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Journalist reporting and evaluation of video games in periodicals began from the late 1970s to 1980 in general coin-operated industry magazines like Play Meter[1] and RePlay,[2] home entertainment magazines like Video,[3] as well as magazines focused on computing and new information technologies like InfoWorld[citation needed] or Popular Electronics.[3]

However, dedicated magazines focusing primarily on video game journalism wouldn't appear until late in 1981, when several magazines where launched independently of each other at about the same time. Computer and Video Games premiered in the U.K. in November 1981.[4] It was soon followed by Electronic Games in the US, founded by Bill Kunkel, Arnie Katz and Joyce Worley, who had previously written the "Arcade Alley" column in Video.[5] While Electronic Games covered arcade and console games as well as computer software, Computer Gaming World was focused entirely on the latter.[6] The video game crash of 1983 badly hurt the market for North American video game magazines. Computer Gaming World, founded in 1981, stated in 1987 that it was the only survivor of 18 color magazines for computer games in 1984.[7]

Meanwhile in Japan, the first magazines entirely dedicated to video games began appearing from 1982, beginning with ASCII's LOGiN, followed by several SoftBank publications and Kadokawa Shoten's Comptiq. The first magazine dedicated to console games, or a specific video game console, was Tokuma Shoten's Family Computer Magazine, which began in 1985 and was focused on Nintendo's Family Computer (Nintendo Entertainment System in the West). This magazine later spawned famous imitators such as Famitsu in 1986 and Nintendo Power in 1988.[8]

In the mid-2000s, the popularity of print-based magazines started to wane in favor of web-based magazines.[9] In 2006, Eurogamer's business development manager Pat Garratt wrote a criticism of those in print games journalism who had not adapted to the web, drawing on his own prior experience in print to offer an explanation of both the challenges facing companies like Future Publishing and why he believed they had not overcome them.[10]

This is a list of video game magazines. The primary focus of the magazines in this list is or was video game journalism for at least part of their run. For general computing magazines that may also cover games, consult the list of computer magazines.

The table's columns are as follows:

NameFoundedDefunctCountryPublisherTopicsExternal LinkRefs
ACE19871992United KingdomFuture Publishing (1987-1989)
EMAP (1989-1992)
Atari ST, Amiga, C64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and newly released machinesN/A[11]
Amiga Action19891996United KingdomEuropressAmiga games magazine which merged with Amiga Computing in 1996.N/A[12]
Amiga Force19921994United KingdomEuropress ImpactAmiga games magazineN/A[13]
Amiga Power19911996United KingdomFuture PublishingAmiga games magazineN/A[14]
Amtix!19851987United KingdomNewsfield Publications Ltd.Amstrad CPC games magazine; merged with Computing With The Amstrad.N/A[15]
Atari Age19821984United StatesThe Atari ClubAtari related topicsN/A
Bazinama2002Iran?Iranian video game magazine
Bazy Rayaneh2002Iran?Iranian video game magazine
BGamer1998PortugalGoody, SAGeneral video gaming, Hardware
BioGamer Girl Magazine2010United States?Horror, Gaming, Females
CD-Action1996PolandBauer PublishingGeneral, Gaming, Hardware
Commodore Force19931994United KingdomEuropress ImpactCommodore 64 gamesN/A[16]
Computer and Video Games19812004United KingdomFuture PublishingHome computing, arcade games, video games; web-based magazine still active.[17]
Computer Entertainment /
Electronic Games
19811985United StatesReese Communications
(Previously: Reese Publishing Company [1981-1983])
Video, computer and arcade gamesN/A[18][19][20]
Computer Gaming World19812006United StatesZiff DavisPC game topics, occasional console game topicsN/A
CRASH19831992United KingdomNewsfield & EuropressSinclair Spectrum
CU Amiga
(Previously: Vic Computing [1982-1983]; Commodore User [1983-1990])
19831998United KingdomEMAPCommodore computers; started as computer magazine; by 1985 mostly games coverage.[21]
Diànzǐ Yóuxì Ruǎnjiàn19942012People's Republic of ChinaChina Association for Science and TechnologyChina's first video game magazine. Covered PC and console gaming, anime, music, etc.
Donyaye Bazi2005IranDonyaye Bazi OrganizationFirst Official Iranian Game Magazine[22]
EDGE1993United Kingdom?Console, Pc, Arcade, Mobile games
Electronic Gaming Monthly19892009United StatesSendai Publishing (1989-1996)
Ziff Davis (1996-2009)
Video game journalism[23][24]
Electronic Gaming Monthly2010United StatesEGM MediaVideo game journalism[25]
Electronic Fun with Computers & Games19821984United StatesFun & Games Publishing Inc.Video, computer and arcade gamesN/A
Expert Gamer
(Formerly EGM² [1994-1998])
19942001United StatesSendai Publishing (1994-1996)
Ziff Davis (1996-2001)
video game strategy guides and cheat codes?
FUN! Online Games Magazine2009United States?Children's online games?
Game Champ19921998Republic of KoreaJeu MediaConsole games, later PC games?[26][27]
Game Channel19931994Republic of KoreaDSIBM PC?[26][27]
Game Developer (magazine)19942013United StatesUBM TechThe premier magazine for working (and aspiring) video game creators[28]
Game Informer1991United StatesFunco (1991-2000)
GameStop (2000-present)
Articles, news, strategy, and reviews of video games and associated consoles.[29][30]
Game Zero magazine19921998United States?Online magazine; News, articles, reviews for console games.[31][32]
Gamemunition2010Pakistan?Online magazine
GameNOW20012004United States??
GamePro19892011United StatesIDG (1989-2008)
GamePro Media (2008-2011)
General video gaming[33][34]
Games for Windows: The Official Magazine20062008United StatesZiff DavisWindows Games in partnership with Microsoft[35][36]
GameStar1997GermanyIDG Entertainment MediaPC games[37]
gamesTM2002United Kingdom?UK-based computer and video games magazine
Gameworld19901997Republic of KoreaMirae SidaeConsole games, later PC games?[26][27]
GCG2014United KingdomGCGAn online magazine about video games, comics and gadgets
Giochi per il mio computer19972010Italy?Italian video game magazine?
Hoog Spel19902000The NetherlandsRangeela B.V.Dutch gaming magazine[38]
LeveL1995Czech Republic?PC, PS3, XBOX360, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS
LeveL1997Turkey?Turkish edition of Czech magazine
M! Games
(Previously: Man!ac [1993-2008])
1993GermanyCyberMediaConsole games[39][40]
Micro Adventurer19831985United KingdomSunshine PublicationsAdventure games focused magazine for all formats, including Spectrum, Vic 20, BBC, Dragon, Apple, C64N/A[41]
MicroManía1985SpainHobbyPress (1985-1998)
Axel Springer SE (1998-2012)
BlueOcean Publishing (2012-present)
Monthly PC Game magazine. Prior to PC it also focussed older platforms.
neXt Level19962000GermanyX-Plain-VerlagConsole games
Nintendo Gamer
(Previously: NGamer [2006-2011])
20062012United KingdomFuture PublishingBritish magazine covering Nintendo products[42]
Newbez2013United StatesNewbezOnline magazine with assorted game-related news
Nintendo Force2013United StatesMagCloud/NF Publishing LLCNintendo games[43]
Nintendo La Rivista Ufficiale2002ItalySprea Media ItalyItalian Nintendo related topics?
Nintendo Magazine System (Australia)19932000AustraliaCatalyst PublishingAustralian Nintendo related topicsN/A
Nintendo Power19882012United StatesNintendo of America (1988-2007)
Future U.S. Publishing (2007-2012)
Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK)19992001United Kingdom?UK Dreamcast related topics?
Official Dreamcast Magazine (US)19992001United States?US Dreamcast related topics?
Official Nintendo Magazine20062014(UK)United Kingdom, AustraliaFuture PublishingUK, Australia Nintendo related topics
Official PlayStation Magazine (Australia)2007Australia?Australian PlayStation related topics?
Official UK PlayStation Magazine19952004United Kingdom?UK PlayStation related topics?
Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine19972007United States?US PlayStation related topics?
Official Xbox Magazine2001United States?Xbox related topics
Oyungezer2007Turkey?PC, PS3, XBOX360, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS
Page 619821998United Kingdom?The Atari 8-bit range and Atari ST
PC Gamer1993United Kingdom
United States
Future PublishingPC games
PC Games1992Germany?PC games
PC Accelerator2000United States?PC GamesN/A
PC Mania19982009Bulgaria?PC games
Pelit1992Finland?The oldest and most popular videogame magazine of Finland.
Play19942013People's Republic of ChinaScience Popularization PublicationChina's first PC-gaming-specific magazine.
PlayStation Magazine Ufficiale2002Italy?Italian PlayStation related topics
PlayStation Official Magazine (UK)2006United Kingdom?UK PlayStation related topics
PlayStation: The Official Magazine19972012United States?PlayStation related topics
Planet PC19992001United Kingdom?PC games?
Popsoft1995People's Republic of China?PC games and software
Power Unlimited1993The Netherlands?Dutch gaming magazine
PSM320002012United KingdomFuture PublishingSony video game consoles and PlayStation games?
PNM (Pure Nintendo)2011United StatesMagCloud/Pure Media LLCAll things Nintendo related
Retro2013United StatesGameGavel LLCRetro and retro-inspired games and topics
Retro Gamer2004United KingdomImagine PublishingRetro games from multiple platforms, often via an Emulator
Secret Service1993, 20142001PolandProScript IDEA-AHEADA Polish game magazine, Video games - all platforms
Sega Force19921993United KingdomEuropress ImpactSega games magazine?
Sega Power19891997United Kingdom??N/A
Sega Saturn Magazine19941998United Kingdom???
Sinclair User19821993United Kingdom?Sinclair Spectrum
SKOAR!2003IndiaJasubhai Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.An Indian game magazine
Thirteen12008United KingdomT1 Publishing LtdA free online-based game magazine
Top Secret19901996PolandBajtek Publishng Ltd. (Wydawnictwo Bajtek)A Polish game magazine, Video games - all platforms
Total!19932000GermanyMVL-Verlag (1993-1995)
X-Plain Verlag (1996-2000)
Nintendo games; brand licensed from UK magazine, but independent content[44][45][46]
Videogaming Illustrated19821983United StatesIon International, Inc.Video gamesN/A
Xbox Magazine Ufficiale?Italy?Italian Xbox related topics?
Xbox World20032012United KingdomFuture PublishingXbox video game consoles and Xbox games?
Your Sinclair
(previously: Your Spectrum [1984-1985])
19841993United KingdomDennis Pubblishing (1984-1990)
Future Publishing (1990-1993)
Sinclair Spectrum
Zzap!6419851992United KingdomNewsfield Publications (1985-1991)
Europress Impact (1991-1992)
Commodore 64 gamesN/A[16]

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