List of earthquakes and tsunamis in the United States

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The following is a list of notable earthquakes and/or tsunamis which had their epicenter in areas that are now part of the United States with the latter affecting areas of the United States.

Two-percent probability of exceedance in 50 years map of peak ground acceleration from the United States Geological Survey, released July 17, 2014
DateState(s)MagnitudeFatalitiesFurther information
January 26, 1700Washington, Oregon, California8.7 - 9.2Unknown1700 Cascadia earthquake
November 18, 1755Massachusetts5.9Unknown1755 Cape Ann Earthquake
December 16, 1811Missouri7.2 - 8.1Unknown1811–1812 New Madrid earthquakes
December 8, 1812California6.940+1812 Wrightwood earthquake
January 9, 1857California7.921857 Fort Tejon earthquake
April 24, 1867Kansas5.101867 Manhattan, Kansas earthquake
April 2, 1868Hawaii7.977 total1868 Hawaii earthquake and tsunami
October 21, 1868California6.8 - 7.0301868 Hayward earthquake
December 14, 1872Washington6.5 - 7.001872 North Cascades earthquake
March 26, 1872California7.6 - 8.0+271872 Lone Pine earthquake
August 31, 1886South Carolina7.360-1101886 Charleston earthquake
April 18, 1906California7.93000+1906 San Francisco earthquake
September 27, 1909Indiana5.101909 Wabash River earthquake
October 3, 1915Nevada7.101915 Pleasant Valley earthquake
June 29, 1925California6.8131925 Santa Barbara earthquake[1]
August 16, 1931Texas5.801931 Valentine earthquake
March 10, 1933California6.41201933 Long Beach earthquake
May 18, 1940California6.991940 El Centro earthquake
December 20, 1940New Hampshire5.301940 New Hampshire earthquakes
December 24, 1940New Hampshire5.501940 New Hampshire earthquakes
April 1, 1946Alaska8.6165 total1946 Aleutian Islands earthquake and tsunami
May 6, 1947WisconsinUnknown01947 Wisconsin earthquake
December 4, 1948California6.0 - 6.501948 Desert Hot Springs earthquake
April 13, 1949Washington7.181949 Olympia earthquake
July 21, 1952California7.5141952 Kern County earthquake
March 9, 1957Alaska8.601957 Andreanof Islands earthquake and tsunami
July 9, 1958Alaska8.35 (tsunami)1958 Lituya Bay earthquakes and megatsunami
August 17, 1959Montana, Wyoming7.3 - 7.528+1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake
March 27, 1964Alaska9.2143 total1964 Alaska earthquake and tsunami
February 4, 1965Alaska8.701965 Rat Islands earthquake and tsunami
April 29, 1965Washington6.531965 Olympia earthquake
August 9, 1967Colorado5.30Rocky Mountain Arsenal#Deep injection well
November 26, 1967Colorado5.20Rocky Mountain Arsenal#Deep injection well
November 9, 1968Illinois5.401968 Illinois earthquake
October 2, 1969California5.6 - 5.711969 Santa Rosa earthquakes
February 9, 1971California6.6651971 San Fernando earthquake
July 9, 1975Minnesota4.601975 Morris earthquake
August 1, 1975California5.801975 Oroville earthquake
May 2, 1983California6.501983 Coalinga earthquake
October 28, 1983Idaho7.321983 Borah Peak earthquake
April 24, 1984California6.201984 Morgan Hill earthquake
October 1, 1987California5.981987 Whittier Narrows earthquake
October 17, 1989California6.9631989 Loma Prieta earthquake
April 25–26, 1992California6.5 - 7.201992 Cape Mendocino earthquakes
June 28, 1992California7.331992 Landers earthquake
June 28, 1992California6.501992 Big Bear earthquake
March 25, 1993Oregon5.601993 Scotts Mills earthquake
September 20, 1993Oregon6.021993 Klamath Falls earthquakes
January 17, 1994California6.7331994 Northridge earthquake
April 14, 1995Texas5.701995 Marathon earthquake
May 2, 1996Washington5.601996 Duvall earthquake
September 25, 1998Pennsylvania5.201998 Pymatuning earthquake
October 30, 1998Nevada4.90N/A
October 16, 1999California7.101999 Hector Mine earthquake
February 28, 2001Washington6.812001 Nisqually earthquake
November 3, 2002Alaska7.902002 Denali earthquake
April 29, 2003Alabama4.602003 Alabama earthquake
December 9, 2003Virginia4.502003 Virginia earthquake
December 22, 2003California6.522003 San Simeon earthquake
September 10, 2006Florida5.802006 Gulf of Mexico earthquake
October 15, 2006Hawaii6.702006 Hawaii earthquake
October 30, 2007California5.602007 Alum Rock earthquake
December 19, 2007Alaska7.202007 Andreanof Islands earthquake
April 18, 2008Illinois5.402008 Illinois earthquake
July 29, 2008California5.502008 Chino Hills earthquake
January 9, 2010California6.502010 Eureka earthquake
February 10, 2010Illinois3.802010 Illinois earthquake
July 7, 2010California5.402010 Borrego Springs earthquake
December 30, 2010Indiana3.802010 Indiana earthquake
August 22, 2011Colorado5.302011 Colorado earthquake
August 23, 2011Virginia5.902011 Virginia earthquake
September 2, 2011Alaska6.802011 Alaska earthquake
November 5, 2011Oklahoma5.602011 Oklahoma earthquake
October 16, 2012Maine4.002012 Maine earthquake
January 5, 2013Alaska7.502013 Craig earthquake
May 24, 2013California5.70N/A
March 17, 2014California4.40N/A
March 28, 2014California5.10N/A
March 30, 2014Wyoming4.80N/A
June 23, 2014Alaska7.902014 Aleutian Islands earthquake
July 25, 2014Alaska5.902014 Southeast Alaska earthquake
August 24, 2014California6.012014 South Napa earthquake
September 25, 2014Alaska6.202014 Southern Alaska earthquake
November 12, 2014Kansas4.80N/A
December 1, 2014Arizona4.70N/A

Earthquakes which affected the United States but whose epicenters were outside the United States borders:

Earthquakes which did not affect the United States directly, but caused tsunamis which did:

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