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A banner hangs in the Rogers Centre to commemorate Damon Allen's record breaking pass in 2006.

This is a list of gridiron football quarterbacks passing statistics for quarterbacks that have played outdoor professional football in North America. This list includes cumulative statistics by players that have played in the National Football League (NFL), Canadian Football League (CFL), United States Football League (USFL), and United Football League (UFL). Below is a listing of the combined professional football league leaders for passing yards, passing touchdowns, passing completions, and passing attempts.[1][2][3][4] Because indoor football is played on a much shorter field and heavily favors offensive scoring, its records are not included in the main list and are noted in a separate addendum below.

During the 2011 CFL season, Montreal Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo surpassed Damon Allen to become the all-time passing yards leader in professional football league history.[5] Allen broke the previous record held by Warren Moon in 2006.[6]

Brett Favre surpassed Warren Moon in both passing touchdowns and passing completions during the 2007 NFL season and surpassed Moon in pass attempts during the 2008 NFL season to become the leader in those categories.[7] Since then, Peyton Manning surpassed Favre's touchdown record during the 2014 NFL season.[8]

Warren Moon and Johnny Unitas are the only gridiron quarterbacks to have held the record of the four major passing categories (passing yards, passing touchdowns, pass completions, pass attempts) at the same time.

All-time outdoor professional quarterback passing statistics[edit]

Updated through 2014 season; minimum 40,000 passing yards
Bold denotes an active player
RankNameTenureLeaguesAttemptsCompletionsComp %TouchdownsInterceptionsYardageQB Rating
1Calvillo, AnthonyAnthony Calvillo1994 – 2013CFL[9]9,4375,89262.445522479,816*95.5
2Allen, DamonDamon Allen1985 – 2007CFL[10]9,1385,15856.439427872,38183.8
3Favre, BrettBrett Favre1991 – 2010NFL10,169*6,300*62.050833671,83886.0
4Moon, WarrenWarren Moon1978 – 2000CFL/NFL[11]9,2055,35758.243531070,55384.2
5Manning, PeytonPeyton Manning1998 – presentNFL8,7615,74065.5515*22467,53697.7*
6Marino, DanDan Marino1983 – 1999NFL8,3584,96759.442025261,36186.4
7Flutie, DougDoug Flutie1985 – 2005CFL/NFL/USFL[12]7,2764,28658.936923758,17987.8
8Burris, HenryHenry Burris1998 – presentCFL/NFL[13][14]6,5604,00561.133821055,46192.0
9Brees, DrewDrew Brees2001 – presentNFL7,1284,71066.137818553,60595.3
10McManus, DannyDanny McManus1990 – 2006CFL[15]6,6893,64054.425928153,25576.0
11Ray, RickyRicky Ray2002 – presentCFL[16]6,2174,20567.6*27915852,06397.7*
12Brady, TomTom Brady2000 – presentNFL6,9204,39263.538113751,54196.1
13Elway, JohnJohn Elway1983 – 1998NFL7,2504,12356.930022651,47579.9
14Lancaster, RonRon Lancaster1960 – 1978CFL6,2333,38454.3333396*50,53572.4
15Tarkenton, FranFran Tarkenton1961 – 1978NFL6,4873,68656.834226647,00380.1
16Testaverde, VinnyVinny Testaverde1987 – 2007NFL6,7013,78756.527526746,23375.0
17Kelly, JimJim Kelly1984 – 1996NFL/USFL[17]5,9333,60460.732019545,30988.8
18Bledsoe, DrewDrew Bledsoe1993 – 2006NFL6,7173,83957.225120644,61177.1
19Dunigan, MattMatt Dunigan1983 – 1996CFL5,4763,05755.830621143,85784.5
20Glenn, KevinKevin Glenn2001 – presentCFL[18]5,2853,28462.123916843,33689.9
21Garcia, JeffJeff Garcia1994 – 2011CFL/NFL/UFL[19][20]5,9553,64561.228114643,30088.9
22Fouts, DanDan Fouts1973 – 1987NFL5,6043,29758.825424243,04080.2
23Collins, KerryKerry Collins1995 – 2011NFL6,2613,48755.720819640,92273.8
24Montana, JoeJoe Montana1979 – 1994NFL5,3913,40963.227313940,55192.3
25Ham, TracyTracy Ham1987 – 1999CFL4,9452,67054.028416440,53486.6
26Unitas, JohnnyJohnny Unitas1956 – 1973NFL5,1862,83054.629025340,23978.2

^* = Leader in category for outdoor gridiron football.


Kurt Warner has 44,931 gridiron passing yards. However, this list consists only outdoor gridiron football. His outdoor gridiron football statistics from his time in the NFL (32,344 passing yards)[21] and his time with the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe (2,101 passing yards)[22] totals 34,445 outdoor gridiron passing yards. He also passed for 10,486 yards as a member of the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League which is played indoors.[22]

Aaron Garcia has over 62,200 gridiron passing yards. However, all of his totals consist entirely Arena gridiron football from the Arena Football League (AFL) and therefore is excluded from this list. Four other AFL players (Mark Grieb, Clint Dolezel, Andy Kelly, Sherdrick Bonner) have amassed over 40,000 gridiron football passing yards which are also excluded from this list since arena football is played indoors.[23]

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