 38.93750°N 83.78222°W / 38.93750; -83.78222300 acres (120 ha)Brown
Leesville Lake1,000 acres (400 ha)Carroll
Long Lake180 acres (73 ha)Summit
Lost Creek Reservoir121 acres (49 ha)Allen
Madison Lake106 acres (43 ha)Madison
McKelvey Lake133 acres (54 ha)Mahoning
Meander Creek Reservoir10708432,010 acres (810 ha)Mahoning and Trumbull
Metzger Reservoir157 acres (64 ha)Allen
Mogadore Reservoir900 acres (360 ha)Portage
Mosquito Creek Reservoir7,850 acres (3,180 ha)Trumbull
Mount Orab #1181 acres (73 ha)Brown
New London Reservoir221 acres (89 ha)Huron
Newport Lake105 acres (42 ha)Mahoning
Nimisila Reservoir825 acres (334 ha)Summit
North Branch Kokosing Lake154 acres (62 ha)Knox
North Reservoir160 acres (65 ha)Summit
Ohio Power Recreation Lakes2,000 acres (810 ha)Morgan
O'Shaughnessy Reservoir40°09′14″N 83°07′33″W / 40.15389°N 83.12583°W / 40.15389; -83.12583920 acres (370 ha)Delaware
Paint Creek Lake1,190 acres (480 ha)Highland and Ross
Piedmont Lake2,310 acres (930 ha)Harrison
Pine Lake474 acres (192 ha)Mahoning
Pleasant Hill Lake850 acres (340 ha)Ashland
Pymatuning Reservoir10448063,580 acres (1,450 ha)Ashtabula (OH) and Crawford (PA)
Resthaven Wildlife Area Pond200 acres (81 ha)Erie
Roaming Rock Lake464 acres (188 ha)Ashtabula
Rocky Fork Lake39°11′11″N 83°28′21″W / 39.18639°N 83.47250°W / 39.18639; -83.472502,080 acres (840 ha)Highland
Ross Lake140 acres (57 ha)Ross
Rush Creek Lake #6-A300 acres (120 ha)Fairfield
Salt Fork Reservoir2,952 acres (1,195 ha)Guernsey
Senecaville Lake10580113,550 acres (1,440 ha)Guernsey and Noble
Snider Ditch Lake245 acres (99 ha)Trumbull
Stonelick Reservoir160 acres (65 ha)Clermont
Tappan Lake104694740°21′30″N 81°13′34″W / 40.35833°N 81.22611°W / 40.35833; -81.22611 (Tappan Lake (Harrison County))2,350 acres (950 ha)Harrison
Tycoon Lake204 acres (83 ha)Gallia
Veterans Memorial Reservoir165 acres (67 ha)Hancock
Veto Lake160 acres (65 ha)Washington
Walburn Reservoir670 acres (270 ha)Stark
Wellinton Upground Reservoir160 acres (65 ha)Lorain
West Reservoir104 acres (42 ha)Summit
Willard City Reservoir200 acres (81 ha)Huron
Wills Creek Lake90 acres (36 ha)Coshocton
Winton Woods Lake183 acres (74 ha)Hamilton
Wolf Run Reservoir209 acres (85 ha)Noble


^ A: Notes:

345 USGS GNIS officially-named lakes in Ohio[4]

1,255 USGS GNIS officially-named reservoirs in Ohio[5]


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