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This is a partial list of ghost towns in Arizona in the United States of America. Most ghost towns in Arizona are former mining boomtowns that were abandoned when the mines closed. Those that weren't setup as mining camps were usually established as locations for mills, or supply points for nearby mining operations.[1]



Ghost towns can include sites in various states of disrepair and abandonment. Some sites no longer have any trace of buildings or civilization and have reverted back to empty land. Other sites are unpopulated but still have standing buildings. Still others may support full time residents, though usually far less than at their historical peak, while others may now be museums or historical sites.[1]

For ease of reference, the sites listed have been placed into one of the following general categories.

Barren site
Neglected site
Abandoned site
Semi-abandoned site
Historic site

Ghost towns

Town name  Other name(s)  County  Settled  Abandoned  Current status  Remarks   
AdamanaApache1896Semi-abandoned site
Agua CalienteMaricopa1858Neglected siteHotel, ruins of a stone house and a swimming pool.
Alamo Crossing[2]AlimoMohave18991918Barren siteSubmerged in Alamo Lake.
Alexandra[2]Yavapai1875circa 1903Barren site
Allen[2]Gunsight, Allen City[3]Pimacirca 1880circa 1886Barren site
AltoSanta Cruz
American Flag[2]Pinalcirca 1879circa 1884
Angel CampMaricopa
Aubrey Landing[2]Mohavecirca 1860circa 1886Barren siteInundated when Lake Havasu was formed
BellevueGila19061927Abandoned site
Big Bug[2]Bigbug, Red RockYavapai1862circa 1910Barren site
Black DiamondCochise
Bradshaw CityYavapaicirca 1860circa 1880Barren site
Brigham City[4]Navajo18761881Historic site
Bumble Bee[1][2]Yavapai1863Semi-abandoned sitePrivately owned, few residents.[1]
Calabasas[2]CalabazasSanta Cruz18661913Abandoned site
CaneloSanta Cruz
Canyon DiabloCoconino1882
Castle Dome[5]Yuma18691876Historic siteSite of the Castle Dome Mines Museum.
Castle Dome Landing[1][2]Castle Dome CityYuma18691884Barren siteSubmerged in Martinez Lake.
ChaparralYavapaicirca 1895circa 1918Barren site
Charleston[2]Cochise18791888Neglected siteMaintained by the Bureau of Land Management.[6]
CatoctinYavapaicirca 1902circa 1920Barren site
CedarMohavecirca 1875circa 1911Neglected site
CerbatCampbellMohavecirca 1869circa 1912Neglected site
Cerro ColoradoPimacirca 1856circa 1911Neglected Site
Cherry[2]Yavapai18841943Semi-abandoned site
ClemenceauYavapai1917Historic siteNow part of Cottonwood, Arizona
Contention City[2]ContentionCochise18801888Neglected siteMaintained by the Bureau of Land Management.[6]
Copper Creek[2]Pinal1880s1942Neglected site
CordesAntelope JunctionYavapai18831950sSemi-abandoned site
Courtland[2]Cochise19081942Abandoned site
Crown King[2]Yavapai18881954Semi-abandoned site
DomeYuma18921904Neglected siteruins of an adobe building, cemetery
DuquesneSanta Cruz1880s1920sSemi-abandoned site
EhrenbergLa Paz1870s1915Neglected site
Fairbank[2]Junction City, Kendall, Fairbanks[7]Cochise18831970sAbandoned siteMaintained by the Bureau of Land Management.[7]
FortunaFortuna MineYuma18961924Neglected site
Galeyville[2]Cochise18811882Barren site
Gila CityLigurta[8]Yuma18581863Barren site
Gleeson[2]TurquoiseCochise18901940Semi-abandoned site
Goldroad[2]AcmeMohave19021942Neglected site
Harshaw[1][2]DuraznoSanta Cruz18801960Semi-abandoned site
HilltopCochise1880s1940sNeglected site
Jerome Junction[9]Yavapai18941920
Kentucky CampPima1874Historic siteMaintained by US Forest Service
KlondykeGrahamc.1900Historic siteMaintained by US Forest Service
La LagunaYuma18601862Barren siteSite under Mittry Lake
La PazLa Paz1862Neglected site
Marinette[10]MaricopaBarren siteSun City was built on the site of Marinette in the 1960s
McMillenville[2]McMillianville, McMillanvilleGila1876circa 1886Neglected site
Mohave City[2]Mojave CityMohave18631938Barren siteAbsorbed into Fort Mojave Indian Reservation.[11]
MowrySanta Cruz
OatmanMohave1902Historic site
Oro BlancoSanta Cruz18731915Neglected site
Paradise[2]Cochise19011943Barren site
Pinal CityPinal
RubyMontana CampSanta Cruz1870s1941Historic site
San RafaelPima ? ?Barren site
SaleroSanta Cruz
Santa ClausSanta Claus AcresMohave1937
SascoPinal19071920sNeglected site
SpenazumaGraham18981899Barren site
StantonAntelope StationYavapaiHistoric siteOwned and maintained by the Lost Dutchman Mining Association
Stanwix StationFlap Jack Ranch, Grinnell's StationYuma18581880sBarren site
SunsetNavajo18761887Abandoned siteOnly the cemetery remains today
Swansea[1][2]SignalLa Paz19081937Abandoned siteMaintained by the Bureau of Land Management.
Tiger[2]SchultzPinal18811954Barren siteAll structures demolished
Tip TopYavapai1876
Total WreckPima1875
Tres AlamosCochise1874
Vulture MineVulture CityMaricopa18631942Historic sitePrivately owned and operated as a tourist attraction
Washington CampSanta Cruz1880s1920sSemi-abandoned site
WeaverWeavervilleYavapai1863Neglected site
White HillsMohave
Wolf HoleMohave

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