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This is an index to polytheistic deities of the different religions, cultures and mythologies of the world, listed by type and by region. This is not a list of names or epithets of gods in modern monotheistic religions, for which see "Names of God". For deified individuals see "List of people who have been considered deities", "Apotheosis" and "Imperial cult". For deities whose cult is fictional see "List of deities in fiction".

By classification[edit]

Ruler of the Pantheon[edit]


Baronne Rigoley d'Ogny as Aurora, by Jean-Marc Nattier, Baltimore Museum of Art

Human sphere[edit]

Demigods, Deified Heroes[edit]

By cultural sphere[edit]

Near East and North Africa[edit]

Osiris, lord of the dead. His green skin symbolizes rebirth

Central / Northern Asia[edit]

East Asia[edit]

India / South Asia[edit]

The image illustrates the Hindu belief that each part of the cow embodies a particular deity

Southeast Asia[edit]


Sub-Saharan Africa[edit]

Contemporary poster of a Mami Wata, "serpent priestess" painted by German (Hamburg) artist Schleisinger, ca. 1926, displayed in shrines as a popular image of Mami Wata in Africa and in the Diaspora.[1][2]



Syncretic mythologies[edit]

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