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This list of fictional dogs is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals. It is restricted to notable dog characters from the world of fiction. For real/famous dogs, see List of dogs. For mythological dogs, see Mythological dogs.


Addison[1]MuttFarley MowatFarley Mowat's dog in the book The Dog Who Wouldn't Be.
Argos[2][3]OdysseyHomerThe faithful dog of Odysseus.
Baleia[4]Vidas SecasGraciliano RamosLater adapted into the 1963 Brazilian classic Vidas Secas. The dog actress, Piaba, was celebrated at the Cannes Film Festival amidst controversy over the dog's (simulated) death scene.
Banga[5]The Master and MargaritaMikhail BulgakovPontius Pilate's dog.
BareeWolfdogBaree, Son of KazanJames CurwoodSon of Gray Wolf and Kazan.
BendicòGreat DaneIl Gattopardo (The Leopard)Giuseppe Tomasi di LampedusaBelonging to the central character Don Fabrizio Corbera, Prince of Salina
BellePyrenean Mountain DogBelle et SébastienCécile AubryLives with his owner Sebastian in village in the French Alps close to the frontier with Italy.
Big Red[3][6]Irish SetterBig RedJim Kjelgaard
Blood[6][7]A Boy and His DogHarlan EllisonLater adapted into a film where Blood is voiced by Tim McIntire.
BlueThe Sound and the FuryWilliam Faulkner
BobDumb WitnessAgatha ChristieAlso released as part of the Agatha Christie's Poirot series.
Bodger and Luath[3]Bull terrier, Labrador RetrieverThe Incredible JourneySheila BurnfordBased on a true story.
Buck[2]St. Bernard-Scotch CollieCall of the WildJack London[8] [A]Adapted in six movies: The Call of the Wild by D. W. Griffith 1908; a second silent film (1923); (1935); 1972 The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon and Call of the Wild 3D (2009).
Bulls-eye[2][9]Oliver TwistCharles DickensBill Sikes' dog.
BusterScottish TerrierFive Find-OutersEnid BlytonBelonging to Frederick Algernon Trotteville ("Fatty").
Cafall[3]A dog belonging to King Arthur (occasionally spelled "Cabal" or "Caval").
CarlRottweilerGood Dog, CarlAlexandra Day
CliffordVizslaClifford the Big Red DogNorman BridwellA 25 foot dog. He is friendly, outgoing and helpful, but his sheer size can sometimes cause trouble.
Crab[2][9]Two Gentlemen of VeronaWilliam Shakespeare"the sourest natured dog that lives".
Cujo[3][7]St. BernardCujoStephen KingA 200-pound Saint Bernard who chases a wild rabbit into a small limestone cave where he contracts cryptic bat rabies and terrorizes Castle Rock, Maine, killing a few residents.
DingoDick Sand, A Captain at FifteenJules Verne
DiogenesDombey and SonCharles DickensFriend of Paul Dombey and later his sister Florence.
Disreputable Dog[6]Lirael and AbhorsenGarth Nix
Einstein[7]Golden RetrieverWatchersDean Koontz
EosFuneral GamesMary RenaultA beautiful white dog.
Fang[7]MastiffHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneJ. K. RowlingHagrid's dog.
Fluffy[7]CerberusHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneJ. K. Rowling
GarmFarmer Giles of HamJ. R. R. Tolkien
Garryowen[3]UlyssesJames Joyce
Gaspode and LaddieDiscworldTerry PratchettAn unusually clever dog that talks and his Wonder Dog client.
Ginger[10]The View from SaturdayE. L. KonigsburgThe genius dog of Nadia Diamondstein.
Ginger Pye[6]Ginger PyeEleanor Estes
GnaishThunder OakGarry Kilworth
Go Go Girl and Slinkster DogWeetzie BatFrancesca Lia Block
GypAdam BedeGeorge EliotAdam Bede's dog.
HankHank the CowdogJohn R. Erickson
Hikaru Lola[11]Norwegian BuhundLola the Buhund Book One: The Empty SkyElbot CarmanSeries Protagonist.
The Hound of the Baskervilles[2][3]HoundSherlock HolmesArthur Conan DoyleWritten with the famous line, "They were the footprints of a gigantic hound!"
HuanWolfhoundThe SilmarillionJ. R. R. TolkienCompanion of Valinor, friend and helper of Beren and Lúthien.
Missis, Perdita, Pongo, and other DalmatiansThe Hundred and One Dalmatians[3]Dodie SmithSubsequently made into a film by Walt Disney. Later also adapted as a live-action film and as a stage musical.
Jip[2][3]LapdogDavid CopperfieldCharles DickensBelonging to Dora Spenlow, David Copperfield's first wife.
JipDoctor DolittleHugh LoftingOne of Doctor Dolittle's animal companions.
John JoinerThe Tale of Samuel Whiskers or The Roly-Poly PuddingBeatrix PotterThe terrier who rescued Tom Kitten from being made into a pudding by rats.
JumpPage (novel)Tamora Pierce
K-9Metal dogDoctor WhoOne of the 4th Doctor's companions.
Kashtanka[12]KashtankaAnton Chekhov
KazakEnglish MastiffThe Sirens of TitanKurt Vonnegut, Jr.Companion of William Niles Rumfoord. In another Vonnegut novel Breakfast of Champions, there is a Doberman Pinscher, also named Kazak.
KipperKipper the DogMick InkpenA warm-hearted, friendly and curious dog.
Know-Nothing Bo the Non-Wonder DogSo Long, and Thanks for All the FishDouglas AdamsA dog belonging to advertiser Will Smithers.
Lad[2][6]Rough CollieLad, A DogAlbert Payson Terhune
LaskaAnna KareninaLeo TolstoyLevin's hunting dog.
Lassie[3][6]Rough CollieLassie Come HomeEric Knight
Lorelei[7]Lorelei's SecretCarolyn ParkhurstThe dog who was the only witness to his owner's suicide. Her husband attempts to find out why she committed suicide by teaching the dog to communicate by talking. U.S. book title is The Dogs of Babel.
MoMo - The Talking DogMichelle Booth (author)The puppy who is given a specially-grown voicebox by a veterinarian and develops the ability to talk.
MollyJohn Dies at the EndDavid WongThe rust colored dog who eventually returns from an alternate universe as Fred Durst. In the second novel, Molly is shot dead, during an instant of time, in order to save Dave, who was saving Amy, who was ran in front of an entire army as they were mowing down zombies.
MosesDogvilleLars von TrierChuck's dog, seen only as a chalk outline on the ground until the final scene.
MouseThe Dresden FilesJim ButcherHarry's dog.
Mr. Bones[7][13]TimbuktuPaul AusterStray dog and narrator of the story. Later renamed Sparky/Sparkatus
NanaNewfoundlandPeter PanJ. M. Barrie
Old Dan[3] and Little Ann[3]Redbone CoonhoundWhere the Red Fern GrowsWilson Rawls
OliveJack Russell TerrierOlive, the Other ReindeerVivian Walsh and J. Otto Siebold
PansyEnglish MastiffBurkeAndrew Vachss
Patrsche[2]A Dog of FlandersOuida
Pearl the Wonder DogPointerSpenserRobert Parker
PepperEnglish MastiffThe House on the BorderlandWilliam Hope Hodgson
PetulaPugMolly MoonGeorgia Byng
PokyThe Poky Little PuppyJanette Sebring Lowry
PippinPippin and MabelK.V. Johansen
Pompey[14]The History of Pompey the LittleFrancis CoventryAlso known as The Life and Adventures of a Lap-dog.
PonchSo You Want to Be a WizardDiane Duane
Prince TerrienBridge to TerabithiaKatherine PatersonLeslie Burke's (and the Burke parents') dog.
PugnaxAgainst the DayThomas PynchonA literate mutt that is the associate of the Chums of Chance.
Rab[2]Rab and his FriendsJohn Brown
RibsyRibsyBeverly ClearyCompanion of Henry Huggins.
Robinson Crusoe's dog[15]Robinson CrusoeDaniel Defoe
Rowf and Snitter[7]Mongrel, Fox TerrierThe Plague DogsRichard Adams
Rover Rob[16]Rover Rob
ScamperGolden SpanielThe Secret SevenEnid BlytonBelonging to Peter and Janet.
SearchlightStone FoxJohn Reynolds GardinerThe heroic sled-dog that pulled Little Willy's sled.
ShadowBorder CollieThe Sorcerer in the NorthJohn FlanaganThe injured dog Will adopts. Taught many tricks, including barking on command, to aid Will's disguise as a jongleur.
Shiloh[6]BeagleShilohPhyllis Reynolds NaylorThe dog saved from his abusive owner.
Skylar[17]Jack Russell terrierSkylar and George WashingtonMatt BurgessBased on Matt's real dog named Skylar.
Sirius[7]SiriusOlaf StapletonEponymous hero, the result of an experiment to produce a dog with something like human intelligence.
SnowyWire Fox TerrierThe Adventures of TintinHergéTintin's dog.
SparkLittle, BigJohn CrowleyDaily Alice's dog
SpotSpot the DogEric Hill
Timothy / Timmy / TimMongrelThe Famous FiveEnid BlytonAll three names are found interchangeably. George Kirrin's dog.
ThorGerman Shepherd DogThorWayne SmithLater adapted into a film titled Bad Moon.
TotoCairn TerrierThe Wonderful Wizard of OzL. Frank BaumDorothy's pet dog
TockThe Phantom TollboothNorton JusterThe "watchdog" (the name is a pun, because the dog has a large clock on his side).
WalterWalter the Farting DogWilliam Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray
What-a-Mess{Muir, Frank "What-a-Mess in Summer". Picture Corgi, 1982}Afghan HoundWhat-a-MessFrank MuirProper name Prince Amir of Kinjan but known as What-a Mess
White Fang and Kiche[6]White FangJack London
WellingtonPoodleThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimeMark HaddonMrs Shears's dog, found dead at the beginning of the story.
WigginsThe Little White HorseElizabeth GoudgeThe heroine Maria's dog.
ZarBorzoiLara's GiftAnnemarie O'BrienThe heroine Lara's best friend and companion.


Ace the Bat-HoundGerman Shepherd DogBatman
BanditWe3a.k.a. "1".
BarnabasDC ComicsThe talking canine companion of first Destruction and later Delirium in The Sandman.
BeckBeckRyûsuke Minami's dog.
Belvedere (comic strip)Scottish TerrierAdcox Associates Syndicatemischievous, snooty dog with human traits.
BillCocker SpanielBoule et Bill
Black BobBorder CollieThe Dandy
BluMonica's Gang
Böwser vön ÜberdogBulldogThe Ongoing Adventures of Rocket LlamaPrimary antagonist
DogBorder collieFootrot Flats
DogpoolMutt (unknown)Deadpool CorpsDeadpool from a different reality; Original member of the Deadpool Corps
Cubitus (Wowser)CubitusSémaphore's pet dog.
DogmatixAsterixFaithful companion to Obelix. Called Idefix in the original French Asterix comic books.
EarlJack Russell terrierMutts
EffdeeAnema: Age of the Robots
Eirean ChickoBasque Shepherd DogDark and Light Elemental Ages from WarlordsA secret agent boy was transformed into a dog by Huckleberry Yiucko the magician.
FergusCitizen DogMel's dog.
Fred BassettBasset HoundFred Basset
GinAkita'Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densetsu Weed
Gnasher and GnipperAbyssinian wire-haired tripehoundsDennis the Menace, Gnasher and Gnipper
GrimmMother Goose and Grimm'
HellhoundBeyblade: Metal (series)Myreille Psychiokieus's vicious dog beyblade who was belong to her of the Dark Nebula and using some special moves by Myreille at all.
HowardSt. BernardHoward Huge
Sergeant Kemlo "Hyperdog" CaesarDobermanTop 10
KreegSojournArwyn's dog.
LockjawMarvel ComicsThe Inhumans dog.
LuckyYellow Labrador RetrieverHawkeyeHawkeye dog; Previously known as Arrow; Also called Pizza Dog
Marmaduke[3]Great DaneMarmaduke
NapoleonNapoleon and Uncle Elby
OttoBeetle BaileyHe is Sergeant Snorkel's pet in the army.
Ponta KoizumiGuru Guru Pon-chan
PolgasPugad Baboy
RantanplanHoundLucky Luke
Rex the Wonder DogGerman Shepherd DogDC Comics
RocketChacha ChaudharyChacha's dog.
RoscoePicklesEarl and Opal's dog.
RuffertoGrooGroo's dog and inseparable companion.
RoverRed and RoverUsually cool, calm and collected, and is very loyal to Red.
SamSam & MaxA calculative six-foot detective dog wearing a suit and a fedora.
SandyLittle Orphan AnnieAnnie's dog known for saying "arf".
Satchel PoochGet Fuzzy
SnertHagar the HorribleHagar's dog.
Snoopy[3]BeaglePeanutsCharlie Brown's dog
SnowyWire Fox TerrierThe Adventures of TintinTintin's companion.
Space Canine Patrol AgentsDC Comics
Yankee PoodlePoodleCaptain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crewa.k.a. Rova Barkitt of Follywood.



Anwar SadatPuggleI Love You, Man
Asta[3]Wire fox terrierThin ManBelonging to Nick & Nora Charles
B'ar killerIrish WolfhoundAgainst a crooked manBelonging to Russian (Richard Boone).
Beethoven[3]St. BernardBeethovenAdopted by his family, he is the series' protagonist dog.
Benji[3]Mixed-breed dogBenjiA small dog who is adopted by his family
BingoBingopart border collie
BoltWhite ShepherdBolt
BombónBombon el perro
BruiserChihuahuaLegally BlondeElle Woods' pet and partner.
BuddyGolden RetrieverAir Bud
BusterDachshundToy Story 2, Toy Story 3Belonging to Andy, but more loyal to Woody.
ChanceAmerican BulldogHomeward Bound
ChiffonOld English SheepdogThe Shaggy Dog
DigbyOld English SheepdogDigby, the Biggest Dog in the World
DogCollieBig JakeBelonging to Jacob - Jake - Mc Candles (John Wayne)Laddie, who played stunt double for Silver, won the 1971 PATSY Award for his performance in this film.
Duke[3]The Swiss Family Robinson
EinsteinCatalan sheepdogBack to the FutureDoc Brown's sheepdog.
Frank the PugPugMen in Black
GenevièveLabrador retrieverMadelineMadeline's saviour and friend.
HachiAkita InuHachi: A Dog's Tale
HerculesEnglish MastiffThe Sandlot
HoochDogue de BordeauxTurner & Hooch
JackJack Russell TerrierThe ArtistUggie, who played Jack, won the 2011 Palm Dog Award for his performance in this film.
Jerry LeeGerman Shepherd DogK-9A trained police dog, who works in his own way.
KikiGerman ShepherdKickboxer (1989 film)Xian's loyal canine companion.
KyleMixed-breed dogDespicable MeGru's guard dog, who at first hates to be hugged by Agnes, also doesn't hesitate to take a bite out of anything that looks like food to him.
LennyLenny the Wonder Dog
LadyCocker SpanielLady And The Tramp
MarleyLabrador RetrieverMarley and Me
Mike (aka Matisse)Border CollieDown and Out in Beverly Hills
MosesChihuahuaMeet the FockersBernie and Roz Focker's dog.
NeilSt. BernardTopper
NikkiNikki, Wild Dog of the North
Old Yeller[3][6]Black Mouth Cur (portrayed by a Mastador)Old YellerThe family's dog who is bitten by a rabid wolf with a virus, before Travis forced himself to kill the dog
OtisPugThe Adventures of Milo and Otis
Pete the PupPit BullOur Gang
Sammy Davis, Jr. Jr.Border CollieEverything is Illuminated (2005 film)
SadieBorder CollieThe ConjuringSadie was the Perron family's dog who detected the presence of evil in the family's new home.
ScudBull TerrierToy StorySid Phillips' dog
ShadowGolden RetrieverHomeward Bound
SkipJack Russell terrierMy Dog Skip
SpotBullmastiffSee Spot Run
ThorGerman Shepherd DogBad Moon
TotoCairn terrierThe Wizard of Oz
VerdellBrussels GriffonAs Good As It Gets


NameBreedTV programNotes
ArnoldRottweilerEntourageTurtle's dog
AstroGreat DaneJetsons
AudreyCairn TerrierNeighboursJoined the show in 2001 and departed in 2011, following the death of the dog who portrayed her.[18]
BackupPit bullVeronica Mars
Blacktoe[19]German Shepherd DogStar Trek: The Next GenerationWilliam Riker's dog
Black Tooth, White FangThe Soupy Sales Show"The Biggest and Sweetest Dog in the USA" and "The Biggest and Meanest Dog in the USA"
BlueBlue's CluesPuppet and title character of the children's series.
Bob the DogMister Rogers' NeighborhoodPuppet from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, played by Bob Trow.
BoomerHere's Boomer
BossyAustralian KelpieNeighboursIntroduced in April 2012 as a replacement for Audrey who died in 2011.[20]
BouncerLabrador RetrieverNeighbours
BuckBriardMarried... with ChildrenBuck was replaced by another dog named Lucky in later episodes.
CelineChihuahuaSummer Heights High
Charlie the Wonder DogThe Late ShowStar of the sketch of the same name in a parody of other fictitious animal shows such as Lassie
ChesterPomeranianThe NannyC.C. Babcock's dog, played by Fran Drescher's Pomeranian Chester
CinnamonYorkshire TerrierThe Big Bang TheoryOwned by Rajesh Koothrappali. She was given to him as a gift from Howard Wolowitz and Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz.
Cleo[3]Basset HoundThe People's Choice
CometGolden RetrieverFull HouseComet is introduced in the Season 3 episode "And They Call It Puppy Love". A runaway female Golden Retriever named Minnie appears in the Tanner's backyard, whom the family discovers to be pregnant and going into labor. She gives birth to a litter of puppies and when her owner comes to claim her, he offers the Tanners one of them to keep. They choose a boy puppy and name him Comet; from then on he grows into an adult dog and becomes a staple character for the remainder of the series.
ColinSpacedDog from the Channel 4 Series
Diefenbaker (aka Dief)WolfdogDue South
DiggerLabrador RetrieverBig Barn Farm
DigbyGolden retrieverPushing DaisiesNed's formerly dead dog
Dodge T. DogCBBCDog from CBBC who is a presenter
"Dog" (name of character)Basset HoundColumboColumbo's dog
DougalSkye TerrierThe Magic RoundaboutMain character
Duke[3]BloodhoundThe Beverly HillbilliesJed Clampett's dog
Djinn DjinnHavaneseI Dream of JeannieGenie dog with magic powers
EddieJack Russell TerrierFrasierPlayed by Moose and Enzo
FearlessProvidencePet dog of Dr. Jim Hansen, a warm-hearted veterinarian who runs a clinic in his basement
FlashBasset HoundThe Dukes of HazzardRosco P. Coltrane's dog
FluffyCerberus PoodlePac-Man and the Ghostly AdventuresGuards the Tree of Life (In the 2nd Episode). He lives with Lord Betrayus, the ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. Pac-Man, Spiral and Cylindria encounterd him in his debut.
FleegleBeagleThe Banana SplitsLeader of The Banana Splits, an all-animal band. He played the guitar.
FussyAmerican Dad!Appeared in Season 2, Episode 9's Not Particularly Desperate Housewife
Happy7th Heaven
Hacker T. DogBorder TerrierCBBCDog from CBBC who is a CBBC presenter
HenryBasset HoundEmergency!Lived on the sofa in the station
Hobo (aka London)German Shepherd Dog / Siberian HuskyThe Littlest Hobo
JimBrussels GriffonMike & MollyMargaret Bigg's dog
JupiterGreat DaneI Dream of JeannieGeneral Peterson's dog
IvannaPomeranianThe Suite Life of Zack & CodyLondon Tipton's dog
JebVR Troopers
JoeGerman Shepherd DogRun, Joe, Run
K-9RobotDoctor WhoK-9 had several incarnations over the course of the show and was most notably the constant companion of Sarah Jane Smith who was the Fourth Doctor's Companion in the Doctor Who series.
Krypto/Shelby and Krypto[3]Extraterrestrial; a Labrador Retriever in the animated seriesSmallville and Krypto the SuperdogClark Kent's dog / Superman's dog
LieneLabrador RetrieverJC 9Vicky's dog 24/7
LuckyAmerican Cocker SpanielMarried... with ChildrenLucky replaced the dog Buck of the earlier episodes.
MurrayCollie-shepherd mixMad About You'Family dog
Old PapAustralian ShepherdBig Barn Farm
PorthosBeagleStar Trek: EnterpriseCaptain Jonathan Archer's dog
PouchMuttChicago FireDog kept at the quarters of Engine Co. 51
RexGerman Shepherd DogInspector Rex
Rowlf the DogThe Muppet ShowOne of the first Muppet characters, a scruffy brown dog with a rounded black nose and long floppy ears. He was created (and originally performed and voiced) by Jim Henson. Rowlf is the Muppet Theatre's resident pianist.
Santa's Little HelperGreyhoundThe SimpsonsSanta's Little Helper was introduced in the first season, 1989 in the episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" and is one of the 2 pets owned by the Simpson family.[21]
StellaFrench BulldogModern FamilyJay Prichett's dog. She was originally played by Brigitte in seasons 2 & 3, and replaced by Beatrice in season 4.
Stinky and NunzioBriard mix and CorgiDharma and GregDharma's dogs
VincentYellow Labrador retrieverLostVincent is Walt's dog, originally owned by Walt's stepfather, Brian Porter. He is left behind on the Island when Michael and Walt leave. He is given to Shannon by Walt and remains under her care until she is killed. Vincent is considered the only[citation needed] confirmed survivor on Lost. He is last seen at Jack's side as Jack dies of his wounds.
WellardBelgian TervurenEastEnders
WishboneJack Russell TerrierWishboneThe main character. He is portrayed by Soccer and voiced by Larry Brantley. A well-read dog who sees parallels between classic literature and the dilemmas he and his human friends face every day. He seems to be under the impression that humans would hear him if they just paid attention and he often bemoans the fact that they do not do so. In the stories he imagines himself in, humans can hear him and apparently perceive him as human.
Yukon KingAlaskan HuskySergeant Preston of the Yukon




Only songs with dog characters are included in this section. Not metaphorical dogs or songs with "dog" in the title.

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