List of dance style categories

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This is a list of the dance style categories. These categories are not mutually exclusive and are context dependent (i.e., a particular dance may belong to several categories).

For older and more region-orientated vernacular dance styles, see this list.

Traditional Jazz / Traditional African-American / Native American[edit]

Dancehall dance[edit]

Experimental / freestyle[edit]

Folk dance[edit]

Balinese traditional dance, legong

Regional dance like in India 1. Mass 2. Rajastani 3. Punjabi 4. Bhangra 5. Dandiya and Garba 6. semi - classical

Street Dance[edit]

Disco/Electronic dance[edit]


Historical dance[edit]

Liturgical dance[edit]

Participative dance improvisation[edit]

Folk dance[edit]

Concert dance / Performance dance[edit]


Swing dance[edit]

Miscellaneous concert[edit]

Further reading[edit]

[nl:Lijst van dansstijlen]