List of films based on Greco-Roman mythology

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This is a list of movies based on Greek and Roman mythology.

Films related to Homer, the Trojan War or Aeneas[edit]

Films related to Jason and the Argonauts[edit]

Films related to Hercules[edit]

The complete Italian Hercules series (in chronological order)

The films are listed below by their American release titles, and the titles in parentheses are the original Italian titles.

(Note* - A number of English-dubbed Italian films that featured the Hercules name in their title were never intended to be Hercules movies by their Italian creators. "Hercules, Prisoner of Evil" was actually a retitled Ursus film, "Hercules and the Black Pirate" and "Hercules and the Treasure of the Incas" were both retitled Samson movies, "Hercules and the Masked Rider" was actually a retitled Goliath movie, while the films "Hercules Against the Moon Men," "Hercules Against the Barbarians," "Hercules Against the Mongols" and "Hercules of the Desert" were all originally Maciste films. None of these films in their original Italian versions were connected to the Hercules character in any way. Likewise, most of the "Sons of Hercules" movies shown on American TV in the 1960s had nothing to do with Hercules in their original Italian incarnations.

Other Hercules-related films-

Related to Amazons[edit]

Related to Sons of Hercules[edit]

The Sons of Hercules was a syndicated television show that aired in the United States of America in the 1960s. The series repackaged 14 Italian sword-and-sandal films by giving them a memorable theme song and a standard intro relating the lead character in each film to the Greek demigod Hercules any way they could. The first title listed for each film was its American television title, followed by the original Italian title in parentheses:

Related to Oedipus[edit]

Related to Perseus[edit]

Related to Pygmalion[edit]

Related to Orpheus[edit]

Films related to Ursus[edit]

Ursus was a super-human pseudo-Biblical/Roman character who was used as the hero in a series of Italian films made in the 1960s.

There were a total of 9 Italian sword-and-sandal films that featured Ursus as the main character, as follows:

Films based on Theseus and the Minotaur of Crete[edit]

Films based on the Titans[edit]

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