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This article is about hybrids between different breeds of dog. For hybrids of domestic dogs with other canid species, see Canid hybrid.
A German Sheprador at 3.5 months. A cross between a German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever.

This is a list of common dog crossbreeds.

Breeds of hybrid origin[edit]

Originating as crossbreeds, now sustained independently of the parent breeds.

NamePictureCross ofWithNotes
Bulgarian Shepherd DogKarakachan DogCaucasian Shepherd Dog, Central Asian Shepherd Dog, St. Bernard, Newfoundland
Bull TerrierOld English BulldogOld English Terrier
Catahoula BulldogCatahoula Leopard DogAmerican BulldogA large Molosser-type dog bred for herding hogs and cattle; hunting wild boar and American Black Bear. Typically bred in a 75% Catahoula Leopard and 25% American Bulldog formula.[citation needed]
ChinookHusky/Mastiff mix called ChinookCanadian Eskimo Dog, Belgian Sheepdog, German Shepherd DogCreated by Arthur Treadwell Walden in New Hampshire
EurasierChow ChowKeeshond, Samoyed
Irish WolfhoundSurviving original Irish WolfhoundsScottish Deerhound, Great Dane
King ShepherdGerman Shepherd (both short and longhaired variations)Shiloh Shepherd, Great PyreneesDeveloped by Shelly Watts-Cross and David Turkheimer
Kyi-LeoMalteseLhasa Apso
Majestic Tree HoundCoonhoundBloodhoundBig game hounds of the old Bloodhound/Talbot/St. Hubert type inhabited American soil for many years, and these were crossed with a variety of other hounds for coldtrailing work. The Majestic people say they crossed these Bloodhounds with "western big-game hounds."
Scotch Collie (Rough Collie/Smooth Collie)Working collies, probably similar to modern Border CollieBorzoi and perhaps other breeds
Shetland SheepdogSpitz-type herding dogs from Shetland (similar to Icelandic Sheepdog)Rough Collie, PomeranianVarious breeds used to create a miniature version of the Rough Collie
Shiloh Shepherd DogGerman ShepherdAlaskan MalamuteDeveloped in Shiloh Kennels by Tina Barber
Silken Windhounda multi-generational line of small Whippet-based lurchersBorzoi and WhippetCreated a medium-sized, coated sighthound breed
Tamaskan DogSiberian HuskyAlaskan Malamute

Common first-cross hybrids[edit]

These are dogs created deliberately by crossing two purebred dogs. Sometimes known as "designer dogs", and often given portmanteau names derived from those of the parent breeds. There is a very large number of possible combinations, and the following table only lists those most often bred deliberately. Breed associations such as the AKC, the UKC, and the CKC, do not recognize "designer dog" crosses as breeds.

NamePictureCross ofWithNotes
AussiedoodleAustralian ShepherdStandard or Miniature Poodle[1]
BeaglierBeagleCavalier King Charles SpanielBeing bred as a companion dog[2]
BichpooBichon FrisePoodle
BoradorBorder CollieLabrador Retriever[1]
CavachonCavalier King Charles SpanielBichon Frise[3]
CockapooCockapoo puppy aged approximately 3 months.jpgPoodleCocker Spaniel
ChorkieChihuahuaYorkshire Terrier[4][5]
GoldendoodlePoodleGolden Retriever
LabradoodleLabradoodle-male-australian-9-months.jpgPoodleLabrador RetrieverBred as a nonshedding alternative to Labrador Retrievers.[7]
LurcherAny sighthoundMost commonly a collie-type herding dog, or a terrierDogs of long-dog type, very variable in size according to parents; often rough-coated. Traditionally used for poaching – typically faster than a collie and easier to train and less conspicuous than many sighthounds.
Mal-shiMalteseShih-TzuActive, playful small dogs. Adults weigh about 7 pounds.
PuggleBeaglePugCrossbred to combat genetic respiratory disorders in the Pug breed.
SchnoodlePoodleMiniature or Standard Schnauzer
Shih-poo, Pooshih, Shih Tzu PoodlePoodleShih TzuBeing bred as a companion dog[6]
Texas HeelerAustralian Cattle DogAustralian Shepherd
YorkiepooYorkshire terrierPoodle

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