List of deaths in rock and roll

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Monument at the crash site of the airplane carrying Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens; "The Day the Music Died"

In the history of rock and roll and rock music, there have been many notable deaths, many quite young but still leaving their mark on music. The following is a list of the names of many such iconic figures, along with the date, cause of death, location, and age at time of death.


1950s deaths

NameAgeDateLocationCause of death
Cecil Gant37February 4, 1951Nashville, Tennessee, USAHeart attack
Hank Williams29January 1, 1953Oak Hill, West Virginia, USAAcute rt. ventricular dilation
Danny Cedrone
Bill Haley & His Comets
33June 17, 1954Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USABroken neck from fall down stairs
Johnny Ace25December 24, 1954Houston, Texas, USAAccidental Shooting
Chuck Willis30April 10, 1958Atlanta, Georgia, USAPeritonitis
Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly & The Crickets
22February 3, 1959Near Clear Lake, Iowa, USAPlane crash
J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson28February 3, 1959Near Clear Lake, Iowa, USAPlane crash
Ritchie Valens17February 3, 1959Near Clear Lake, Iowa, USAPlane crash
Eddie "Guitar Slim" Jones32February 7, 1959New York City, USAPneumonia

1960s deaths

NameAgeDateLocationCause of death
Jesse Belvin27February 6, 1960Fairhope, Arkansas, USACar crash
Eddie Cochran21April 17, 1960Chippenham, Wiltshire, EnglandLimo accident
Johnny Horton35November 5, 1960Milano, Texas, USACar crash
Stuart Sutcliffe
The Beatles
21April 10, 1962Hamburg, West GermanyCerebral hemorrhage
Patsy Cline30March 5, 1963Camden, Tennessee, USAPlane crash
Elmore James45May 24, 1963Chicago, Illinois, USAHeart attack
Dinah Washington39December 14, 1963Detroit, Michigan, USAAccidental overdose
Cyril Davies31January 7, 1964Leukemia
Rudy Lewis
The Drifters
27May 20, 1964New York City, New York, USAChoked to death in his sleep
Johnny Burnette
The Rock and Roll Trio
30August 14, 1964Clear Lake, California, USADrowning
Sam Cooke33December 11, 1964Los Angeles, California, USAShot to death by Bertha Franklin
Alan Freed
Popularised the term "Rock & Roll"
43January 20, 1965Palm Springs, California, USAUremia and liver cirrhosis
Sonny Boy Williamson II
aka Aleck "Rice" Miller
probably 57
May 25, 1965Helena, Arkansas, USAHeart attack
Bill Black, Jr.39October 21, 1965Memphis, Tennessee, USABrain tumor
Henry Booth
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
Richard Fariña29April 30, 1966Carmel Valley, California, USAMotorcycle accident
Bobby Fuller23July 18, 1966Los Angeles, California, USASuicide, although suspicious
Johnny Kidd
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
30October 7, 1966Bury, Lancashire, EnglandCar crash
Joe Meek37February 3, 1967London, EnglandSuicide by gunshot
Brian Epstein
Manager of The Beatles
32August 27, 1967London, EnglandAccidental Carbitral overdose
Otis Redding26December 10, 1967Madison, Wisconsin, USAPlane crash
Jimmy King
Ronnie Caldwell
Carl Cunningham
Phalon Jones
The Bar-Kays
December 10, 1967Madison, Wisconsin, USAPlane crash
"Rockin' Robin" Roberts
The Wailers
27December 22, 1967San Mateo County, California, USACar crash
Little Walter37February 15, 1968Chicago, Illinois USACoronary thrombosis due to external injuries sustained while fighting
Frankie Lymon
Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers
25February 27, 1968New York City, New York, USAHeroin overdose
Little Willie John30May 26, 1968Walla Walla, Washington, USAHeart attack in prison (for murder); suspicious
Benny Benjamin
The Funk Brothers
43April 20, 1969New York City, New York, USAStroke
Don Drummond
The Skatalites
37May 6, 1969Kingston, JamaicaAlleged suicide while institutionalized at mental asylum
Martin Lamble
Fairport Convention
19May 12, 1969M1 Motorway, EnglandCar crash
Shorty Long29June 29, 1969Detroit, Michigan, USADrowning
Brian Jones
The Rolling Stones
27July 3, 1969Hartfield, East Sussex, EnglandAccidental drowning; thought to be suicide
Wynonie Harris53July 4, 1969Los Angeles, California, USAEsophageal cancer
Roy Hamilton40July 20, 1969New Rochelle, New York, USAStroke
Tommy Edwards47October 22, 1969Richmond, Virginia, USABrain aneurysm

1970s deaths

NameAgeDateLocationCause of death
Billy Stewart32January 17, 1970Selma, North Carolina, USACar accident - mechanical failure led to car plunging off bridge into river
Slim Harpo46January 31, 1970Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USAHeart attack
Mary Ann Ganser
The Shangri-Las
22March 14, 1970Forest Hills, New York, USABarbiturate overdose (disputed)
Tammi Terrell24March 16, 1970Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USABrain tumor
Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson
Canned Heat
27September 3, 1970Topanga Canyon, California, USASuicide or accidental barbiturate overdose
Jimi Hendrix
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
27September 18, 1970London, EnglandAsphyxiation on vomit
Janis Joplin27October 4, 1970Los Angeles, California, USAHeroin overdose
Arlester "Dyke" Christian
Dyke & the Blazers
27March 13, 1971Phoenix, Arizona, USAShot
Jim Morrison
The Doors
27July 3, 1971Paris, FranceHeart failure (disputed)
King Curtis37August 13, 1971New York, New York, USAStabbed to death
Gene Vincent36October 12, 1971California, USABurst stomach ulcer
Duane Allman
The Allman Brothers Band
Derek and the Dominos
24October 29, 1971Macon, Georgia, USAMotorcycle accident
Little Junior Parker39November 18, 1971Blue Island, Illinois, USAFollowing surgery for brain tumor
Leslie Harvey
Stone the Crows
27May 3, 1972Swansea, WalesElectrocuted by a live microphone on stage
Clyde McPhatter
Billy Ward and His Dominoes, The Drifters
39June 13, 1972Teaneck, New Jersey, USAHeart attack
Brian Cole
The Association
29August 2, 1972Los Angeles, California, USAHeroin overdose
Rory Storm
Rory Storm & The Hurricanes
33September 28, 1972Stoneycroft, Liverpool, EnglandAlleged suicide
Billy Murcia
The New York Dolls
21November 6, 1972London, EnglandAccidental suffocation due to drugs and alcohol
Berry Oakley
The Allman Brothers Band
24November 11, 1972Macon, Georgia, USAMotorcycle accident
Danny Whitten
Crazy Horse
29November 18, 1972Los Angeles, California, USASuicide or accidental heroin overdose
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
The Grateful Dead
27March 8, 1973Corte Madera, California, USAgastrointestinal hemorrhage
Clarence White
The Kentucky Colonels
The Byrds
29July 14, 1973Palmdale, California, USAHit by drunk driver
Paul Williams
The Temptations
34August 17, 1973Detroit, Michigan, USASuicide by gunshot
Gram Parsons26September 19, 1973Joshua Tree, California, USAMorphine and alcohol overdose
Jim Croce30September 20, 1973Natchitoches, Louisiana, USAPlane crash
Maury Muehleisen
Jim Croce's lead guitarist
24September 20, 1973Natchitoches, Louisiana, USAPlane crash
John Rostill
The Shadows
31November 26, 1973Radlett, Hertfordshire, UKElectrocuted by guitar
Sister Rosetta Tharpe58October 9, 1973Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAStroke
Bobby Darin37December 20, 1973Los Angeles, California, USASurgery to repair a mechanical heart valve
Packy Axton
The Mar-Keys
32January 1974Memphis, Tennessee, USACirrhosis or heart attack
Harry Womack
The Valentinos
28March 9, 1974Los Angeles, California, USAStabbed to death by his girlfriend
"Mama" Cass Elliot
The Mamas & the Papas
34July 29, 1974London, EnglandHeart failure
Ivory Joe Hunter60November 8, 1974Memphis, Tennessee, USALung cancer
Nick Drake26November 25, 1974Tanworth-in-Arden, EnglandSuicide or accidental overdose
Dave Alexander
The Stooges
27February 10, 1975Ann Arbour, Michigan, USAPneumonia
Pete Ham
27April 23, 1975Surrey, EnglandSuicide
Tim Buckley28June 29, 1975Santa Monica, California, USAHeroin overdose
Al Jackson, Jr
Booker T. & the MG's
39October 1, 1975Memphis, Tennessee, USAMurdered by gunshot
Gary Thain
Uriah Heep
27December 8, 1975Norwood Green, EnglandHeroin overdose
Rudy Pompilli
Bill Haley & His Comets
51February 5, 1976Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALung cancer
Florence Ballard
The Supremes
32February 22, 1976Detroit, Michigan, USACoronary thrombosis
Paul Kossoff
25March 19, 1976Flight from New York to Los Angeles, USADrug-related heart attack
Phil Ochs35April 9, 1976New York City, New York, USASuicide by hanging
Keith Relf
The Yardbirds
33May 14, 1976London, EnglandElectrocuted by guitar
Jimmy Reed50August 29, 1976Oakland, California, USAEpileptic seizure
Tommy Bolin
Deep Purple
The James Gang
25December 4, 1976Miami, Florida, USAHeroin overdose
Sherman Garnes
Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers
36February 26, 1977New York City, New York, USAHeart attack
William Powell
The O'Jays
35May 26, 1977Canton, Ohio, USACancer
Peter Laughner
Pere Ubu
24June 22, 1977Acute pancreatitis from alcohol and drug abuse
Elvis Presley42August 16, 1977Memphis, Tennessee, USAHeart attack
Marc Bolan
T. Rex
29September 16, 1977London, EnglandCar accident
Steve Gaines
Lynyrd Skynyrd
28October 20, 1977Gillsburg, Mississippi, USAPlane crash
Ronnie Van Zant
Lynyrd Skynyrd
29October 20, 1977Gillsburg, Mississippi, USAPlane crash
Cassie Gaines
Lynyrd Skynyrd
29October 20, 1977Gillsburg, Mississippi, USAPlane crash
Terry Kath
31January 23, 1978Los Angeles, California, USAAccidentally shot himself
Sandy Denny
Fairport Convention
31April 21, 1978London, EnglandCerebral haemorrhage after accidental fall
Joe Negroni
Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers
37September 5, 1978New York City, New York, USACerebral hemorrhage
Keith Moon
The Who
32September 7, 1978London, EnglandHeminevrin overdose
Chris Bell
Big Star
27December 27, 1978East Memphis, Tennessee, USAAutomobile Accident
Donny Hathaway33January 13, 1979New York City, New York, USASuicide or accidental fall
Sid Vicious
The Sex Pistols
21February 2, 1979New York City, New York, USASuicide or accidental heroin overdose
Lowell George
Little Feat
34June 29, 1979Arlington, Virginia, USAHeart attack
Van McCoy39July 6, 1979Englewood, New Jersey, USAHeart attack
Minnie Riperton31July 12, 1979Los Angeles, California, USABreast cancer
Dorsey Burnette
The Rock and Roll Trio
46August 19, 1979Los Angeles, California, USAMassive coronary
Jimmy McCulloch
26September 27, 1979London, EnglandHeroin overdose
John Glascock
Jethro Tull
28November 17, 1979London, England, UKCongenital heart defect
Jackie Brenston
Ike Turner, Kings of Rhythm
49December 15, 1979Memphis, Tennessee, USAHeart attack

1980s deaths

NameAgeDateLocationCause of death
Georgeanna Tillman
The Marvelettes
36January 6, 1980Inkster, MichiganComplications from sickle cell anemia and lupus
Bon Scott
33February 19, 1980London, EnglandAlcohol poisoning
Ian Curtis
Joy Division
23May 18, 1980Macclesfield, EnglandSuicide by hanging
Carl Radle
Derek and the Dominos
37May 30, 1980Kidney infection
Keith Godchaux
The Grateful Dead
32July 23, 1980Marin County, California, USAAutomobile accident
John Bonham
Led Zeppelin
32September 25, 1980Windsor, EnglandAsphyxiation on vomit
Bobby Lester
The Moonglows
49October 15, 1980Louisville, Kentucky, USALung Cancer
Steve Peregrin Took
Tyrannosaurus Rex
31October 27, 1980Ladbroke Grove London, UKasphyxiation after inhaling a cocktail cherry
Darby Crash
The Germs
22December 7, 1980Los Angeles, California, USASuicide by intentional heroin overdose
John Lennon
The Beatles
40December 8, 1980New York City, New York, USAShot to death
Tim Hardin39December 29, 1980Los Angeles, California, USAMorphine and heroin overdose
David Lynch
The Platters
51January 2, 1981Long Beach, California, USACancer
Bill Haley
Bill Haley & His Comets
55February 9, 1981Harlingen, Texas, USABrain tumor or heart attack (disputed)
Mike Bloomfield37February 15, 1981San Francisco, California, USAHeroin overdose
Bob Hite
Canned Heat
36April 5, 1981Heart attack
Steve Currie
33April 28, 1981Vale de Parra, Algarve, PortugalCar Crash
Bob Marley
The Wailers
36May 11, 1981Miami, Florida, USAAcral lentiginous melanoma
Roy Brown55May 25, 1981San Fernando, California, USAHeart attack
Rushton Moreve
32July 1, 1981Los Angeles, California, USACar crash
Harry Chapin38July 16, 1981Jericho, New York, USACar crash
Sandra Tilley
The Velvelettes, Martha and the Vandellas
38September 9, 1981Las Vegas, Nevada, USAComplications from brain surgery
Randy Rhoads
Quiet Riot
Alongside Ozzy Osbourne
25March 19, 1982Leesburg, Florida, USAPlane crash
Lester Bangs33April 30, 1982New York City, New York, USADarvon and Valium overdose
Addie Harris
The Shirelles
42June 10, 1982Atlanta, Georgia, USAHeart attack
James Honeyman-Scott
The Pretenders
25June 16, 1982London, EnglandHeart failure caused by cocaine intolerance
Joe Tex49August 13, 1982Navasota, Texas, USAHeart attack
Marty Robbins57December 8, 1982Nashville, Tennessee, USASurgical complications
Lamar Williams
The Allman Brothers Band
34January 21, 1983Lung cancer
Billy Fury42January 28, 1983London, EnglandHeart attack
Karen Carpenter
The Carpenters
32February 4, 1983Downey, California, USAHeart attack due to anorexia
Danny Rapp
Danny & The Juniors
41April 5, 1983Parker, Arizona, USASuicide
Pete Farndon
The Pretenders
30April 14, 1983Drowning in his bathtub after a heroin overdose
Felix Pappalardi
43April 17, 1983New York City, New York, USAShot by his wife, Gail Collins Pappalardi
Muddy Waters70April 30, 1983Westmont, Illinois, USAHeart attack
Buzz Shearman
Leigh Ashford
33June 16, 1983Toronto, Ontario, CanadaMotorcycle accident
Chris Wood
39July 12, 1983Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UKPneumonia
James Jamerson
The Funk Brothers
47August 2, 1983Los Angeles, California, USAComplications of cirrhosis, heart failure and pneumonia
Klaus Nomi39August 6, 1983New York City, New York, USAComplications due to AIDS
Tom Evans
36November 19, 1983London, EnglandSuicide
Dennis Wilson
The Beach Boys
39December 28, 1983Marina del Rey, California, USAAccidental drowning
Jackie Wilson49January 21, 1984Mount Holly, New Jersey, USAOn stage heart attack leading to brain damage and a decade-long coma before his eventual death
Marvin Gaye44April 1, 1984Los Angeles, California, USAShot by his father, Marvin Pentz Gay, Sr.
Nate Nelson
The Flamingos
52April 10, 1984Boston, Massachusetts, USAHeart attack
Big Mama Thornton57July 25, 1984Los Angeles California, USAHeart attack
Lenny Breau43August 12, 1984Los Angeles, California, USAMurder by strangulation
Hanoi Rocks
24December 9, 1984Redondo Beach, California, USACar crash
Eddie "Bongo" Brown
The Funk Brothers
52December 28, 1984Los Angeles, California, USAHeart ailment
David Byron
Uriah Heep
38February 28, 1985Reading, Berkshire, EnglandAlcohol-related complications
Kyu Sakamoto43August 12, 1985Mount Osutaka-no-one, Ueno, Gunma Prefecture, JapanPlane crash
Ricky Wilson
The B-52's
32October 12, 1985New York City, New York, USAComplications due to AIDS
Big Joe Turner74November 24, 1985Inglewood, California, USAHeart attack
Ian Stewart
The Rolling Stones
47December 12, 1985London, England, UKHeart attack
D. Boon
The Minutemen
27December 22, 1985Tucson, Arizona, USATraffic accident
Ricky Nelson45December 31, 1985De Kalb, Texas, USAPlane crash
Phil Lynott
Thin Lizzy
36January 4, 1986Salisbury, Wiltshire, EnglandHeart failure and pneumonia caused by alcohol and drug use
Richard Manuel
The Band
42March 4, 1986Winter Park, Florida, USASuicide by hanging
O'Kelly Isley, Jr.
The Isley Brothers
48March 31, 1986Alpine, New Jersey, USAHeart attack
Cliff Burton
24September 27, 1986Ljungby Municipality, SwedenTraffic accident
Billy Johnson
The Moonglows
58March 28, 1987Los Angeles, California, USAHeart failure
Carlton Barrett
The Wailers
36April 17, 1987Kingston, JamaicaMurdered by gunshot
Paul Butterfield44May 4, 1987North Hollywood, California, USAHeart attack
Gary Driscoll
41June, 1987Ithaca, New York, USAMurdered in his home
Philip Charles "Snakefinger" Lithman
The Residents
38July 1, 1987Linz, AustriaHeart attack on stage
Peter Tosh
The Wailers
42September 11, 1987Kingston, JamaicaMurdered by gunshot
Jaco Pastorius
Weather Report
35September 21, 1987Wilton Manors, Florida, USABeaten to death by a bar bouncer
John Curulewski
37February 13, 1988Chicago, Illinois, USABrain aneurysm
Andy Gibb
Bee Gees
30March 10, 1988Oxford, EnglandMyocarditis worsened by cocaine addiction
Dave Prater
Sam & Dave
50April 9, 1988Syracuse, Georgia, USACar accident
Howie Johnson
The Ventures
49May 5, 1988Heart Attack
Paul Wilson
The Flamingos
53May 6, 1988Chicago, Illinois, USA
Hillel Slovak
Red Hot Chili Peppers
26June 25, 1988Los Angeles, California, USASpeedball overdose
The Velvet Underground
49July 18, 1988Ibiza, SpainHead trauma caused by bicycle accident
Robert Calvert
43August 14, 1988Ramsgate, EnglandHeart attack
Roy Buchanan48August 14, 1988Fairfax County, Virginia, USASupposed suicide; found hanged in prison cell
Tim Davis
The Steve Miller Band
44September 20, 1988complications related to Diabetes
Roy Orbison52December 6, 1988Hendersonville, Tennessee, USAHeart attack
Paul Jeffreys
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel
36December 21, 1988Lockerbie, ScotlandBombing and subsequent plane crash
Paul Robi
The Platters
57February 1, 1989Los Angeles, California, USACancer
Ron Wilson
The Surfaris
44May 7, 1989Brain Aneurysm
John Cipollina
Quicksilver Messenger Service
45May 29, 1989San Francisco, California, USAEmphysema
Pete de Freitas
Echo & the Bunnymen
28June 14, 1989London, EnglandMotorcycle accident

1990s deaths

NameAgeDateLocationCause of death
Allen Collins
Lynyrd Skynyrd
37January 23, 1990Jacksonville, Florida, USAPneumonia
Del Shannon55February 8, 1990Santa Clarita, California, USASuicide by gunshot
Johnnie Ray63February 24, 1990Los Angeles, California, USALiver failure due to chronic alcoholism
Cornelius Gunter
The Coasters
53February 26, 1990Las Vegas, Nevada USAHomicide
Ric Grech
Blind Faith
43March 17, 1990Leicester, EnglandLiver and kidney failure
Andrew Wood
Mother Love Bone
24March 19, 1990Seattle, Washington, USAHeroin overdose
Jim Hodder
Steely Dan
42June 5, 1990USADrowned
Brent Mydland
The Grateful Dead
37July 26, 1990Lafayette, California, USASpeedball overdose
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
35August 27, 1990East Troy, Wisconsin, USAHelicopter accident
Tom Fogerty
Creedence Clearwater Revival
48September 6, 1990Scottsdale, Arizona, USATuberculosis
Steve Clark
Def Leppard
30January 8, 1991London, EnglandAccidental overdose of painkillers, anti-depressants, and alcohol
Dave Guard
The Kingston Trio
56March 22, 1991Rollinsford, New Hampshire, USALymphatic cancer
Per Yngve "Dead" Ohlin
22April 8, 1991Oslo, NorwaySuicide
Steve Marriott
Small Faces
Humble Pie
44April 21, 1991Essex, EnglandHouse fire
Johnny Thunders
The New York Dolls
The Heartbreakers
38April 23, 1991New Orleans, Louisiana, USADrug-related causes; suspicious
Gene Clark
The Byrds
46May 24, 1991Sherman Oaks, California, USABleeding ulcer
David Ruffin
The Temptations
50June 1, 1991Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USACocaine overdose
Rob Tyner
36September 18, 1991Berkley, Michigan, USAHeart attack
Ole Beich
Guns N' Roses
36October 16, 1991Copenhagen, DenmarkDrowned in Skt. Jørgens Lake
Bill Graham
Promoter of various bands
60October 25, 1991Vallejo, California, USAHelicopter crash
Eric Carr
41November 24, 1991New York City, New York, USAHeart cancer and subsequent brain hemorrhage
Freddie Mercury
45November 24, 1991London, EnglandComplications due to AIDS
Jerry Nolan
The New York Dolls
The Heartbreakers
45January 14, 1992New York City, New York, USAStroke and subsequent coma
Willie Dixon76January 29, 1992Burbank, California, USAHeart failure
Bobby Del-Din
Larry Chance and the Earls
April 15, 1992
Brian "Too Loud" MacLeod
38April 25, 1992Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaBone cancer
Paul Hackman
38July 5, 1992Kamloops, British Columbia, CanadaCar accident
Mary Wells49July 26, 1992Los Angeles, CaliforniaPneumonia and throat cancer
Jeff Porcaro
38August 5, 1992Los Angeles, California, USAHeart attack due to allergic reaction or cocaine use (disputed)
Tony Williams
The Platters
64August 14, 1992New York City, New York, USAEmphysema
Earl Van Dyke
The Funk Brothers
62September 18, 1992Detroit, Michigan, USAProstate cancer
Eddie Kendricks
The Temptations
52October 5, 1992Birmingham, Alabama, USALung cancer
Albert King69December 21, 1992Memphis, Tennessee, USAHeart attack
Eddie Hazel
42December 23, 1992Brooklyn, New York, USAInternal bleeding and liver failure
Geoff Mann
Twelfth Night
36February 5, 1993Cancer
Mick Ronson
David Bowie
47April 30, 1993London, EnglandLiver cancer
GG Allin
The Jabbers, The Scumfucs, The Murder Junkies.
36June 28, 1993New York City, New YorkHeroin overdose a few hours after a chaotic performance turned into a riot
Wong Ka Kui
31June 30, 1993Tokyo, JapanInternal bleeding due to head injuries
Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth
25August 10, 1993Oslo, NorwayStabbed to death by Varg Vikernes
Criss Oliva
30October 17, 1993Zephyrhills, Florida, USACar accident
Jerry Edmonton
47November 28, 1993Santa Barbara, California, USACar crash
Frank Zappa
The Mothers of Invention
52December 4, 1993Los Angeles, California, USAProstate cancer
Doug Hopkins
Gin Blossoms
32December 5, 1993Suicide
Michael Clarke
The Byrds
47December 19, 1993Treasure Island, Florida, USALiver failure
Harry Nilsson52January 15, 1994Agoura Hills, California, USAHeart failure
Dan HartmanMarch 22, 1994Westport, Connecticut, USAComplications from AIDS
Kurt Cobain
27April 5, 1994Seattle, Washington, USASuicide
Lee Brilleaux
Dr. Feelgood
51April 7, 1994Canvey Island, Essex, EnglandLymphoma
Derek Leckenby
Herman's Hermits
51June 4, 1994Manchester, England, UKNon-Hodgkin lymphoma
Creadel "Red" Jones
The Chi-Lites
53August 25, 1994Chicago, Illinois, USA
Nicky Hopkins
The Jeff Beck Group
50September 6, 1994Nashville, Tennessee, USAComplications from intestinal surgery
Danny Gatton
Redneck Jazz Explosion
49October 4, 1994Newburg, Maryland, USASuicide by gunshot
Robert White
The Funk Brothers
57October 27, 1994Los Angeles, California, USAComplications from open heart surgery
Fred "Sonic" Smith
45November 4, 1994Detroit, Michigan, USAHeart failure
Dan Hamilton
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
48December 23, 1994Los Angeles, California, USACushing`s syndrome
Sollie McElroy
The Flamingos
61January 15, 1995Chicago, Illinois, USAcancer
Bob Stinson
The Replacements
35February 18, 1995Minneapolis, Minnesota, USANatural Causes (Body worn out after years of alcohol and drugs)
Melvin Franklin
The Temptations
52February 23, 1995Los Angeles, California, USABrain seizure
Vivian Stanshall
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
51March 5, 1995Muswell Hill, London, UKHouse Fire
31March 26, 1995Compton, California, USAComplications due to AIDS
Jimmy McShane
37March 29, 1995Derry, Northern IrelandComplications due to AIDS
Selena23March 31, 1995Corpus Christi, Texas, USAMurdered by gunshot by Yolanda Saldívar
Rory Gallagher47June 14, 1995London, EnglandMRSA complications following a liver transplant
Wolfman Jack
American Disc Jockey
57July 1, 1995Belvidere, North Carolina, USAHeart attack
Charlie Rich62July 25, 1995Hammond, Louisiana, USAAcute Blood Clot
Jerry Garcia
The Grateful Dead
53August 9, 1995Forest Knolls, California, USAHeart attack
Ronald White
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
56August 26, 1995Detroit, Michigan, USALeukemia
Sterling Morrison
The Velvet Underground
53August 30, 1995Poughkeepsie, New York, USACancer brought on from smoking
Shannon Hoon
Blind Melon
28October 21, 1995New Orleans, Louisiana, USACocaine overdose
Alan Hull
50November 17, 1995Newcastle, EnglandHeart thrombosis
Clarence Satchell
Ohio Players
55December 30, 1995Brain aneursysm
Billy Williamson
Bill Haley & His Comets
71March 22, 1996Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, USACancer
Don Murray
The Turtles
50March 22, 1996Glendale, California, USAComplications following ulcer surgery
Kevin Gilbert29May 17, 1996Los Angeles, California, USAAccidental strangulation
Brad Nowell
28May 25, 1996San Francisco, California, USAHeroin overdose
Jonathan Melvoin
The Smashing Pumpkins
34July 12, 1996New York City, New York, USAHeroin overdose
John Panozzo
47July 16, 1996Chicago, Illinois, USAGastrointestinal hemorrhaging
Chas Chandler
The Animals
57July 17, 1996Heaton, Tyne and Wear, England, UKHeart condition
Marge Ganser
The Shangri-Las
48July 28, 1996New York City, USABreast cancer
Mel Taylor
The Ventures
62August 11, 1996Los Angeles, California, USACancer
Tupac Shakur25September 13, 1996Las Vegas, Nevada, USAHomicide
Tiny Tim64November 30, 1996Minneapolis, Minnesota, USAHeart attack
Patty Donahue40December 9, 1996Cleveland, Ohio, USALung Cancer
Kenny Pickett
The Creation
54January 10, 1997London, England, UKHeart Attack
Biggie Smalls24March 9, 1997Los Angeles, California, USAHomicide
LaVern Baker67March 10, 1997Queens, New York, USACoronary complications
Rob Pilatus
Milli Vanilli
32April 2, 1997Frankfurt, GermanyAlcohol and Prescription Pill Overdose
LaVern Baker67March 10, 1997Queens, New York, USACoronary complications
Laura Nyro49April 8, 1997Danbury, Connecticut, USAOvarian Cancer
Jeff Buckley30May 29, 1997Memphis, Tennessee, USAAccidental drowning
Ronnie Lane
The Small Faces
51June 4, 1997Texas, USAPneumonia
Bobby Helms63June 19, 1997Martinsville, Indiana, USAEmphysema and asthma
Lawrence Payton
The Four Tops
59June 20, 1997Southfield, Michigan, USACancer
Raymond "Raybeez" Barbieri
Agnostic Front
35September 11, 1997New York City, New York, USAPneumonia
John Denver53October 12, 1997Pacific Grove, California, USAPlane ran out of gas, causing it to crash
Michael Hutchence
37November 22, 1997Sydney, Australia, USASuicide or accidental strangulation
Kurt Winter
The Guess Who
51December 14, 1997Kidney failure due to a past of drug abuse
Jake Carey
The Flamingos
71December 31, 1997Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sonny Bono
Sonny & Cher
62January 5, 1998South Lake Tahoe, California, USASkiing accident
Ken Forssi
The Surfaris
54January 10, 1998Tallahassee, Florida, USABrain Tumor
Carl Perkins65January 19, 1998Jackson, Tennessee, USAThroat cancer
Johnny Funches
The Dells
62January 23, 1998Illinois, USAEmphysema
Falco (musician)40February 6, 1998Puerto Plata, Dominican RepublicCar Crash
Carl Wilson
The Beach Boys
51February 6, 1998Los Angeles, California, USALung cancer
Cozy Powell
The Jeff Beck Group
Black Sabbath
50April 5, 1998Bristol, EnglandCar crash due to drunk driving
Hideto "hide" Matsumoto
X Japan
33May 2, 1998Tokyo, JapanSuicide by hanging
Eddie Rabbitt56May 7, 1998Nashville, Tennessee, USALung Cancer
Bryan Maclean
52December 25, 1998Los Angeles, California, USAHeart Attack
Johnny Moore
The Drifters
64December 30, 1998London, EnglandRespiratory Failure
Sonny Forriest
The Coasters
64January 10, 1999Capital Heights, Maryland, USA
Dusty Springfield59March 2, 1999Henley-on-ThamesCancer
Roger Troutman
47April 25, 1999Dayton, OhioMurdered by his brother Larry
Larry Troutman
54April 25, 1999Dayton, OhioCommitted suicide after he murdered his brother Roger
Screaming Lord Sutch58June 16, 1999West Harrow, Middlesex, EnglandSuicide by hanging
Malice Mizer
26June 21, 1999Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Mark Sandman
46July 3, 1999Palestrina, Latium, ItalyOnstage heart attack
Guido Toffoletti
Blues Society
46August 22, 1999Cavarzere, Veneto, ItalyCar accident
Rick Danko
The Band
56December 10, 1999Marbletown, New York, USAHeart failure
Zeke Carey
The Flamingos
66December 24, 1999Washington, D.C., USAHeart attack
Curtis Mayfield
The Impressions
57December 26, 1999Roswell, Georgia, USAComplications due to diabetes

2000s deaths

NameAgeDateLocationCause of death
Will "Dub" Jones
The Coasters
71January 16, 2000Long Beach, California, USADiabetes
Doris Kenner-Jackson
The Shirelles
58February 4, 2000Sacramento, California, USABreast cancer
Dave Peverett
58February 7, 2000Orlando,Florida, USAKidney cancer
Screamin' Jay Hawkins72February 12, 2000Levallois-Perret, FranceComplications following surgery concerning aneurysm
Ian Dury
Ian Dury and the Blockheads
57March 27, 2000Harrow, MiddlesexLiver cancer
Heinz Burt
The Tornados
57April 7, 2000Southampton, EnglandMotor neurone disease
Ralph Jones
Bill Haley & His Comets
79June 1, 2000Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Alan Caddy
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
The Tornados
60August 16, 2000Complications due to Alcoholism
Allen Woody
The Allman Brothers
Gov't Mule
44August 26, 2000New York CityHeroin overdose
David Brown
53September 4, 2000Liver and kidney failure
Benjamin Orr
The Cars
53October 3, 2000Atlanta, GeorgiaPancreatic cancer
Joachim Nielsen
Jokke & Valentinerne
36October 17, 2000Oslo, NorwayHeroin overdose
Kirsty MacColl41December 18, 2000Cozumel, MexicoHit and killed by a speeding powerboat
Rob Buck
10,000 Maniacs
42December 19, 2000Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaLiver disease
Pops Staples
The Staple Singers
85December 19, 2000Chicago, Illinois, USAInjuries from a fall
Nick Massi
The Four Seasons
65December 24, 2000West Orange, New Jersey, USACancer
Milan "Mejla" Hlavsa
Plastic People of the Universe
49January 5, 2001Prague, Czech RepublicLung cancer
John Phillips
The Mamas & the Papas
65March 18, 2001Los Angeles, California, USAHeart failure
Joey Ramone
The Ramones
49April 15, 2001New York City, New York, USALymphoma
John Lee Hooker83June 21, 2001Los Altos, California, USANatural causes
Leon Wilkeson
Lynyrd Skynyrd
49July 27, 2001Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USANatural causes
Ron Townson
The 5th Dimension
68August 2, 2001Las Vegas, Nevada, USARenal failure
George Harrison
The Beatles
58November 29, 2001Los Angeles, California, USALung cancer
Chuck Schuldiner
34December 13, 2001Glioma
Zac Foley
31January 3, 2002Drug Overdose
Jon Lee
33January 7, 2002Miami, Florida, USASuicide by hanging
Peter Bardens
67January 22, 2002Malibu, California, USALung cancer
Paul Baloff
41February 2, 2002Highland General Hospital Oakland, California, USASuffered a stroke which left him in a coma and he was taken off life support by doctors.
Waylon Jennings64February 13, 2002Chandler, Arizona, USADiabetic complications
Joe Schermie
Three Dog Night
56March 25, 2002Los Angeles, California, USAHeart attack
Layne Staley
Alice in Chains
34April 5, 2002Seattle, Washington, USASpeedball overdose
Dee Dee Ramone
The Ramones
50June 5, 2002Los Angeles, California, USAHeroin overdose
Robbin Crosby
42June 6, 2002Los Angeles, California, USAHeroin overdose
John Entwistle
The Who
57June 27, 2002Las Vegas, Nevada, USACocaine-induced heart attack
Michael Houser
Widespread Panic
57August 2, 2002North Carolina, USAPancreatic cancer
Dave Williams
Drowning Pool
30August 14, 2002Manassas, Virginia, USACardiomyopathy
Jam Master Jay
37October 30, 2002New York City, USAHomicide
Lonnie Donegan71November 2, 2002Peterborough, EnglandHeart attack
Billy Guy
The Coasters
66November 5, 2002Las Vegas, Nevada, USANatural causes
Zal Yanovsky
The Lovin' Spoonful
57December 13, 2002Kingston, Ontario, CanadaCongestive heart failure
Joe Strummer
The Clash
The Mescaleros
50December 22, 2002Broomfield, Somerset, EnglandCongenital heart defect
Mickey Finn
T. Rex
55January 11, 2003Croydon, Surrey, EnglandAlcohol-related liver problems
Maurice Gibb
The Bee Gees
53January 12, 2003Miami Beach, Florida, USAComplications of a volvulus
Howie Epstein
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
47February 23, 2003Santa Fe, New Mexico, USAComplications due to drug use
Hank Ballard
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
66March 2, 2003Los Angeles, California, USAThroat cancer
Adam Faith62March 8, 2003Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, EnglandHeart attack
Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta
Thy Serpent
Impaled Nazarene
25March 16, 2003Helsinki, FinlandFalling from the Kaisaniemi bridge in Helsinki while intoxicated.
Edwin Starr61April 2, 2003Detroit, Michigan, USAHeart attack
Noel Redding
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
57May 11, 2003County Cork, Republic of IrelandNatural causes
Jeremy Michael Ward
The Mars Volta
27May 25, 2003Los Angeles, California, USAHeroin overdose
Mickie Most
Record producer
64May 30, 2003Totteridge, London, EnglandMesothelioma
Barry White58July 4, 2003Los Angeles, California, USARenal failure
Erik Brann
Iron Butterfly
52July 31, 2003Heart attack due to a birth defect
Wesley Willis40August 21, 2003Chicago, Illinois, USAChronic myelogenous leukemia
Warren Zevon56September 7, 2003Los Angeles, California, USAMesothelioma
Johnny Cash71September 12, 2003Nashville, Tennessee, USAComplications from diabetes
Shawn Lane
Black Oak Arkansas
40September 26, 2003Memphis, Tennessee, USABreathing problems
Robert Palmer54September 27, 2003Paris, FranceHeart attack
Paul Burlison
The Rock and Roll Trio
74September 27, 2003Horn Lake, Mississippi, USACancer
Elliott Smith34October 21, 2003Los Angeles, California, USAKnife wounds caused by suicide or homicide
Bobby Hatfield
The Righteous Brothers
63November 4, 2003Kalamazoo, Michigan, USACocaine-induced heart attack
Greg Ridley
Spooky Tooth
Humble Pie
56November 19, 2003Alicante, SpainPneumonia
Terje "Valfar" Bakken
25January 15, 2004Reppastølen, Sogndal valley, NorwayHypothermia
Bob Mayo
Peter Frampton
53February 23, 2004Basel, SwitzerlandHeart attack
Jan Berry
Jan & Dean
62March 26, 2004Los Angeles, California, USAComplications from a seizure
Niki Sullivan
Buddy Holly & The Crickets
66April 6, 2004Sugar Creek, Missouri, USAHeart attack
Clint Warwick
The Moody Blues
63May 15, 2004Liver disease
38June 7, 2004Stockholm, SwedenHeart failure
Ray Charles
73June 10, 2004Beverly Hills, California, USALiver cancer
Cal Green
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
69July 4, 2004Lake View Terrace, California, USA
Arthur Kane
The New York Dolls
55July 13, 2004Los Angeles, California, USALeukemia
Rick James56August 6, 2004Burbank, California, USAPulmonary failure and cardiac failure
Laura Branigan47August 26, 2004East Quogue, New York, USACerebral aneurysm
Johnny Ramone
The Ramones
55September 15, 2004Los Angeles, California, USAProstate cancer
Bruce Palmer
Buffalo Springfield
58October 1, 2004Belleville, Ontario, CanadaHeart attack
John Peel
English disc jockey
65October 25, 2004Cuzco, PeruHeart attack
Dimebag Darrell
38December 8, 2004Columbus, Ohio, USAMurdered by gunshot on stage
Spencer Dryden
Jefferson Airplane
66January 11, 2005Penngrove, California, USAColon cancer
Jimmy Griffin
61January 11, 2005Franklin, Tennessee, USAComplications due to cancer
Jim Capaldi
60January 28, 2005London, England, UKStomach cancer
Eric Griffiths
The Quarrymen
64January 29, 2005Edinburgh, ScotlandPancreatic cancer
Keith Knudsen
The Doobie Brothers
56February 8, 2005Kentfield, California, USAChronic pneumonia
Edward Patten
Gladys Knight & the Pips
65February 25, 2005Livonia, Michigan, USAStroke caused by Diabetes
Rod Price
57March 22, 2005Wilton, New Hampshire, USAHeart Attack
Paul Hester
Crowded House
Split Enz
46March 26, 2005Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaSuicide
Jim Pash
The Surfaris
56April 29, 2005Congestive heart failure
Pierre Moerlen
52May 3, 2005Strasbourg, FranceNatural causes
David Wayne
Metal Church
47May 10, 2005Tacoma, Washington, USACar crash
Domenic Troiano
The James Gang
The Guess Who
59May 25, 2005Toronto, Ontario, CanadaProstate cancer
Luther Vandross54July 1, 2005Edison, New Jersey, USAHeart attack
Renaldo "Obie" Benson
The Four Tops
68July 1, 2005Detroit, Michigan, USALung cancer
Long John Baldry64July 21, 2005Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaSevere chest infection[disambiguation needed]
Eugene Record
The Chi-Lites
64July 22, 2005Chicago, Illinois, USACancer
Carlo Little
The Rolling Stones
65August 6, 2005Cleadon, Tyne and Wear, EnglandLung cancer
Krzysztof "Doc" Raczkowski
34August 20, 2005Cause of death unknown
Robert Moog
Inventor of the
Moog Synthesizer
71August 21, 2005Asheville, North Carolina, USABrain tumor
Willie Hutch60September 19, 2005Dallas, Texas, USANatural causes
Mike Gibbins
56October 4, 2005Oviedo, Florida, USADied in his sleep
John "Beatz" Holohan
31October 31, 2005Cheyenne, Wyoming, USACar accident
Milt Holland88November 4, 2005Los Angeles, California USACause of death unknown
Link Wray76November 5, 2005Copenhagen, DenmarkHeart failure
Tony Meehan
The Shadows
62November 28, 2005Paddington, London, UKHead injuries following a fall down stairs at home
Mike Botts
61December 9, 2005Burbank, California, USAColon cancer
Bryan Harvey
House of Freaks
49January 1, 2006Richmond, Virginia, USAMurdered along with his family during a robbery of their home
Alex St. Clair Snouffer
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band
64January 5, 2006Lancaster, California, USAHeart Attack
Dave Lepard
25January 13 (probably), 2006Uppsala, SwedenSuicide
Wilson Pickett
The Falcons
64January 19, 2006Ashburn, Virginia, USAHeart attack
Gene Pitney66April 5, 2006Cardiff, Wales, UKNatural causes
June Pointer
The Pointer Sisters
64April 11, 2006Oakland, California, USACancer caused by a history of drug and alcohol abuse
Ztephan Dark
Satanic Slaughter
39April 19, 2006Sweden
Grant McLennan
The Go-Betweens
48May 6, 2006Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaHeart attack
Freddie Garrity
Freddie and the Dreamers
69May 19, 2006Bangor, WalesEmphysema
Vince Welnick
The Grateful Dead
55June 2, 2006Sonoma County, California, USASuicide
Johnny Grande
Bill Haley & His Comets
76June 3, 2006Clarksville, Tennessee, USANatural causes
Billy Preston59June 6, 2006Scottsdale, Arizona, USAKidney failure
Syd Barrett
Pink Floyd
60July 7, 2006Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, EnglandPancreatic cancer
Sabine Dünser
Erben der Schöpfung
29July 8, 2006LiechtensteinCerebral hemorrhage
Arthur Lee
61August 3, 2006Memphis, Tennessee, USALeukemia
Jon Nödtveidt
The Black
31August 13, 2006Hässelby, SwedenSelf-inflicted gunshot wound inside a circle of lit candles
Sacrificial Suicide
Bruce Gary
The Knack
55August 22, 2006Tarzana, California, USANon-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Jesse Pintado
Napalm Death
Lock up
37August 27, 2006Ridderkerk, NetherlandsLiver failure
Pip Pyle
Hatfield and the North
National Health
56August 28, 2006Paris, FranceNatural causes
Boz Burrell
Bad Company
King Crimson
60September 21, 2006Marbella, SpainHeart attack
Prentiss Barnes
The Moonglows
81October 1, 2006Magnolia, Mississippi, USAAutomobile accident
Jared Anderson
Morbid Angel
Hate Eternal
30October 14, 2006Covington, Kentucky, USADied in his sleep of an unspecified cause
Sandy West
The Runaways
47October 21, 2006San Dimas, California, USALung cancer
Ruth Brown78November 17, 2006Henderson, Nevada, USAComplications following a heart attack and stroke
Mariska Veres
Shocking Blue
59December 2, 2006The Hague, Netherlandscancer
Ahmet Ertegun
Founder of Atlantic Records
83December 14, 2006New York City, New York, USAInjuries from an accidental fall
Denis Payton
The Dave Clark Five
63December 17, 2006Bournemouth, Dorset, England, UKCancer
James Brown73December 25, 2006Atlanta, Georgia, USAPneumonia
Denny Doherty
The Mamas & the Papas
66January 19, 2007Mississauga, Ontario, CanadaKidney failure
Charles Gocher
Sun City Girls
54February 19, 2007Seattle, Washington, USACancer
Ian Wallace60February 22, 2007Los Angeles, California, USAEsophageal cancer
Brad Delp
55March 9, 2007Atkinson, New Hampshire, USASuicide from carbon monoxide poisoning
Mark St. John
51April 5, 2007New York City, New York, USACerebral hemorrhage
Zola Taylor
The Platters
69April 30, 2007Los Angeles, California, USAPneumonia
Bill Pinkney
The Drifters
81July 4, 2007Daytona Beach, Florida, USAHeart attack
Joe Zawinul
Weather Report
75September 11, 2007Vienna, Austria, AustriaSkin Cancer
Kevin DuBrow
Quiet Riot
52November 25, 2007Las Vegas, Nevada, USAAccidental cocaine overdose
Ike Turner
Kings of Rhythm, Ike & Tina Turner
76December 12, 2007San Marcos, California, USACocaine overdose
Dan Fogelberg56December 16, 2007Deer Isle, Maine, USAProstate Cancer
John Stewart
The Kingston Trio
68January 19, 2008San Diego, California, USABrain aneurysm
Buddy Miles60February 26, 2008Austin, Texas, USACongestive heart failure
Mike Smith
The Dave Clark Five
64February 28, 2008Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, EnglandPneumonia
Jeff Healey41March 2, 2008Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRetinoblastoma
Danny Federici
Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band
58April 17, 2008New York City, New York, USAMelanoma
Al Wilson (singer)68April 21, 2008Fontana, California, USAKidney Failure
Paul Davis60April 22, 2008Meridian, Mississippi, USAHeart Attack
Eddy Arnold89May 8, 2008Nashville, Tennessee, USANatural causes
Michelle Meldrum
Phantom Blue
39May 21, 2008Burbank, California, USABrain haemorrhage
Bo Diddley79June 2, 2008Archer, Florida, USAHeart failure
Jo Stafford90July 16, 2008Century City, California, USACongestive heart failure
Isaac Hayes65August 10, 2008Memphis, Tennessee, USAComplications due to stroke
Jerry Wexler
Music journalist
Record producer
91August 15, 2008Sarasota, Florida, USACongestive heart failure
Jerry Finn
Record producer
39August 21, 2008Los Angeles, California, USACerebral haemorrhage
Richard "Rick" Wright
Pink Floyd
65September 15, 2008London, England, UKCancer
Nick Reynolds
The Kingston Trio
75October 1, 2008San Diego, California, USAAcute respiratory disease
Gidget Gein
Marilyn Manson
39October 9, 2008Burbank, California, USAHeroin overdose
Levi Stubbs
The Four Tops
72October 17, 2008Detroit, Michigan, USANatural causes
Mike Baker
Shadow Gallery
45October 29, 2008Heart attack
Mitch Mitchell
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
61November 12, 2008Portland, Oregon, USANatural causes
Munetaka Higuchi
49November 30, 2008Osaka, Japanhepatocellular carcinoma a type of liver cancer
Ron Asheton
The Stooges
60January 6, 2009Ann Arbor, Michigan, USAHeart attack
Billy Powell
Lynyrd Skynyrd
56January 28, 2009Orange Park, Florida, USAHeart attack
Dewey Martin
Buffalo Springfield
68January 31, 2009Van Nuys, California, USANatural causes
Lux Interior
The Cramps
62February 4, 2009Glendale, California, USAAortic dissection
Estelle Bennett
The Ronettes
67February 11, 2009Englewood, New Jersey, USAColon cancer
Kelly Groucutt
Electric Light Orchestra
63February 19, 2009Worcester, EnglandHeart attack
Dan Seals
England Dan and John Ford Coley
61March 25, 2009Nashville, Tennessee, USAMantle cell lymphoma
Bob Bogle
The Ventures
75June 14, 2009Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaNon-Hodgkin lymphoma
Sky Saxon
The Seeds
71June 25, 2009Austin, Texas, USA
Michael Jackson
The Jackson 5
50June 25, 2009Los Angeles, California, USACardiac arrest
Crimson Glory
47July 8, 2009St. Petersberg, Florida, USAStomach Aneurysm
Gordon Waller
Peter and Gordon
64July 17, 2009Ledyard, Connecticut, USACardiac arrest
Marcel Jacob
45July 21, 2009Stockholm, SwedenSuicide
Les Paul
Inventor of the Electric Guitar
94August 13, 2009White Plains, New York, USAPneumonia
Larry Knechtel
69August 20, 2009Yakima Valley, Washington, USACardiac arrest
Johnny Carter
The Flamingos
The Dells
75August 21, 2009Harvey, Illinois, USANatural causes
Mary Travers
Peter, Paul And Mary
72September 16, 2009Danbury, Connecticut, USAComplications arising from chemotherapy
Dickie Peterson
Blue Cheer
61October 12, 2009GermanyLiver cancer
Norton Buffalo
The Steve Miller Band
58October 30, 2009Paradise, California, USALung cancer
Al Alberts
The Four Aces
87November 27, 2009Arcadia, Florida, USANatural Causes
Eric Woolfson
The Alan Parsons Project
64December 2, 2009London, England, UKCancer
Jack Rose
38December 5, 2009Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, USAHeart Attack
James Gurley
Big Brother and the Holding Company
69December 20, 2009Palm Desert, California, USAHeart Attack
Tony Bellamy
63December 25, 2009Las Vegas, Nevada, USALiver Failure
James Owen Sullivan
Avenged Sevenfold
Pinkly Smooth
Suburban Legends
28December 28, 2009Huntington Beach, California, USAEffects of mixed drugs
Rowland S. Howard
The Birthday Party
50December 30, 2009Heidelberg, Victoria, AustraliaLiver Cancer

2010s deaths

NameAgeDateLocationCause of death
Gregory Slay
Remy Zero
40January 1, 2010Bodega Bay, California, USACystic Fibrosis
Mick Green
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
65January 11, 2010Ilford, Essex, EnglandHeart failure
Brian Damage
The Misfits
46January 12, 2010Los Angeles, California, USALiver cancer
Jay Reatard29January 13, 2010Memphis, Tennessee, USACocaine and alcohol toxicity
Teddy Pendergrass
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
59January 13, 2010Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USAIllness related to his paralysis condition
Bobby Charles71January 14, 2010Near Abbeville, Louisiana, USANatural causes
Kate McGarrigle63January 18, 2010St. Johns, Newfoundland, CanadaCancer
Robert "Squirrel" Lester
The Chi-Lites
67January 22, 2010Chicago, Illinois, USALiver cancer
Richard Delvy
The Bel-Airs
The Challengers
67February 6, 2010West Hills, California, USAComplications from an illness
Dale Hawkins73February 13, 2010Little Rock, Arkansas, USAColon cancer
Doug Fieger
The Knack
57February 14, 2010Woodland Hills, California, USACancer
Tom "T-Bone" Wolk
Hall & Oates
58February 28, 2010Pawling, New York, USAHeart Attack
Alex Chilton
The Box Tops
Big Star
59March 17, 2010New Orleans, Louisiana, USASuspected heart attack
Johnny Maestro
The Crests
Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge
70March 24, 2010Cape Coral, Florida, USACancer
Jim Marshall
Rock and Roll Photographer
74March 24, 2010New York City, New York, USADied in sleep
Malcolm McLaren
Manager for Sex Pistols
64April 8, 2010New York City, New York, USAMesothelioma
Peter Steele
Type O Negative
48April 14, 2010Brooklyn, New York, USAHeart failure
Will Owsley
44April 30, 2010Franklin, Tennessee, USASuicide
Ronnie James Dio
Black Sabbath
67May 16, 2010Houston, Texas, USAStomach cancer
Paul Gray
38May 24, 2010Urbandale, Iowa, USAAccidental morphine and fentanyl overdose
Marvin Isley
The Isley Brothers
56June 6, 2010Chicago, Illinois, USAComplications due to diabetes
Peter Quaife
The Kinks
66June 23, 2010DenmarkKidney failure
Harvey Fuqua
The Moonglows
80July 6, 2010Detroit, Michigan, USAHeart failure
Andy Hummel
Big Star
59July 19, 2010Weaterford, Texas, USACancer
Bobby Hebb72August 3, 2010Nashville, Tennessee, USALung cancer
Kenny Edwards
The Stone Poneys
64August 18, 2010Santa Barbara, California, USAProstate cancer
Michael Been
The Call
60August 19, 2010Hasselt, BelgiumHeart Attack
Mike Edwards
Electric Light Orchestra
62September 3, 2010Halwell, Devon, EnglandCar accident
Rich Cronin
36September 8th, 2010Lukemia
Dick Griffey
Founder of SOLAR Records
72September 24, 2010Canoga Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaComplications from coronary artery bypass surgery
Steve Lee
47October 5, 2010Mesquite, Nevada, USAMotorbike accident
Solomon Burke70October 10, 2010Badhoevedorp, NetherlandsHeart attack
Denis Simpson
The Nylons
59October 22, 2010Peterborough, Ontario, CanadaBrain hemorrhage
Gregory Isaacs59October 25, 2010London, England, UKLung cancer
Don Van Vliet
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
69December 17, 2010California, USAComplications From Multiple Sclerosis
Teena Marie54December 26, 2010Pasadena, California, USANatural causes
Mick Karn
52January 4, 2011Chelsea, London, EnglandCancer
Gerry Rafferty
Stealers Wheel
63January 4, 2011Bournemouth, Dorset, EnglandLiver failure
Phil Kennemore
57January 7, 2011California, USALung cancer
Trish Keenan
42January 14, 2011Birmingham, EnglandPneumonia
Don Kirshner
Producer of The Monkees
76January 17, 2011Boca Raton, Florida, USAHeart failure
Gladys Horton
The Marvelettes
65January 26, 2011Sherman Oaks, California, USAStroke
Gary Moore
Thin Lizzy
58February 6, 2011Estepona, Málaga, SpainHeart attack
Mark Tulin
The Electric Prunes
62February 26, 2011Avalon, California, USA
Johnny Preston
Protegee of J.P. Richardson
71March 4, 2011Beaumont, Texas, USAHeart failure
Mike Starr
Alice in Chains
44March 8, 2011Salt Lake City, Utah, USAPrescription Drug Overdose
Loleatta Holloway64March 21, 2011Los Angeles, California, USAHeart Disease
Jet Harris
The Shadows
71March 18, 2011Winchester, England, UK
Frankie Sparcello
44March 22, 2011New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Zoogz Rift57March 22, 2011Complications due to diabetes
Calvin Russell62April 3, 2011Garfield, Texas, USALiver cancer
Scott Columbus
54April 4, 2011
Poly Styrene
X-Ray Spex
53April 25, 2011Breast cancer
Phoebe Snow60April 26, 2011Edison, New Jersey, USAcerebral hemorrhage
Ivo Pešák
Banjo Band
66May 9, 2011Prague, Czech RepublicComplications from bypass surgery
Andrew Gold
Linda Ronstadt
59June 3, 2011Los Angeles, California, USAHeart Failure
Seth Putnam
Anal Cunt
Upsidedown Cross
43June 11, 2011Heart attack
Carl Gardner
The Coasters
83June 12, 2011Congestive Heart Failure and Vascular Dementia
Mario Comesanas
DJ of Liquid Metal (Sirius XM)
30June 13, 2011Jersey City, New Jersey USABrain hemorrhage
Clarence Clemons
E Street Band
69June 18, 2011Palm Beach, Florida, USAComplications caused by stroke
Ryan Dunn
The Alter Boys
34June 20, 2011Chester County, Pennsylvania, USACar crash
Michael "Würzel" Burston
61July 9, 2011Ventricular tachycardia
Rob Grill
The Grass Roots
67July 11, 2011Orlando, Florida, USAComplications caused by stroke and subsequent head injury
Taiji Sawada
45July 17, 2011Saipan, Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands, USASuicide by hanging
Amy Winehouse27July 23, 2011London, EnglandDeath by misadventure
Dan Peek
60July 24, 2011Farmington, Missouri, USAHeart disease
Daniel Bobis
32Went missing on July 24, 2011
Body found July 28, 2011
Jakarta, IndonesiaLost at sea by surfing
Andrew "Mac" McDermott
45August 4, 2011EnglandKidney failure
Jani Lane
47August 11, 2011Los Angeles, California, USAAcute alcohol poisoning
Jerry Leiber78August 22, 2011San Francisco, California, USACardiopulmonary failure
Nickolas Ashford
Ashford & Simpson
78August 22, 2011New York City, USAThroat cancer
Jonas "B" Bergqvist
25September 9, 2011
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith75September 16, 2011Chicago, Illinois, USAStroke
John Du Cann
Atomic Rooster
65September 21, 2011Hampstead, North West London
Johnny "Country" Mathis77September 27, 2011Stroke
Marv Tarplin
The Miracles
70September 30, 2011Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Mikey Welsh
40October 8, 2011Chicago, Illinois, USACardiac Arrest
Cory "Flattus Maximus" Smoot
34November 3, 2011North Dakota, USAHeart Attack
Jonas R."Slavia" Christiansen
31November 17, 2011Cancer
Dobie Gray71December 6, 2011Nashville, Tennessee, USACancer
David Gold
Woods of Ypres
31December 22, 2011Barrie, Ontario, CanadaCar accident
Sean Bonniwell
The Music Machine
71December 20, 2011Visalia, California, USAlung cancer
Jim Sherwood
The Mothers of Invention
69December 25, 2011
Freddie Milano
Dion And The Belmonts
72January 1, 2012Massapequa, New York, USARespiratory Failure
Larry Reinhardt
Iron Butterfly
63January 2, 2012Bradenton, Florida, USAComplications from sclerosis of the liver
Bob Weston
Fleetwood Mac
64January 3, 2012Brent Cross, London, EnglandGastrointestinal hemorrhage
Nicole Bogner
Visions of Atlantis
27January 5, 2012Severe disease over a long period of time
Jimmy Castor
The Teenagers, The Jimmy Castor Bunch
71January 16, 2012Henderson, NevadaHeart failure
Etta James73January 20, 2012Riverside, California, USALeukemia
Don Cornelius
Host of Soul Train
75February 1, 2012Sherman Oaks, California, USASelf-inflicted wound
Whitney Houston48February 11, 2012Beverly Hills, California, USADrowning
Dory Previn86February 14, 2012Southfield, Massachusetts, USA
Michael Davis
68February 17, 2012Chico, California, USALiver Failure
Davy Jones
The Monkees
66February 29, 2012Indiantown, Florida, USAHeart attack
Ronnie Montrose
64March 3, 2012San Francisco Bay Area, USAProstate cancer
Michael Hossack
Doobie Brothers
65March 12, 2012Dubois, Wyoming, USACancer
Earl Scruggs88March 28, 2012Nashville, Tennessee, USANatural causes
Jim Marshall
Founder and owner of Marshall Amplification
88April 5, 2012Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Dick Clark
Host of American Bandstand
82April 18, 2012Santa Monica, California, USAHeart attack
Levon Helm
The Band
71April 19, 2012New York City, New York, USACancer
Greg Ham
Men At Work
58April 19, 2012Carlton North, Victoria, Australia
Tommy Marth
The Killers
33April 23, 2012Las Vegas, NevadaSuicide
Adam "MCA" Yauch
Beastie Boys
47May 4, 2012Brooklyn, New YorkParotid gland cancer
Rob Doherty
Into Eternity
41May 5, 2012
Donald "Duck" Dunn
Booker T. & the M.G.'s
70May 13, 2012Tokyo, Japan
Chuck Brown75May 16, 2012Baltimore, MDHeart and other organ failure
Donna Summer63May 17, 2012Englewood, FloridaLung cancer
Robin Gibb
Bee Gees
62May 20, 2012Chelsea, LondonLiver and kidney failure
Doc Watson89May 29, 2012Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USAComplications following colon surgery
Herb Reed
The Platters
83June 4, 2012Boston, Massachusetts, USAComplications from heart disease
Bob Welch
Fleetwood Mac
66June 7, 2012Antioch, Tennessee, USASuicide
Brian Hibbard
Flying Pickets
65June 18, 2012Cardiff, Wales, UKProstate Cancer
Jon Lord
Deep Purple
Paice, Ashton & Lord
The Artwoods
The Flower Pot Men
71July 16, 2012London, England, UKPulmonary embolism

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