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This is a list of deserts in the world by area. It includes all deserts with an area greater than 50,000 square kilometres (19,300 sq mi).

Some of the Earth's biggest deserts

The List

(sq mi)
1Antarctic DesertPolarAntarctica 6400px from Blue Marble.jpg13,800,000 13,829,430[1]05,340,000 5,339,573Antarctica
2ArcticPolarArctica surface.jpg13,700,000 13,726,937[2]5,300,000Alaska (United States), Canada, Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden
3SaharaSubtropicalSahara satellite hires.jpg09,100,000 9,100,000+[3]03,320,000 3,320,000+Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia and Western Sahara
4Arabian DesertSubtropicalArabian Desert.png02,331,000 2,330,000[4]00,900,000 900,000Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen
5Gobi DesertCold WinterGobi.png01,300,000 1,300,000[3]00,500,000 500,000Mongolia and China
6Kalahari DesertSubtropicalKalahari.png00,900,000 900,000[5]00,360,000 360,000Angola, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa
7Patagonian DesertCold WinterPatagonian.png00,673,000 670,000[3]00,260,000 260,000Argentina and Chile
8Great Victoria DesertSubtropicalIBRA 6.1 Great Victoria Desert.png00,647,000 647,000[2]00,250,000 250,000Australia
9Syrian DesertSubtropicalSyrian Desert.png00,520,000 520,000[2]00,200,000 200,000Syria, Jordan and Iraq
10Great Basin DesertCold WinterGreatbasinmap.png00,492,000 492,000[2]00,190,000 190,000United States
11Chihuahuan DesertSubtropicalChihuahua desert.jpg00,450,000 450,000[2]00,175,000 175,000Mexico and United States
12Great Sandy DesertSubtropicalAustralia deserts.PNG00,400,000 400,000[2]00,150,000 150,000Australia
13Karakum DesertCold WinterKarakum.png00,350,000 350,000[2]00,135,000 135,000Turkmenistan
14Colorado PlateauCold WinterFour corners.jpg00,337,000 337,000[2]00,130,000 130,000United States
15Sonoran DesertSubtropicalMojave-sonoran deserts.png00,310,000 310,000[2]00,120,000 120,000Mexico and United States
16Kyzyl KumCold WinterKyzyl Kum.png00,300,000 300,000[2]00,115,000 115,000Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
17Taklamakan DesertCold WinterTaklamakan.png00,270,000 270,000[3]00,105,000 105,000China
18Thar DesertSubtropicalThar Desert satellite.jpg00,200,000 200,000[6]00,077,000 77,000India and Pakistan
19Gibson DesertSubtropicalIBRA 6.1 Gibson Desert.png00,155,000 156,000[7]00,060,000 60,000Australia
20Simpson DesertSubtropicalSimpson-Desert-2007-12-16-NASA.jpg00,145,000 145,000[2]00,056,000 56,000Australia
21Atacama DesertCool CoastalAtacama.png00,140,000 140,000[2]00,054,000 54,000Chile and Peru
22Mojave DesertSubtropicalMojave-sonoran deserts.png00,124,000 124,000[8][9]00,048,000 48,000United States
23Namib DesertCool CoastalNamib desert MODIS.jpg00,081,000 81,000[2]00,031,000 31,000Angola and Namibia
24Dasht-e KavirCold WinterKavir.png00,077,000 77,000[10]00,030,000 30,000Iran
25Dasht-e LutCold WinterDasht-e Lut Iran 2006-02-28 ISS012-E-18779.jpg00,052,000 52,000[10]00,020,000 20,000Iran

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