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A list of pigs in various categories of fiction, including boars and warthogs.

In literature[edit]

AceAce, the Very Important PigDick King-SmithGreat-grandson of Babe.
BabeThe Sheep-PigDick King-Smith
Empress of BlandingsP. G. Wodehouse
Fener the Boar of SummerThe Malazan Book of the FallenSteven EriksonA god of war.
Freddy the PigWalter R. Brooks
Gaston and JoséphineGaston and JoséphineGeorges Duplaix
Gouger, Snouter, Rooter and TuskerDiscworldSir Terry PratchettThey pull the Hogfather's sleigh (a parody of Santa Claus's reindeer).
GryllusThe Pig ScrollsPaul ShiptonOne of Odysseus's men who choose not be turned back into a human by the witch Circe
Gub-GubDoctor DolittleHugh Lofting
Habeas CorpusDoc SavageLester DentMonk's pet.
HamiltonMaggie and the Ferocious BeastMichael Paraskevas
Henry the PigBlackberry FarmJane Pilgrim
Hen-WenThe Chronicles of PrydainLloyd AlexanderA fortune-telling pig.
HerculesMrs. Roberto: Or the Widowy Worries of The Moosepath LeagueVan ReidA depressed pig.
JodieThe Amityville HorrorJay AnsonA phantom black pig with red eye.
Johnny, Jimmy, Jaimie, Jared, Jason, and Justin CurlytailFern Valley'Aileen StewartKimmy's siblings.
KarnacThunder OakGarry KilworthThe villainous wild boar.
Kimmy CurlytailFern ValleyAileen Stewart
LesterMrs. Piggle-Wiggle's MagicBetty MacDonaldA well-mannered pig.
Little Pig RobinsonThe Tale of Little Pig RobinsonBeatrix Potter
Mercy WatsonKate DiCamillo
NapoleonAnimal FarmGeorge Orwell
Old MajorAnimal FarmGeorge Orwell
OliviaIan Falconer
PequeninosEnder's Game seriesOrson Scott Card
PigletWinnie-the-PoohA. A. Milne
Pigling BlandThe Tale of Pigling BlandBeatrix Potter
Paul PigThe Masonic StyOliver Nicoll
PigoonsOryx and CrakeMargaret Atwood
Pig PigDavid M. McPhail
PoppletonCynthia Rylant
Positive PigSweet PicklesRuth Lerner Perle, Jacquelyn Reinach and Richard Hefter
Precocious PiggyPrecocious PiggyThomas Hood
RumblThe CkoobHe was banished by Hollar after breaking her calculators.
RwoarThe RwaarHe ate Noilar and watched all the films.
Sam PigSam PigAlison Uttley
Snowball and SquealerAnimal FarmGeorge Orwell
The pigThe Ass and the PigAesop
Toby the Learned PigPYG: The Memoirs of a Learned PigRussell Potter
Toot and PuddleToot & PuddleHolly Hobbie
The Transcendent PigYoung WizardsDiane Duane
Unnamed pig"The Pig"Roald Dahl
WilburCharlotte's WebE. B. White
Zhu BajieJourney to the West


ChauvyMonica's Gang
CiceroDell ComicsPorky Pig's nephew.
HamhockInk Pen
Orson PigU.S. AcresWas created by Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield.
PigPearls Before Swine
Peter Porker/Spider-HamMarvel ComicsA parody of the Peter Parker/Spider-Man character
Peter Porkchops/Pig IronCaptain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!
PorkchopChuck Billy
RasherDennis the Menace
SalomeyLi'l AbnerThe Yokum family's pet pig.
WagnerViivi & WagnerAn anthropomorphic pig who lives with a human female.

Nursery rhymes and fairy tales[edit]


In media[edit]


AlbertCollege Road Trip
Killer HogRazorback
PlopperThe Simpsons MovieAlso known as "Harry Plopper" and "Spider-pig"


AbnerHey Arnold!
AlphaPigSuper Why!
ArchilleForest FriendsA wild boar.
BebopTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesA warthog.
Brad Pig"Pics of Pigs"
ChuckCamp Lazlo
FluffySouth ParkA pot-bellied pig in the episode An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig.
Grunt and PuntGrunt and Punt
HammToy StoryA piggy bank.
Hamton J. PigTiny Toon AdventuresA neat freak.
Hen WenThe Black Cauldron
Herbert64 Zoo LaneA warthog.
HuxleyHuxley PigA pig who is always dreaming of adventure, exciting professions and encounters.
Man bear pigSouth ParkAl Gore's fictional character.
Mayor PercyDot and the Koala
McMug and McDull
Mr. PorkyThe Simpsons
Mr. SquealMerrie MelodiesAppears in At Your Service Madam and Cracked Ice.
Mrs. WarthogMy Gym Partner's a Monkey
NagoPrincess MononokeThe boar god, corrupted by an iron ball lodged in his body.
Natalie Porkman"Pics of Pigs"
OkkotoPrincess MononokeLeader of the boars
OolongDragon Ball
OliviaOlivia (TV series)
P-ChanRanma 1/2Ryoga Hibiki's Cursed form.
Pansy PigHenry's CatOne of the friends of Henry's Cat.
Peppa PigPeppa PigA pig who is the main character. She enjoys jumping in muddy puddles, her teddy bear, playing fairy, and dress up. She is 5 years old
PetalBig Barn Farm
Peter PigDisney Toons
Petunia PigMerrie MelodiesPorky Pig's girlfriend.
Pig and his cousin ArnoldKipper the DogFriends of Kipper.
PigsThe RaccoonsHenchmans of Cyril Sneer.
PiggyMerrie Melodies
Plopper/Spider-Pig/Harry PlopperThe Simpsons Movie
Porco RossoKurenai no buta
Porky PigLooney TunesA stuttering pig.
PumbaaThe Lion KingA warthog and Timon's best friend.
Rick Fattz"Pics of Pigs"
RedAngry Birds ToonsA cardinal who is the leader of the flock that got turned into a pig by Chef Pig in the episode 'Pig Plot Potion'.
RiruJewelpet'A miniature pig who is based on the red beryl gemstone.
Runt of the LitterChicken Little
Sir OinksalotThe SimpsonsThe mascot of Springfield A&M
Spanky HamDrawn Together
The Three Little PigsSilly Symphonies
TrufflesHappy Tree FriendsTruffles is a bluish-gray pig who wears a sailor's hat and outfit.
Tonrariano the 3rdTonde Burin
Treat Heart PigCare BearsCousin to the care bear.
WaddlesGravity FallsMabel's pet pig.


Annie SueThe Muppet Show
Arnold ZiffelGreen Acres.
Capt. Link HogthrobThe Muppet Show
Cybernetically augmented pigDoctor WhoIn the episode "Aliens of London".
DorisA Country PracticeA beer drinking pig.
Flying PigThe Kids in the HallHe is shown entertaining people in lineups, later he is accidentally killed during said entertaining (he was caught in 350° telephone wires for three and a half hours, soon to be in a free food lineup) [1].
HamhockPower Rangers: Jungle FuryA pig monster.
Little CoryBoy Meets WorldHe was introduced in a high school episode as a little piglet and reappeared as a huge full-grown boar in a college episode, years later. He was Shawn's animal companion.
MaxwellGEICOFrequent appearances in television and radio advertisements.
MiggyMigrosA sponsor pig for the supermarket Migros in Switzerland, Germany, France.
Miss PiggyThe Muppet Show
Mr. Wu's pigsDeadwoodUsed mainly for disposing of dead bodies.
Peking HomunculusDoctor WhoA vicious robot from the future in the story "The Talons of Weng-Chiang". Though humanoid, the Homunculus contained the cerebral cortex of a pig, and was driven by its "swinish instincts".
PigPipkinsOne of the main characters of this children's show, Pig had a Black Country accent.
PigbyPushing DaisiesOlive Snook's pet pig.
Piggley WinksJakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks
Pinky and PerkyPuppet pigs who spoke in speeded up voices, created by Czech immigrants Jan and Vlasta Dalibor (BBC television, from 1968).
Pinky and PerkyThe Good Life (1975 TV series)Two pigs who belong to Tom and Barbera Good.
Professor StrangeporkThe Muppet Show
Scruffy the pigFull House



In video games[edit]

Bad PiggiesAngry BirdsMobile
GanonThe Legend of ZeldaAlthough he originated as a humanoid being known as a Gerudo (and has been seen in that form numerous times), Ganon is also known for his bestial piglike form.
HogzillaCabela's Dangerous Hunts 2A huge wild boar and boss villain.
PadporkWarsowPCA futuristic, sentient pig that can use advanced weaponry to massacre its enemies.
Pei'jBeyond Good & Evil
PigMinecraftPC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3
Pigma DengarStar FoxSNES
SnortyCabela's Big Game Hunter (2007 video game)A huge male Wild Boar in the New Zealand level.
TuttyAion: The Tower of Eternity

In toys[edit]

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