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This is a list of fictional cats and other felines and is a subsidiary to the list of fictional animals. It includes a limited selection of notable felines from various works, organized by medium. More complete lists are accessible by clicking on the "Main article" link included above each category.

In literature[edit]

This section deals with notable cat characters that appear in literature works of fiction including books, comics, legends, myths, folklore and fairy tales. Any character that appears in several pieces of literature will be listed only once, under the earliest work.

Cheshire Cat from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
CharacterEarliest AppearanceNotes
Cheshire CatAlice's Adventures in WonderlandSometimes raises philosophical points that annoy or baffle Alice. It does, however, appear to cheer her up when it turns up suddenly at the Queen of Hearts' croquet field, and when sentenced to death baffles everyone by having made its head appear without its body, sparking a massive argument between the executioner and the King and Queen of Hearts about whether something that does not have a body can indeed be beheaded.
CrookshanksHarry PotterThe pet cat of Hermione Granger. He is described as having a "squashed face," which was inspired by a real cat Rowling once saw[citation needed], which she said looked like it had run face first into a brick wall, most likely a Persian. Hermione buys Crookshanks from a shop in Diagon Alley out of sympathy, as nobody wants him because of his behaviour and his squashed looking-face. Rowling has confirmed that Crookshanks is half Kneazle,[1] an intelligent, cat-like creature who can detect when they are around untrustworthy people, explaining his higher than normal cat intelligence and stature.
SnowbellStuart LittleSnowbell is cat belonging to the Little family, of which Stuart is the youngest son. Snowbell has a malevolent attitude toward Stuart, though her behavior is tempered by her familial obligations. When the Little family adopt a bird named Margalo, Snowbell plots to kill her, predicating her departure. Stuart follows, and his pursuit comprises the second half of the story.
Trillion the Three-Headed LionBeast QuestTrillion is a large, three-headed lion that cannot swim. He lives in the Central Plains. Tom, with the help of Tagus, defeats Trillion, and Tom goes through the Lion's Gate into Gorgonia, home of the wizard Malvel.

In comics[edit]

Krazy KatKrazy KatOne of the first cats to star in a comic strip; the protagonist of the eponymous strip by George Herriman. Sweet and good-natured and simple, adores the scheming, wily, antisocial Ignatz Mouse even though Ignatz constantly plots against him.
GarfieldGarfieldGarfield is an orange, fuzzy, tabby cat born in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant (later revealed in the television special Garfield: His 9 Lives to be Mama Leoni's Italian Restaurant) and immediately ate all the pasta and lasagna in sight, thus developing his love and obsession for lasagna.[2][3] As an adult he is fat and lazy but extremely intelligent and fond of wisecracks in thought bubbles, with his owner Jon Arbuckle serving as a comic foil for him.
HeathcliffHeathcliffA boisterous and chubby but athletic tabby cat prone to wisecracks, causing physical mischief, chasing mailmen, and overturning garbage cans. Other felines from the strip include: The Catfather.[4]
Bucky B. KatGet FuzzyOversized, overaffectionate cartoon cat

Tomato is a scarlet-furred female cat, the faithful feline companion of Magnus, the great Robot Fighter. They live in an apartment in North Am. 1A, mentor to Magnus, likes Tomato and does the Blofeld thing with her.

In legends, myths, folklore and fairy tales[edit]

Puss meets the ogre in a nineteenth-century illustration by Gustave Doré
Maneki NekoVarious folk-storiesA common Japanese sculpture, often made of ceramic, which is believed to bring good luck to the owner. The sculpture depicts a cat (traditionally a calico Japanese Bobtail) beckoning with an upright paw, and is usually displayed—many times at the entrance—in shops, restaurants, pachinko parlors, and other businesses. Some of the sculptures are electric or battery-powered and have a slow-moving paw beckoning.
PussPuss in BootsOriginally titled Le Maître Chat or Le Chat Botté, this French fairytale is about a cat who uses trickery and deceit to gain power, wealth and the hand of a princess in marriage for his penniless and low-born master.

In media[edit]

This section deals with notable cat characters that appear in media works of fiction including film, television, animation and puppetry. Any character that appears in several pieces of literature will be listed only once, under the earliest work.

In film[edit]

Mr. BigglesworthAustin PowersA parody of Blofeld's cat from James Bond films
DCThat Darn Cat!A wily, adventurous Siamese tomcat who lives with two young women, suburbanite sisters Ingrid and Patti Randall, whose parents are traveling abroad at the time of the story. In the 1997 remake the cat is a grey and white tabby.
JakeThe Cat from Outer SpaceA cat-like alien. His real name is Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7.
PicklesThe Ladykillers (2004)An orange tabby cat who belongs to Ms. Munson, a major character in the movie. Pickles frequently escapes from Ms. Munson's house and this is very distressing to her.
PiewacketBell, Book and CandleThe Siamese familiar to Kim Novak in the 1958 film by Richard Quine, also starring James Stewart, Ernie Kovaks and Jack Lemmon.

In television[edit]

The CatRed DwarfA Felis Sapiens which evolved from a domestic housecat, is played by Danny John-Jules in the BBC TV science fiction sitcom.
SaltyCaroline in the CityCaroline's cat played by Tiki, the cat from the 1993 film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.
SpotStar Trek: The Next GenerationData's Somali cat seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation[5]
ViennaRising DampA black and white cat owned by the lead character Rigsby, often trod on and tripped over and often hangs around the lodging house
FergusonNew GirlWinston Bishop's cat, a Scottish Fold, that he took from his ex-girlfriend, Daisy. At first wanting to kill the cat saying "An eye for an eye, a cat for a cat" (“What’s the other cat?” “My heart.”) when she cheats on him. He later decides to keep Ferguson, since Daisy's actions wasn't the cat's fault, and in the end of the episode saying to Daisy, "I deserve better. And so does Ferguson. I'm keeping the cat." (Season 3, Episode 2)
SalemSabrina the Teenage Witch

In animation[edit]

CakeAdventure TimeA gender/species swapped version of "Jake the dog" from the Cartoon Network show "Adventure time"
TomTom & JerryA gray/blue cat who has a love-hate relationship with Jerry Mouse.
SylvesterLooney TunesBlack and white cat who commonly carries out predatory schemes on Tweety and Speedy Gonzales.

In video games[edit]

This section deals with notable characters who are prominently featured in various video game titles, either as main characters or notable supporting characters.

BigSonic AdventureDreamcastA large, purple anthropomorphic cat with yellow eyes and long ears. Big is laid-back[6] and easygoing, which is reflected in his speech.[7] Strong but gentle[7] and a little slow,[8] he lives a normally peaceful life in the jungle with his best friend "Froggy."[7] He loves fishing, and he is never without his favorite rod and lure.[6]
BlinxBlinx: The Time SweeperXBOXA young Time Sweeper who is main protagonist of Blinx the Time Sweeper. He's featured as a support character in Blinx 2. His enemies mostly include Time Monsters and the Tom Tom Gang.
Cait SithFinal Fantasy VIIPlayStationCait Sith (ケット・シー Ketto Shī?, pronounced Kett Shee)[9] is a robotic talking cat who is friendly, but often unreliable[10] and speaks with a Scottish accent. In Final Fantasy VII, he rides on the back of an unnamed robotic moogle.

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