List of fatal dog attacks in the United States

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Existing studies

There are a limited number of studies concerning the number of human deaths caused by dogs in the United States, and the number of attributed fatalities is difficult to validate or cross-compare with other study results because:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published in 2000 a study on dog bite-related fatalities (DBRF) that covered the years 1979-1998. The study found reports of 327 people killed by dogs over the 20-year period.[1]

Fatalities reported from 1988 through 2012

This list supplements information compiled by existing studies regarding the people killed by dogs in the United States.

Summary tables

The following table summarizes the number of people reported by news sources as killed in 1988 and 2005–2012 (as of August, 2012). Please note that this list may not be comprehensive, as some deaths may not have been covered by the news or causes of death may have been misattributed. Furthermore, the reported breeds listed below may be inaccurate, as actual canine heritage often was not tested and was usually reported based on the visual report of a witness. Large, muscular, large-headed canines may commonly be mislabeled as "pit bulls" or "rottweilers," dramatically skewing the results below.

Dog bite-related fatalities in the United States
YearTotal# Most fatal attacks by# Second-most fatal attacks by
19881Labrador Retriever (2) (100%)
20013Presa canario (1) (33.33%)

Unknown strays (1) (33.33%)

Pit bull (1) (33.33%)

20022German Shepherd (1) (50%) Rottweiler (1) (50%)
20038Pit bull-type (4) (50%)
200483 Pit bull-type one Pit bull/Labrador Retriever mix (4) (50%)
200529Pit bull (12) (39%)Rottweiler (6) (21%)
200629Pit bull (12) (40%)Rottweiler (9) (31%)
200734Pit bull (15) (41%)Rottweiler (4) (12%)
200823Pit bull (11) (43%)Husky (3) (13%)
200930Pit bull (11) (32%)Rottweiler (4) (13%)
201033Pit bull (19) (57%)Rottweiler (4) (12%)
201115Pit bull or "Pit bull type" (9) (60%)Rottweiler (2) (16.66%)
201218Pit bull or "Pit bull type" (11) (61%)
Dog Bite-related Fatalities in the US by age group of victims
YearTotal< 1 yr1-1011-2021-3031-4041-5051-6061+Unknown

Fatalities reported in 1988

News organizations reported 1 fatal dog attack in the United States in 1988.

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
January 21Labrador RetrieverMegan Stack2 yearsKilled by family dog.[3]

Fatalities reported in 2001

News organizations reported 3 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2001.

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
January 26Perro de Presa CanarioDiane Whipple33 yearsKilled by her neighbor's two dogs in the hall of her apartment building.[4]
March 5Unknown straysRodney McAllister10 yearsKilled by stray dogs in park.[5]
June 11, 2001Pit bullTyran Moniz-Hilderbrand18 MonthsDogs belonged to a houseguest; mother badly mauled in trying to save her son.[6]

Fatalities reported in 2002

News organizations reported at least 2 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2002.

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
February 14RottweilerAlicia Clark10 yearsKilled by her neighbor's six dogs. The dogs' owner received 2 years in prison for leaving her alone with the dogs which had previously exhibited dangerous behavior.[7][8]
June 1German ShepherdColter Kumpost4 yearsKilled by dog being trained for police work.[9]

Fatalities reported in 2003

News organizations reported 8 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2003.

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
March 25Mixed breedTre'sean Forsman3 yearsKilled by a friend's dog.[10]
May 16Mixed breedBonnie Page75 yearsKilled by her landlady's dog.[11]
May 23Stray DogsCedric Edmonds37 yearsKilled by stray dogs.[12]
June 20Mixed breedSomer ClugstonToddlerKilled by her babysitter's dog when she left her alone in the house. The babysitter was sentenced to one year in jail for involuntary manslaughter.[13]
September 7Doberman PinscherValerie DeSwart67 yearsKilled by a rescue dog she had adopted. The rescue organization was under investigation for mistreating the dogs under its care.[14]
October 2Great DaneMakayla Paige Sinclair2 yearsKilled by 2 chained dogs when she wandered into their owner's yard.[15]
November 30Mixed breedJennifer Brooke40 yearsKilled by her neighbor's three dogs. One of the dogs had attacked another neighbor a few months earlier.[16][17]
December 12Labrador RetrieverPit bull-type mixAlice Broom82 yearsKilled by her neighbor's seven dogs. Numerous complaints about the dogs had been issued prior to the attack.[18]

Fatalities reported in 2004

News organizations reported 8 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2004.

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
January 13Pit bull-typeNathan Roy Hill3 yearsKilled by neighbor's chained dog in neighbor's yard.[19]
February 21Mixed-breed dogTruston Heart Liddle17 monthsKilled by chained dog.[20]
March 11Mixed-breed dogMadison Carson2 yearsKilled by relative's loose dogs.[21]
April 16Pit bull-typeMyles Leakes4 yearsKilled by his uncle's chained dog.[22]
April 24BullmastiffGerman Shepherd mixJohn Streeter8 yearsKilled by neighbor's two dogs while playing in his neighbor's backyard.[23]
September 1Labrador RetrieverPit bull-type mixIsaiah Calandis Smith18 monthsKilled by his grandfather's dog.[24]
October 5Labrador Retriever- mixesJose Dias5 weeksKilled by his grandmother's dogs.[25]
December 8Pit bull-typeRoddie Dumas, Jr.8 yearsKilled by his father's dogs. His father was charged with involuntary manslaughter.[26]

Fatalities reported in 2005

News organizations reported 29 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2005. The dog breed most commonly reportedly involved in these attacks were pit bulls (12 attacks), followed by Rottweilers (6 attacks):

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
January 2Pit Bull and Pit Bull MixTyler Babcock6 yearsKilled by two dogs when he wandered onto the dog owner's property[27]
January 28Pit bull-type,

Mixed-breed dog

Lydia Chaplin14 yearsKilled by 4 dogs (3 pit bull-type dogs, 1 mixed-breed dog) while walking alone at night in a rural area, one-half mile from home[28]
February 4Pit bull-typeBarbara Pilkington70 yearsKilled while walking down the street[29]
March 8Pit bull-typeDorothy Sullivan82 yearsKilled by three dogs while walking her Shih Tzu on her own property[30]
March 15Rottweiler,


Sandra Sanchez32 yearsKilled by two dogs that she had been caring for on behalf of the owner[31]
April 5Pit bull-typeCassidy Jeter6 yearsKilled by her family's two dogs as she walked to a swing set with her 4-year old brother[32]
April 10RottweilerGerman Shepherd-mixRobert Schafer4 yearsKilled by his family's dog when he opened the dog's pen[33]
April 13American Bulldog


Ernie Assad82 yearsMauled by 2 dogs owned by Cleveland Browns tight end Darnell Sanders while watering his own back yard;

died of directly related complications (cerebral blood clot) 11 days later[35]

April 14Mixed-breed dogLaverne Ford74 yearsKilled by her own two dogs in her own home[36]
May 2RottweilerAsia Turner4 yearsKilled by her family's two dogs in her own back yard[37]
May 6Husky,

Alaskan Malamute

Samantha Black2 yearsKilled by her family's two dogs in her back yard[38]
May 7Alaskan MalamuteKate-Lynn Logel7 yearsKilled by her family's new dog in her back yard[39]
May 10Pit bull-typeLorinze Reddings42 yearsKilled by his own two dogs in his own home[40]
May 15Labrador Retriever-mix,


Julia Beck87 yearsKilled by her in-law's two dogs[41]
May 17Pit bull-typeArianna Fleeman2 yearsKilled while visiting a friend's home with her mother[42]
June 3Pit bull-typeNicholas Faibish12 yearsKilled by his family's two dogs[43]
July 1American Bulldog,

Neapolitan Mastiff,
Border Collie

Boyd Fiscus83 yearsKilled in his own back yard by his neighbor's four dogs (two American Bulldogs, a Neapolitan Mastiff, and a Border Collie)[44][45]
July 4Pit bull-typeDazavious Williams5 weeksKilled when a neighborhood dog grabbed him from his aunt's arms[46]
July 13Siberian HuskyAlexis McDermott6 daysKilled in her crib by her family's dog[47]
August 2RottweilerCassandra Garcia16 monthsKilled when her grandparent's dog grabbed her from her mother's arms[48]
October 3Pit bull mixJonathan Martin2 yearsKilled by at least one of his family's dogs inside his home[49]
October 14Pit bull-type,


Mike Gomez86 yearsKilled by two dogs while out walking or jogging[50]
October 15RottweilerSydney Akin6 yearsKilled visiting the home of a family friend[51]
November 6Pit bull-typeKylee Johnson14 monthsKilled by her family's dog[52]
November 18Pit Bull MixesHulon Barbour60 yearsKilled by two dogs while walking home[53]
November 24Unknown dogsRoberto Aguilera64 yearsKilled during the night by unknown dogs in relative's yard[54]
November 26Pit bullRottweiler mixLillian Styles76 yearsKilled by her neighbor's six dogs in her own front yard[55]
December 6BullmastiffMary Stiles91 yearsKilled by her own dog in her own home[56]
December 30Pit bull-typeCody Adair4 yearsKilled by his uncle's chained dog[57]

Fatalities reported in 2006

News organizations reported 29 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2006. The dog breed most commonly reportedly involved in these attacks were pit bulls (12 attacks), followed by Rottweilers (9 attacks).

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
January 9RottweilerAshton Lee Scott11 monthsKilled by his grandmother's dog[58]
February 4BullmastiffConner Lourens7 yearsKilled by his neighbor's dog[59]
February 24RottweilerDominic Giordano4 yearsKilled in own back yard by his relative's dog[60][61]
March 14Pit bull-typeCharles Gilbert Dalton52 yearsKilled by his relative's two dogs. The owner pleaded guilty to manslaughter[62]
March 20RottweilerQuillan Cottrell3 yearsKilled by his family's dog[63]
April 10Pit Bull-Type"John Doe"UnknownClimbed fence into business with three guard dogs[64]
May 64 dogs, One mixed-breedDiana Acklin60 yearsThe DNA testing by UC-Davis confirmed that the mixed breed was involved in the attack,

but reported at least four other dogs were involved. The 2 great Pyrenees mixes suspected in the attack did not match DNA samples taken from the victim who suffered between 200 and 300 dog bites in total.[65]

May 11Pit bull-typeRaymond Tomco78 yearsKilled in his own home by his daughter's three dogs[66]
June 7Pit bull-type dogsShaun McCafferty27 yearsKilled outside a meth lab by one or more of the lab owner's dogs[67][68]
June 17Pit bull-typeJavelin Anderson15 monthsKilled by her family's chained dog[69]
June 22RottweilerGemma Carlos2 yearsKilled by a neighbor's dog in the neighbor's yard[70]
July 17WolfdogSandra Piovesan50 yearsKilled by one or more of her own 9 wolf-dog hybrids[71]
July 18Pit bull-typeBrandon Coleman25 yearsKilled in his own home by his own dog[72]
July 25Pit bull-type,


Mariah Puga3 yearsKilled by two of her family's dogs[73]
July 27Pit bull-typeJimmie McConnell71 yearsKilled while gardening in her own yard by her neighbor's dog[74]
July 31Pit bull-typeJohn Brannaman81 yearsKilled by his neighbor's two dogs while taking out the trash[75]
August 18Perro de Presa CanarioShawna Willey30 yearsKilled by her own dog while giving it a bath[76]
August 29Pit bull-typeFrank Baber49 yearsKilled by two dogs in the salvage yard where he was living[77]
August 29BoxerPablo Flietes52 yearsKilled when he entered the pen of his employer's dog[78]
October 3RottweilerJulius Graham2 yearsKilled when a neighbor's dog escaped its pen[79]
October 8Pit bull-typeJeannine Fusco44 yearsKilled by her friend's dog while taking care of it[80]
October 29Pit bull-typeDavid McCurry41 yearsKilled while inquiring about buying the dog that killed him[81]
November 3RottweilerAriel Pogue2 yearsKilled by one of her family's dogs[82]
November 3Pit Bull MixesMatthew Davis10 yearsKilled by six dogs while walking home[83]
November 4Pit bull-typeAllen Young22 monthsKilled by his family's four dogs[84]
November 6RottweilerLouis Romero, Jr.2 yearsKilled by his family's two dogs[85]
November 9Pit bull-typeRichard Adams47 yearsKilled by a dog guarding salvage yard[86]
November 13RottweilerJames Eisaman40 yearsKilled by his girlfriend's two dogs[87]
November 21Pit Bull-TypePedro Rios4 yearsKilled by two stray dogs outside his home[88]

Fatalities reported in 2007

News organizations reported 34 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2007. The dog breed most commonly reportedly involved in these attacks were pit bulls (15 attacks), followed by Rottweilers (4 attacks).

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
January 12Pit bull-typeAmber Jones10 yearsKilled when she tried to free a neighbor's dog after its collar was caught on their chain link as the dog tried to jump over the fence[89]
January 15German ShepherdLinda Mittino69 yearsKilled by her own dog[90]
January 24RottweilerMatthew Johnson6 yearsKilled by two dogs the family had just adopted[91]
January 28RottweilerTaylor Kitlica18 monthsKilled by a stray dog her family had chained in their front yard in the hope that the owner would find it[92]
February 16Pit bull-mix

English Mastiff-mix

Robynn Bradley2 yearsKilled while visiting her relatives when the relatives' two dogs escaped from their pen[93]
March 16Catahoula Bulldog
Pamela Rushing50 yearsKilled by her own dog;[94]
March 22Pit bull-typeCarolina Sotello2 yearsKilled by one of her family's dogs[95]
April 23Pit bull-typeBrian Palmer2 yearsKilled by his family's dog, the dog killed a cat a week before Palmer's death.[96]
May 13Pit bull-typeCelestino Rangel90 yearsKilled by his great niece's dogs[97]
May 25German Shepherd Dog, Doberman PinscherMagdalena Silva95 yearsKilled by her dogs as she went to feed them[98]
MayUnknown dogsCarshena Benjamin71 yearsKilled by unknown dogs.[99]
May 26Pit bull-typeDandre Fisher3 yearsKilled when he tried to climb over a fence into the dogs' yard[100]
June 17Chow-Chow mixPhyllis Carroll63 yearsKilled by her own dog[101]
June 29Mixed-breed dogsMary Bernal63 yearsKilled by her sister's dog while visiting her sister[102]
July 12RottweilerTiffany Pauley5 yearsKilled when she wandered into a neighbor's yard[103]
July 23Siberian HuskyTrey Paeth11 monthsKilled while visiting family friends when the friends' two dogs got into his playpen[104]
July 29Pit bull-typeSabin Jones-Abbott6 yearsKilled by his family's dog while trying to feed it[105]
August 16Pit bull-typeZachary King, Jr.7 yearsKilled by his family's dog[106]
August 18Chow Chow-MixElijah Rackley15 monthsKilled when playing with the puppies of a stray dog his family had chained in the yard[107]
August 31Pit bull-typeScott Warren6 yearsKilled without warning by his family's dog[108]
September 12RottweilerKylie Cox4 monthsKilled by visitor's dog when her mother set her down to warm a bottle of milk[109]
September 13American BulldogCheryl Harper56 yearsKilled by the same pack of roaming dogs that killed Edward Gierlach[110][111]
September 13American BulldogEdward Gierlach91 yearsKilled by the same pack of roaming dogs that killed Cheryl Harper[110][111]
September 25German Shepherd Dog-mixKarson Gilroy2 yearsKilled when he wandered onto a neighbor's property[112]
October 2Pit bull-typeTina Canterbury42 yearsKilled by her own dogs[113]
October 5Wolfdog"Jane Doe"73 yearsKilled by her son's eight wolf-dog hybrids[114]
October 15Pit Bull-MixRosalie Bivens65 yearsKilled by her son-in-law's seven dogs[115]
November 5American Bulldog-Mastiff mixTori Whitehurst4 yearsKilled by her family's dog[116]
November 7Pit bull-typeSeth Lovitt11 yearsKilled by his family's dog[117]
November 12Pit bull-typeJennifer Lowe21 yearsKilled at her friend's home by her friend's dogs, both having earlier been determined to be legally "dangerous"[118]
December 4Pit bull-typeCora Lee Suehead61 yearsKilled by her own four dogs[119]
December 13Pit bull-typeHolden Jernigan2 yearsKilled by his grandmother's dog[120]
December 17Pit bull-typeBlanche Brodeur76 yearsKilled at her son-in-law's home by her son-in-law's dog[121]
December 25Pit bull-typeKelly Caldwell45 yearsKilled outside her home by roaming dogs[122]

Fatalities reported in 2008

News organizations reported 23 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2008. The dog breed most commonly reportedly involved in these attacks were pit bull-type dogs (11 attacks), followed by Huskies (3 attacks).

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
January 4Doberman PinscherAndrew Stein8 monthsKilled by his family's dog[123]
January 17Jack Russell TerrierJustin Mozer6 weeksKilled by his family's dog while sleeping on a king size bed[124]
January 20Pit bull-typeKelli Chapman24 yearsKilled by her own two dogs[125]
April 28Husky-mixAbraham Tackett23 monthsKilled by a neighbor's chained dog, apparently protecting its food[126]
May 14Pit bull-typeJulian Slack3 yearsKilled in his own home by a neighbor's dog[127]
May 18Pit bull-typeTanner Monk7 yearsKilled by four of his neighbor's dogs.[128]
June 18Pit bull-typePablo Hernandez5 yearsKilled by his family's unchained dog[129]
June 28Golden Retriever-mix

Australian Shepherd Mixed breed

Lorraine May74 yearsKilled Breaking up fight between her dogs (theory)[130]
July 22Pit bull-typeTony Evans, Jr.3 yearsKilled when he wandered next to his neighbor's dog[131]
July 25Old English Sheepdog MixAddison Sonney14 monthsKilled by her family's dog[132]
July 28Labrador RetrieverZane Earles2 monthsKilled by his family's six-week old puppy[133]
August 14PitbullRobert Howard35 (est.)Killed while saving the lives of a neighbor and her dogs from a stray or escaped fighting dog.[134][135]
August 14Pit bull-typeIsis Kreiger6 yearsKilled by her family's dog[136]
August 17Pit bull-typeHenry Piotrowski90 yearsKilled in his own back yard by his neighbor's dogs[137]
September 4Pit bull-typeLuna McDaniel83 yearsKilled when her neighbor's three dogs broke out of their pen[138]
September 9HuskyAlexis Hennessy6 daysKilled in her crib by her family's dog[139]
September 12Pit bull-typeCenedi Carey4 monthsKilled by his family's two dogs after being torn out of her stroller[140]
September 22Husky"Jane Doe"3 daysKilled by her family's dog[141]
September 26Pit bull-typeKatya Todesco5 yearsKilled by her neighbor's dog[142]
October 5Pit Bull MixIopeka Liptak13 monthsKilled by her mother's dog[143]
October 31Pit bull-typeChester Jordan62 yearsKilled by his daughter's dogs[144]
November 26Pit bull-mixAlexander Adams2 yearsKilled by his family's dog[145]
December 19Pit bull-type

Pit bull-mix

Gerald Adelmund60 yearsKilled by his own two dogs[146]

Fatalities reported in 2009

News organizations reported 30 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2009. The dog breed most commonly reportedly involved in these attacks were pit bull-type dogs (11 attacks), followed by Rottweilers (4 attacks).

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
January 6Pit bull-typeCheyenne Peppers5 yearsKilled by her family's three dogs[147]
January 11RottweilerAlex Angulo4 yearsKilled by a least one of his foster family's dogs[148]
January 15RottweilerBrooklynn Milburn4 yearsKilled when she wandered into her neighbor's yard[149]
January 19HuskyOlivia Rozek3 weeksKilled by her family's dog after the dog pulled the child from a bed and dragged her into a hallway[150]
January 19Rottweiler-mixBrianna Shanor8 yearsKilled by her legal guardian's dog[151]
March 4Chow-ChowGolden Retriever mix"Jane Doe"2 weeksKilled by her family's dog[152]
March 16Italian MastiffHill Williams38 yearsKilled by his girlfriend's dogs[153]
March 22HuskyDustin Faulkner3 yearsKilled by his neighbor's dog when it broke free of its chain[154]
March 26Pit bull-typeTyson Miller2 yearsKilled by a dog that his mother was caring for[155]
March 31Pit bull-typeIzaiah Cox7 monthsKilled by his great-grandmother's two dogs[156]
April 10BoxerMichael Landry4 yearsKilled by his neighbor's three dogs when they escaped from their yard[157]
April 10Unknown (11)Gordon Lykins48 yearsKilled by a pack of 11 dogs[158]
April 13Blue HeelerAustralian Shepherd mixDavid Whitenack, Jr.41 yearsKilled by his landlord's three dogs[159]
April 22Pit bull-typeLeonard Lovejoy, Jr.11 monthsKilled by his family's dog[160]
June 15Pit bull-typeJustin Clinton10 yearsKilled when visiting a friend by dogs owned by the friend's family.[161] A jury awarded a US$7 million verdict for negligence against the dogs' owners.[162]
June 27Pit Bull Mix, Collie MixGabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage3 yearsKilled by mother's boyfriend's dogs[163]
August 10Pit bull-typeCarter Delaney20 yearsKilled by his brother's two dogs while caring for them[164]
August 14MongrelsSherry Schweder65 yearsKilled by the pack of 16 stray dogs that killed Lothar Schweder[165]
August 14MongrelsLothar Schweder77 yearsKilled by the pack of 16 stray dogs that killed Sherry Schweder[165]
August 15Pit bull-type"John Doe"3 daysKilled by his family's dog after being brought home from the hospital[166]
August 15Pit bull-typeJasmine Deane23 monthsKilled by her family's dog[167]
October 23Pit bull-mixColton Smith17 monthsKilled at his babysitter's home by his babysitter's dog[168]
October 28Pit bull-typeMatthew Clayton "Booter" Hurt2 yearsKilled when he ran after a Pit Bull puppy into his neighbor's yard[169]
November 5Pit bull-typeDestiny Knox16 monthsKilled at the home of her babysitter's boyfriend by one of the boyfriend's dogs[170]
November 24American BulldogKaren Gillespie53 yearsKilled by a dog adjacent to the owner's property[171]
November 30Pit bullRosie Humphries85 yearsKilled along with her pet poodle by a dog that broke free of its chain because the "D" ring failed[172]
December 4Pit bull-typeLowell Bowden70 yearsKilled by a pack of five dogs[173]
December 12Rottweiler-mixDallas Walters20 monthsKilled at his great-aunt's home by her dog during his cousin's birthday party[174]
December 12Alaskan MalamuteTheresa Ellerman49 yearsKilled at her friend's home by her friend's dog[175]
December 22WeimaranerLiam Peck2 yearsKilled by his family's dog[176]

Fatalities reported in 2010

News organizations reported 33 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2010. The dog breed most commonly reportedly involved in these attacks were pit bull-type dogs (18 attacks), followed by Rottweilers (4 attacks).

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
January 13Pit bull-typeMakayla Woodard5 yearsKilled by neighbor's two pit bulls[177]
January 9Pit bull-typeOmar Martinez3 yearsKilled by his family's dog[178]
January 17Pit bull-typeJohnny Wilson56 yearsKilled by his daughter's four dogs[179]
February 12Pit bullAnastasia Bingham6 yearsKilled while walking to a friend's home[180]
February 18Siberian HuskyRobert D. Hocker11 daysKilled by his family's dog[181]
February 20Pit bull-typeChristine Staab38 yearsKilled by her mother's dog[182]
February 20American BulldogViolet Serenity Haaker3 yearsKilled by one of her mother's dogs[183]
February 22Pit bull-type"Jane Doe"5 daysKilled by her family's dog[184]
March 1RottweilerAshlynn Anderson4 yearsKilled by her stepfather's (Ax Men star Jesse Browning) dog[185]
March 8RottweilerJustin Lopez8 monthsKilled by his family's two new dogs[186]
April 14Pit bull-mixThomas Carter, Jr.7 daysKilled by his family's dog[187]
May 20Mixed Breed Sled DogKrystal Brink3 yearsKilled when she wandered into her neighbor's sled dog yard, her uncle's brother later shot all 6 sled dogs to death[188]
May 28Pit bull-typeNathan Aguirre2 yearsKilled by his family's dog[189]
June 3Pit bull-typeSavannah Gragg9 yearsKilled in her home while opening the door to let the dog outside[190]
June 15Bullmastiff-mix

Pit bullBoxer mix

Michael Winters30 yearsKilled by his nine dogs (5 Bullmastiff, 3 Pit bullBoxer-mix, 1 Rottweiler-mix)[191]
July 12WolfdogKyle Holland5 yearsKilled by the dogs of his mother's live-in boyfriend[192]
July 20Pit bull-typeWilliam Parker71 yearsSuffered a fatal heart attack when attacked by two of his neighbor's dogs[193]
July 22Pit bull-typeJacob Bisbee2 yearsKilled by three of his step-grandfather's dogs.[194] The dogs had decapitated the family's pet Akita and killed the family's pet Chihuahua and parrot within the past year.[195]
July 31German Shepherd Dog-mixAaron Carlson2 yearsKilled by his family's dog[196]
August 19Pit BullsTracey Payne46 yearsKilled by Pit Bulls in vacant lot.[197]
August 22Pit bull-typeJerry Yates69 yearsKilled by 2 pit bulls a tenant was keeping on his land.[198]
August 25Pit bull-type

Mixed-breed dog

Jason Walter7 yearsKilled by a neighbor's three pit bull-type dogs and a mixed breed dog while staying at the neighbor's residence.[199]
August 26BoxerTaylor Becker4 yearsKilled by her familys friend's dog.[200]
September 4Pit bull-typeMattie Daugherty85 yearsKilled by her daughter's 9-year-old dog.[201]
October 13Unknown dog(s)Rev. John Reynolds sr.84 yearsPolice unable to identify dogs responsible.[202]
October 14Pit bull-typeEdward Mitchell67 yearsDied of complications of his injuries inflicted by his family's dog.[203]
October 24Pit bull-typeJustin Valentin[204]3 daysKilled by his family's dog[205]
November 2Pit bullWeimaraner-mixChristina Casey53 yearsKilled in her own yard by her neighbor's two dogs[206]
November 10Pit bull-typeKaden Muckleroy2 yearsKilled by his grandfather's dog[207][208]
November 15Mixed-breed dog (5)Cason Bryant5 yearsKilled in his own yard by five of his neighbor's dogs[209]
November 15German Shepherd DogShirley Lou Bird79 yearsKilled by her own dog[210]
November 16Pit bull-typeJustin Lane25 yearsKilled by his family's dog[211]
December 19RottweilerJanet Vaughan3 monthsKilled by one of nine family dogs while mom bathed another dog.[212]

Fatalities reported in 2011

News organizations reported 16 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2011. The dog breed most commonly reportedly involved in these attacks were pit bull-type dogs (11 attacks).

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
January 4Pit bull/Mix -TypeLinda Leal Castillo51 yearsIt was unclear if Leal died from injuries sustained during the dog attack or from existing liver cancer she had been battling.[213]
January 12Pit bull-typeMakayla Woodard5 yearsKilled by her neighbor's two dogs in their backyard. The dogs also attacked her grandmother. A neighbor reported that the dogs had been abused by their owner.[214][215]
February 17RottweilerSirlinda Hayes66 yearsKilled by her neighbor's two dogs in her own backyard. The dogs also attacked their owner when he tried to come to her aid.[216]
February 19Pit bull-typeDarius Tillman15 daysKilled by family's dog[217]
March 7RottweilerVanessa Husmann3 yearsKilled by family's two dogs[218]
April 24Pit bull - 4Margaret Salcedo48 yearsKilled by four dogs when she was out walking in her neighborhood.[219]
May 27Cane CorsoJayelin Graham4 yearsKilled by family's dog while playing with brothers in a bedroom.[220]
June 15Pit bull-typeRoy McSweeney74 yearsMauled by neighbors' two pit bulls while walking on his property.[221]
August 15Pit bullDarla Napora32"An autopsy...along with analysis by dog bite experts...concluded of her two dogs, a 2-year-old male named Gunner, took part in (this) fatal attack.[222]
August 30German Shepherd, bulldog, Alaskan Malamute, Pit bull mix and German Shepherd-Bulldog mix.[223]Addyson Paige Camerino9 daysMauled to death by 5 dogs in the kitchen of the family's home.[224]
August 30Pit bullCarmen Ramos50 yearsKilled by her own dogs.[225]
September 4Labrador-mixBrayden McCollenTwo weeksKilled by family dog.[226]
September 16Doberman PinscherDonna Conrad71 yearsKilled by her dog.[227]
September 30PitbullsNevaeh Bryant20 MonthsKilled by her Aunts three Pitbulls.[228]
December 5Pit bull-typeJoseph Hines58 yearsKilled by his dog in his home.[229]
December 8Pit bullMisti Wyno40 yearsKilled by her neighbor's dog.[230]

Fatalities reported in 2012

News organizations have reported 31 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2012. The dog breed most commonly reportedly involved in these attacks were pit bull-type dogs (18 attacks, not including mixes).

DateBreedVictim's nameVictim's ageCircumstances
December 31, 2011Pit bullMable McCallister84 yearsKilled by her grandson's dog.[231]
January 14Pit bullJace Valdez16 monthsKilled by his grandparent's dog.[232]
January 30German shepherdJohn Doe6 yearsMauled to death by a medical service dog that had allegedly been trained to help a Fort Campbell serviceman who suffers from PTSD.[233]
February 16HuskyHoward Nicholson, Jr.2 daysKilled by family's dog.[234]
March 4Pit bullDiane Jansen59 yearsShe was bitten on both legs by a pit bull while delivering mail on her route in Escondido. Died 3 and half days later.[235]
March 9RottweilerDylan Andres17 monthsKilled by neighbor's chained Rottweiler.[236]
March 25Pit bullKylar Johnson4 yearsKilled by neighbor's Pit bull.[237]
April 9Pit bullJames Hurst92 yearsKilled by neighbor's Pit Bull.[238]
April 20Retriever-mixAiden McGrew2 monthsKilled by family's dog.[239]
April 27MastiffRhodesian Ridgeback-mixJeremiah Eskew-Shahan1 yearKilled by Onion the family dog.[240]
May 2Pit bullClifford Wright72 yearsKilled by his son's dog.[241]
May 8Pit bullJazilyn Mesa15 monthsKilled by her father's pet dog.[242]
May 12Pit bullsMaryann Hanula73 yearsKilled by her neighbor's dog.[243]
May 17Pit bull-mixMakayla Darnell3 daysKilled by family's dog.[244]
May 26Pit bullEugene Cameron65 yearsKilled in a car port, found covered in dog bites. DNA from a dog who resided in a home next to the crime scene was a match.[245]
May 27Labrador-Shepherd-mixJa'Marr Tiller2 yearsKilled by two stray Labrador-shepherd mix dogs that were fed by one of family members .[246]
June 13Pit bull mixJack Redin2 yearsKilled by neighbor's two Pitbull mixed-breed dogs after wandering onto a neighboring property.[247]
June 14Pit bullTyzhel McWilliams8 monthsKilled by mother's roommate's dog[248]
July 11Pit bullBull mastiff mixRonnel Brown40 yearsKilled by his own dog[249]
August 11 or 12Two Presa Canarios, One pitbull, One pitbull-mix, One boxer-mixRebecca Carey23 yearsUnclear which or how many dogs (four her own, one her neighbor's) were responsible.[250]
August 162 Pit bullsCharles Hagerman44 yearsKilled by at least one of his own dogs.[251]
September 12 Cane CorsosDawn Jurgens76 yearsKilled by own dogs.[252]
September 6Unknown stray, possibly a "bulldog"Bryton Cason4 yearsKilled by a stray dog.[253]
September 92 Pit BullsDebra Renee Wilson-Roberts45 yearsKilled by own dogs, which had attacked her on a previous occasion. Neighbors had made multiple reports to authorities about the dogs being abused.[254]
September 11Pit Bull mixJames Hudson10 MonthsKilled by the family dog.[255]
September 202 RottweilerDonald Thomas82 yearsOutside checking his mail when two dogs owned by a neighbor mauled him to death.[256]
September 24Pit bullRayden Bruce3 MonthsKilled by the family dog[257]
September 26Pit BullNellie Davis60 yearsKilled by a family members dog.[258]
October 2Pack of 10-15 dogs, including 7 Pit Bulls, "several" German Shepherds, and unidentified mixed breedsMary Jo Hunt54 yearsKilled while attempting to break up a fight between a pack consisting of 10-15 dogs, with some of the larger dogs attacking the smaller ones.[259]
Oct 4Pit bullTarilyn Bowles3 weeksMauled indoors by family dog when left briefly unattended.[260]
Nov 14MastiffDawn Brown44 yearsKilled by her own dog.[261]

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