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A map of Belize.
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The country of Belize has roughly 386 km of coastline, and has many coral reefs, cays, and islands in the Caribbean Sea. Most of these form the Belize Barrier Reef, the longest in the western hemisphere stemming approximately 322 km (200 mi). The reef and its islands have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

The following is a list of oceanic islands of Belize, arranged according to region but all of which are in the Caribbean Sea. Most of the islands variate in spelling between "cay" and "caye", and also use the Spanish "cayo". River islands have not been listed.

Table of Islands[edit]

Nr. 1)IslandCapitalArea
(Census 2012 official)
1000Ambergris GroupSan Pedro76.813400Inner Islands
1001Ambergris Caye, in the far northeast, is the largest island in the country. The Other Cays Are:San Pedro6413380Inner Islands
1002Blackadore Caye (Cayo Negro)North Point village0.4310Inner Islands
1003Cayo BracileteCayo Bracilete2.20Inner Islands
1004Cayo CangrejoCayo Cangrejo1.80Inner Islands
1005Cayo DeerNorth Deer cay7.30Inner Islands
1006Cayo EspantoAPrivateIsland resort0.025Inner Islands
1007Cayo savannahSavannah resort0.110Inner Islands
1008More IslandsCayo Mosquito, Cayo frances, cayo Iguana, cayo Rosario, cayo romero, cayo Tostado0.940Inner Islands
1100Caye Caulker (also spelled Corker)Caye Caulker4.51500Inner Islands
1200Caye ChapelCaye Chapel1.240Inner Islands
1300Drowned CaysSpanish Loockout village20.215Inner Islands
1301Goff's CayeGoff's Caye0.131Inner Islands
1302Robinson Point CaysRobinson resort1.250Inner Islands
1303Spanish Loockout CaysSpanish Loockout village0.810Inner Islands
1304Water cayWater cay resort2.64Inner Islands
1305MoreShag cay, turtle cay,15.430Inner Islands
1400Hen and Chicken CaysHen cay4.722Inner Islands
1500Hick's CayesSaint George's Caye19.545Inner Islands
1501Long Cay, not to be confused with the other island further southeastLong Cay0.95Inner Islands
1502Saint George's Caye, the sight of an historic colonial battleSaint George's village0.4725Inner Islands
1503More Hick’s Cayes?18.315Inner Islands
1600Middle Long CaysMiddle Long Cay4.972Inner Islands
1601Middle Long CayMiddle Long Cay3.512Inner Islands
1602More Middle Long Cays1.460Inner Islands
1700Pelican cay RangeNortheast Cay3.4810Inner Islands
1701Bugle cayBugle cay0.073Inner Islands
1702Harvest CayHarvest Cay0.550Inner Islands
1703Lagoon Cay0.10Inner Islands
1704Lark cayLark Cay0.060Inner Islands
1705Laughing Bird CayeLaughing Bird Caye0.010Inner Islands
1706Long coco CayLong coco Cay0.190Inner Islands
1707Northeast CayBlue Horizon lodge0.136Inner Islands
1708Pelican cayPelican Cay0.040Inner Islands
1709Placencia cayPlacencia Cay0.282Inner Islands
1710Rendezvous Caye (southern)Rendezvous Caye (southern)0.10Inner Islands
1711More IslandsLittle water cay,Peter Douglas Caye, Saddle Caye, Secret cay, quamina, Cat, Crawl, Bakers, Wippari, cary, Gladden, Moho, Spit, Silk, Hatchet, Morisson, West Silk, Scipio, colson1.950Inner Islands
1800Punta Gorda CaysMoho Cay resort5.190Inner Islands
1801Moho caysMoho cay resort510Inner Islands
1802snake CaysEast snake0.090Inner Islands
1803Wild Cane CayWild Cane Cay0.10Inner Islands
1900Sapodilla Cay GroupSapodilla Cay0.437Inner Islands
1901Hunting CayHalf Moon Beach0.085Inner Islands
1902Ranguana CayRanguana Cay0.080Inner Islands
1903Sapodilla CaySapodilla cay0.072Inner Islands
1904Frank's Cay0.030Inner Islands
1905MoreSouth cay, Lime cay, Nicholas Cay, North Spot, red Rock, Tom Owen's Cay, Seal Cays0.170Inner Islands
2000Tobacco CayesTobacco village7.656Inner Islands
2001Bird IslandBird Island0.940Inner Islands
2002Carrie Bow CayCarrie Bow Marine Field Station0.016Inner Islands
2003Coco Plum cayCoco Plum cay resort0.15Inner Islands
2004Cross Cay0.50Inner Islands
2005Man-O-War Cay0.490Inner Islands
2006OtherColombus Cay, Sandfly cay, Barbecue Cay, Dream Cay, Hutson cay, Garbutt’s Cay, WeeWee Cay, Bread and Butter Cays, Spruce Cay1.250Inner Islands
2007Portofino cayPortofino cay resort0.040Inner Islands
2008Ragged CayRagged cay0.625Inner Islands
2009South Water CayeSouth water village0.0710Inner Islands
2010Southern Long CayeSouthern Long Caye resort35Inner Islands
2011Stewart CayeStewart cay0.50Inner Islands
2012Thatch CayThatch cay resort0.055Inner Islands
2013Tobacco CayeTobacco village0.0320Inner Islands
3000Glover's ReefMiddle Cay village0.440Outer Islands
3001Little cayManta Resort0.079Outer Islands
3002Long CaySlick Rock resort0.0610Outer Islands
3003Middle CayMiddle Cay village0.0614Outer Islands
3004Southwest CayMarisol resort0.084Outer Islands
3005Amounme Point CayAmounme Point Cay0.070Outer Islands
4000Lighthouse ReefHalf Moon Caye7.3130Outer Islands
4001Half Moon CayeHalf Moon Caye0.1915Outer Islands
4002Long CayeCalypso beach35Outer Islands
4003Northern CayeNorthern cay resort46Outer Islands
4004Sandbore CayeSandbore Caye0.044Outer Islands
4005MoreSaddle caye0.080Outer Islands
5000Turneffe AtollHarry Jones point village116300Outer Islands
5001Baby Roach CayBaby Roach Cay0.045Outer Islands
5002Blackbird CayHarry Jones village20160Outer Islands
5003Calabash CayGrand Bogue village2050Outer Islands
5004Caye BokelTurneffe Island lodge0.625Outer Islands
5005Crawl Caye0.190Outer Islands
5006Crayfish CayNorth Crayfish Cay0.080Outer Islands
5007Cross CayNorth point0.35Outer Islands
5008Douglas CayBarracuda Beach6535Outer Islands
5009Maugher Cayelighthouse point0.040Outer Islands
5010Pelican cay (south)Gales Point village510Outer Islands
5011MoreDeadman's Cay, Cockroach cay, Dog Flea Cay, Pelican (north), Grassy, Soldier, coco Tree, Western four, Baloon13.290Outer Islands
5012Shag cayShag Cay62Outer Islands
5013Three Corner CayeThree Corner Caye0.260Outer Islands
 Belize IslandsSan Pedro272.315457 

1) The Islands number relates to the 2012 island numbering program made by Belize gov. for Real estate purposes.

Ambergris group[edit]

The beach at San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye.

Central groups[edit]

This group of islands form an arch around the capital city's coastline.

Southern groups[edit]

Gradually heading in a line southward, the cays decrease in size before reaching the coast of Honduras. and finally, towards the coast of Punta Gorda are some more islands.

Turneffe Atoll[edit]

The Turneffe Atoll is situated in the central Barrier Reef system, between the Inner Channel and Lighthouse Reef, and is 30 miles (48 km) long and 10 miles (16 km) wide. It is made up of a number of large cayes, such as Blackbird Caye, which surround a central lagoon. Smaller surrounding islands include:

Lighthouse Reef[edit]

The Lighthouse Reef's most famous site is the Great Blue Hole, located at its centre.

The Lighthouse Reef system is a sunken atoll, and consists of four islands:

Glover's Reef[edit]

The Glover's Reef system is mostly submerged, with a few tiny islands. see list above.

Islands in rivers and lakes[edit]

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