List of elected and appointed female heads of state

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Map showing countries which since independence have had, excluding monarchs:
  Female head of government
  Female head of state[1]
  Female head of state/government (combined)
  Female head of state and female head of government
Three former sovereign states (East Germany, Tannu Tuva, and Yugoslavia) have also had a female Head of State or Head of Government

This is a list of women who have been elected or appointed head of state of their respective countries since the mid 20th century. The list does not include female monarchs, nor does it include female heads of government who are not concurrently head of state, such as prime ministers.

Below the main list are separately listed female governors-general and French representatives of Andorra. As governors-general are appointed representatives of the monarch of the Commonwealth realms (currently Elizabeth II) and the French Representatives of Andorra are appointed representatives of the French Co-Prince of Andorra (currently François Hollande), they act as heads of state and carry out on a regular basis the functions and duties associated with such a role in the Commonwealth realms (excluding the United Kingdom, which has no governor-general, as the monarch of the Commonwealth realms primarily resides there) and Andorra, respectively.

To date, the country with most female Heads of State is San Marino (15, including three who served twice).

List of female heads of state[edit]

  Denotes incumbent head of state
NameImageCountryOfficeMandate startMandate endTerm length
Khertek Anchimaa-TokaKhertek Anchimaa-Toka.png.jpg Tannu TuvaChairperson of the Presidium of the Little Khural6 April 194011 October 19444 years, 188 days
Sükhbaataryn YanjmaaSükhbaataryn Yanjmaa.jpg MongoliaActing Chairperson of the Presidium of the State Great Khural7 September 19537 July 19540 years, 303 days
Soong Ching-lingSoong Ching-ling 1937.jpg People's Republic of ChinaActing Co-Chairperson31 October 196824 April 19723 years, 176 days
Isabel Martínez de PerónIsabelita ícono.jpg ArgentinaPresident1 July 197424 March 19761 year, 267 days
Lidia Gueiler TejadaLIDIA GUEILER TEJADA.jpg BoliviaActing President16 November 197917 July 19800 years, 244 days
Vigdís FinnbogadóttirVigdis Finnbogadottir (1985).jpg IcelandPresident1 August 19801 August 199616 years, 0 days
Maria Lea Pedini-AngeliniNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 April 19811 October 19810 years, 183 days
Soong Ching-lingSoong Ching-ling 1937.jpg People's Republic of ChinaHonorary President16 May 198128 May 19810 years, 12 days
Agatha BarbaraMs Agatha Barbara.jpg MaltaPresident15 February 198215 February 19875 years, 0 days
Gloriana RanocchiniNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 April 19841 October 19840 years, 183 days
Carmen PereiraNo image.svg Guinea-BissauActing President of Guinea-Bissau14 May 198416 May 19840 years, 2 days
Elisabeth KoppElisabeth Kopp.gif  SwitzerlandMember of the Swiss Federal Council21 October 198412 January 19894 years, 83 days
Corazon AquinoCorazon Aquino 1986.jpg PhilippinesPresident25 February 198630 June 19926 years, 126 days
Gloriana RanocchiniNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 October 19891 April 19900 years, 182 days
Ertha Pascal-TrouillotNo image.svg HaitiActing President13 March 19907 February 19910 years, 331 days
Sabine Bergmann-PohlSabine Bergmann-Pohl.jpg East GermanyPresident of the People's Chamber5 April 19902 October 19900 years, 180 days
Violeta ChamorroVioleta Chamorro 1993.jpg NicaraguaPresident25 April 199010 January 19976 years, 260 days
Mary RobinsonMary Robinson-Obama31.04secs.png IrelandPresident3 December 199012 September 19976 years, 283 days
Edda CeccoliNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 October 19911 April 19920 years, 183 days
Ruth DreifussRuth Dreifuss.gif  SwitzerlandMember of the Swiss Federal Council1 April 199331 December 20029 years, 296 days
Patrizia BusignaniNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 April 19931 October 19930 years, 183 days
Sylvie KinigiNo image.svg BurundiActing President27 October 19935 February 19940 years, 101 days
Chandrika KumaratungaChandrika Kumaratunga.jpg Sri LankaPresident12 November 199419 November 200511 years, 17 days
Ruth PerryNo image.svg LiberiaChairperson of the Council of State3 September 19962 August 19970 years, 333 days
Rosalía Arteaga SerranoR Arteaga.jpg EcuadorActing President9 February 199711 February 19970 years, 2 days
Mary McAleeseMary McAleese.jpg IrelandPresident11 November 199710 November 201113 years, 364 days
Janet JaganJanet Jagan.png GuyanaPresident19 December 199711 August 19991 year, 235 days
Ruth Metzler-ArnoldRuth Metzler.gif  SwitzerlandMember of the Swiss Federal Council1 May 199931 December 20034 years, 295 days
Rosa ZafferaniNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 April 19991 October 19990 years, 183 days
Vaira Vīķe-FreibergaVaira Vike-Freiberga 13062007.JPG LatviaPresident8 July 19998 July 20078 years, 0 days
Mireya MoscosoMireya Moscoso.jpg PanamaPresident1 September 19991 September 20045 years, 0 days
Tarja HalonenTarja Halonen 2003.jpg FinlandPresident1 March 20001 March 201212 years, 0 days
Maria Domenica MichelottiNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 April 20001 October 20000 years, 183 days
Gloria Macapagal-ArroyoGloria Macapagal Arroyo WEF 2009-crop.jpg PhilippinesPresident20 January 200130 June 20109 years, 161 days
Megawati SukarnoputriPresident Megawati Sukarnoputri - Indonesia.jpg IndonesiaPresident23 July 200120 October 20043 years, 89 days
Micheline Calmy-ReyMicheline Calmy-Rey 2011.jpg  SwitzerlandMember of the Swiss Federal Council1 January 200331 December 20118 years, 364 days
Valeria CiavattaNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 October 20031 April 20040 years, 183 days
Nino BurjanadzeNinoB.jpg GeorgiaActing President23 November 200325 January 20040 years, 63 days
Fausta MorgantiNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 April 20051 October 20050 years, 183 days
Ellen Johnson SirleafEllen Johnson-Sirleaf, April 2010.jpg LiberiaPresident16 January 2006Incumbent8 years, 78 days
Michelle BacheletMichele Bachelet (2009).jpg ChilePresident11 March 200611 March 20104 years, 0 days
Doris LeuthardDoris Leuthard, 2010.jpg  SwitzerlandMember of the Swiss Federal Council1 August 2006Incumbent7 years, 246 days
Dalia ItzikDalya itzik.jpg IsraelActing President25 January 200715 July 20070 years, 171 days
Pratibha PatilPratibhaIndia.jpg IndiaPresident25 July 200725 July 20125 years, 0 days
Nino BurjanadzeNinoB.jpg GeorgiaActing President25 November 200720 January 20080 years, 56 days
Cristina Fernández de KirchnerCristina fernandez de kirchner cropped 2007-04-25.JPG ArgentinaPresident10 December 2007Incumbent6 years, 115 days
Eveline Widmer-SchlumpfEveline Widmer-Schlumpf, 2010.jpg  SwitzerlandMember of the Swiss Federal Council1 January 2008Incumbent6 years, 93 days
Rosa ZafferaniNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 April 20081 October 20080 years, 183 days
Assunta MeloniNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 October 20081 April 20090 years, 182 days
Rose Francine RogombéNo image.svg GabonActing President10 June 200916 October 20090 years, 128 days
Dalia GrybauskaitėDalia Grybauskaitė 2010.jpg LithuaniaPresident12 July 2009Incumbent4 years, 266 days
Roza OtunbayevaRoza Otunbaeva.jpg KyrgyzstanPresident7 April 20101 December 20111 year, 238 days
Laura ChinchillaChinchilla Adelante.jpg Costa RicaPresident8 May 2010Incumbent3 years, 331 days
Simonetta SommarugaSimonetta Sommaruga (2007).jpg  SwitzerlandMember of the Swiss Federal Council1 November 2010Incumbent3 years, 154 days
Dilma RousseffDilma Rousseff - foto oficial 2011-01-09.jpg BrazilPresident1 January 2011Incumbent3 years, 93 days
Maria Luisa BertiNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 April 20111 October 20110 years, 183 days
Atifete JahjagaAtifete Jahjaga 2011.jpg KosovoPresident7 April 2011Incumbent2 years, 362 days
Monique Ohsan BellepeauNo image.svg MauritiusActing President31 March 201221 July 20120 years, 112 days
Slavica Đukić DejanovićSlavica Djukic Dejanovic (1).jpg SerbiaActing President5 April 201231 May 20120 years, 56 days
Joyce BandaJoyce Banda Department for International Development photo.jpg MalawiPresident7 April 2012Incumbent1 year, 362 days
Denise BronzettiNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 October 20121 April 20130 years, 182 days
Park Geun-hyePark Geun-hye.jpg South KoreaPresident25 February 2013Incumbent1 year, 38 days
Antonella MularoniAntonella Mularoni.jpg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 April 20131 October 20130 years, 183 days
Anna Maria MuccioliNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 October 20131 April 20140 years, 182 days
Catherine Samba-PanzaNo image.svg Central African RepublicActing President23 January 2014Incumbent0 years, 71 days
Michelle BacheletMichele Bachelet (2009).jpg ChilePresident11 March 2014Incumbent0 years, 24 days
Valeria CiavattaNo image.svg San MarinoCaptain Regent1 April 2014Incumbent0 years, 3 days
Marie Louise Coleiro PrecaNo image.svg MaltaPresident4 April 2014Incumbent0 years, 0 days

List of female representatives of heads of state[edit]

  Denotes incumbent representative of head of state
NameImageCountryOfficeMandate startMandate endTerm length
Dame Elmira Minita GordonNo image.svg BelizeGovernor-General21 September 198117 November 199312 years, 57 days
Jeanne SauvéGG-Jeanne Sauve.jpg CanadaGovernor General14 May 198429 January 19905 years, 260 days
Dame Nita BarrowNo image.svg BarbadosGovernor-General6 June 199019 December 19955 years, 196 days
Dame Catherine TizardCatherine Tizard.jpg New ZealandGovernor-General13 December 199021 March 19965 years, 99 days
Dame Pearlette LouisyNo image.svg Saint LuciaGovernor-General17 September 1997Incumbent16 years, 199 days
Adrienne ClarksonAdrienne Clarkson by Andrew Rusk.jpg CanadaGovernor General7 October 199927 September 20055 years, 324 days
Dame Sian EliasNo image.svg New ZealandAdministrator of the Government (acting Governor-General)22 March 20014 April 20010 years, 13 days
Dame Silvia CartwrightNo image.svg New ZealandGovernor-General4 April 20014 August 20065 years, 122 days
Dame Ivy DumontNo image.svg The BahamasGovernor-General11 November 200130 November 20054 years, 19 days
Monica DaconNo image.svg Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesacting Governor-General3 June 20022 September 20020 years, 91 days
Michaëlle JeanMichaëlle Jean 1 11072007.jpg CanadaGovernor General27 September 20051 October 20105 years, 4 days
Dame Sian EliasNo image.svg New ZealandAdministrator of the Government (acting Governor-General)4 April 200623 August 20060 years, 141 days
Emmanuelle MignonNo image.svg AndorraRepresentative of the French Co-Prince6 June 200724 September 20081 year, 110 days
Dame Louise Lake-TackNo image.svg Antigua and BarbudaGovernor-General17 July 2007Incumbent6 years, 261 days
Dame Quentin BryceGovernor-General of Australia, Quentin Bryce.jpg AustraliaGovernor-General5 September 200828 March 20145 years, 204 days
Dame Sian EliasNo image.svg New ZealandAdministrator of the Government (acting Governor-General)23 August 201131 August 20110 years, 8 days
Sylvie HubacNo image.svg AndorraRepresentative of the French Co-Prince15 May 2012Incumbent1 year, 324 days
Sandra MasonNo image.svg Barbadosacting Governor-General30 May 20121 June 20120 years, 2 days
Dame Cécile La GrenadeNo image.svg GrenadaGovernor-General7 May 2013Incumbent0 years, 332 days

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  1. ^ including female representatives of heads of state, such as Governors-General and French Representatives of Andorra

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