List of islands of Ireland

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This article is about offshore islands. For lake and river islands, see List of inland islands of Ireland.

This is a list of islands of Ireland. Ireland is itself an island, lying west of the island of Great Britain and northwest of mainland Europe. Islands are listed clockwise around the coast, starting from the north-east.

Largest islands by area and population[edit]

English nameCountyArea
Great IslandCork611513000>13000[1]41
Achill IslandMayo35283256912
Valentia Island or Valencia IslandKerry637166535
Arranmore or Aran IslandDonegal433551477
Inch IslandDonegal3425448108
Inisheer or InishereGalway1400249179
Lettermullen or LettermullanGalway7872412510
Bere Island or Bear IslandCork4372216611
Clare IslandMayo3949168812
Rathlin IslandAntrim3552100 c.100922 c.22

Full table[edit]

English nameIrish name[n 1]CountyGroup/LocationArea
Acres[n 2]
Metres[n 3]
Connection to mainlandCoordinatesOS grid
PDI ref
Rathlin IslandReachlainnAntrimNorth Channel3552[3]1341010[4]100 c.100[5]Passenger ferry from Ballycastle55°17′32″N 6°11′30″W / 55.29222°N 6.19167°W / 55.29222; -6.19167 (Rathlin Island)D1452[1]61298
The Maidens or Hulin RocksNa MaighdeanachaAntrimNorth Channel0None54°55.7′N 5°43.6′W / 54.9283°N 5.7267°W / 54.9283; -5.7267[6]D4612[2]1166440
Copeland IslandOileán ChóplainnDownNorth Channel29533[n 4]31[7]54°40′29″N 5°31′44″W / 54.67472°N 5.52889°W / 54.67472; -5.52889 (Copeland Island)J6083[3]1166534
Cannon RockDownNorth Channel054°24′28.7″N 5°21′59.6″W / 54.407972°N 5.366556°W / 54.407972; -5.366556 ("South Rock lightbuoy, near Cannon Rock")[8]J676531[4]
Mid IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough157[9]J566672[5]65848
Rough IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough713[n 4]4[10]Causeway accessible at low tide[11]J494689[6]66037
Reagh IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough12819[n 4]14[12]RoadJ525650[7]66111
Mahee IslandInis MochaoiDownStrangford Lough17727[n 4]28[12]Road via Reagh IslandJ532640[8]66110
Wood IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough238[n 4]4[12]J510642[9]66116
Rainey IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough4010[12]J528631[10]65894
Sketrick IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough4111[12]RoadJ526625[11]65898
Trasnagh IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough2513[12]J536620[12]65899
Roe IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough217[13]J542610[13]65896
Conley Island or Conly IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough6523[13]J529609[14]66233
Dunsy IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough3324[n 4]6[13]J543590[15]66236
IslandmoreTBCDownStrangford Lough12218[n 4]18[13]J541581[16]66241
Pawle IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough5012[14]J543573[17]66271
Simmy IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough83[14]J531557[18]66274
Island TaggartTBCDownStrangford Lough7715[14]J533547[19]66266
Castle IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough11337[n 4]68[15]RoadJ511488[20]66882
Gores Island or Gore's IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough9930[n 4]18[15]J521494[21]66883
Salt IslandTBCDownStrangford Lough5116[n 4]2[15]J530502[22]66895
RockabillCloch DábhiollaDublinIrish Sea00053°36′N 6°0′W / 53.600°N 6.000°W / 53.600; -6.000 (Rockabill)O321627[23]1165790
Colt IslandInis CoiltDublinSkerries7130[16]053°35′N 6°5′W / 53.583°N 6.083°W / 53.583; -6.083 (Colt Island)O265612[24]17032
St Patrick's IslandInis PádraigDublinSkerries15120[16]053°35′7″N 6°4′26″W / 53.58528°N 6.07389°W / 53.58528; -6.07389 (St Patrick's Island)O275612[25]17034
Shenick Island or Shenick's IslandOileán SionnaighDublinSkerries1584[16]053°34′20″N 6°5′1″W / 53.57222°N 6.08361°W / 53.57222; -6.08361 (Shenick Island)O268598[26]17033
Lambay IslandReachrainnDublinIrish Sea595126 (Knockbane, and Tinian Hill)89653°29′30″N 6°1′0″W / 53.49167°N 6.01667°W / 53.49167; -6.01667 (Lambay Island)O3151[27]1166603
Ireland's EyeInis Mac NeasáinDublinIrish Sea53690[17]053°24′19″N 6°3′49″W / 53.40528°N 6.06361°W / 53.40528; -6.06361 (Ireland's Eye)O2941[28]1166256
Bull Island or North BullOileán an BhullaDublinDublin Bay740 c.740[18]41218Road causeways53°22′1″N 6°8′55″W / 53.36694°N 6.14861°W / 53.36694; -6.14861 (Bull Island)O2337[29]57172
Dalkey IslandOileán DheilginseDublinIrish Sea2190[n 4]8[19]053°16′N 6°5′W / 53.267°N 6.083°W / 53.267; -6.083 (Dalkey Island)O278263[30]16606
Kerragh IslandWexfordSaint George's Channel52°11′42″N 6°43′54″W / 52.19500°N 6.73167°W / 52.19500; -6.73167 (Kerragh Islands)
Begerin Island or Beggerin IslandBeigéirinnWexfordNorth Slob22[n 5]5[n 4]200Road (no longer an island)T082251[31]53675
Tuskar Rockan TuscarWexfordSaint George's Channel04052°12′10″N 6°12′26″W / 52.20278°N 6.20722°W / 52.20278; -6.20722 (Tuskar Rock)T2207[32]1166860
Saltee Island GreatAn Sailte MórWexfordSaltee Islands216580052°7′N 6°36′W / 52.117°N 6.600°W / 52.117; -6.600 (Saltee Island Great)X9597[33]1166651
Bannow IslandOileán BhanúWexfordBannow Bay144[n 5]81240Road (no longer an island)S819078[34]53760
Fota Island or FoatyFóiteCorkCork Harbour76730[n 4]209[20]Rail and road bridges (no longer an island)51°53′57″N 8°17′53″W / 51.89917°N 8.29806°W / 51.89917; -8.29806 (Fota Island)W7072[35]1166136
Great Islandan tOileán MórCorkCork Harbour6115[20]919424[20]12000>12000[21]Rail and road bridges via Fota I; car ferry to Passage West51°52′N 8°17′W / 51.867°N 8.283°W / 51.867; -8.283 (Great Island)W8069[36]1166543
Rocky Islandan tOileán CarraigeachCorkCork Harbour33[20]Road bridge51°50′N 8°18′W / 51.833°N 8.300°W / 51.833; -8.300 (Rocky Island)W792649[37]9407
Haulbowline IslandInis SionnachCorkCork Harbour86[22]2022216Road bridge via Rocky Island51°50′30″N 8°18′0″W / 51.84167°N 8.30000°W / 51.84167; -8.30000 (Haulbowline Island)W792654[38]1410428
Spike IslandInis PícCorkCork Harbour9824202051°50′N 8°17′W / 51.833°N 8.283°W / 51.833; -8.283 (Spike Island)W8065[39]1166269
InchydoneyOileán Inse DuineCorkClonakilty Harbour47563235193Road causeways (no longer an island)51°36′7″N 8°52′34″W / 51.60194°N 8.87611°W / 51.60194; -8.87611 (Inchydoney)W4039[40]1166540
Rabbit IslandOileán BhrídeCorkSquince Harbour181917[23]0NoneW221315[41]13263
Fastnet RockCarraig AonairCorkAtlantic Ocean0240051°23′3″N 9°36′1″W / 51.38417°N 9.60028°W / 51.38417; -9.60028 (Fastnet Rock)V8816[42]1165639
Clear IslandCléireCorkCarbery Islands1502160 (Killickaforavane)1052125Passenger ferries (Baltimore; Schull, seasonal)51°26′N 9°30′W / 51.433°N 9.500°W / 51.433; -9.500 (Clear Island)V9521[43]543
Sherkin IslandInis ArcáinCorkCarbery Islands1248101 (Slievemore)1131106Passenger ferry from Baltimore51°28′N 9°25′W / 51.467°N 9.417°W / 51.467; -9.417 (Sherkin Island)W0225[44]13016
Spanish IslandTBCCorkCarbery Islands1343426[24]0NoneW033275[45]13005
Ringarogy IslandRinn GhearróigeCorkCarbery Islands9514459788Road bridgeW0528[46]1166618
InishbegInis BeagCorkCarbery Islands370373358Road bridgeW0631[47]13298
Mannin IslandManainnCorkRoaringwater Bay14184[25]0NoneW016325[48]13298
Heir Island, Hare Island, or InishodriscolInis Uí DrisceoilCorkCarbery Islands3802635824Passenger ferry (BaltimoreSchull; seasonal)V9928[49]129542
Calf IslandsNa LaonnaCorkCarbery Islands77 (East)
62 (Middle)
63 (West)
22 (East)
14 (Middle)
28 (West)
19 (East)[26]

39 (Middle)[27]

21 (West)[27]

Skeam EastInis Céime ThoirCorkCarbery Islands501929[26]0NoneW0029[51]12938
Skeam WestInis Céime ThiarCorkCarbery Islands311722[26]0NoneV987288[52]12939
Horse IslandOileán an ChapaillCorkCarbery Islands154391372Passenger ferry (BaltimoreSchull; seasonal)V980301[53]13378
Castle IslandOileán an ChaisleáinCorkCarbery Islands1223692[28]0V957294[54]13369
Long IslandInis FadaCorkCarbery Islands341313365V9228[55]13528
Whiddy IslandFaoideCorkBantry Bay10015072922Seasonal passenger ferry to Bantry51°42′N 9°30′W / 51.700°N 9.500°W / 51.700; -9.500 (Whiddy Island)V9650[56]8648
Chapel IslandTBCCorkBantry Bay16[29]22[n 4]4[30]51°42′N 9°30′W / 51.700°N 9.500°W / 51.700; -9.500 (Chapel Island)V982498[57]8636
Ilnacullin, Garinish, or GarnishGarinisCorkBantry Bay3634[n 4]13051°44′11″N 9°32′28″W / 51.73639°N 9.54111°W / 51.73639; -9.54111 (Ilnacullin)V934548[58]8530
RoancarrigmoreRóncharraig MhórCorkBantry Bay3600V791460[59]8731
Dinish IslandDuínisCorkBantry Bay4540[n 4]130Road bridgeV684455[60]8805
Bere Island or Bear Islandan tOileán MórCorkBantry Bay4372[31]273[n 4] (Knockanallig)2108[31]187Car ferries from Castletownbere and Beal Lough51°38′N 9°53′W / 51.633°N 9.883°W / 51.633; -9.883 (Bere Island)V7044[61]1166542
Dursey IslandOileán BaoiCorkAtlantic Ocean14032521986aerial tramway51°36′N 10°12′W / 51.600°N 10.200°W / 51.600; -10.200 (Dursey Island)V4841[62]8835
InishfarnardTBCCorkCoulagh Bay644430[32]0V604528[63]8787
Ormond's IslandOileán UrumhanKerryKenmare River20100[33]Causeway at low tide51°49′35″N 09°44′52″W / 51.82639°N 9.74778°W / 51.82639; -9.74778 (Ormonds Island)V792653[64]22944
Dinish IslandDuínisKerryKenmare River2511[n 4]11051°50′50″N 09°39′12″W / 51.84722°N 9.65333°W / 51.84722; -9.65333 (Dinish Island)V859673[65]22930
Dunkerron Island EastOileán Dhún Ciaráin ThoirKerryKenmare River22515[n 6]0None[n 7]V876692[66]23121
Dunkerron Island WestOileán Dhún Ciaráin ThiarKerryKenmare River30515[n 6]0None[n 7]V869691[67]23122
Cappanacush Island[n 8]Oileán an TíKerryKenmare River1911[n 4]8[35]0NoneV854690[68]22947
Greenane IslandsOileáin an GhrianáinKerryKenmare River22[n 8][36]56[n 8][36]0NoneV853692[69]23022
Rossmore Islandan Ros MórKerryKenmare River319320[n 9]6Road bridge51°49′35″N 09°48′12″W / 51.82639°N 9.80333°W / 51.82639; -9.80333 (Rossmore)V758651[70]23166
Rossdohan IslandOileán Ros DochanKerryKenmare River13435[n 10]0Road bridge51°48′10″N 09°51′55″W / 51.80278°N 9.86528°W / 51.80278; -9.86528 (Rossdohan Island)V712627[71]23165
Sherky IslandOileán SeirceKerryKenmare River82369[38]0None51°47′24″N 09°53′58″W / 51.79000°N 9.89944°W / 51.79000; -9.89944 (Sherky Island)V686612[72]22909
Deenish IslandDuínisKerryAtlantic Ocean1221440051°44′13″N 10°13′09″W / 51.73694°N 10.21917°W / 51.73694; -10.21917 (Deenish Island)V466560[73]22214
Scariff Islandan ScairbhKerryAtlantic Ocean3662520051°43′47″N 10°14′53″W / 51.72972°N 10.24806°W / 51.72972; -10.24806 (Scariff Island)V445555[74]22224
Puffin IslandOileán na gCánógKerryAtlantic Ocean1251590051°50′N 10°25′W / 51.833°N 10.417°W / 51.833; -10.417 (Puffin Island)V3468[75]1166547
Little Skellig or Skellig Rock LittleSceilg BeagKerrySkellig Islands17134[n 4]0051°46′N 10°32′W / 51.767°N 10.533°W / 51.767; -10.533 (Little Skellig)V270618[76]22406
Skellig Michael or Skellig Rock GreatSceilg MhichílKerrySkellig Islands44186[n 4]0[n 11]051°46′N 10°32′W / 51.767°N 10.533°W / 51.767; -10.533 (Skellig Michael)V2561[77]22405
Valentia Island or Valencia IslandDairbhreKerryAtlantic Ocean6371[39]266 (Geokaun)2886[39]713Road bridge, and ferry51°54′N 10°21′W / 51.900°N 10.350°W / 51.900; -10.350 (Valentia Island)V3876[78]22439
Beginish IslandBeag InisKerryValentia Harbour159630Ferry51°56′N 10°18′W / 51.93°N 10.30°W / 51.93; -10.30 (Beginish Island)[79]22439
Church IslandOileán an TeampaillKerryValentia Harbour140051°56′13″N 10°16′59″W / 51.937°N 10.283°W / 51.937; -10.283 (Church Island)[80]101097
Lamb IslandOileán na nUanKerryValentia Harbour5230051°56′N 10°17′W / 51.94°N 10.29°W / 51.94; -10.29 (Lamb Island)[81]22156
BeginishBeiginisKerryBlasket Islands3214840V263988[82]22146
Great Blasket Islandan Blascaod MórKerryBlasket Islands1060292 (Croaghmore)153252°6′N 10°32′W / 52.100°N 10.533°W / 52.100; -10.533 (Great Blasket Island)V259963[83]22578
InishnabroInis na BróKerryBlasket Islands1021750[40]0V2193[84]22580
InishvickillaneInis Mhic AoibhleáinKerryBlasket Islands1711353[40]052°2′37″N 10°36′30″W / 52.04361°N 10.60833°W / 52.04361; -10.60833 (Inishvickillane)V2191[85]22582
Tearaght Islandan TiarachtKerryBlasket Islands47183[n 4]0[n 12]052°4′36″N 10°39′30″W / 52.07667°N 10.65833°W / 52.07667; -10.65833 (Tearaght Island)V179948[86]22583
InishtooskertInis TuaisceartKerryBlasket Islands1861720[40]052°7′50″N 10°34′42″W / 52.13056°N 10.57833°W / 52.13056; -10.57833 (Inishtooskert)Q2301[87]22581
Magharee Islands or the Seven HogsOileáin an MhachaireKerryAtlantic Ocean32 (Illauntannig),
29 (Illaunimmil),
13 (Inishtooshkert),
9 (Gurrig),
6 (Reennafardarrig),
5 (Illaunboe)
23[n 4] (Gurrig),
16 (Inishtooshkert),
12 (Illaunboe),
15 (Reennafardarrig),
15 (Illauntannig),
22 (Illaunimmil)
0052°19′N 10°2′W / 52.317°N 10.033°W / 52.317; -10.033 (Magharee Islands)Q6022[88]1166527
Fenit Islandan FhianaitKerryTralee Bay43912315[41]Track (tombolo)52°17′N 9°52′W / 52.283°N 9.867°W / 52.283; -9.867 (Fenit Island)Q720174[89]24367
Carrig IslandOileán na CarraigeKerryShannon Estuary231610510Road bridge52°37′17.59″N 9°4′15.74″W / 52.6215528°N 9.0710389°W / 52.6215528; -9.0710389Q985481[90]23885
Tarbert IslandOileán ThairbirtKerryShannon Estuary63[n 5]20[n 4]1348Roads (no longer an island)52°34′21″N 9°22′30″W / 52.57250°N 9.37500°W / 52.57250; -9.37500 (Tarbert Island)R075494[91]24189
Foynes IslandOileán FaingeLimerickShannon Estuary29460[n 4]83[42]052°37′21.8″N 9°6′45.1″W / 52.622722°N 9.112528°W / 52.622722; -9.112528R2553[92]1166539
AughinishEachinisLimerickShannon Estuary106621140[43]Road bridges52°37′17.59″N 9°4′15.74″W / 52.6215528°N 9.0710389°W / 52.6215528; -9.0710389R2853[93]1166075
Green IslandOileán Uí UainínClareShannon Estuary157[n 4]9052°40′56.85″N 8°55′13.63″W / 52.6824583°N 8.9204528°W / 52.6824583; -8.9204528R457591[94]7410
Dernish IslandTBCClareShannon Estuary8[n 5]14[n 4]11[44]Road (no longer an island)52°40′56.85″N 8°55′13.63″W / 52.6824583°N 8.9204528°W / 52.6824583; -8.9204528R378595[95]104097
InishmacnaghtanInis Mhic NeachtainClareFergus Estuary28524[n 4]12[44]Road52°42′28″N 8°57′2.65″W / 52.70778°N 8.9507361°W / 52.70778; -8.9507361R359623[96]6141
FeenishFínisClareFergus Estuary17731[n 4]19[44]52°42′21.64″N 8°58′21.75″W / 52.7060111°N 8.9727083°W / 52.7060111; -8.9727083R343620[97]6139
Deenish IslandTBC[n 13]ClareFergus Estuary44[n 5]28[n 4]13[44]52°42′59.83″N 8°57′53.94″W / 52.7166194°N 8.9649833°W / 52.7166194; -8.9649833R351631[98]6153
Horse IslandTBCClareFergus Estuary348[n 4]13[45]52°44′47.04″N 9°1′47.54″W / 52.7464000°N 9.0298722°W / 52.7464000; -9.0298722R301667[99]7021
Inishmore or Deer IslandInis MórClareFergus Estuary444361330None52°42′51.13″N 9°2′4.73″W / 52.7142028°N 9.0346472°W / 52.7142028; -9.0346472R300630[100]6879
Coney IslandOileán na gCoiníníClareFergus Estuary245441450None52°42′38.03″N 9°0′28.32″W / 52.7105639°N 9.0078667°W / 52.7105639; -9.0078667R321626[101]6923
InishmacowneyInis Mhic UaithneClareFergus Estuary22520≥20[n 14]1420None52°41′2.66″N 9°2′53.57″W / 52.6840722°N 9.0482139°W / 52.6840722; -9.0482139R290596[102]6929
Canon IslandOileán na gCanánachClareShannon Estuary27128[n 4]54052°40′N 9°23′W / 52.667°N 9.383°W / 52.667; -9.383 (Canon Island)R2959[103]1166545
InishloeInis LuaClareShannon Estuary13113114052°40′38.17″N 9°1′14.67″W / 52.6772694°N 9.0207417°W / 52.6772694; -9.0207417R310588[104]6969
InishtubbridInis TiobradClareShannon Estuary853300None52°40′8.05″N 9°3′57.53″W / 52.6689028°N 9.0659806°W / 52.6689028; -9.0659806R279579[105]6971
InishcorkerInis CorcairClareShannon Estuary2073170Road bridge52°40′38.17″N 9°1′14.67″W / 52.6772694°N 9.0207417°W / 52.6772694; -9.0207417R264579[106]6968
Inishbig, or Hog IslandTBC[n 15]ClareShannon Estuary4314852°37′13.59″N 9°30′0.4″W / 52.6204417°N 9.500111°W / 52.6204417; -9.500111Q9752[107]7205
Scattery IslandInis CathaighClareShannon Estuary1791465052°37′21.8″N 9°6′45.1″W / 52.622722°N 9.112528°W / 52.622722; -9.112528Q9752[108]7214
Mutton IslandOileán CaorachClareAtlantic Ocean1592800None52°48′45.11″N 9°31′26.76″W / 52.8125306°N 9.5241000°W / 52.8125306; -9.5241000Q9775[109]1166533
AughinishEachinisClareGalway Bay36923[n 4]342[46]Road (tombolo)53°5′24″N 9°2′24″W / 53.09000°N 9.04000°W / 53.09000; -9.04000 (Aughinish)M2813[110]1166074
Inisheer or InishereInis OírrGalwayAran Islands140057456247Air from Inverin; passenger ferries from Rossaveal, and seasonally from Galway and Roadford near Doolin53°3′29″N 9°31′39″W / 53.05806°N 9.52750°W / 53.05806; -9.52750 (Inisheer)L9802[111]18684
InishmaanInis MeáinGalwayAran Islands225279473154Air from Inverin; passenger ferries from Rossaveal, and seasonally from Galway and Roadford near Doolin53°5′N 9°35′W / 53.083°N 9.583°W / 53.083; -9.583 (Inishmaan)L9405[112]937
InishmoreÁrainnGalwayAran Islands7635[47]1232592824Air from Inverin; passenger ferries from Rossaveal, and seasonally from Galway and Roadford near Doolin53°7′25″N 9°43′39″W / 53.12361°N 9.72750°W / 53.12361; -9.72750 (Inishmore)L8509[113]938
Brannock Island EastÁrainnGalwayAran Islands53°8′14.66″N 9°49′49.49″W / 53.1374056°N 9.8304139°W / 53.1374056; -9.8304139
Brannock Island MiddleÁrainnGalwayAran Islands53°8′26.3″N 9°50′29.97″W / 53.140639°N 9.8416583°W / 53.140639; -9.8416583
Brannock Island SouthÁrainnGalwayAran Islands53°8′29.45″N 9°50′53.76″W / 53.1415139°N 9.8482667°W / 53.1415139; -9.8482667
Brannock IslandÁrainnGalwayAran Islands53°8′40.57″N 9°50′23.48″W / 53.1446028°N 9.8398556°W / 53.1446028; -9.8398556
Rock IslandÁrainnGalwayAran Islands53°8′50.39″N 9°51′26.83″W / 53.1473306°N 9.8574528°W / 53.1473306; -9.8574528
Island EddyOileán EideGalwayGalway Bay13881250None53°12′N 8°59′W / 53.200°N 8.983°W / 53.200; -8.983 (Island Eddy)M339164[114]18613
Tawin EastTamhain ThoirGalwayGalway Bay100<179[n 16]100≤193[48]Road53°13′10.43″N 9°0′52.29″W / 53.2195639°N 9.0145250°W / 53.2195639; -9.0145250M3219[115]1166796
Tawin IslandTamhainGalwayGalway Bay250>218[n 16]6100≥108[48]Road via Tawin East53°13′7.89″N 9°2′12.57″W / 53.2188583°N 9.0368250°W / 53.2188583; -9.0368250M3119[116]18504
Rossroe IslandAn RosGalwayGreatman's Bay5814[n 4]712Road bridge53°17′11.83″N 9°36′18.28″W / 53.2866194°N 9.6050778°W / 53.2866194; -9.6050778L928275[117]20704
InchamakinnaInis Mhic CionaithGalwayGreatman's Bay10918[n 4]410NoneL920267[118]20702
AnnaghvaanEanach MheáinGalwayGorumna group31115125140Road bridge53°18′51.17″N 9°38′26.2″W / 53.3142139°N 9.640611°W / 53.3142139; -9.640611L9131[119]20803
InishluskInis LoisctheGalwayGorumna group138[n 4]24[49]L898303[120]20814
LettermoreLeitir MóirGalwayGorumna group2254117844528Road bridge via Annaghvaan53°17′51.72″N 9°40′4.46″W / 53.2977000°N 9.6679056°W / 53.2977000; -9.6679056L8829[121]20818
GorumnaGarmnaGalwayGorumna group58715319101010Road bridge via Lettermore53°15′0″N 9°40′48″W / 53.25000°N 9.68000°W / 53.25000; -9.68000 (Gorumna)L8824[122]1166158
Lettermullen or LettermullanLeitir MealláinGalwayGorumna group78745587213Road bridge via Gorumna53°14′38″N 9°43′34″W / 53.24389°N 9.72611°W / 53.24389; -9.72611 (Lettermullen)L8423[123]20728
Crappagh Islandan CnapachGalwayGorumna group1181653[50]0Road bridge via Lettermullen53°14′31.31″N 9°45′4.91″W / 53.2420306°N 9.7513639°W / 53.2420306; -9.7513639L8323[124]20720
Furnace IslandFornaisGalwayGorumna group2192715565Road bridge via Lettermullen53°15′18.27″N 9°44′32.47″W / 53.2550750°N 9.7423528°W / 53.2550750; -9.7423528L8424[125]20724
InisherkInis EircGalwayGorumna group642749053°14′58.12″N 9°45′10.17″W / 53.2494778°N 9.7528250°W / 53.2494778; -9.7528250L829235[126]20727
Dinish IslandDaighinisGalwayGorumna group951959[50]53°15′44.52″N 9°45′14.18″W / 53.2623667°N 9.7539389°W / 53.2623667; -9.7539389L828250[127]20721
InishbarraInis BearachainGalwayGorumna group262372051L8627[128]20813
Illauneeraghan tOileán IatharachGalwayGorumna group9021150L842270[129]20809
InishtravinInis TreabhairGalwayKilkieran Bay19014931NoneL885311[130]18158
Clynagh IslandCladhnachGalwayCamus Bay1031500NoneL953272[131]20706
InisheltiaInis AillteGalwayCamus Bay671200NoneL938347[132]20931
RoeillaunRua-oileáinGalwayKilkieran Bay3170NoneL681591[133]18341
Illaunmorean tOileán MórGalwayKilkieran Bay9614891NoneL897349[134]1398093
Illauneeragh Westan tOileán Iarthach ThiarGalwayKilkieran Bay7815650L886347[135]20928
Finish IslandFínisGalwayMaínis Bay1548660TomboloL7929[136]1166125
RusheennachollaRoisín an ChalaidhGalwayMaínis Bay7910[n 4]537RoadL776305[137]18278
Mweenish IslandMaínisGalwayMaínis Bay57223649140Road via RusheennachollaL7629[138]1166448
Masson Island or Mason IslandOileán MáiseanGalwayAtlantic Ocean9214980L7429[139]1166541
St Macdara's IslandCruach na CaraGalwayAtlantic Ocean61279[51]0L719302[140]18280
Croaghnakeela IslandCruach na CaoileGalwayAtlantic Ocean1416300L6933[141]1165930
FreaghillaunFraochoileánGalwayAtlantic Ocean3930[n 4]L732351[142]18262
Illaungorm NorthAn tOileán Gorm ThuaidhGalwayBertraghboy Bay3353[52]0NoneL7859399[143]18313
InishneeInis NíGalwayBertraghboy Bay85648[n 4]45528Road53°23′56″N 9°53′49″W / 53.39889°N 9.89694°W / 53.39889; -9.89694 (Inishnee)L7441[144]18353
InishlackanInis LeacanGalwayGorteen Bay129131260L717375[145]18352
InishdawrosInis DamhraíGalwayBallyconneely Bay2238[53]0NoneL642409[146]18090
IllaunamidOileán ImillGalwayAtlantic Ocean2927[n 4]30[54]0L517410[147]18192
Turbot Island, Talbot Island, or Inish ToirbirtTairbeartGalwayAtlantic Ocean148131460L574522[148]18142
Inishturk or Inishturk SouthInis Toirc TheasGalwayAtlantic Ocean13337841L5753[149]1166271
Omey IslandIomaíGalwayAtlantic Ocean52228397253°32′7″N 10°9′27″W / 53.53528°N 10.15750°W / 53.53528; -10.15750 (Omey Island)L5755[150]1166277
Cruagh Islandan ChruachGalwayAtlantic Ocean8362[n 4]00L5355[151]18367
High IslandArdoileánGalwayAtlantic Ocean8263[n 4]00L5057[152]18376
InishbofinInis Bó FinneGalwayAtlantic Ocean3151[55]891404199Passenger ferry from Cleggan53°37′N 10°12′W / 53.617°N 10.200°W / 53.617; -10.200 (Inishbofin)L5565[153]18238
InishlyonInis LaigheanGalwayAtlantic Ocean754300L566646[154]18241
Inishark or InishsharkInis AircGalwayAtlantic Ocean5811002080L5067[155]1166239
DavillaunDamhoileánGalwayInishbofin group6028[n 4]00L587663[156]18234
Crump IslandOileán Dá ChruinneGalwayAtlantic Ocean6325160L6865[157]18144
InishturkInis ToircMayoAtlantic Ocean144619157758Passenger ferry from Roonah Quay, beyond LouisburghL6174[158]1375327
Caher IslandOileán na CathrachMayoAtlantic Ocean12861[n 4]0053°43′3″N 10°1′38″W / 53.71750°N 10.02722°W / 53.71750; -10.02722 (Caher Island)L6676[159]1166544
Clare IslandCliaraMayoClew Bay3949462 (Knockmore)1615136Passenger ferry from Roonah Quay, beyond Louisburgh53°48′18″N 9°59′37″W / 53.80500°N 9.99361°W / 53.80500; -9.99361 (Clare Island)L6885[160]36982
Dorinish (Dorinish More and Dorinish Beg)DeoirinisMayoClew Bay15[n 17]25130L900858[161]37268
InisheenyInis AonaighMayoWestport Bay262236[56]L920845[162]37323
InishraherInis RaithirMayoWestport Bay2733250L925852[163]37291
Annagh IslandsTBCMayoWestport Bay48 (East)
12 (Middle)
17 (West)
9[n 4] (East)
6 (West)
33 (total)[57]L948833[164]114009
IllanataggartOileán an tSagairtMayoClew Bay3028330L928868[165]37275
CrovinishCroibhinisMayoDorinish Harbour292332[56]L918866[166]37260
InishlyreInis LadhairMayoDorinish Harbour52261137L912873[167]37288
InishgortInis GoirtMayoClew Bay2829321L902879[168]37281
Collanmore Island or Collan More IslandCollainn MhórMayoClew Bay19753[n 4]21318L920882[169]37253
ClynishClaidhnisMayoClew Bay8042875L923894[170]37251
Island Morean tOileán MórMayoClew Bay7742881[n 18]L903893[171]37293
KnockycahillaunCnoc Uí ChathaláinMayoClew Bay3436410None[n 18]L910896[172]37298
DerrinishDairinisMayoNewport Bay302140[56]L913902[173]37262
InishbeeTBCMayoNewport Bay382920[56]L901902[174]37279
InishgowlaInis GabhlaMayoNewport Bay322852[56]L911911[175]37282
InishooInis UamhaMayoNewport Bay172929[56]L901911[176]37290
InishnakillewInis na CoilleadhMayoNewport Bay59271263CausewayL937902[177]37289
InishcottleInis CotailMayoNewport Bay2426403Causeway via InishnakillewL928905[178]37280
InishturkInis ToircMayoNewport Bay595157[56]L940909[179]37292
InishdaffInis DamhMayoNewport Bay333144[58]L948914[180]37099
Rosbarnagh IslandOileán Ros BairneachMayoNewport Bay533742[58]Road bridgeL953926[181]37089
InishturlinTBCMayoNewport Bay212725[58]L947931[182]37079
Rosmore IslandAn Ros MórMayoNewport Bay104[n 19]28133[n 19][59]Road bridgeL961942[183]37436
Rosturk IslandRos ToircMayoNewport Bay342464[60]Connected at low tideL913946[184]37494
InishquirkInis CoirceMayoNewport Bay284437[60]L904943[185]37472
InishtubbridTBCMayoNewport Bay372842[60]L897947[186]37473
InishnacrossInis na CroiseMayoNewport Bay263627[60]L888941[187]37471
InishbobunnanTBCMayoNewport Bay243113[60]L889954[188]37459
InishgowlaTBCMayoNewport Bay323228[60]L887950[189]37467
InishilraTBCMayoNewport Bay81812[60]L895939[190]37468
InishkeelInis CaolMayoNewport Bay302723[60]L878953[191]37469
InisherkinInis EarcáinMayoNewport Bay313028[60]L878945[192]37466
InishcooaTBCMayoNewport Bay21276[60]L876938[193]37461
Moynish MoreMaínis MórMayoClew Bay623799[60]L864945[194]37481
Achill IslandAcaillMayoAtlantic Ocean35283[61]688 (Croaghaun)49012620Road bridge (Michael Davitt Bridge)54°N 10°W / 54°N 10°W / 54; -10 (Achill Island)F6803[195]1165355
AchillbegAcaill BheagMayoAtlantic Ocean331110178053°51′N 9°57′W / 53.850°N 9.950°W / 53.850; -9.950 (Achillbeg)L7292[196]1165356
Annagh IslandOileán an EanaighMayoBlacksod Bay627230[n 20]0F778052[197]36937
InishbiggleInis BigilMayoBlacksod Bay63734672453°59′45″N 9°54′15″W / 53.99583°N 9.90417°W / 53.99583; -9.90417 (Inishbiggle)F7507[198]36863
Barranagh IslandOileán BearanachMayoElly Bay63700TomboloF667258[199]35255
Duvillaun BegDubhoileán BeagMayoAtlantic Ocean251400F5916[200]35271
Duvillaun MoreDubhoileán MórMayoAtlantic Ocean15560310F5816[201]35272
Inishkea SouthInis Gé TheasMayoInishkea Islands34472 (Knocknaskea)62[62]0F5420[202]35278
Inishkea NorthInis Gé ThuaidhMayoInishkea Islands46424155[62]0F5623[203]35277
InishgloraInis GluaireMayoAtlantic Ocean372216[62]054°12′31″N 10°7′38″W / 54.20861°N 10.12722°W / 54.20861; -10.12722 (Inishglora)F6131[204]1166254
Eagle IslandOileán sa TuaidhMayoAtlantic Ocean1460150F6339[205]1166546
Kid IslandOileán MionnánMayoBroadhaven Bay258600F787436[206]35405
IllanmasterOileán MáistirMayoAtlantic Ocean7108[n 4]00None54°20′N 9°38′W / 54.333°N 9.633°W / 54.333; -9.633 (Illanmaster)F934432[207]1399573
Bartragh Islandan BheartrachMayoKillala Bay31626280NoneG245300[208]34513
Inishmulclohy or Coney IslandInis Uí MhaolchluicheSligoSligo Harbour388131246Connected by strand at low tideG617388[209]45348
Oyster IslandInis RóraisSligoSligo Harbour3314[n 4]280G631393[210]45365
InishmurrayInis MuiríghSligoDonegal Bay20923[n 4]0054°26′N 8°40′W / 54.433°N 8.667°W / 54.433; -8.667 (Inishmurray)G572539[211]45211
Conor's IslandOileán ChonchúirSligoDonegal Bay111[n 5]16[n 4]150Road (no longer an island)F654515[212]45206
DernishDairinisSligoDonegal Bay10332420G677528[213]45207
InishpatTBCDonegalDonegal Harbour17257[63]F591874[214]14142
Rooney's IslandOileán Uí RuanaíDonegalDonegal Harbour3432[n 4]6[64]F591875[215]14297
Rotten Islandan tOileán BréanDonegalKillybegs Harbour111054°36′52.13″N 8°26′25.55″W / 54.6144806°N 8.4404306°W / 54.6144806; -8.4404306F715742[216]14875
Rathlin O'Birne IslandReachlainn Uí BhirnDonegalAtlantic Ocean50[n 21]2600G4680[217]1166602
InishkeelInis CaoilDonegalGweebarra Bay811916[65]0Connected by strand at low tideB7000[218]1166244
InishkeeraghInis CaorachDonegalAtlantic Ocean476527B683123[219]14535
Inishfree UpperInis FraoighDonegalDunglow Bay54114137954°57′20″N 8°26′40″W / 54.95556°N 8.44444°W / 54.95556; -8.44444 (Rutland Island)B715120[220]14945
InishalInis SailleDonegalDunglow Bay71643[66]B727113[221]14943
Rutland Island or InishmacadurnInis Mhic an DoirnDonegalAtlantic Ocean31320≥201251354°58′41″N 8°27′27″W / 54.97806°N 8.45750°W / 54.97806; -8.45750 (Rutland Island)B707142[222]15002
InishcooInis CúDonegalAtlantic Ocean109150None.[n 22]B706156[223]15000
Eighter Islandan tÍochtarDonegalAtlantic Ocean6024590None[n 22]B698161[224]14997
Arranmore or Aran IslandÁrainn MhórDonegalAtlantic Ocean4335[67]2271431522Car ferry to Burtonport54°59′22″N 8°31′51″W / 54.98944°N 8.53083°W / 54.98944; -8.53083 (Arranmore)B6616[225]14527
Cruit Islandan ChruitDonegalRosses Bay9413225853Road bridge55°3′3″N 8°14′8″W / 55.05083°N 8.23556°W / 55.05083; -8.23556 (Cruit Island)B7321[226]111107
Owey IslandUaighDonegalRosses Bay3011029427B712231[227]15013
Inishfree LowerInis FraoighDonegalInishfree Bay452500B756241[228]14514
InishinnyInis SionnaighDonegalGweedore Bay62274[68]0B785252[229]1390473
Gola IslandGabhlaDonegalGweedore Bay4246868455°3′3″N 8°14′8″W / 55.05083°N 8.23556°W / 55.05083; -8.23556 (Gola Island)B7727[230]14467
InishmeaneInis MeáinDonegalGweedore Bay11733120B785286[231]14495
InishsirrerInis OirthirDonegalGweedore Bay109230[n 23]0B7830[232]1166267
InishbofinInis Bó FinneDonegalTory Sound298331213655°10′24″N 8°10′8″W / 55.17333°N 8.16889°W / 55.17333; -8.16889 (Inishbofin)B889365[233]14448
InishdooeyOileán DúicheDonegalTory Sound87389[69]B896383[234]14449
Tory IslandToraighDonegalAtlantic Ocean78583399142Passenger ferries to Bunbeg and Meenlaragh near Falcarragh55°15′45″N 8°13′0″W / 55.26250°N 8.21667°W / 55.26250; -8.21667 (Tory Island)B851465[235]14500
Island RoyOileán an BhráigheDonegalMulroy Bay9112[n 4]7413Road causewayC133381[236]16063
AughnishTBCDonegalLough Swilly6625263Road causewayC252215[237]15974
Inch Islandan InisDonegalLough Swilly3425[70]222978[71]438[70]Road causewaysC3324[238]1166237
InishtrahullInis Trá ThollDonegalAtlantic Ocean1134954055°25′48″N 7°14′2″W / 55.43000°N 7.23389°W / 55.43000; -7.23389 (Inishtrahull)C4565[239]14546
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