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This is a list of game show hosts. A game show host is a profession involving the hosting of game shows. Game shows usually range from a half hour to an hour long and involve a prize. Game shows are not the same as reality competitions which span through weeks (i.e. American Idol, Survivor, etc.)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Willie AamesUnited StatesThe Krypton Factor (1990–91)
Mike AdamleUnited StatesAmerican Gladiators (1989–96)
Jason AgnewCanadaPopQ (2007), Brain Battle (2007), Sunday Morning Trivia (2010), Splatalot (2011), Door To Door (2012)
Ogie AlcasidPhilippinesGame Na, Game Na! (1994–96), Family Feud (2001–02), Da Big Show (2008), Hole in the Wall (2009)
Robert AldaUnited StatesPersonality Puzzle (1953), What's Your Bid? (1953), Can Do (1956)
Archie AlemaniaPhilippinesMysmatch (2008)
John AlesUnited StatesLip Service (1993–94)
Ben AlexanderUnited StatesParty Time at Club Roma (1950–51), About Faces (1960–61)
Heather AlexanderUnited StatesFlamingo Fortune (1995–96)
Fred AllenUnited StatesJudge For Yourself
Steve AllenUnited StatesI've Got a Secret (1964–67)
Bree AmerAustraliaFriday Night Games (2006)
Morey AmsterdamUnited StatesBattle of the Ages (1952)
Bill AndersonUnited StatesThe Better Sex (1977–78), Fandango (1983–89)
Clive AndersonUnited KingdomIf I Ruled the World (1998–99), Mastermind (2001)
John AndersonUnited StatesWipeout (2008–present)
Louie AndersonUnited StatesFamily Feud (1999–2002)
Eamonn AndrewsUnited KingdomWhat's My Line? (1951–62)
Ralph AndrewsUnited StatesLingo (1988)
Thea AndrewsCanadaCooking For Love
Kris AquinoPhilippinesPilipinas, Game KNB? (2001–07), Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal (2006–09), Wheel of Fortune (2008), Pinoy Bingo Night (2009–present)
Bill ArmstrongUnited StatesLiar's Club (1976–77)
DJ Laila AsisPhilippinesGames Uplate Live (2008–09)
Dave AttellUnited StatesThe Gong Show with Dave Attell (2008)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Mel BUnited StatesThe Singing Office (2008)
Dirk BachGermanyIch bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus! (German version), Frei Schnauze
Amitabh BachchanIndiaKaun Banega Crorepati (2000–02), (2005)
David BaddielUnited KingdomThe Book Quiz (2007)
Ben BaileyUnited StatesCash Cab (2005–12), Who's Still Standing? (2011–12)
Jack BaileyUnited StatesTruth or Consequences (1954–56), Queen for a Day (1956–64)
George BalcanCanadaIt's Your Move (1974–75)
Hugo Egon BalderGermanyGenial daneben
Brent BamburyCanadaTest the Nation (2007–08)
Tony BarberAustraliaFamily Feud (1977–80), Sale of the Century (1980–91), Jeopardy! (1992), Wheel of Fortune (1996)
Bob BarkerUnited StatesTruth or Consequences (1956–74), Family Game (1967), The Price Is Right (1972–2007)
Sue BarkerUnited KingdomA Question of Sport (1997–present)
Gretchen BarrettoPhilippinesYou & Me Against the World (2008)
Alex BarrisCanadaFront Page Challenge (1957), One of a Kind (1958–59)
Chuck BarrisUnited StatesThe Gong Show (1976–80)
Win BarronCanadaFront Page Challenge (1957)
Jack BarryUnited StatesJuvenile Jury (1947–56 & 1970–71), Life Begins at Eighty (1950–1956), Twenty-One (1956–58), Tic-Tac-Dough (1956), Concentration (1958), The Generation Gap (1969), The Joker's Wild (1972–75 & 1977–84), Break the Bank (1976–77)
Michael BarrymoreUnited KingdomStrike It Lucky (1986–99), My Kind of Music (1998–2002)
Roger BauluCanadaLa Poule aux oeufs d'or (1958–66)
Jon BaumanUnited StatesThe Pop 'N Rocker Game (1983), Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour (co-hosted with Gene Rayburn) (1982–83), Karaoke Showcase (circa 1986–87)
Paolo BedionesPhilippinesDigital LG Quiz (1999–2004), Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasok! (2007–present), Whammy! Push Your Luck (2007–present)
Bill BellamyUnited StatesLast Comic Standing (2007–08)
Rolf BenirschkeUnited StatesWheel of Fortune (1989)
Mark BerettaAustraliaThe Master (2006–07)
Bob BergenUnited StatesJep! (1998)
Tom BergeronUnited StatesHollywood Squares (1998–2004)
Peter BernerAustraliaThe Einstein Factor (2005–present)
Corbin BernsenUnited StatesHow Much Is Enough? (2008)
Buzz BerryUnited StatesSqrambled Scuares (2002–11)
Pedro BicchieriUnited StatesApple Bowl (1980–present)
Cilla BlackUnited KingdomBlind Date (1985–2003)
Larry BlydenUnited StatesPersonality (1967–69), You're Putting Me On (1969), The Movie Game (1969–70), What's My Line? (1972–75)
Eric BoardmanUnited StatesLiar's Club (1988–89)
Bill BoggsUnited StatesAll-Star Anything Goes (1977)
Danny BonaduceUnited StatesStarface (2006)
Mike BongiornoItalyLascia o raddoppia? (1955–59), Campanile Sera (1959–62), Caccia al numero (1962), La Fiera dei Sogni (1962–65), Giochi in Famiglia (1966–69), Rischiatutto (1970–74), Scommettiamo? (1976–78), Lascia o raddoppia? (remake, 1979), I sogni nel cassetto (1979–80), Flash (1980–82), Bis (1981–90), Superflash (1982–85), Pentathlon (1985–87), Telemike (1987–92), Tris (1990–91), Tutti per uno (1992), La ruota della fortuna (1989–2003), Genius (2005), Il Migliore (2006–07)
Paolo BonolisItalyCiao Darwin (1980–present)
Elayne BooslerUnited StatesBalderdash (2004–05)
Carlo BoszhardNetherlandsCash en Carlo (2002–05), Staatsloterij Live!
Dominic BowdenNew ZealandAre You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old? (2007–08)
Jim BowenUnited KingdomBullseye (1982–95)
Lee BowmanUnited StatesWhat's Going On? (1954)
Wayne BradyUnited StatesCelebrity Duets (2006), Don't Forget the Lyrics! (2007–09), Let's Make a Deal (2009–present)
Rob BroughAustraliaFamily Feud (1989–95)
Kurt BrowningCanadaBattle of the Blades (2009–present)
Wally BrunerUnited StatesWhat's My Line (1968–72)
Karyn BryantUnited StatesName That Video (2001–02)
Neil BuchananUnited KingdomFinder Keepers (1991–98)
Pat BullardCanada and United StatesBaloney (1988–89), Hold Everything! (1990), Love Connection (1998–99), Card Sharks (2001)
Beethoven Bunagan a.k.a. Michael V.PhilippinesReady, Txt, Go! (2002), Hole in the Wall (2009)
Lou van BurgNetherlandsDer goldene Schuss
Michael BurgerUnited StatesFamily Challenge (1996), Match Game (1998)
John BurgessAustraliaWheel of Fortune, Burgo's Catch Phrase
Brooke BurnsUnited StatesDog Eat Dog (2002–03), Hole in the Wall (2008–09), You Deserve It (2011), The Chase (2013–present)
Gordon BurnsUnited KingdomThe Krypton Factor (1977–95), A Word in Your Ear (1993–94)
Regan BurnsUnited StatesOblivious (2002–04)
Billy BushUnited StatesLet's Make a Deal (2003)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Bob CadmanCanadaReach for the Top (1970s / 1980s)
Jim CaldwellUnited StatesTic-Tac-Dough (1985–86), Top Card (1989–91)
Morley CallaghanCanadaDetective Quiz (1952), Crossword Quiz (1953)
Nicky CampbellUnited KingdomWheel of Fortune (1988–96)
Blaine CapatchUnited StatesBeat the Geeks (2002)
Al CappUnited StatesAnyone Can Win (1953)
Rudi CarellNetherlandsAm laufenden Band
Drew CareyUnited StatesPower Of 10 (2007–08), The Price Is Right (2007–present)
Jimmy CarrUnited Kingdom and United StatesYour Face or Mine? (2002–03), Distraction (2003–04, UK; 2005–06, USA), 8 out of 10 Cats (2005–present)
Michael CarringtonUnited StatesThink Fast! (1989)
Johnny CarsonUnited StatesEarn Your Vacation (1954), Who Do You Trust? (1957–62)
Marion CaunterMalaysiaOne in a Million (2006–08)
Dick CavettUnited StatesCollege Bowl (1987)
Jimmy CefaloUnited StatesTrump Card (1990–91), Sports Snapshot! (1993)
David CeldranPhilippinesBattle of the Brains (1992–2000)
John Cervenka (as Burt Luddin)United StatesBurt Luddin's Love Buffet (1998)
Keith ChegwinUnited KingdomKeith Chegwin's Naked Jungle (2000)
Carol ChengHong KongThe Weakest Link (2001–02)
Danny Lee ClarkUnited StatesAmerican Gladiators (1995–96)
Dick ClarkUnited StatesThe Object Is (1963), Missing Links (1964), The $10,000/$20,000/$25,000/$50,000/$100,000 Pyramid (1973–80, 1981 & 1982–89), The Krypton Factor (1981), The Challengers (1990–91), Scattergories (1993), It Takes Two (1997), Winning Lines (2000)
Jack ClarkUnited States100 Grand (1963), Dealer's Choice (1974–75), The Cross-Wits (1975–80)
Magnus ClarkAustraliaUniversity Challenge
Bob ClaytonUnited StatesMake A Face (1961–62), Concentration (1969–73)
Nick ClooneyUnited StatesThe Money Maze (1974–75)
Andrew CochranCanada5-4-3-2-Run (1988–90)
Dan CoffeyUnited StatesWait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (1998–99)
Mark CohenUnited StatesMake Me Laugh (1998)
Marty CohenUnited StatesSlime Time (1988)
Nathan CohenCanadaFighting Words (1953–62, 1970)
Paul CoiaUnited KingdomCatchword (1988–95)
Jennifer ColeUnited StatesSex Wars (2000–01)
Jonathan ColemanAustralia, United KingdomHave a Go, Blind Taste (1997)
Bud CollyerUnited StatesWinner Take All (1948–50), Beat the Clock (1950–61), On Your Way (1953–54), Feather Your Nest (1954–56), To Tell the Truth (1956–68), Number Please (1961)
Ray CombsUnited StatesFamily Feud/The New Family Feud Challenge (1988–94), Family Challenge (1995–96)
Frank ConniffUnited StatesAre You Positive (1952)
Jim Conroy (as Ruff Ruffman)United StatesFetch! with Ruff Ruffman (2006–10)
Bert ConvyUnited StatesTattletales (1974–78 & 1982–85), Super Password (1984–89), Win, Lose or Draw (1987–89), 3rd Degree (1989–90)
Anderson CooperUnited StatesThe Mole (2001–02)
Ronnie CorbettUnited KingdomSmall Talk (1994–96)
Anna CorenAustraliaAustralia's Brainiest Kid (2004)
Bill CosbyUnited StatesYou Bet Your Life (1992–93)
Wayne CoxCanadaSecond Honeymoon (1987–88), Talk About (1989–90), Acting Crazy (1991–94)
Gavin CrawfordCanadaHow Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (Canada) (2008)
Neil CroneCanadaWild Guess (1988)
Leslie CrowtherUnited KingdomThe Price Is Right (1984–88), Stars in Their Eyes (1990–92)
Timmy CruzPhilippinesPhilippine Lottery Draw
Larry CsonkaUnited StatesAmerican Gladiators (1990–93)
Bill CullenUnited StatesAct It Out (1949), Winner Take All (1952), Bank on the Stars (1954), The Price Is Right (1956–65), Eye Guess (1966–69), Three on a Match (1971–74), Winning Streak (1974–75), The $25,000 Pyramid (1974–79), Pass the Buck (1978), Blockbusters (1980–82), Child's Play (1982–83), Hot Potato (1984), The Joker's Wild (1984–86)
Randall CunninghamUnited StatesScramble (1993-1994)
Mark CurryUnited StatesDon't Forget Your Toothbrush (2000)


Roy Ward Dickson Canadian game show host and creator of Mr. and Mrs.
HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Ray D'ArcyIreland2Phat, Blackboard Jungle, Test the Nation, You're a Star
John Charles DalyUnited StatesWhat's My Line? (1950–67)
Dingdong DantesPhilippinesFamily Feud
Mike DarrowCanada and United StatesDream House (1968–70), Going Places (1973–80), The $128,000 Question (1976–77), Opposite, Opposite Sexes (1976–77), Bluff (1976–77), Jackpot (1985–88)
Doug DavidsonUnited StatesThe New Price Is Right (1994–1995)
John DavidsonUnited StatesTime Machine (1985), Hollywood Squares (1986–89), The $100,000 Pyramid (1990–91)
DeRay DavisUnited StatesMind of a Man (2014–present)
Fred DavisCanadaFront Page Challenge (1957–95)
Warren DavisCanadaReach for the Top (1965–66)
Richard DawsonUnited KingdomMasquerade Party (1974–75), Family Feud (1976–85 & 1994–95)
Christopher de LeonPhilippinesWho Wants to Be a Millionaire? (2000–03)
Joey de LeonPhilippinesEat Bulaga!
Angus DeaytonUnited KingdomHave I Got News for You (1990–present), Bognor or Bust (2004), Would I Lie To You? (2007–present)
John DeeksAustraliaFamily Feud (1996)
Cat DeeleyUnited Kingdom and United States20Q (2009), The Choice (2012)
Simon DeeringAustraliaThe Up-Late Game Show (2005)
Les DennisUnited KingdomFamily Fortunes (1987–2002), Classic Comeback
Roy Ward DicksonCanadaThe Quizz Club (1936), Fun Parade (1939), Take a Chance! (1939, radio), What d'You Know? (1953), P.M. (1953), Bonanza (1953), Turnabout (1953), Claim to Fame (1953), $1000 Word (1958), Full House (1959), Think of a Word, Abracadabra (1959), Try for Ten! (1960), Take a Chance! (1960 TV), Mr. and Mrs. (1963)
Hugh DownsUnited StatesConcentration (1958–69)
Al DuboisCanadaBumper Stumpers (1987–90). Whiz Kids (1990–91)
Patrick DuffyUnited StatesBingo America (2008)
Sharon DunnCanadaReach for the Top (1984)
Jamie DurieAustraliaBackyard Blitz (2000–07), The Block (2003–04)
Bil DwyerUnited StatesDirty Rotten Cheater (2003), Extreme Dodgeball (2004–05), I've Got a Secret (2006–present)
Bob DyerAustraliaPick a Box (1948–57, radio), (1957–71, TV)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Robert EarleUnited StatesCollege Bowl (1962–70)
Noel EdmondsUnited KingdomCome Dancing, Juke Box Jury (1979), Telly Addicts (1985–98), Deal or No Deal (2005–present), Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old? (2007–10)
Geoff EdwardsUnited StatesHollywood's Talking (1973), The New Treasure Hunt (1973–77/1981-82), Jackpot (1974–75 & 1989-90), Shoot for the Stars (1977), Play the Percentages (1980), Starcade (1983), Chain Reaction (1985–91)
Ralph EdwardsUnited StatesTruth or Consequences (1941 & 1950-52)
Billy EichnerUnited StatesFunny or Die's Billy on the Street (2011–present)
Bob ElliottUnited StatesThe Name's the Same (1955)
Gordon ElliottUnited StatesTo Tell the Truth (1990) It's Your Chance of a Lifetime (2000)
Rob ElliottAustraliaWheel of Fortune
Frank ElstnerGermanyWetten, dass..?, Jeopardy! (1994–98)
Graham ElwoodUnited StatesCram (2003–04)
Ron ElyUnited StatesFace the Music (1980–82)
Larry EmdurAustraliaThe Price Is Right, Cash Bonanza, Family Double Dare, The Main Event, Wheel of Fortune
Blake EmmonsCanadaThe New Chain Reaction (1986)
Dick EnbergUnited StatesThe Perfect Match (1967), Sports Challenge (1971–79), Baffle/All-Star Baffle (1973–74), Three for the Money (1975)
Bill EngvallUnited StatesLingo (2011)
Bob EubanksUnited StatesThe Newlywed Game (1966–74, 1977–80, 1985-89 & 1998-2000), The Diamond Head Game (1975), Rhyme and Reason (1975–76), All Star Secrets (1979), Dream House (1983–84), Trivia Trap (1984–85), Card Sharks (1986–89), Family Secrets (1993)
Wesley EureUnited StatesFinders Keepers (1987–88)
Greg EvansAustraliaPerfect Match, Crossfire
Huw EvansAustraliaMastermind, Mastermind (UK)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Clifton FadimanUnited StatesThe Name's the Same (1955)
Joe FaragoUnited StatesBreak The Bank (1985–86)
Joey FatoneUnited StatesThe Singing Bee (2007), The Singing Office (2008)
George FennemanUnited StatesAnybody Can Play (1958)
Tim FergusonAustraliaDon't Forget Your Toothbrush
Guy FieriUnited StatesMinute to Win It (2010–11)
Tarik FilipovićCroatiaTko želi biti milijunaš? (2002–present),
Pat FinnUnited StatesThe Joker's Wild (1990–91), Shop 'til You Drop (1991–94, 1996–98, 2000–02), The Big Spin (1999–2004)
Ryan FitzgeraldAustraliaFriday Night Games (2006)
Greg FitzsimmonsUnited StatesIdiot Savants (1996–97)
Art FlemingUnited StatesJeopardy!/The All New Jeopardy! (1964–75 & 1978–79), College Bowl (1978)
Gerry FogartyCanadaReach for the Top (1960s)
Kirk FoggUnited StatesLegends of the Hidden Temple (1993–95)
Jean-Pierre FoucaultFranceQui veut gagner des millions ? (2000–present)
Sofie FormicaAustraliaNow You See It
Bruce ForsythUnited KingdomThe Generation Game, The Price Is Right, Play Your Cards Right, Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak, Didn't They Do Well, Strictly Come Dancing
Jeff FoxworthyUnited StatesAre You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (both network (2007–09) and syndicated (2009–11) versions), The American Bible Challenge (2012–present)
Cornelia FrancesAustraliaThe Weakest Link (2001–02)
Arlene FrancisUnited StatesBlind Date (1949–1952)
Stewart FrancisCanadaYou Bet Your Ass
Kevin FrankCanadaKidstreet (1989–92), The Next Line (1991)
Kirk FranklinUnited StatesThe American Bible Challenge (2013–present)
Zoe FrenchUnited KingdomBikini Beach
David FrostUnited KingdomThrough the Keyhole (1987–2008)
Joachim FuchsbergerGermanyAuf Los geht's los
Stephen FryUnited KingdomQI


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Eden GahaAustraliaVidiot (1991–93)
Dan GallagherCanadaTest Pattern (1989–91)
Joe GaragiolaUnited StatesHe Said, She Said (1968–69), Memory Game (1971). Sale of the Century (1971–73), To Tell the Truth (1977), Strike It Rich (1986)
Ralph GarmanUnited StatesThe Joe Schmo Show (2003), Joe Schmo 2 (2004)
Terry GarnerCanadaReach for the Top (1961–?)
Boboy GarovilloPhilippinesIslands Gamemasters (1990–92)
Bamber GascoigneUnited KingdomUniversity Challenge, Connoisseur
Janno GibbsPhilippinesKakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5? (2007–present)
Jackie GleasonUnited StatesYou're in the Picture (1961)
Bob GoenUnited StatesPerfect Match (1986), Blackout (1988), Wheel of Fortune (1989–91), That's the Question (2006)
Mike GoldmanAustraliaBig Brother Up-Late, Friday Night Games (2006)
Richard GomezPhilippinesFamily Feud (2008–10)
Mark GoodmanUnited StatesIllinois Instant Riches (1994–98), Illinois Luckiest (1998–2000)
Mark-Paul GosselaarUnited StatesBrains & Brawn (1993)
Thomas GottschalkGermanyWetten, dass..? (1987–92, 1993–2011)
Glenn GoughUnited StatesWhiz Quiz (1980–present)
Ray GouldingUnited StatesThe Name's the Same (1955)
Ben GrauerUnited StatesAmericana/Ben Grauer's Americana Quiz (1947–49), Look Ma, I'm Acting/Act It Out/Say It with Acting (1949–50 & 1951), What Happened? (1952)
Barry GrayUnited StatesWinner Take All (1951)
George GrayUnited StatesExtreme Gong (1998), The Weakest Link (2002–03)
Hughie GreenUnited KingdomDouble Your Money (1955–68)
Mike GreenbergUnited StatesDuel (2007–08)
Rob GrossiUnited StatesCash Explosion (1987–88)
Adam GroweCanadaCash Cab (2008–present)
Bill GuestCanadaReach for the Top (1969–85), Beyond Reason (1977–78)
Rob GuestAustraliaMan O Man (1994)
Mohan "Mo Twister" GumatayPhilippinesKabarkada, Break the Bank (2007–present)
Peter GzowskiCanadaFighting Words (1982)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Buddy HackettUnited StatesYou Bet Your Life (1980)
Monty HallCanadaVideo Village/Video Village Junior (1961–62), Let's Make a Deal (1963–76, 1980, 1984–85 & 1990–91), It's Anybody's Guess (1977), Beat the Clock (1979–80), The Joke's on Us (1983–84), Split Second (1986–87)
Alan HamelCanadaAnniversary Game (1969–70)
David HamiltonUnited KingdomAll Clued Up (1988–91)
Nick HancockUnited KingdomThey Think It's All Over (1995–2004)
Paul HanoverCanadaShowdown (1961–62), It's Your Move (1964–67, 1975–79), Pay Cards (1973)
Chris HardwickUnited StatesTrashed (1994), Singled Out (1995–98)
Jason HarrisUnited StatesDouble Dare 2000 (2000–01)
Ralph HarrisUnited StatesContraption (2008–09)
Chris HarrisonUnited StatesMall Masters (2001), You Deserve It (2011)
Don HarronCanadaAnything You Can Do (1972–74)
Moss HartUnited StatesAnswer Yes or No (1950)
Steve HarveyUnited StatesFamily Feud (2010–present)
Andrew HarwoodAustraliaIt's Academic (1971–79)
Julie HayekUnited StatesBreak the Bank (1985–86)
Peter Lind HayesUnited StatesAlumni Fun (1964, 1965 & 1966)
Richard HayesUnited StatesPlay Your Hunch (1962), The Baby Game (1968), Name That Tune (1970–71), All About Faces (1971–72)
Paul HendyUnited KingdomWheel of Fortune (2001)
John HensonUnited StatesWipeout (2008–present)
Adam HillsAustraliaSpicks and Specks (2005–present)
Hulk HoganUnited StatesAmerican Gladiators (2008)
Jools HollandUnited KingdomJuke Box Jury (1989–90)
Eamonn HolmesUnited Kingdom and United StatesJet Set (2001–07) The Rich List (2006)
Bob HolnessSouth AfricaCall My Bluff (1996–2003), Raise the Roof (1995–96)
Mike HoskingNew ZealandWho Wants to Be a Millionaire? (2008)
Paul HoudeCanadaLingo (1998–2001)
John HumphrysUnited KingdomMastermind (2011–12)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Krzysztof IbiszPolandRosyjska Ruletka (2003–04), Gra W Ciemno (2005–07)
Arnell IgnacioPhilippinesGoBingo (1996–98, 2008), Golympics (1998–99), K! The P1 Million Videoke Challenge (2002–05), Now Na! (2006–07)
Erik ImsonPhilippinesPhilippine Lottery Draw
Carrie Ann InabaUnited States1 vs. 100 (2010–11)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Art JamesUnited StatesSay When!! (1961–65), Fractured Phrases (1965), Matches 'N Mates (1967–68), Temptation (1967–68), Pay Cards! (1968–69, 1981–82), It's Academic (1969–71), The Who, What, or Where Game (1969–74), The Magnificent Marble Machine (1975–76), Blank Check (1975), Catch Phrase (1985)
Dennis JamesUnited StatesCash and Carry (1946–47), The Name's the Same (1954–55), High Finance (1956), The Price Is Right (nighttime) (1972–77), Name That Tune (1974–75)
Günther JauchGermanyWer wird Millionär? (1999–present)
Chris Jericho[1]United StatesDownfall (2010)
Stu JeffriesCanadaLove Handles (1996–98)
Tom JenningsAustraliaDouble Dare (1989–92)
Penn JilletteUnited StatesIdentity (2006–07)
Jaymee JoaquinPhilippinesGames Uplate Live (2006–08)
Arte JohnsonUnited StatesKnockout (1977–78)
Steve JohnsonUnited KingdomIt's Torture (1989)
Tony JohnstonAustraliaMy Generation, Time Masters, Wipeout (1999–2000)
The Amazing JonathanUnited StatesRuckus
Charlie JonesUnited StatesAlmost Anything Goes (1975–76), Pro-Fan (1977)
Ulrika JonssonUnited KingdomDog Eat Dog (2001–02)
Kimberley JosephAustraliaGladiators (1995–96)
Elaine JoyceUnited StatesThe All-New Dating Game (1986–88)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Richard KarnUnited StatesFamily Feud (2002–06), Bingo America (2008–09)
Jonathan KarshUnited StatesKid Nation (2007)
Bob KarstensCanadaReach for the Top (1983–84)
Vernon KayUnited Kingdom & United StatesHit Me, Baby, One More Time (2005, UK and USA), All Star Family Fortunes (2006–present), Beat the Star (2008–09), Million Dollar Mind Game (2011)
Arielle KebbelUnited StatesPerfect Score (2013–present)
Jack KellyUnited StatesSale of the Century (1969–71)
Graham KennedyAustraliaBlankety Blanks
Lisa KennedyUnited StatesFriend or Foe? (2002–04)
Tom KennedyUnited StatesThe Big Game (1958), You Don't Say! (1963–69, 1975 & 1978), Split Second (1972–75), Break the Bank (1976), $50,000 Grand Slam (1976), Name That Tune/The $100,000 Name That Tune (1974–80), Whew!/Celebrity Whew! (1979–80), Password Plus (1980–82), Body Language (1984–86), The Price Is Right (1985–86), Wordplay (1986–87)
Kerri-Anne KennerleyAustraliaGreed (2000)
Salman KhanIndia10 Ka Dum (2009)
Shahrukh KhanIndiaKaun Banega Crorepati (2007), Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? (2008)
Pat KiernanUnited StatesStudio 7 (2004), The World Series of Pop Culture (2006–07)
Walter KiernanUnited StatesSparring Partners with Walter Kiernan (1949), What's the Story (1951–53), Who Said That? (1951–54), Who's the Boss? (1954)
John Reed KingUnited StatesMissus Goes A-Shopping (Radio: 1934–44, TV: 1944–49), What's My Line (Radio: 1941), Double or Nothing (Radio: 1944–45), Give and Take (Radio: 1945–53), Chance of a Lifetime (1950–52), Battle of the Ages (1952), Beat the Clock (1952)
Ulla Kock am BrinkGermanyMinute to Win It, Die Lotto-Show, Die 100.000 Mark Show
Ernie KovacsUnited StatesTake a Good Look (1959–61)
Gary KroegerUnited StatesThe Newlywed Game (1996–97), Beat The Clock (2002)
Hans-Joachim KulenkampffGermanyEiner wird gewinnen
Cedric KylesUnited StatesIt's Worth What? (2011), Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (2013–present)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Nick LacheyUnited StatesThe Winner Is (2013)
Vanessa LacheyUnited StatesWipeout (2011–12)
Skip LackeyUnited StatesThink Fast! (1990)
Patrice LaffontFrancePyramide (1991–2003)
Ricki LakeUnited StatesGameshow Marathon (2006)
Mark LamarrUnited KingdomNever Mind the Buzzcocks
Pierre LalondeCanadaThe Mad Dash (1978–86)
Dylan LaneUnited StatesChain Reaction (2006–07)
Jim LangeUnited StatesThe Dating Game/The New Dating Game (1965-74 & 1977-80), Spin-Off (1975), Give-n-Take (1975), Bullseye (1980–82), The $100,000 Name That Tune (1984–85), The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime (1986–87), Triple Threat (1988–89)
John LapusPhilippinesBlind Item (2006)
Mort LawrenceUnited StatesThe Big Payoff (1955–57)
Vicki LawrenceUnited StatesWin, Lose or Draw (1987–89)
TJ LavinUnited StatesThe Challenge (1998–Present)
Greg LeeUnited StatesWhere in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (1991–96)
Gypsy Rose LeeUnited StatesThink Fast (1949–50)
Robert LembkeGermanyWas bin ich?
Keith LemonUnited KingdomThrough the Keyhole (2013–present)
John LeslieUnited KingdomWheel of Fortune, Scavengers
Robert Q. LewisUnited StatesThe Name's the Same (1951–54), Make Me Laugh (1958)
Bill LeydenUnited StatesMusical Chairs (1955), It Could Be You (1956–61), Your First Impression (1962–64), Call My Bluff (1965), Let's Face It (1967). You're Putting Me On (1969)
Girts LicisLatviaThe Best Friends (1998–99), Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (2007–08)
Li YongPeople's Republic of ChinaLucky 52, Super 6+1, Chinese Dream
Art LinkletterUnited StatesLife With Linkletter (1950-52 & 1969-70), Art Linkletter's House Party/The Linkletter Show (1952–69), People are Funny (1954–61), The Art Linkletter Show (1963)
Jack LinkletterUnited StatesHaggis Baggis (1958), The Rebus Game (1965)
Jürgen von der LippeGermanyDonnerlippchen, Geld oder Liebe
Mario LópezUnited StatesMasters of the Maze (1995), Pet Star (2002–05), America's Best Dance Crew (2008–present)
Allen LuddenUnited StatesG.E. College Bowl (1959–62), Password/Password Allstars/Password Plus (1961–69, 1971-75 & 1979-80), Win With the Stars (1968–69), The Joker's Wild (1969, unaired pilot), Stumpers (1976), Liar's Club (1977)
Des LynamUnited KingdomCountdown (2005–06)
Jane LynchUnited StatesHollywood Game Night (2013–present)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Jeff MacGregorUnited StatesThe Dating Game (1986–89), Love at First Sight (1992)
Ron MacLeanCanadaTest the Nation (2008), Battle of the Blades (2009–present)
Carole MacNeilCanadaTest the Nation (2010–present)
Jeremy MaggsSouth AfricaWho Wants to Be a Millionaire (2000–05)
Magnus MagnussonUnited KingdomMastermind
Willie MaldonadoEl SalvadorFin de Semana (1976–2009) ¿Quién quiere ser millonario? (El Salvador) (2010–present)
Lisa MaloskyUnited StatesAmerican Gladiators (1993–95)
Howie MandelCanada and United StatesDeal or No Deal (both network (2005–09) and syndicated (2008–10) versions), Deal or No Deal Canada (2007), 2009 Game Show Awards (2009), Take It All (2012)
Edu ManzanoPhilippinesLove Bites (1997–98), The Weakest Link (2001–02), Pilipinas, Game KNB? (2007–10), 1 vs. 100 (2007–08)
Hal MarchUnited StatesThe $64,000 Question (1955–58), What's It For? (1957–58), It's Your Bet (1969–70)
Evan MarriottUnited StatesFake-A-Date (2004)
Pat MarsdenCanadaEducated Guess
Peter MarshallUnited StatesHollywood Squares (1966–82), Storybook Squares (1969), All-Star Blitz (1985), Yahtzee (1988), The Reel to Reel Picture Show (1998)
Dick MartinUnited StatesThe Cheap Show (1978), Mindreaders (1979–80)
Wink MartindaleUnited StatesWhat's This Song? (1964–65), Can You Top This? (1970), Words and Music (1970–71), Gambit/Las Vegas Gambit (1972–78 & 1980–81), The New Tic Tac Dough/Tic Tac Dough (1978–86), Headline Chasers (1985–86), The New High Rollers (1987–88), The Last Word (1989–90), Great Getaway Game (1990–91), Trivial Pursuit (1993–94), Boggle (1994), Shuffle (1994), Debt (1996–98), Instant Recall (2010)
Buck MartinezCanadaKnockout
Groucho MarxUnited StatesYou Bet Your Life (1950–61), Tell It to Groucho (1962)
Andi MathenyUnited StatesKwik Witz (1995–97)
Kenny MayneUnited States2 Minute Drill (2000–01)
John McCafferyUnited StatesAlumni Fun (1963)
Davina McCallUnited KingdomThe Vault (2002), The Million Pound Drop Live (2010–present)
Fiona McDonaldAustraliaIt's a Knockout
John McEnroeUnited StatesThe Chair (2002)
Ian McFadyenAustraliaCluedo (1992–93)
Mark McGrathUnited StatesDon't Forget the Lyrics! (2010–11)
Eddie McGuireAustraliaWho Wants to Be a Millionaire? (1999–2006, 2007), 1 vs. 100 (2007–08), Millionaire: Hot Seat (2009–present)
Kim McIlroyCanadaCrossword Quiz (1952–53)
Todd McKenneyAustraliaYou May Be Right (2006–present)
Jim McKrellUnited StatesThe Game Game (1969–70), Celebrity Sweepstakes (1974–75), Quiz Kids (1978)
Bob McLeanCanadaDefinition (1974–75)
Ed McMahonUnited StatesMissing Links (1963–64), Snap Judgment (1967–69), Concentration (1969), Whodunnit? (1979)
Scott McRaeAustraliaVidiot (1994), Now You See It, Download
Mike MeadeAustraliaNow You See It
Penelope MenchacaMexico12 Corazones
Randy MerrimanUnited StatesThe Big Payoff (1951–53)
David MerryCanadaGame On (1999–2000)
Wendy MesleyCanadaTest the Nation (2007–08)
Madison MichelleUnited StatesChains of Love (2001)
Dan MillerUnited StatesTop Card (1991–93), 10 Seconds (1993–94)
Dennis MillerUnited StatesGrand Slam (2007), Amne$ia (2008)
Larry MillerUnited StatesLate Night Liars (2010)
Olivier MinneBelgiumLa Cible (2003–06)
Monta MinoJapanQuiz $ Millionaire (2000–present)
David MitchellUnited KingdomThe Bubble (2010)
Oliver MlakarCroatiaKolo sreće (1993–2002)
Colin MochrieCanadaAre You Smarter Than a Canadian 5th Grader? (2007)
Jay MohrUnited StatesLip Service (1992–93)
Hani MohsinMalaysiaRoda Impian (2002–06)
Guy MongrainCanadaLa Poule aux oeufs d'or (1993–present)
Bob MonkhouseUnited KingdomCelebrity Squares, Bob's Full House, Family Fortunes, The $64,000 Question, Wipeout (1998–02), Opportunity Knocks, Bob's Your Uncle, Gagtag, The Golden Shot, Monkhouse's Memory Masters
Cesar MontanoPhilippinesThe Singing Bee (2008–present)
Tino MontéCanadaSupermarket Sweep (1992–95)
Derek MooneyIrelandCabin Fever, Gridlock, Winning Streak
Garry MooreUnited StatesI've Got a Secret (1952–64), To Tell the Truth (1969–77)
Phil MooreUnited StatesNick Arcade (1992–93) You're On! (1998–99)
Rossi MorrealeUnited StatesTemptation (2007–08)
Don MorrowUnited StatesCamouflage (1961–62), Let's Play Post Office (1965–66)
Robb Edward MorrisUnited StatesMake the Grade (1990–91)
Terry David MulliganCanadaThe New Quiz Kids (1978–79)
Mike MurphyIrelandMike's Mirco Quizum, Winning Streak
Jan MurrayUnited StatesCharge Account, Treasure Hunt (1956–59)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Marie-Ange NardiFrancePyramide (jeu télévisé) (2001–03), La Cible (2006–present)
Jack NarzUnited StatesThe Price Is Right (1957–58), Dotto (1958), Top Dollar (1958–59), Video Village (1960–61), Seven Keys (1961–64), I'll Bet (1965), Beat the Clock (1969–72), Concentration (1973–79), Now You See It (1974–75)
Charles Nelson ReillyUnited StatesSweethearts
Jimmy NelsonUnited StatesBank on the Stars (1954)
Bert NewtonAustraliaNew Faces, Superquiz, Bert's Family Feud (2006)
Todd NewtonUnited StatesHollywood Showdown (1999–2001), Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck (2002–03), Family Game Night (2010–present)
Frank NicoteroUnited StatesStreet Smarts (2000–05)
Panya NirunkulThailandPlic Lock (1983–89), Way Tee Thong [Golden Stage] (1989), Ching Roi Ching Lan [Challenge for 100 and Million] (1990–present), Game Kae Jhon [Poor Cure Game] (1998–2004), Fan Pan Tae [Real Fan] (2000–07), Tod Sa Gun Game [Who's That] (2003–present), Tod Sa Gun Game [Who's That The Kids] (2004–present), Black Box (2005–08), One Night Genius (2006–07), Lharn Poo Koo E-Joo (2008–present), Yok Siam [All of Thailand] (2007–present)
Graham NortonUnited KingdomHow Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (2006)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Richard O'BrienUnited KingdomThe Crystal Maze (1990–93)
Kevin O'ConnellUnited StatesGo (1983–84)
Brian O'ConnorUnited StatesRumor Has It (1993)
Des O'ConnorUnited KingdomCountdown (2007–08), Take Your Pick
John O'HurleyUnited StatesTo Tell the Truth (2000–02), Family Feud (2006–10)
Andrew O'KeefeAustraliaDeal or No Deal (2004–present)
Dermot O'LearyUnited Kingdom1 vs. 100 (2007–present)
Mike O'MalleyUnited StatesGet the Picture (1991–93), Guts/Global Guts/Nickelodeon GUTS (1992–95)
Ken OberUnited StatesRemote Control (1987–91), Make Me Laugh (1997), Smush (2001)
Steve OemckeAustraliaWheel of Fortune
Apolo Anton OhnoUnited StatesMinute to Win It (2013–present)
Fergie OlverCanadaJust Like Mom (1980–87)
Sinatra OnieyewackiUnited StatesThousand Dollar Bee
Donny OsmondUnited States & United KingdomPyramid (2002–04), Donny's Pyramid Game (2007), Identity (2007)
Gary OwensUnited StatesLetters to Laugh-In (1969), The Gong Show (1976–77)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Jack PaarUnited StatesUp to Paar (1952), Bank on the Stars (1953)
Rustom PadillaPhilippinesWheel of Fortune (2001–02)
Robert PaigeUnited StatesThe Big Payoff (1957–59)
Adrian PangSingaporeDeal or No Deal (2007–08)
Benjie ParasPhilippinesWin Win Win (2007–present)
Jim ParedesPhilippinesIslands Gamemasters (1990–92)
Bert ParksUnited StatesBalance Your Budget (1952–53), The Big Payoff (1953–55)
Tom ParksUnited StatesWait 'til You Have Kids (1996–97)
Stivi Paskoski (as Johnny Arcade]]United StatesVideo Power (2001-02)
Joe PasqualeUnited KingdomThe Price Is Right (2006–07)
Roderick PaulatePhilippinesGame Na, Game Na! (1994–96)
Jeremy PaxmanUnited KingdomUniversity Challenge (1994–present)
Melissa PeacheyUnited StatesPlayMania (2006–07)
Ron PearsonUnited StatesSkedaddle (1988), Shopping Spree (1996–98)
Jim PeckUnited StatesThe Big Showdown (1974–75), Hot Seat (1976), Second Chance (1977), You Don't Say! (1978–79), Three's A Crowd (1979–80), The Joker's Wild (1981–86 as sub-host)
Aaron PedersenAustraliaGladiators
Jim PerryCanada and United StatesIt's Your Move (1967), Eye Bet (1971), Headline Hunters (1972–83), Definition (1975–89), Card Sharks (1978–81), Sale of the Century (1983–89)
Melissa PetermanUnited StatesThe Singing Bee (2009–present), Bet on Your Baby (2013–present)
Regis PhilbinUnited StatesThe Neighbors (1975–76), Almost Anything Goes (1976), Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (1999–2002, 2009), Who Wants to Be a Super Millionaire (2004), Million Dollar Password (2008–09)
Ed PhillipsAustraliaTemptation (2005–08), Battle of the Sexes, Pot of Gold
Jeff PhillipsAustraliaMy Generation
Nicholas PicholasCanadaVideo & Arcade Top 10 (1991–2004)
Charlie PickeringAustraliaCash Cab
Hart PomerantzCanadaDouble Up (1974)
Michael PopeAustraliaBlockbusters (1990–93)
Maury PovichUnited StatesTwenty One (2000)
Jonathan PrinceUnited StatesQuiz Kids Challenge (1990)
Jeff ProbstUnited StatesRock & Roll Jeopardy! (1998–2001)
Greg ProopsUnited StatesSpace Cadets (1997), VS. (1999), Rendez-View (2001)
Dina PuglieseCanadaMuchmusic VJ Search: The Series (2006)
Sarah PurcellUnited StatesThe Better Sex (1977–78)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Allan Quilantang a.k.a. Allan K.PhilippinesSing Galing (1999–2004), The Weakest Link (2002–03), All Star K! (2006–present)
Rufa Mae QuintoPhilippinesWhammy! Push Your Luck (2007–08)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Bill RaffertyUnited StatesEvery Second Counts (1984), Card Sharks (1986–87), Blockbusters (1987)
Jaya RamseyPhilippinesAll Star K! (2006–present)
Ahmad RashādUnited StatesCaesar's Challenge (1993–94)
Luis RaúlPuerto RicoPa' Que Te Lo Goces (2006)
Robin RayUnited KingdomCall My Bluff (1965–66)
Tanika Ray as "(Cyber) Lucy"United StatesWheel 2000 (1997–98)
Gene RayburnUnited StatesThe Match Game (1962–69), Amateur's Guide to Love (1972), Match Game '73-Match Game '79/Match Game PM (1973–82), Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour (co-hosted with Jon Bauman) (1982–83), Break the Bank (1985)
Michael ReaganUnited StatesLingo (1987–88)
Julie ReedUnited StatesHi Score (2003)
Simon ReeveAustraliaQuiz Master, It's Academic (2006)
Marco Antonio RegilMexico and United StatesAtinale Al Precio (1997–2000, 2010), 100 mexicanos dijeron (2001–06), Todo el mundo cree que sabe (2009–present), Minuto para Ganar (2012–present), 100 Latinos Dijeron (2013–present)
Mike ReillyUnited StatesMonopoly (1990)
Paul ReubensUnited StatesYou Don't Know Jack (2001)
Tina RevillaPhilippinesPhilippine Lottery Draw
Willie RevillamePhilippinesPuso O Pera (2004), Wowowee (2005-present)
Alfonso RibeiroUnited StatesCatch 21 (2008–11)
Mark RichardsUnited StatesStarcade (1982-1983)
Mike RichardsUnited StatesThe Pyramid (2012)
Daniel RichlerCanadaReach for the Top (2001–04)
Glenn RidgeAustraliaSale of the Century (1991–2001)
Bobby RiversUnited StatesBedroom Buddies (1992)
JD RobertoUnited StatesFlamingo Fortune (1995–96), Shop 'til You Drop (2003–05)
Sandy RobertsAustraliaThe $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime (2000)
Anne RobinsonUnited Kingdom and United StatesThe Weakest Link (2000–12, UK; 2001–02, USA), Test the Nation
Craig RobinsonUnited StatesLast Comic Standing (2010–present)
Robert RobinsonUnited KingdomAsk the Family (1967–84), Call My Bluff (1967–88)
Joe RoganUnited StatesFear Factor (2001–06)
Fred RogginUnited StatesThe Money List (2009)
Al RokerUnited StatesCelebrity Family Feud (2008)
Laurent RomejkoFranceDes chiffres et des lettres (1992–present)
Peter RosenbergUnited StatesHip Hop Squares (2012)
Hans RosenthalGermanyDalli Dalli
Darrin RoseCanadaMatch Game (2012–present)
J. D. RothUnited StatesFun House (1988–91), Masters of the Maze (1994), Animal Planet Zooventure (1997), Sex Wars (2000–01), Moolah Beach (2001), Endurance (2002–present), Unan1mous (2006), Opportunity Knocks (2008)
Richard RubinUnited StatesFlor de palabra
Adamo RuggieroCanadaThe Next Star (2008–present)
David RuprechtUnited StatesSupermarket Sweep (1990–98, 1999–2004)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Peter SagalUnited StatesWait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (1999–present)
Bob SagetUnited States1 vs. 100 (2006–08)
Soupy SalesUnited StatesJunior Almost Anything Goes (1977)
Pat SajakUnited StatesWheel of Fortune (1981–present), College Bowl (1984)
Summer SandersUnited StatesFigure It Out (1997–99)
Maria SansoneUnited StatesGladiators 2000 (1994–96)
Judy Ann SantosPhilippinesJunior MasterChef Pinoy Edition (2011–12), MasterChef Pinoy Edition (2012–13), Bet on Your Baby Philippines(2013–present)
Kanit SarasinThailand4 Tor 4 Family Games [Family Feud] (2001–07), Yud We La [Stop the Clock] (2002–04), Lek Maha Sombud [Treasure Number] (2004–05), Khun Jum Nean [Mr. Remember] (2005–06), Cheur Mai Cheur [Believe or Not?] (2005), Da Ra Mahachon [Popular Stars] (2006), Tha Khun Nae Yaa Pare Por 4 [If You Dare, Don't Lose a 4 grader!] (2007)
Lew SchneiderUnited StatesMake the Grade (1989–90)
Rick SchwartzUnited StatesThe Chamber (2002)
Sandy ScottAustraliaFamily Feud (1984)
Stuart ScottUnited StatesStump the Schwab (2004–06)
Vin ScullyUnited StatesIt Takes Two (1969–70)
Ryan SeacrestUnited StatesGladiators 2000 (1994–96), Wild Animal Games (1995–96), Click (1997–99), American Juniors (2003), The Million Second Quiz (2013–present)
Rod SerlingUnited StatesLiar's Club (1969)
Lynn ShacklefordUnited StatesAlmost Anything Goes (1975–76)
Ross ShaferUnited StatesLove Me, Love Me Not (1986–87) Match Game (1990–91)
William ShatnerUnited StatesShow Me the Money (2006)
Ned SherrinUnited KingdomWe Interrupt This Week (1978)
Brad SherwoodUnited StatesThe Dating Game (1996–97), The Big Moment (1999)
Sherri ShepherdUnited StatesThe Newlywed Game (2010–13)
Kevin ShinickUnited StatesWhere in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? (1996–98)
Herb ShrinerUnited StatesTwo for the Money (1952–56)
Wil ShrinerUnited StatesThat's My Dog (1993–94), Small Talk (1996–97)
David SidoniUnited StatesWheel 2000 (1997–98), Mad Libs (1998-1999)
Ernie SigleyAustraliaWheel of Fortune (1981–84)
Robert Kilroy SilkUnited KingdomShafted (2001)
Peter SinclairNew ZealandUniversity Challenge (1977–89)
Steve SkrovanUnited StatesThat's My Dog (1991–92)
Angus SmallwoodAustralia"Pick Your Face" (1999-2003)
Billy J. SmithAustraliaIt's a Knockout
Jack SmithUnited StatesPlace the Face (1953)
Peter SnowUnited KingdomMastermind
Paul SolesCanadaFlashback (1962-63), Beyond Reason (1979-80)
Daryl SomersAustraliaFamily Feud (1980–84), Blankety Blanks (1985)
Vic SottoPhilippinesWho Wants to Be a Millionaire? (2009–present)
Hal SparksUnited StatesTreasure Mall (1988)
Jerry SpringerUnited Kingdom and United StatesGreed (2001), Baggage (2010–11)
Susan StaffordUnited StatesWheel of Fortune (1975–82)
Tim SteevesCanadaGame On (1998–99)
Ben SteinUnited StatesWin Ben Stein's Money (1997–2003)
Bill SternUnited StatesRemember This Date (1950–51), Are You Positive (1952)
Scott SternbergUnited StatesLet's Go Back (1991–93)
Dougal StevensonAustralia and New ZealandThe Krypton Factor
William G. StewartUnited KingdomFifteen to One
Teresa StrasserUnited StatesLover's Lounge
George StroumboulopoulosCanada and United StatesThe One: Making a Music Star (2006), Test the Nation (2010–present)
Sandra SullyAustraliaAustralia's Brainiest Kid (2005–present)
Lisa Stahl-SullivanUnited StatesFlamingo Fortune (1996–99)
Marc SummersUnited StatesDouble Dare/Super Sloppy Double Dare (1986–88), Couch Potatoes (1989), What Would You Do? (1991–93), Pick Your Brain (1993–94), History IQ (2000), WinTuition (2002–04)
Jeff SutphenUnited StatesBrainSurge (2009–11), 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (2011), Figure It Out (2012–present)
Lynn SwannUnited StatesTo Tell The Truth (1990–91)
Catherine SwingCanadaJust Like Mom (1980–87)
Red SymonsAustraliaShafted (2002)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Jimmy TappCanadaFlashback (1966–68)
Jimmy TarbuckUnited KingdomFull Swing (1997)
Chris TarrantUnited KingdomEverybody's Equal (1989–91), Cluedo (1991), The Main Event (1993), Lose a Million (1993), Pop Quiz (1994), Man O Man (1996–99), Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? (1998–2013), Spelling Bee (2005), The Great Pretender (2007), It's Not What You Know (2008), The Colour Of Money (2009)
Rip TaylorUnited StatesThe $1.98 Beauty Show (1978-1980)
Charles TempletonCanadaLive a Borrowed Life (1959–62)
Jan TennantCanadaReach for the Top (1973–83)
Alan ThickeCanadaFirst Impressions (1970s), Animal Crack-Ups (1987–90), Pictionary (1997), All New 3s A Crowd (2000)
Jeff ThistedUnited StatesQuiznation (2007), 100 Winners (2007)
Wim ThoelkeGermanyDer große Preis
Mark ThompsonUnited StatesHole in the Wall (2008–09)
Larry TofflerUnited StatesFinders Keepers (1988–89)
Regine TolentinoPhilippinesDigital LG Quiz (1999–2002)
Selwyn ToogoodNew ZealandIt's in the Bag (1950s–1980s)
Peter TomarkenUnited StatesHit Man (1983), Press Your Luck (1983–86), Bargain Hunters (1987), Wipeout (1988–89), Prime Games (1994–96), Paranoia (2000)
Fred TravalenaUnited StatesAnything For Money (1984–85)
Ty TreadwayUnited StatesMerv Griffin's Crosswords (2007–08)
Alex TrebekCanada and United StatesReach for the Top (1966–73), The Wizard of Odds (1973–74), High Rollers (1974–76 & 1978–80), Double Dare (1976–77), The $128,000 Question (1977–78), Pitfall (1981–82), Battlestars (1981–82 & 1983), Jeopardy! (1984–present), Classic Concentration (1987–91), Super Jeopardy! (1990) To Tell the Truth (1991)
Edward Tudor-PoleUnited KingdomThe Crystal Maze (1993–95)
Sheldon TurcottCanadaTimeChase (1997–99)
Ian TurpieAustraliaThe Price Is Right, Press Your Luck, Supermarket Sweep


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Hubert UrbańskiPolandMilionerzy (1999–2003; 2008–present)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Bobby VanUnited StatesShowoffs (1975), The Fun Factory (1976), Make Me Laugh (1979–80)
Bert Van LeeuwenNetherlandsThat's the Question (2003–12), [De Grootste Royaltykenner van Nederland] (2008), Wat Weet Nederland (2013–present)
J. Keith van StraatenUnited StatesBeat the Geeks (2001)
Meredith VieiraUnited StatesWho Wants To Be a Millionaire (2002–13)
Carol VordermanUnited KingdomCountdown (1982–2008)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Adam WadeUnited StatesMusical Chairs (1975)
Brett WagnerUnited StatesPass Time (2008–13)
Jill WagnerUnited StatesWipeout (2008–11, 2013–present)
Mark L. WalbergUnited StatesRussian Roulette (2002–03), On The Cover (2004–05), The Moment of Truth (2008–09)
Mal WaldenAustraliaJeopardy
Bill WalkerCanadaFlashback (1963–66), Party Game (1970–81)
Roy WalkerUnited KingdomCatchphrase (1986–99)
Mike WallaceUnited StatesMajority Rules (1949–50), Guess Again (1951), Who's the Boss (1954), The Big Surprise (1956–57), Who Pays? (1959)
Pamela WallinCanadaWho Wants to Be a Millionaire? (2000)
Bradley WalshUnited KingdomThe Midas Touch (1995), Wheel of Fortune (1997), Spin Star (2008–present), The Chase (2009–present), Odd One In (2010–present)
Jim WalshCanadaQuiz Kids (1978–82)
Robin WardCanada and United StatesTo Tell the Truth (1980–81), Guess What (1983–87)
Kirsty WarkUnited KingdomThe Book Quiz (2008)
Frank WarrickAustraliaThe $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime (1999)
Patrick WayneUnited StatesTic-Tac-Dough (1990)
Nick WeirUnited KingdomCatchphrase (2000–02)
Betty WhiteUnited StatesJust Men! (1983)
Jaleel WhiteUnited StatesTotal Blackout (2012–present)
Vanna WhiteUnited StatesWheel of Fortune (1982–present)
Richard WhiteleyUnited KingdomCountdown
Mike WhitneyAustraliaGladiators, Who Dares Wins
Dick WhittingtonUnited StatesAlmost Anything Goes (1975)
Dennis WholeyUnited StatesThe Generation Gap (1969)
Richard WilkinsAustraliaKeynotes (1992–93)
Wendy WilliamsUnited StatesLove Triangle (2011)
Austin WillisCanadaQED (1960)
Carnie WilsonUnited StatesThe Newlywed Game (2009–10)
Paul WinchellUnited StatesRunaround (1972–73)
Greg WinfieldUnited StatesThe Video Game (1984–85)
Gruntilda WinkybunionUnited StatesGrunty's Furnace Fun (1998) Tower of Tragedy (2000)
Annie WoodUnited StatesBzzz! (1996–97)
Gene WoodUnited StatesAnything You Can Do (1971–72), Beat the Clock (1972–74)
Chuck WooleryUnited StatesWheel of Fortune (1975–81), Love Connection (1983–95), Scrabble (1984–90 & 1993), The Dating Game (1997–2000), Greed (1999–2000), Lingo (2002–07), Think Like a Cat (2008)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Scott Yaphe (Wink Yahoo)CanadaUh Oh! (1997-2003)
Jomari YllanaPhilippinesPhilippines' Scariest Challenge (2008-present)
Elwy YostCanadaThe Superior Sex (1961)
Michael YoungUnited StatesFlamingo Fortune (1996-99)
Stephen YoungCanadaJust Like Mom (1979-80)


HostCountryGame show(s) hosted
Tania ZaettaAustraliaWho Dares Wins
Larry ZenoUnited StatesOff The Wall (1998-1999)
Sonja ZietlowGermanyDer Schwächste fliegt!, Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!


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