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This is a list of fictional rabbits and hares. Fantasy hybrids such as Jackelopes do not apply.


Babbitty RabbittyRabbitThe Tales of Beedle the BardJ. K. Rowling
Basil Stag HareHareRedwall & MattimeoBrian JacquesBasil gave himself the middle name "Stag" because he greatly admired that animal. Basil is a bit eccentric, but an excellent fighter.
Benjamin BunnyRabbitThe Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies, The Tale of Mr. TodBeatrix PotterSon of Old Mr. Bouncer, Peter Rabbit's cousin and eventually Flopsy's husband and father of six bunnies.
Bionic BunnyRabbitArthurMarc BrownAlso appears in various Arthur episodes as Arthur's favourite TV show character.
Br'er RabbitRabbitUncle RemusJoel Chandler Harris
BunniculaRabbitBunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of MysteryDeborah and James Howe
Mr. BunnsyRabbitThe Amazing Maurice and His Educated RodentsTerry Pratchett
Bunny Queen JanetRabbitVoyage to the Bunny PlanetRosemary WellsThe queen of the Bunny Planet, who helps poor rabbit children in distress who have a bad day.
Buster BaxterRabbitArthurMarc BrownA white anthropomorphic rabbit who is Arthur's best friend and has an obsession with aliens.
Cecily ParsleyRabbitCecily Parsley's Nursery RhymesBeatrix Potter
CottontailRabbitThe Country Bunny and the Little Gold ShoesDubose HeywardMother of twenty-one bunnies who is picked to be an Easter Bunny and is given the little golden shoes so as to deliver a very special Easter egg to a sick child
E. Aster BunnymundRabbitThe Guardians of ChildhoodWilliam Joyce
Edward TulaneRabbitThe Miraculous Journey of Edward TulaneKate DiCamillo
Fierce Bad RabbitRabbitThe Story of a Fierce Bad RabbitBeatrix PotterA bad tempered rabbit who ends up losing his whiskers and tail.
FlopsyRabbitThe Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies, The Tale of Mr. TodBeatrix PotterOne of Peter Rabbit's sisters and eventually Benjamin's wife and mother to six bunnies.
Flopsy BunniesRabbitsThe Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies, The Tale of Mr. TodBeatrix PotterBenjamin and Flopsy's six children.
GodRabbitWhen God Was a RabbitSarah Winman
Grandfather BunnyRabbitThe Country Bunny and the Little Gold ShoesDubose HeywardLives in the Palace of Easter Eggs and is responsible for picking the five kindest, swiftest, and wisest rabbits or hares as Easter Bunnies.
HarveyPookaHarvey (play)

Harvey (film)

Mary ChaseElwood P. Dowd is an affable man who claims to have an unseen (and presumably imaginary) friend Harvey — whom Elwood describes as a six-foot, three-and-one-half-inch tall pooka resembling an anthropomorphic rabbit. (from Irish/Celtic mythology)
Hazel / Hazel-rahRabbitWatership DownRichard AdamsAlso the other rabbit Fiver / Hrair-roo, Bigwig / Thlayli, Blackberry, Dandelion, Pipkin / Hlao-roo, Silver, Holly, Bluebell, Speedwell, Hawkbit, Buckthorn, Acorn and many others.
Jack HareHareMasqueradeKit Williams
Lille SkuttRabbitBamseRune AndréassonGiven the name "Little Frisky" in English.
LilyRabbitCookieJacqueline Wilson
Little GeorgieRabbitRabbit HillRobert Lawson
Little Grey RabbitRabbitLittle Grey RabbitAlison UttleyA modest busybody, who enjoys her work and cares for her two friends Hare and Squirrel.
Lively Little RabbitRabbitThe Lively Little RabbitArianeA playful young rabbit who gets tangles with a hungry mean weasel, befriends a red squirrel and owl and with all his friends and family, drive out the weasel.
March HareHareAlice's Adventures in WonderlandLewis CarrollEqually as mad as the hatter and also believes it is always tea-time.
MaxRabbitMax and RubyRosemary WellsRuby's little brother, who usually says one word or sentence in each book and seems to arouse problems for Ruby and her friends.
MiffyRabbitMiffyDick Bruna
Nutbrown HaresHaresGuess How Much I Love YouSam McBratney
PantoufleImaginary RabbitChocolat (novel)

Chocolat (film)

Joanne Harris (novel)

Robert Nelson Jacobs (screenplay)

In the novel, Anouk Rocher, daughter of the protagonist Vianne, is a precocious child, who often plays with her imaginary friend, a rabbit named Pantoufle (French for 'slipper'; pronounced pon-toof-eh). (the eponymous film changed the animal type to a kangaroo)
PatRabbitPat the BunnyDorothy Kunhardt
Peter CottontailRabbitPeter CottontailThornton BurgessA prominent character in the "Old Mother West Wind" series, in some books known as Peter Rabbit.
Peter RabbitRabbitThe Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies, The Tale of Mr. TodBeatrix PotterFlopsy's brother and Benjamin Bunny's cousin.
Pupu TupunaRabbitPupu TupunaPirkko Koskimies
RabbitRabbitWinnie-the-PoohA. A. MilneHe is a good friend of Winnie-the-Pooh. He is always practical and keeps his friends on their toes, although they sometimes raise his ire unintentionally.
RalphRabbitBunny TroubleHans WilhelmA bunny who loves soccer over the others' Easter traditions. Followed by sequels Bad, Bad Bunny Trouble and More Bunny Trouble
Responsible RabbitRabbitSweet PicklesRuth Lerner Perle, Jacquelyn Reinach, and Richard HefterThe town's banker, who never seems to deviate from his constantly busy schedule.
Roger RabbitRabbitWho Censored Roger Rabbit?Gary Wolf
RubyRabbitMax and RubyRosemary WellsMax's big sister who spends most of her time keeping an eye on Max and trying to keep him out of trouble. Despite Max's persistence she is very patient with him.
Runny BabbitRabbitRunny BabbitShel Silverstein
SerenaHareThe Little White HorseElizabeth GoudgeMaria saved her from the Men from the Dark Woods.
Uncle WiggilyRabbitUncle WiggilyHoward R. Garis
Velveteen RabbitRabbitThe Velveteen RabbitMargery WilliamsA plushy toy rabbit that is transformed into a real rabbit by love and care from his owner.
White RabbitRabbitAlice's Adventures in WonderlandLewis CarrollA rabbit wearing a waistcoat and a pocket watch. Has an important appointment with the Duchess and later serves as the Queen of Heart's herald.
Willy Bunny, Sally Bunny, Daddy BunnyRabbitsLittle Counting BookRichard Scarry

Video media[edit]


Alec AzamRabbitPrestoMagician's assistant who is more interested in carrots.
Bean BunnyRabbitThe Tale of the Bunny PicnicA rabbit who is pretty overlooked by others until he saves everyone from the farmer's dog.
E. Aster Bunnymund (Bunny)Unspecified, likely PúcaRise of the Guardians6'1" humanoid rabbit, Guardian of Hope
E.B.RabbitHopThe titular character who has very different passion in drumming as opposed to his family's Easter traditions.
FrankRabbitDonnie DarkoThe 7-foot-tall (2.1 m) apocalyptic rabbit.
Hartley HareHarePipkins
MimzyRabbitThe Last MimzyThe stuffed rabbit that enhances the intelligence of the kids playing with it.
The Rabbit of CaerbannogRabbitMonty Python and the Holy GrailA killer rabbit. Adopted as the Vorpal Bunny into many Dungeons & Dragons scenarios.
Sundry BunniesRabbitJean de FloretteCentral to the plot.
TrudyRabbitLocal Hero


AssoudRabbitTomorrow's PioneersAn aggressively anti-Semitic rabbit.
Benny RabbitRabbitSesame Street
Mr. Bunny RabbitRabbitCaptain Kangaroo
Mr. FloppyRabbitUnhappily Ever After
GregRabbitGreg the Bunny
Rapid T. RabbitRabbitRapid T. Rabbit and FriendsAn independently produced children's puppet show.


Ace BunnyRabbitLoonatics Unleashed
Alice BaskervilleRabbitPandora HeartsAka Bloodstained Black Rabbit, B-Rabbit for short. The most powerful chain in the Abyss.
AmberRabbitCamp Lazlo
Anais WattersonRabbitThe Amazing World of GumballA pink girl rabbit main character and the little sister of Gumball Watterson.
AngelRabbitMy Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicFluttershy's pet rabbit
Babs BunnyRabbitTiny Toon AdventuresShe co-stars frequently with Buster. She represents the crazy and maniac side of Bugs Bunny and her constant changes of attire and her imitations of fellow characters is a homage to the tendency of Bugs Bunny to disguise himself to fool other characters.
Bellflower FamilyRabbitsBellflower BunniesThe family consists of Poppy, Violette, Periwinkle, Mistletoe, Dandelion, their father Papa Bramble and their mother Aunt Zinia.
BoingoRabbitHoodwinked!A conniving rabbit, innocent at first sight, who is the Goodie Bandit out to steal Granny's recipes.
Br'er RabbitRabbitSong of the South
Brother RabbitRabbitCoonskin
Bucky O'HareHareBucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars
Bugs BunnyRabbit or Hare (sometimes)Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies
Buster BunnyRabbitTiny Toon AdventuresThe Main Character of the show. Buster resembles the intrepid and intelligent side of Bugs Bunny, sometimes being incredibly ingenious compared to his mentor.
Crusader RabbitRabbitCrusader Rabbit
CuddlesRabbitHappy Tree FriendsA yellow bunny with pink cheeks who inexplicably wears pink bunny slippers. His white fluffy curly hair tuft and cotton tail look exactly the same. His ears also move to match how he feels. For example, if he's happy, they'll stay up, and when he's upset, they'll drop. Cuddles is one of the main characters in the series.
Dark BunnyRabbitArthurBionic Bunny's dark, scary, nocturnal counterpart comparable to Batman.
E. Aster BunnymundPookaRise of the Guardians
Hare-hamHareMonster Rancher
Mr. HerrimanRabbitFoster's Home for Imaginary Friends
HutchRabbitWallace and Grommit's The Curse of the Were RabbitA rabbit who develops human speech and Wallace's personality after an experiment accident. Thought to be the wererabbit at first.
IoRabbitJewelpetA brown Holland Lop rabbit who symbolizes refreshment and wears a purple bow tie.
IyoRabbitAnimal Yokochō
Jack BunnyRabbitMerrie MelodiesA rabbit spoof of Jack Benny, from three shorts, Goofy Groceries, I Love to Singa and Slap Happy Pappy.
January Q. IrontailRabbitHere Comes Peter Cottontail, Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie
Jumpy GhostfaceRabbitHero: 108
KanokoRabbitSweet Valerian
KateRabbitSweet Valerian
Kockásfülű nyúlRabbitKockásfülű nyúl
Lexi BunnyRabbitLoonatics Unleashed
Lola BunnyRabbitSpace Jam
Lucky JackHareHome on the Range (2004 film)
LunaRabbitJewelpetA pink and yellow Netherland Dwarf rabbit who symbolizes charm improvement. She wears a blue bow on her head and a necklace shaped like a blue crescent moon.
MixyRabbitThe Ferals
MomijiRabbitFruits BasketA boy cursed to turn into a rabbit whenever he is touched by a female.
My Melody and Kuromi, SanrioRabbitsOnegai My Melody (おねがいマイメロディ?)
OswaldRabbitOswald the Lucky Rabbit
PopRabbitSweet Valerian
Princess ViRabbitSamurai Pizza Cats
RabbitRabbitSkunk Fu
Rancid RabbitRabbitCatDog
Randy RabbitRabbitGarfield Gets Real
Rapid RabbitRabbitLooney Tunes (Quick Brown Fox and Rapid Rabbit)
Richard WattersonRabbitThe Amazing World of Gumball
Ricochet RabbitRabbitRicochet Rabbit & Droop-a-Long
RobertRabbitThe Adventures of the American Rabbit
RosieRabbitPaboo & MojiesA white girl rabbit who wears a rainbow colored bow on her head and is the best friend of Paboo the panda.
RubyHareJewelpetA White Japanese Hare who symbolizes courage and wears a pink and red cherry blossom on her head. She also wears a necklace shaped like a pair of red cherries. One of the three main characters of the series.
Shirousa and KurousaRabbitsSugarbunnies
Skipper and BluebellRabbitsChucklewood Critters
StampyRabbitBeast Wars Neo
Swift Heart RabbitRabbitCare BearsOne of the Care Bear Cousins. She has blue fur and her tummy symbol is a pink or red heart with white or pale blue wings.
Untalkative BunnyRabbitUntalkative Bunny
UsaharaRabbitDamekko DōbutsuAn aggressive, chain-smoking rabbit.
UsajiiRabbitDomoAn elderly rabbit.
Ushagi-sanRabbitKobato.The messenger of God who takes the form of a silent plush rabbit with wings and carries messages in the form of a flower.
Mr. WhiskersRabbitBrandy and Mr. Whiskers
Yin and YangRabbitsYin Yang Yo!Crimefighting rabbits trained by a panda named Master Yo.
YoyoRabbitHoops & YoyoA green rabbit. He is excitable and prone to mistakes.
ZayatsHareNu, pogodi!
ZombunnyRabbitDr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet ShopA dumb, motionless rabbit.


3RabbitWe3Also known as Pirate
Billy Bunny Sr.RabbitOver the HedgeAn associate of Hammy Sammy Squirrel whose interests are Catholicism and extreme sports. He also has a son.
Binky BinkensteinRabbitLife in HellA chronically embittered rabbit employed as an author.
Bongo BinkensteinRabbitLife in HellA one-eared rabbit teenager who is Binky's son.
Boss RabbitRabbitDragon BallAlso known as Monster Carrot. A mafia boss whose touch can turn people into carrots.
Bun-BunRabbitSluggy FreelanceA psychotic rabbit with a switchblade.
BunnistaRabbitMinimum SecurityThe one-eyed cosmetic-testing victim.
Bunnie RabbotRabbitSonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics)Based on the same character from the Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) cartoon series.
Bun RabRabbitPogo
Buster BunnyRabbitBuster BunnyA comic-book character from the 1940s and '50s by Standard Comics.
Captain CarrotRabbitCaptain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!Leader of the "funny-animal" superhero group.
Coelho CaolhoRabbitLionel's Kingdom
Cutey BunnyRabbitArmy Surplus Komikz
Frederick DickinsonRabbit (transformed human)JudeccaA man in hell transformed into a rabbit for his sins. Works as a bookkeeper.
Hodge-PodgeRabbitBloom County
Honey BunnyRabbitAcorn Green
Honey BunnyRabbitBugs Bunny comic bookBugs Bunny's girlfriend.
Hoppy the Marvel BunnyRabbitMarvel Family
Jack and JillRabbitsFunny Bunnies
JimmyRabbitChronicles of Wormwood
Happy BunnyRabbitIt's Happy BunnyAn antisocial rabbit once-commonly found on girls' shirts, stickers, and other merchandise.
Kevin DewclawRabbitKevin and Kell
Lord Big RabbitRabbitMonica's Gang
MashimaroRabbitMashimaroA Korean fictional character who resembles a fat rabbit
MaxRabbitSam & MaxDescribed as a 'hyperkinetic rabbity thing'.
Miyamoto UsagiRabbitUsagi Yojimbo
MellRabbitWish me mellThe main protagonist of Sanrio's Wish me mell series. She is a white bunny with a rainbow-colored tail.
Mr. BunRabbitCalvin and HobbesSusie's stuffed rabbit.
Mokona ModokiRabbitMagic Knight Rayearth, xxxHolic, Tsubasa: Reservoir ChronicleA magical rabbit-like being who is the mascot of the manga artist team CLAMP.
MomijiRabbitFruits BasketA boy cursed to turn into a rabbit whenever he is touched by a female.
NailbunnyRabbitJohnny the Homicidal Maniac
Panku PonkRabbitPanku PonkAn oversized bunny.
SamsonRabbitMonica's Gang
SchnuffelRabbitCreated by Jamba! appearing in ringtones and songs, notably "Kuschel Song"
Sheba JonesRabbitLife in HellAn easily irked yuppie executive rabbit and Binky Binkenstein's girlfriend.
Super RabbitRabbitSuper Rabbit
Warren StrongRabbitThe funny animal version of Tom Strong.
Wonder WabbitRabbitJust'a Lotta Animals

Video games[edit]

AliceRabbitBloody RoarArcade, Playstation, Playstation 2, GameCube, Xbox
AmberRabbitArmelloWindows, Mac, Linux, iOSChosen hero of the Rabbit clan and treasure-seeker.
Badd BunnyRabbitThe Radioactive Chicken Heads in: Badd Bunny BreakoutPC (Windows)A normal rabbit mutated into a ten-ton beast by radiation. Badd Bunny is the primary antagonist in the fictional backstory for the comedy punk band The Radioactive Chicken Heads, and regularly appears as part of their stage shows.
BiancaRabbitSpyro: Year of the DragonPlayStationAn apprentice magician who wears a maroon cape. She works for the Sorceress and steals dragon eggs, but after realising she'll kill the hatchlings, defects to help Spyro.
Bunston (Rampa)RabbitThe Legendary StarfyNintendo DS
Cream the RabbitRabbitSonic Advance 2Game Boy Advance
Eva EarlongJackrabbitJazz JackrabbitMS-DOSThe Princess of the planet Carrotus.
Fluffy Fluffy Bun BunRabbitToonstruckMS-DOS, Windows, MacintoshThe sugar-sweet rabbit of Cutopia, whose job is to be the 'cutest rabbit in the whole wide world'. However, she is not all that she seems. Voiced by Tress MacNeille.
HarveyStuffed RabbitEdna & Harvey: The BreakoutWindows, Mac, Linux, SteamA pyromaniac stuffed rabbit who helps his owner Edna.
Hikaru and AkaneRabbit GirlParodiusSNES, Sega Saturn, Playstation
HopsalotRabbitJumpStart Kindergarten.PC (Windows, Macintosh)Also called Mr. Hopsalot and Hops.
Jazz JackrabbitJackrabbitJazz JackrabbitMS-DOSA green space jackrabbit who wears a red bandana and is armed with an LFG9000.
Kung Fu BunnyRabbitBrutal: Paws of FuryMega Drive/Genesis, SNES, Amiga, Amiga CD32, Sega Man-CD, DOS, Sega 32X
Lori JackrabbitJackrabbitJazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret FilesMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS
MIPSRabbitSuper Mario 64Nintendo 64A golden rabbit found in the castle's basement. Named after the Nintendo 64's CPU type.
PalneTaguelFire Emblem: AwakeningNintendo 3DSYarne's mother.
RabbidRabbitRaving RabbidsAndroid, Game Boy Advance, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Playstation 2, Wii, Wii U, Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox 360Crazy rabbits created for the Rayman spin-off franchise.
RabiRabiteLegend of ManaMascot for the Mana Series, the Rabite is a blob shaped rabbit with one tooth, large ears, and fluffy tail.
Reader RabbitRabbitReader RabbitApple II, MS-DOS, MacintoshA greyish blue rabbit.
RedmondRabbitWhiplashPlayStation 2, Xbox
Peppy HareHareStar Fox
Reisen Udongein InabaRabbitImperishable NightA Lunar rabbit Youkai and a boss.
SharaVieraFinal Fantasy Tactics AdvanceGame Boy AdvanceShara is an archer/sniper and member of the Viera, a rabbit-like people with long ears and supple limbs. She is the partner of Ritz Malheur, who has access to all the equipment and weapons of the Viera. Not much is known about her past, but she convinces Ritz to keep her natural white hair, which she is ashamed of, saying that white hair is considered a blessing among the Viera. Shara has primarily high Attack and speed but low HP and MP, and she uses the special ability Sharpshoot.
Spaz JackrabbitJackrabbitJazz Jackrabbit 2Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Tewi InabaRabbitImperishable NightThe Rabbit of Good Fortune. See also Hare of Inaba.
TurnerRabbitLugaruAmigaOS 4, AROS, Linux, Windows, Mac OS XA rabbit warrior who sets on a quest for revenge against "The Raiders".
Miyamoto UsagiRabbitSamurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo
Vanilla the RabbitRabbitSonic Advance 2Game Boy AdvanceCream's mother.
YarneTaguelFire Emblem: AwakeningNintendo 3DSPalne's son from the future.
YumigamiCelestial brush godOkamiPlaystation 2, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3Yumigami (弓神?; God of the Bow) is the Celestial brush god of the moon. She is depicted as a rabbit with a mochi-pounding mallet, and her constellation is found in Agata Forest after saving Ume from Whopper.

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