List of dams in the Columbia River watershed

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Prominent dams of the Columbia River Basin. Color indicates dam ownership:
  U.S. Federal government
  Public Utilities
  State, provincial, or local government
(Please note, the file linked through the image contains a much more detailed listing of tributary dams than this article.)

Hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River and its tributaries in North America.
(Listed in order from the headwaters, to the Pacific Ocean)

Mainstem Columbia dams[edit]

NameCapacity (MW)LocationDate authorizedDate completedOwner NameLake formed
Mica Dam1,805British Columbia, Canada19641973BC HydroKinbasket Lake
Revelstoke Dam2,480British Columbia, Canada19641984BC HydroRevelstoke Lake
Keenleyside Dam185British Columbia, Canada19641968BC HydroRaised Arrow Lakes
Grand Coulee Dam6,809Washington, USA19331942USBRFranklin D. Roosevelt Lake, Banks Lake
Chief Joseph Dam2,620 "19461955USACERufus Woods Lake
Wells Dam840 "1967Douglas PUDLake Pateros
Rocky Reach Dam1,287 "19561961Chelan PUDLake Entiat
Rock Island Dam660 "19291933Chelan PUDRock Island Pool
Wanapum Dam1,038 "19591963Grant PUDLake Wanapum
Priest Rapids Dam955 "19501961Grant PUDPriest Rapids Lake
McNary Dam980between WA and Oregon19411954USACELake Wallula
John Day Dam2,160 "19581971USACELake Umatilla
The Dalles Dam1,780 "1960USACELake Celilo
Bonneville Dam1,218 "1937USACELake Bonneville
Total24,817Columbia River

Snake River[edit]

NameHeightPurpose(s)Capacity (MW)YearOwner nameReservoir nameComments
Ice Harbor208 ft (63.4 m)Navigation, hydroelectric6931962USACELake Sacajawea
Lower Monumental100 ft (30.5 m)Navigation, hydroelectric9321969USACELake Herbert G. West
Little Goose98 ft (29.9 m)Navigation, hydroelectric9321970USACELake Bryan
Lower Granite100 ft (30.5 m)Navigation, hydroelectric9321972USACELower Granite Lake
Hells Canyon330 ft (101 m)Hydroelectric3911967Idaho Power CompanyHells Canyon ReservoirNo fish passage.
Oxbow175 ft (53.3 m)Hydroelectric1901961Idaho Power CompanyOxbow Reservoir
Brownlee420 ft (128 m)Hydroelectric585.41958Idaho Power CompanyBrownlee Reservoir
Swan Falls107 ft (32.6 m)Hydroelectric25[1]1901Idaho Power Company
C. J. Strike115 ft (35.1 m)Hydroelectric82.81952Idaho Power CompanyC. J. Strike Reservoir
Bliss70 ft (21.3 m)Hydroelectric1950Idaho Power CompanyMid-Snake Project.
Milner73 ft (22.3 m)Irrigation, hydroelectric1905Milner Dam, Inc.Milner Lake
Minidoka86 ft (26.2 m)Irrigation, hydroelectric27.71906Bureau of ReclamationLake WalcottMinidoka Project.
American Falls103.5 ft (31.5 m)Irrigation, hydroelectric1121927, replaced 1978Bureau of ReclamationAmerican Falls ReservoirMinidoka Project.
Gem State40 ft (12.2 m)Hydroelectric, irrigation241988City of Idaho Falls
Palisades270 ft (82 m)Irrigation, Hydroelectric176.61957Bureau of ReclamationPalisades ReservoirPalisades Project
Jackson Lake65 ft (19.8 m)IrrigationN/A1916, upgraded 1989Bureau of ReclamationJackson LakeMinidoka Project.

Pend Oreille-Clark Fork–Flathead[edit]

NameHeightPurpose(s)Capacity (MW)YearOwner nameReservoir nameComments
Pend Oreille
Waneta Dam249 feet (76 m)Hydroelectric450 MW1954Teck Resources
Seven Mile Dam213 feet (65 m)Hydroelectric848 MW1979BC Hydro
Boundary Dam340 feet (100 m)Hydroelectric1,050 MW1967Seattle City Light
Box Canyon Dam62.4 feet (19.0 m)Hydroelectric69 MWPend Oreille Public Utility District
Albeni Falls Dam90 feet (27 m)Hydroelectric55 MW1955USACE
Clark Fork
Cabinet Gorge Dam111 feet (34 m)Hydroelectric231 MW1953Avista Corp.
Noxon Rapids Dam179 feet (55 m)Hydroelectric466 MW1960Avista Corp.
Kerr Dam205 feet (62 m)Hydroelectric196 MW1938PPL/TribalFlathead LakeRaised Flathead Lake 10 feet (3.0 m) over its natural level
Hungry Horse Dam564 feet (172 m)Hydroelectric, flood control, irrigation428 MW1953Bureau of ReclamationHungry Horse ReservoirOn South Fork Flathead River
Total3,735 MW

Kootenay River[edit]

NameHeightPurpose(s)Capacity (MW)YearOwner nameReservoir nameComments
Libby Dam422 feet (129 m)Hydroelectric, flood control, storage6001975USACELake KoocanusaColumbia River Treaty
Duncan DamFlood control, storage1967BC HydroDuncan LakeDuncan River, flows into Kootenay Lake
Corra Linn Dam52 feet (16 m)Hydroelectric, flood control, storage441932FortisBCKootenay Lakeraised lake 2m
Kootenay Canal276 feet (84 m)Hydroelectric5721975BC Hydro "see Corra Linn Dam
Upper Bonnington Falls DamHydroelectric621907FortisBC "
Lower Bonnington Falls DamHydroelectric49.51925FortisBC "
South Slocan Dam60 feet (18 m)Hydroelectric531928FortisBC "
Brilliant Dam140 feet (43 m)Hydroelectric2651944Columbia Power Corporation "

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