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John Barrymore
Truman Capote
Ira Hayes
O. Henry
Joseph McCarthy
Modest Mussorgsky
Amy Winehouse

This is a list of notable people who died either from the effects of excessive alcohol consumption or alcohol poisoning. The Journal of the American Medical Association defines alcoholism as "a primary, chronic disease characterized by impaired control over drinking, preoccupation with the drug alcohol, use of alcohol despite adverse consequences, and distortions in thinking, most notably denial."[1] The majority of people in this list died from causes brought on by alcoholism. In some cases, they died of multiple causes, with alcoholism being a major factor. Exceptions to this are those who died from accidental death, such as alcohol poisoning caused by binge drinking. In these cases, misuse of drugs sometimes contributed to the person dying. Deaths caused indirectly by alcohol, such as in a car accident are not listed here. The table below lists people who died as a direct result of alcohol misuse. Dates of death are listed instead of dates of birth.

List of deaths

NameDeath dateLocationCauseAgeOccupation
Alan WattsNovember 16, 1973Mt. Tamalpais, California, USAAlcohol poisoning58Philosopher, theologian, prolific writer
John Barrymore29 May 1942Hollywood, United StatesVarious60Actor[2]
Brendan Behan20 March 1964Dublin, IrelandAlcoholism41Writer[3]
Bix Beiderbecke6 August 1931New York, United StatesPneumonia28Musician[4]
George Best25 November 2005London, United KingdomAlcoholism59Football player[5]
John Bonham25 September 1980Windsor, United KingdomAsphyxiation32Drummer for Led Zeppelin, Musician[6]
Julia Bruns24 December 1927New York City, United StatesAlcohol poisoning32Actress, model[7]
Rob Buck19 December 2000Pittsburgh, United StatesLiver failure42Musician[8]
Richard Burton5 August 1984Geneva, SwitzerlandCerebral haemorrhage58Actor[9]
David Byron28 February 1985Reading, United KingdomAlcoholism38Musician[10]
Truman Capote25 August 1984Los Angeles, United StatesLiver disease59Writer[11]
Torsten Carleman25 January 1949Stockholm, SwedenAlcoholism[12]57Mathematician[13]
Leonard Chadwick18 May 1940Boston, United StatesAsphyxiation61War hero[14]
Raymond Chandler26 March 1959La Jolla, United StatesPneumonia70Writer[15]
Michael Clarke18 December 1993Treasure Island, United StatesAlcoholism47Musician[16]
Miika Tenkula19 February 2009Muhos, FinlandAlcoholism34guitarist[17]
Brian Connolly9 February 1997Slough, United KingdomRenal failure52Singer[18]
Peter Cook9 January 1995London, United KingdomGastro-intestinal haemorrhage57Comedian[19]
Michael Elphick7 September 2002London, United KingdomAlcoholism55Actor[20]
W. C. Fields25 December 1946Pasadena, United StatesAlcoholism66Actor[21]
F. Scott Fitzgerald21 December 1940Hollywood, United StatesHeart attack44Writer[22]
Errol Flynn14 October 1959Vancouver, CanadaHeart attack50Actor[23]
Garrincha20 Jan 1983Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAlcoholism49Footballer[24]
Alexander Godunov18 May 1995Hollywood, United StatesAlcoholism45Dancer/actor[25]
Patrick Hamilton23 September 1962Sheringham, United KingdomCirrhosis58Writer[26]
William Rowan Hamilton2 September 1865IrelandGout60Mathematician[27]
Lorenz Hart22 November 1943New York City, United StatesAlcoholism48Lyricist[28]
Ira Hayes23 January 1955Arizona, United StatesExposure32War hero[29]
Ian Hendry24 December 1984London, United KingdomStomach haemorrhage53Actor
O. Henry5 June 1910New York, United StatesCirrhosis47Writer[30]
William Holden12 November 1981Santa Monica, United StatesAlcoholism63Actor
Billie Holiday17 July 1959New York City, United StatesAlcoholism44Singer[31]
Naftali Herz Imber8 October 1909New York, United StatesAlcoholism53Poet[32]
Yootha Joyce24 August 1980London, EnglandAlcoholism53Actress[33]
Phil Katz14 April 2000Wisconsin, United StatesAlcoholism37Computer programmer[34]
Jack Kerouac21 October 1969Tampa Bay, United StatesAlcoholism47Writer[35]
Veronica Lake7 July 1973Vermont, United StatesAcute hepatitis50Actress[36]
Kevin Lloyd2 May 1998Staffordshire, United KingdomAlcoholism49Actor[37]
Mickey Mantle13 August 1995Dallas, United StatesLiver cancer63New York Yankees center fielder[38]
Joseph McCarthy2 May 1957Maryland, United StatesAcute hepatitis48Politician[39]
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan8 March 1973Corte Madera, United StatesGastrointestinal haemorrhage27Musician[40]
Clyde McPhatter13 June 1972The Bronx, United StatesHeart attack39R&B singer[41]
Grace Metalious25 February 1964Boston, United StatesCirrhosis39Writer[42]
Gary Moore6 February 2011Estepona, SpainHeart attack58Musician
Jim Morrison3 July 1971Paris, FranceAlcoholism27Musician, Poet
Modest Mussorgsky28 March 1881Saint Petersburg, RussiaAlcoholism42Composer[43]
Barbara Payton8 May 1967San Diego, United StatesLiver failure39Actress[44]
Franklin Pierce8 October 1869Concord, United StatesEdema64U.S. President[45]
Oliver Reed2 May 1999MaltaAlcoholism61Actor[46]
Bon Scott19 February 1980Dulwich, United KingdomAlcohol poisoning33AC/DC singer/songwriter[47]
Ramses Shaffy1 December 2009Dr. Sarphatihouse, Amsterdam, the NetherlandsEsophageal Cancer76Singer, Actor
Jean Stafford26 March 1979White Plains, United StatesCardiac arrest63Writer[48]
Dylan Thomas9 November 1953New York, United StatesAlcoholism39Writer[49]
James Thurber2 November 1961New York, United StatesStroke66Cartoonist and writer[50]
Amy Winehouse23 July 2011London, United KingdomAlcohol poisoning27singer/songwriter[51]
Keith Whitley9 May 1989Nashville, United StatesAlcohol poisoning33Country music singer[52]
Hank Williams1 January 1953Oak Hill, United StatesAcute ventricular dilation29Musician[53]
David Woodley4 May 2003Shreveport, United StatesLiver disease44NFL quarterback[54]
Lester Young15 March 1959New York, United StatesHeart failure49Musician[55]
Townes Van Zandt1 January 1997Texas, United StatesHeart attack52Musician[56]
Jani Lane10 August 2011Los Angeles, California, United StatesAlcohol poisoning47Musician[57]

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