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This is a list of cruise ships, both those in service and those that have ceased to operate. Ocean liners are included on this list only if they also functioned as cruise ships. (See: list of ocean liners.)

As some cruise ships have operated under multiple names, all names will be listed in the "Status" section, along with the history of the vessel, under the vessel's current or most recent name. If a vessel is not currently operating as a cruise ship, only the most recent operation will be listed here. Likewise, if a vessel fulfilled another role before becoming a cruise ship, the first entry for the vessel will occur when the vessel began its career as a cruise ship.


List of Cruise Ships (A)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Achille LauroStarLauro Cruises194723,629Sunk. Built between 1939 and 1947 as the Willem Ruys, a passenger liner for Rotterdamsche Lloyd. Began service as the Achille Lauro for StarLauro Cruises since 1965. She is most remembered for her 1985 hijacking. In 1994, the ship caught fire and sank in the Indian Ocean off Somalia.
AdoniaP&O Cruises200130,277Operating. Began operation in 2001 as the R Eight for Renaissance Cruises, in 2003 as the Minerva II for Swan Hellenic, in 2007 as the Royal Princess for Princess Cruises, and in 2011 as the Adonia.
AdrianaB&BS19724,490Operating. Began operation in 1972 as the Aquarius for Hellenic Mediterranean Lines, Adriana (1987–2008), Adriana III (2008–2010).
Adventure of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International2001138,000Operating
Aegean OdysseyVoyages to Antiquity197311,563Operating. Formerly, the ferry Narcis for Zim Lines, the Aegean Dolphin in 1986 for Dolphin Hellas, and the Aegean I in 1996, while chartered to Renaissance Cruises. Since 2009, the Aegean Odyssey.
Aegean ParadiseEtstur199023,287Operating. Formerly, Orient Venus, Cruise One, Delphin Voyager, Hainan Empress, Happy Dolphin.
AIDAauraAIDA Cruises200342,289Operating
AIDAbellaAIDA Cruises200868,500Operating
AIDAbluAIDA Cruises201071,300Operating. Has the same name as the former AIDAblu, now operating for P&O Cruises Australia as the Pacific Jewel.
AIDAcaraAIDA Cruises199638,531Operating. Formerly, the AIDA, renamed in 2001 to AIDAcara.
AIDAdivaAIDA Cruises200768,500Operating
AIDAlunaAIDA Cruises200968,500Operating
AIDAmarAIDA Cruises201271,300Operating
AIDAsolAIDA Cruises201171,300Operating
AIDAstellaAIDA Cruises201371,304Operating
AIDAvitaAIDA Cruises200242,289Operating
AlbatrosPhoenix Reisen197320,018 / 21,848Operating. Built as the Royal Viking Sea for Royal Viking Line. From 1991, the Royal Odyssey for Royal Cruise Line. From 1997 to 2002, as the Norwegian Star, and Norwegian Star I for Norwegian Cruise Line, Norwegian Capricorn Line, and Star Cruises. From 2002 to 2004, as the Crown for Crown Investments and Spanish Cruise Line, and from 2004, as the Albatros for Spanish Cruise Line and Phoenix Reisen.
Allure of the SeasRoyal Caribbean2010225,282Operating
AmadeaPhoenix Reisen199128,856Operating. Originally the Asuka for Nippon Yusen Kaisha, sold in 2006 to Amadea Shipping Co., and now under charter to Phoenix Reisen.
American EagleAmerican Cruise Lines2000Laid up in Salisbury MD, and listed for sale.
American GloryAmerican Cruise Lines2002Operating
AmerikanisChandris Line / Costa Cruises195217,041Scrapped. Originally, the Kenya Castle for Union-Castle Line. Sold to Chandris Line in 1967, and renamed the Amerikanis, leased to Costa Cruises from 1980 to 1984. Laid up in 1996 and scrapped in 2001.
AmsterdamHolland America Line200061,000Operating
Andes (II)Royal Mail Lines193927,000Scrapped. Built as liner for South American trade. Troopship 1939-1945, then reverted to liner, becoming a cruise ship in 1959 and scrapped in 1971.[1]
Aranui 3CPTM19593,800Operating passenger freight cruise line to the Marquesas Islands from Tahiti, became the portal to the Marquesas and cruise ship in 1990 with the Aranui II in addition to the freight services to the Marquesas, Aranui III began cruising in 2003 and will be replaced by the Aranui V in early 2015.
ArcadiaP&O Cruises200486,799Operating
Arosa StarArosa Line19319,070Grounded. Originally a liner, the Borinquen (1931), renamed Puerto Rico in 1949, Arosa Star in 1954, Bahama Star in 1959, La Jenelle in 1969, grounded 13 April 1970 in California.
Arosa SunArosa Line1929Scrapped. Originally a liner, the Félix Roussel (1929), renamed Arosa Sun in 1955. Sold in 1960 and used as a hotel ship. Scrapped in 1974.[2]
ArtaniaPhoenix Reisen198444,348Operating. Originally, the Royal Princess, transferred as Artemis in 2005, sold in 2009, and renamed in 2011 as Artania.
AssedoKaalbye Shipping International196819,361Scrapped. Originally, the Shota Rustaveli, sold in 2000 as the Assedo. Scrapped in 2003.
AstorCruise & Maritime Voyages198720,606Operating. Originally, the Astor, renamed Feodor Dostojevskiy in 1998, returned to Astor in 1995.
Asuka IINippon Yusen Kaisha200650,142Formerly: Crystal Harmony - Operating
AthenaClassic International Cruises194812,165Operating. Ex- Völkerfreundschaft, Volker, Fridtjof Nansen, Italia I, Italia Prima, Valtur Prima, Caribe, built as Stockholm.
Atlantic StarPullmantur Cruises200646,000Scrapped under name Antic in 2013 at Aliağa, Turkey. Ex-Pacific Sky, Sky Princess, Sky Wonder, built as Fairsky.
AuroraP&O Cruises200076,000Operating
AusoniaLouis Cruise Lines195611,879Beached for scrapping in March 2010
Azamara JourneyAzamara Cruises200730,277Formerly: R six for Renaissance Cruises until 2000, Blue Dream for Pullmantur Cruises until 2005.
Azamara QuestAzamara Cruises200730,277Formerly: R seven for Renaissance Cruises until 2000, Blue Moon for Pullmantur Cruises until 2005.
AzuraP&O Cruises2010116,000Operating


List of Cruise Ships (B)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Bahamas CelebrationCelebration Cruise Line200835,483Formerly: the MS Prinsesse Ragnhild (1981–2008) sold and renamed in 2008, currently operating
BalmoralFred. Olsen Cruise Lines200743,537Operating. Former: Norwegian Crown, Crown Odyssey
BarcelonaCompanhia Colonial de Navegacao196123,306Operated as Infante Dom Henrique until 1975, then operated as a floating hotel until 1988, sold and brought back as a cruise ship under the name Vasco da Gama (1988–91), sold and renamed SeaWind Crown (1991–2002), laid up in 2002, sold and renamed Barcelona, sent to the breakers in India in 2004
Belofin IAG Belofin Investments of Liechtenstein197018,017Formerly: the SS Monterey (1932–1953), the SS Matsonia (1954–63), and the SS Lurline (1963–1970), SS Britanis (1970-1998) chartered to the US Government as an accommodation ship (1994), laid up in (1996), sold and renamed Belofin I (1998), sold for scrap and sank off the Cape of Good Hope while en route to the breakers in 2000.
Bianca CCosta Line194418,427Sunk in 1961.
Birka StockholmBirka Line200434,924Operating. Originally, the Birka Paradise
Black WatchFred. Olsen Cruise Lines199628,613Operating. Former: Star Odyssey, Westward, Royal Viking Star
BoreSteamship Company Bore20104,295Operating. Former: Bore, Borea, Kristina Regina, changed back to Bore
BoudiccaFred. Olsen Cruise Lines200628,388Operating. Former: Grand Latino, Superstar Capricorn, Hyundai Keumgang, Golden Princess, Sunward, Birka Queen, Royal Viking Sky
BraemarFred. Olsen Cruise Lines200119,089Operating. Former: Crown Dynasty, Norwegian Dynasty, Crown Majesty, Cunard Crown Majesty
BraheSaimaan Matkaverkko Ltd20101,105Operating. Formerly: MS Kristina Brahe, USS PCE 830, HMS Kilchrenan, Sunnhordland.
BremenHapag-Lloyd Cruises19936,753Operating
Brilliance of the SeasRoyal Caribbean200290,090Operating


List of Cruise Ships (C)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
CalyLouis Cruise Lines196711,162Scrapped in 2013. Originally, the Canguro Verde, formerly 1981–1989: Durr, 1989–1990: Ionian Harmony, 1990–1993: Sun Fiesta, 1993–1994: Regent Jewel, 1994–2007: Calypso, 2007–2013: The Calypso
CanberraP&O196149,073Scrapped in 1997
Cape Cod LightAmerican Classic Voyages20014,954
Cape May LightAmerican Classic Voyages20014,954
Caribbean PrincessPrincess Cruises2004112,894Operating
Carnival BreezeCarnival Cruise Lines2012130,000Operating
Carnival ConquestCarnival Cruise Lines2002110,000Operating
Carnival DestinyCarnival Cruise Lines1996101,353Operating but not under this name. Received a €155 million refit and will be renamed Carnival Sunshine
Carnival DreamCarnival Cruise Lines2009130,000Operating
Carnival EcstasyCarnival Cruise Lines199170,367Operating. Originally, the Ecstasy
Carnival ElationCarnival Cruise Lines199870,367Operating. Originally, the Elation
Carnival FantasyCarnival Cruise Lines199070,367Operating. Originally, the Fantasy
Carnival FascinationCarnival Cruise Lines199470,367Operating. Originally, the Fascination
Carnival FreedomCarnival Cruise Lines2007110,000Operating
Carnival GloryCarnival Cruise Lines2003110,000Operating
Carnival ImaginationCarnival Cruise Lines199570,367Operating. Originally, the Imagination
Carnival InspirationCarnival Cruise Lines199670,367Operating. Originally, the Inspiration
Carnival LegendCarnival Cruise Lines200288,500Operating
Carnival LibertyCarnival Cruise Lines2005110,000Operating
Carnival MagicCarnival Cruise Lines2011130,000Operating
Carnival MiracleCarnival Cruise Lines200488,500Operating
Carnival ParadiseCarnival Cruise Lines199870,390Operating. Originally, the Paradise
Carnival PrideCarnival Cruise Lines200288,500Operating
Carnival SensationCarnival Cruise Lines199370,367Operating. Originally, the Sensation
Carnival SpiritCarnival Cruise Lines200185,900Operating
Carnival SplendorCarnival Cruise Lines2008112,000Operating
Carnival SunshineCarnival Cruise Lines2013102,853Operating. Originally, the Carnival Destiny (renamed after refit)
Carnival TriumphCarnival Cruise Lines1999101,509Operating
Carnival ValorCarnival Cruise Lines2004110,000Operating
Carnival VictoryCarnival Cruise Lines2000102,000Operating
Carnival VistaCarnival Cruise Lines2015140,000Under Construction
CarnivaleCarnival Cruise Linesc 1972-1978Scrapped in 2003
CelebrationCarnival Cruise Lines198748,000Operating
Celebrity CenturyCelebrity Cruises199571,545Operating. Originally, the Century
Celebrity ConstellationCelebrity Cruises200291,000Operating. Originally, the Constellation
Celebrity EclipseCelebrity Cruises2010122,000Operating
Celebrity EquinoxCelebrity Cruises2009122,000Operating
Celebrity InfinityCelebrity Cruises200191,000Operating. Originally, the Infinity
Celebrity MillenniumCelebrity Cruises200091,000Operating. Originally, the Millennium
Celebrity ReflectionCelebrity Cruises2012126,000Operating
Celebrity SilhouetteCelebrity Cruises2011122,000Operating
Celebrity SolsticeCelebrity Cruises2008122,000Operating
Celebrity SummitCelebrity Cruises200191,000Operating. Originally, the Summit
Celebrity XpeditionCelebrity Cruises20012,842Operating
China StarChina Cruise Company199220,295Operating. Originally, the Radisson Diamond, sold in 2005 and renamed twice, as the Omar Star and Asia Star. Sold in 2011 as China Star.
Clipper AdventurerClipper Group19754,376Operating as a charter vessel to several tour companies
Clipper OdysseyClipper Group19895,218Operating on a long term charter to Zegrahm Expeditions
Club Med 2Club Med199614,983Operating
Columbus 2Hapag-Lloyd200430,277Operating on a long term charter from Oceania Cruises- Formerly: R One and Insignia
ConstitutionAmerican Hawaii Cruises195123,754Formerly: sailed in Hawaii with twin ship Independence
CoralLouis Cruise Lines197514,194Not operating at the moment, formerly Cunard Adventurer, Sunward II, Triton.
Coral PrincessPrincess Cruises200391,627Operating
Costa AllegraCosta Cruises199228,500Scrapped in 2012
Costa AtlanticaCosta Cruises200086,000Operating
Costa PacificaCosta Crociere2009114,500Operating
Carla CostaCosta Cruises/Princess Cruises1986Former ocean liner SS Flandre. Originally named Carla C. Sold in 1992 to Epirotiki
Costa ClassicaCosta Cruises199252,926Operating
Costa ConcordiaCosta Cruises2006114,500Ran aground and half sunk off Isola del Giglio, Italy, Moored in Genoa, Italy for scrapping.
Costa DeliziosaCosta Cruises201092,700Operating (Hybrid Spirit/Vista Class)
Costa DiademaCosta Cruises2014130,000Operating
Costa FortunaCosta Cruises2003102,587Operating
Costa FascinosaCosta Cruises2012114,500Operating
Costa FavolosaCosta Cruises2011114,500Operating
Costa FortunaCosta Cruises2003105,000Operating
Costa LuminosaCosta Cruises200992,700Operating (Hybrid Spirit/Vista Class)
Costa MagicaCosta Cruises2004102,587Operating
Costa MediterraneaCosta Cruises200386,000Operating
Costa neoRivieraCosta Cruises199948,200Not operating at the moment, entered service as Mistral, formerly : Grand Mistral (2003–2013)
Costa neoRomanticaCosta Cruises199353,000Operating
Costa SerenaCosta Cruises2007115,500Operating
Costa VictoriaCosta Cruises199676,000Operating
Costa VoyagerCosta Cruises201124,391Operating. Entered service as Olympic Voyager, former Olympia Voyager, Grand Voyager, Voyager, Grand Voyager.
Crown PrincessPrincess Cruises2006113,000Operating
Crystal SerenityCrystal Cruises200368,870Operating
Crystal SymphonyCrystal Cruises199551,044Operating
Cunard AmbassadorCunard Line197214,160Burnt 1974, rebuilt into a livestock carrier, renamed Linda Clausen, later Procyon, Raslan. Scrapped 1984 after a second fire.


List of Cruise Ships (D)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
DaphneCosta Cruises1984-1985-1990
Dawn PrincessPrincess Cruises199777,499Operating
DelphinDelphin Seereisen/Hansa Touristik199316,214Operating. Formerly: Kazakhstan II, Belorussiya
DeutschlandReederei Peter Deilmann199822,400Operating
Diamond PrincessPrincess Cruises2004115,875Operating
DiscoveryVoyages of Discovery200320,216Operating. Formerly: Platinum, Hyundai Pungak, Island Princess, Island Venture
Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line2011128,000Operating
Disney FantasyDisney Cruise Line2012128,000Operating
Disney MagicDisney Cruise Line199883,338Operating
Disney WonderDisney Cruise Line199985,000Operating
Dolphin-1970sBegan operation in the late 1990s as Ocean Breeze.
Dolphin IVDolphin Cruise Line197913,007Formerly: the Zion (1956–66), the Amélia de Mello (1966–72), the Ithica (1972–79), operated as the Dolphin IV for the Dolphin Cruise Line (1979–1998) and the Cape Canaveral Cruise Line (1998–2000), laid up in 2000, sent to the breakers in 2003
DreamwardNorwegian Cruise Line1992Refitted in 1998, operated as Norwegian Dream then renamed SuperStar Gemini in 2012


List of Cruise Ships (E)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
easyCruiseOneeasyCruise20054,077Operating. Formerly: Renaissance Two, The Neptune
Emerald PrincessPrincess Cruise Lines2007113,000Operating
EmpressPullmantur Cruises199048,563Operating. Formerly: Nordic Empress and Empress of the Seas
Empress of CanadaCP Ships196127,284Scrapped. Built as an ocean liner, sold to Carnival Cruise Lines in 1972, and became its first ship, the Mardi Gras. Sold in 1993 to Epirotiki Line, and renamed the Olympic, Star of Texas, Lucky Star and Apollon. Sold for scrap in 2003.
Enchanted CapriDemar Instaladora y Constructora, S.A de C.V. México199816,331Currently operating as a hotel ship for oil rigs in the Mexican Gulf - Sold off in 2003 - Formerly: Azerbaihzan, Arkadia, Island Holiday
Enchanted IsleCommodore Cruise Line199023,395Ended service 2000 & scrapped 2004;
Enchanted SeasCommodore Cruise Line199023,500Ended service 1995 & scrapped 2004;
Enchantment of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International199781,500Operating. Extended in 2005.
Enrico C. / Enrico CostaCosta Crosiere196515,889Former Provence. Ended service 1994; later Symphony, Aegean Spirit, Ocean Glory I, Classica. Scrapped 2001.
Eugenio C. / Eugenio CostaCosta Crosiere196630,567Ended service 1997. Later Edinburgh Castle, The Big Red Boat II. Sold for scrap 2005.
EurodamHolland America Line200886,000Operating
EuropaNorddeutscher Lloyd / Hapag-Lloyd Cruises196521,164Built as Kungsholm. Ended service 1981. Sunk 1984 as Columbus C.
EuropaHapag-Lloyd Cruises199928,890Operating
Explorer of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International2000137,308Operating


List of Cruise Ships (F)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Fair PrincessPrincess Cruises1988Former Fairsea, built as the ocean liner Carinthia. Ended service 2000. Subsequently China Sea Discovery. Scrapped 2005.
FairlandSitmar Cruises1967Former ocean liner Carinthia (fate: see neighbouring entries). Name allocated by new owners during lay-up but changed to Fairsea prior to entering Sitmar service.
FairseaSitmar Cruises1971Former ocean liner Carinthia. Ended operation in 1988. Subsequently Fair Princess, China Sea Discovery. Scrapped 2005.
FairskySitmar Cruises195812,464Migrant passenger ship working as part-time cruise ship 1958-73. Full-time cruise ship 1974-77. Scrapped following a fire, 1980.
FairstarSitmar Cruises196421,619Migrant passenger ship working as part-time cruise ship 1964-74, then full-time cruising. Allocated to P&O Australia fleet in 1988. Ended operation in 1997 and scrapped.
Fifty Years of Victory[various owners]200923,439Nuclear powered expedition ship.In service.
FramHurtigruten200711,700In service.
Fort VictoriaVarious operators19127,784Sank on 18 December 1929 after being hit amidships by SS Algonquin
Franca CCosta Line1952Ended service in 1977. Now operated by Gute Bücher für Alle as MV Doulos Phos, a travelling book shop[3]
RMS FranconiaCunard Line196321,717Scrapped Alang, India 2005
Fedor ShalyapinFar East Shipping Company197121,717Former Ocean Liner RMS Ivernia, Scrapped Alang, India 2005
Freedom of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International2006154,407Operating
FreewindsChurch of Scientology1986Operating; former Boheme


List of Cruise Ships (G)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
GeminiStar Cruises199519,093Operating. Former Cunard Crown Jewel, Superstar Gemini, Vision Star, built as Crown Jewel.
Golden IrisMano Maritime197716,852Operating; former Cunard Conquest, Cunard Princess and Rhapsody
Golden PrincessPrincess Cruises2001109,000Operating
Golden PrincessEurasia International196712,704Entered service as Finlandia, later Finstarr, for Finnlines. Left service in 1980; renamed successively Instarr, Pearl of Scandinavia, Ocean Pearl, Costa Playa, Oriental Pearl, Joy Wave. Operating since 2000 as MS Golden Princess.
Grand CelebrationIbero Cruises198747,262Entered service as Celebration. 2008 as Iberocruceros Grand Celebration
Grand HolidayIbero Cruises198546,052Entered service as Holiday. Operating since 2010 as Grand Holiday.
Grand PrincessPrincess Cruises1998108,806Operating
Grandeur of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International199674,000Operating
GripsholmSwedish America Line192517,944Combined ocean liner/cruise ship. Ended service 1954. Later Berlin, scrapped 1966.
GripsholmSwedish America Line195723,191Combined ocean liner/cruise ship, built as sister ship to the Kungsholm. Sold to Karageorgis Lines in 1975, renamed the Navarino. Sold to Regency Cruises in 1984 as the Regent Sea, operated until 1995. Sunk 2001.[4]


List of Cruise Ships (H)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
HamburgPlantours199715,000Operating. Formerly: Columbus for Hapag-Lloyd
HanseaticHamburg Atlantic Line195830,030Burnt 1966. Formerly: ocean liner Empress of Scotland, built as Empress of Japan.
HanseaticHanseatic Tours / Hapag-Lloyd Cruises19938,378Operating.
Harmony PrincessPolaris Shipping201225,500Operating. Formerly: Axel Johnson, MS Regent Sun, MS Italia, Costa Marina
Hebridean PrincessHebridean Island Cruises19892,112Operating.
HennaStar Cruises200447,000Operating. Formerly: Jubilee, Pacific Sun.
HomericHome Lines195418,563Burned 1973. Originally the ocean liner Mariposa.
HorizonCDF Croisières de France199046,811Originally operating as Horizon for Celebrity Cruises, then from 2005 as Island Star for Island Cruises, then from 2009 on for Pullmantur Cruises as Pacific Dream, in 2011 renamed again Horizon. Transferred to CDF Croisières de France in spring 2012.


List of Cruise Ships (I)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Independence of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International2008154,407Operating
IndependenceAtlantic Far East Lines / American Hawaiian Cruises195123,719Renamed Oceanic Independence (1974–79), renamed the Independence (1982–2006), renamed the Oceanic (2006), sold for scrap in 2008
IndependenceAmerican Cruise Lines2010Operating
Island EscapeIsland Cruises200240,132Operating. Formerly: MS Scandinavia, MS Stardancer, MS Viking Serenade
Island PrincessPrincess Cruises200392,000Operating
Island SkyNoble Caledonia199290,600Operating. Formerly: MS Renaissance Eight, MS Renai II, MS Sky
Ivan FrankoBlack Sea Shipping Company196419,861Scrapped 1997 under name Fran


List of Cruise Ships (J)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Jewel of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International200490,090Operating


List of Cruise Ships (K)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Klavdiya YelanskayaMurmansk Shipping19774,329Operating.
KoningsdamHolland America Line201699,500Under construction.
Kristina KatarinaKristina Cruises201012,688Operating. Formerly: The Iris, Francesca, Konstantin Siminov
Kristina ReginaKristina Cruises19884,295No longer operating. Formerly: Bore, Borea. Currently in use, under her former name of MS Bore, as a museum and hotel ship docked permanently Turku, Finland
KungsholmSwedish American Line195321,164Sold in 1965. Later Europa, Columbus C.. Sunk 1984.


List of Cruise Ships (L)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
L'AmantPhoenix Voyages2009Built in 2009 by the Vietnamese shipyard, Vuot Song, L'Amant operates on the Mekong River in Vietnam.[5]
L'AustralPonant Cruises201110,700Operating.
Le BoréalPonant Cruises201010,700Operating.
Le DiamantPonant Cruises20048,282Operating. Formerly: Song of Flower, Explorer Starship.[6]
Le LevantPonant Cruises19993,504Operating.
Le PonantPonant Cruises19911,489Operating.
LegacyWindjammer Barefoot Cruises1997Cut up for scrap, at Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
Legend of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International199570,000Operating
Leonardo da VinciItalian Line196033,340Ended service in 1978. Scrapped 1982.
Leisure WorldNew Century Cruise Lines196916,254Operating. Formerly: Skyward (1969-1991), Shangri-La World (1991-1992), Asean World (1992), Fantasy World (1992-1993), Leisure World (1993-Present)
Leonid SobinovBlack Sea Shipping Company197421,370Formerly: Saxonia, Carmania. Ended service 1995. Scrapped 1999.
Liberty of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International2007154,407Operating
Lord of the GlensMagna Carta Steamship Company Ltd2000729Cruises Caledonian Canal and North of Scotland
Louis CristalLouis Cruise Lines200725,611Operating. Originally, the Viking Saga, formerly: Sally Albatross, Leeward, SuperStar Taurus, Silja Opera, Opera, Cristal
Louis OlympiaLouis Cruise Lines/Thomson Cruises200537,773Operating. Formerly: Song of America, Sunbird, Thomson Destiny
SS Lurline (1931)Matson Lines196318,017Formerly SS Monterey (1932–1953)and SS Matsonia (1954–63), sold and renamed the Britanis(1970), chartered to the US Government as an accommodation ship (1994), laid up in (1996), sold and renamed Belofin I (1998), sold for scrap and sank off the Cape of Good Hope while en route to the breakers in 2000
Lyubov Orlova19764,251Operated as a charter vessel to several tour companies; sold for scrap to Neptune International Shipping, February 2012. Broke loose under tow from St John's to the Dominican Republic and was abandoned in international waters off Newfoundland in February, 2013.


List of Cruise Ships (M)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
MaasdamHolland America Line199355,451Operating
Majesty of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International199273,941Operating
Macau SuccessIsland Ship19749,848Operating. Former Omar II, Astra II, built as Golden Odyssey
Mandalay[[Sail Windjammer[7]]]1982585Operating. Formerly operated by Windjammer Barefoot Cruises
Marco PoloOrient Lines / Transocean Tours199122,181Operating. Former Alexandr Pushkin.
MarinaOceania Cruises201166,084Operating
Mariner of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International2003138,000Operating
RMS MauretaniaCunard Line193131,938Scrapped at Rosyth in 1935
RMS Mauretania IICunard Line196235, 738Scrapped at Ward's Shipbreaking in 1965
Maxim GorkiyBlack Sea Shipping Company
Phoenix Reisen
197424,981Ended service November 2008. Former Hanseatic, built as Hamburg.
Mein Schiff 1TUI Cruises200976,522Operating. Formerly: owned by Celebrity Cruises (1996-2009). Formerly named Galaxy, Celebrity Galaxy, Mein Schiff.
Mein Schiff 2TUI Cruises201177,713Operating. Formerly: owned by Celebrity Cruises (1997-2011). Formerly named Mercury, Celebrity Mercury.
Mein Schiff 3TUI Cruises201499,526Operating
Mikhail LermontovBlack Sea Shipping Company-Hit a reef and sank off Picton, New Zealand in 1986
MinervaSwan Hellenic200812,500Recommenced operation for Swan Hellenic cruises after leaving Swan Hellenic in 2003
Mona LisaHoliday Kreuzfahrten200227,670Operating. Former Kungsholm,Sea Princess,Victoria,Oceanic II
MonarchPullmantur Cruises199173,941Operating for Pullmantur after being switched from Royal Caribbean in 2013.
MontereyMSC Italian Cruises199020,046A Matson cruise ship constructed from a 1952 C4 Mariner-class hull formerly named Free State Mariner; renamed Monte in 2006 to be broken up for scrap in 2007
MSC ArmoniaMSC Italian CruisesPost-200158,174Formerly: MS European Vision (2001–2004), currently operating
MSC DivinaMSC Italian Cruises2012139,400Operating
MSC FantasiaMSC Italian Cruises2008137,936Operating
MSC LiricaMSC Italian Cruises200358,825Operating
MSC MagnificaMSC Italian Cruises201093,330Operating
MSC MelodyMSC Italian Cruises198235,143Operating. Formerly: Atlantic, StarShip Atlantic, Melody
MSC MusicaMSC Italian Cruises200689,600Operating
MSC OperaMSC Italian Cruises200458,058Operating
MSC OrchestraMSC Italian Cruises200789,600Operating
MSC PoesiaMSC Italian Cruises200893,330Operating[8]
MSC SinfoniaMSC Italian Cruises200558,625Formerly: MS European Stars (2002–2004), currently operating
MSC SplendidaMSC Italian Cruises2009137,936Operating


List of Cruise Ships (N)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
National Geographic EndeavourLindblad Expeditions19963,132Operating, originally, the Marburg, formerly Lindmar, North Star, Caledonian Star, Endeavour,
National Geographic ExplorerLindblad Expeditions19826,167Operating, originally, the Midnatsol, formerly Midnatsol II, Lyngen
NauticaOceania Cruises200530,277Operating. Originally, the R Five.
Navigator of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International2002138,000Operating
Nieuw AmsterdamHolland America Line201086,700Operating
NoordamHolland America Line200682,500Operating
Nordic EmpressRoyal Caribbean International1990Renamed Empress of the Seas in 2004. Now operating as MS Empress for Pullmantur Cruises
SS NorwayNorwegian Cruise Line1978Former ocean liner France. Ended operation in 2003. Was scrapped in Alang 2008.
Norwegian BlissNorwegian Cruise Line2017163,000Under Construction
Norwegian DawnNorwegian Cruise Line200292,250Operating. Formerly:SuperStar Scorpio
Norwegian DreamNorwegian Cruise Line199850,764Renamed SuperStar Gemini in 2012 and laid up in Freeport, Bahamas, awaiting a buyer
Norwegian EpicNorwegian Cruise Line2010155,873Operating
Norwegian EscapeNorwegian Cruise Line2015163,000Under Construction
Norwegian GemNorwegian Cruise Line200793,500Operating
Norwegian JadeNorwegian Cruise Line200693,500Operating
Norwegian JewelNorwegian Cruise Line200592,000Operating
Norwegian PearlNorwegian Cruise Line200693,500Operating
Norwegian SpiritNorwegian Cruise Line200477,000Operating. Formerly:SuperStar Leo
Norwegian SkyNorwegian Cruise Line199977,104Renamed in 2003 to Pride of Aloha, and back to Norwegian Sky in 2008. Operating
Norwegian StarNorwegian Cruise Line200191,740Operating. Formerly:SuperStar Libra
Norwegian SunNorwegian Cruise Line200178,309Operating
Norwegian BreakawayNorwegian Cruise Line2013146,600Operating


List of Cruise Ships (O)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Oasis of the SeasRoyal Caribbean Cruise Line2009225,282Operating
Ocean Atlantic200912,798IMO 8325432, originally built as the ferry Konstantin Chernenko, formerly : Rus (ru), Rus (rebuilt to cruise ship in 2009), SC Atlantic
Ocean CountessRoyal Olympic Cruises, Monarch Classic Cruisesc. 199717,593Formerly: Cunard Countess, Awani Dream II, Olympia Countess, Lili Marleen, Ruby, Olympic Countess
Ocean DreamPullmantur Cruises198135,190Operating. Former Tropicale, Costa Tropicale, Pacific Star.
Ocean LifeeasyCruise20089,878Enters service with easyCruise April 2008. Formerly : easyCruise Life, Farah, The Jasmine, Palmira, Natasha, built as Lev Tolstoy, IMO 7625809
Ocean Majesty196610,417Operating. Originally, the Juan March, formerly: Sol Christina, Kypros Star, Ocean Majesty, Olympic, Homeric.
Ocean Mist19565,067Originally, the San Giorgio, formerly: City of Andros, Ocean Islander, Royal Star, sold for scrap in 2012.
Ocean Star PacificOcean Star Cruises197123,149Operating, * ex Nordic Prince, Carousel, Arielle, Aquamarine
OceanaP&O Cruises200377,499Operating. Formerly: Ocean Princess
OceanBreezeDolphin Cruise Lines / Premier Cruise Line199220,204Ex-Southern Cross, Calypso, Calypso I, Azure Seas. Scrapped 2003.
OceanicPeace Boat200138,772Operating. Formerly: Oceanic, StarShip Oceanic, Big Red Boat 1
Oceanic DiscovererCoral Princess Cruises20052,000Formerly: Oceanic Princess
Oceanic IndependenceAmerican Hawaiian Cruises / American Global Line197423,719Named formerly (1951–1974) and subsequently renamed (1982–2006) Independence, renamed Oceanic (2006) and then Platinum II (2009), sold for scrap in 2008 but remains in mothballs
OceanosStarlight Cruises195214,000Sank off South Africa's eastern coast on 4 August 1991.
Ocean PearlQuail Cruises197019,300Named formerly Song of Norway, Sundream, Dream Princess, Dream, Clipper Pearl, MS Clipper Pacific, Festival.
Ocean PrincessPrincess Cruises200930,277Formerly: R Four, Tahitian Princess.
Ocean PrincessOcean Cruise Lines1984Sank March 1993 in Amazon
Ola EsmeraldaOla Cruises196611,209Operating. Formerly: Venus and Black Prince.
OosterdamHolland America Line200381,769Operating
OranjeNetherland Line / Lauro Lines193920,117 / 24,377Sunk. Built as a passenger liner, was a hospital ship during WWII. Sold to Lauro Lines in 1964, rebuilt and renamed Angelina Lauro. Destroyed by fire on 30 March 1979, in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. Refloated in July 1979, sank in September 1979 in the Pacific Ocean, while on the way to Taiwan to be scrapped.
OrianaOrient Steam Navigation Company197341,910Formerly: served as an ocean liner. Retired in 1986. Served as a floating hotel until 2002. Damaged in a storm in 2004, then dismantled.
OrianaP&O Cruises199569,153Operating
Orient QueenLouis Cruises196816,000Operating
Oriental DragonCapital Dragon Global Holdings Limited197218,455Operating. Formerly: Sun Viking, SuperStar Sagittarius, Hyundai Pongnae, Omar III, Long Jie
OrionOrion Expedition Cruises20034,000Originally operated by Travel Dynamics International and transferred to Orion Expedition Cruises in March 2005. Currently operating from Australia.


List of Cruise Ships (P)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
PacificPullmantur Cruises / Viagens CVC / Quail Cruises200219,903Sold For Scrap. Formerly: Pacific Princess built as Sea Venture.
Pacific DawnP&O Cruises Australia200769,845Operating. Former Regal Princess.
Pacific ExplorerCruise WestOperating. Former Temptress Explorer
Pacific JewelP&O Cruises Australia199069,845Operating under present name since 2009. Former Crown Princess, A`Rosa Blu, AIDAblu, and Ocean Village Two.
Pacific PearlP&O Cruises Australia200363,500Formerly: Star Princess, Arcadia, Ocean Village
Pacific PrincessPrincess Cruises / P&O Cruises Australia200230,200Operating. Former R Three.
Pacific VenusJapanese CruisesOperating.
Pallas AthenaEpirotiki199220,469Former ocean liner SS Flandre, Carla C, Costa Carla. Destroyed by fire and scrapped in 1994
Palm Beach PrincessPalm Beach Casino Line19976,659Operating. Former Viking Princess, built as Ilmatar.
Paul GauguinRegent Seven Seas Cruises199819,200Operating
Pearl SeawaysDFDS199340,022Operating. Former Athena, Star Aquarius, Langkapuri Star Aquarius,Aquarius MS Pearl of Scandinavia.
PolarisMurmansk Shipping20052,097Operating. Former Disko, Shearwater, Brand Polaris, Viking Polaris.
PortoPortuscale Cruises19655,888Operating. Originally, the Istra, formerly Astra, Astra I, Arion, Nautilus 2000, Arion
Pride of AmericaNCL America200580,000Operating
Princess DaphneClassic International Cruises200815,833Chartered to Ambiente Kreuzfahrten. Operating. Arrested in October 2012. Originally, the Port Sydney, formerly Akrotiri Express, Daphne, Switzerland, Ocean Odyssey, Ocean Monarch
PrinsendamHolland America Line200238,000Operating. Former Seabourn Sun, built as Royal Viking Sun.


List of Cruise Ships (Q)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Quantum of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International2014168,666[9]Operating, cruise ship
Queen Mary 2Cunard Line2004148,528Operating, ocean liner and cruise ship
Queen VictoriaCunard Line200790,000Operating, cruise ship
Queen ElizabethCunard Line201092,000Operating, cruise ship


List of Cruise Ships (R)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Radiance of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International200190,090Operating
Regal EmpressImperial Majesty Cruises199323,979Formerly SS Olympia (1953–81), Caribe (1981–83), and Caribe I (1983–93). Laid up and sold for scrap in 2009
RegattaOceania Cruises200330,277Operating. Formerly: Insignia built as R Two.
Regent SeaRegency Cruises195723,191Originally Gripsholm. Operated as the first cruise ship for Regency Cruises, from 1984 to 1995.[4]
RembrandtPremier Cruises1997Seized by creditors in September 2000 which ended her service. Under restoration restored in Germany in 2006. See Rotterdam
RenaissancePaquet Cruises1966On her way to an Indian scrapyard.[when?]
Rhapsody of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International199778,491Operating
RIORio Cruises197116,710Formerly: Southward, Seawing, Perla & Aegean Pearl. Has been sold at auction in Ashdod, Israelfor US$4.8million to undisclosed buyers. The ship, which is now[when?] reportedly at Piraeus, has been laid up since May 2011
RivieraOceania Cruises201266,084Operating
RotterdamHolland America Line199759,652Operating
RotterdamHolland America Line195938,650Sold to Premier Cruises in 1997. Withdrawn from service in 2000. A foundation was created in 2001 whose ongoing effort is to find a new vocation for the ship in Rotterdam. As of 2010, the ship is used as a recreational and tourist attraction in the city of Rotterdam.
Royal PrincessPrincess Cruises2013142,714Operating
Regal PrincessPrincess Cruises2014142,229Operating
Royal ClipperStar Clippers20005,000Operating
Royal PacificSophlex Ship Managers19679,805Capsized in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung harbor in 2005.[10] Built as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1967, formerly: Crown del Mar, Don Juan, Riviera I
Royal PacificStarlitePre-1992Sank, former Empress of Australia
Royal IrisPaquet Cruises1971-Built as MS Eagle for Southern Ferries, sailed for Paquet Cruises as the Azur, then for Chandris as The Azur.
Ruby PrincessPrincess Cruises2008116,000Operating
Running on Waves88parsec2011634Operating
RyndamHolland America Line199455,451Operating


List of Cruise Ships (S)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
SagafjordSaga Cruises199724,474Sold for scrap in May 2010.
Saga RubySaga Cruises200524,492Operating - Former Caronia, built as Vistafjord
Saga SapphireSaga Cruises198137,301Operating - Former Europa, SuperStar Europe, SuperStar Aries, Holiday Dream, Bleu de France
Salamis GloryCypriot Salamis Cruises199610,392Formerly: Danaos, Constellation, Regent Spirit, Anna Nery. Scrapped in 2010
Sally AlbatrossSally Cruise198615,179Former Viking Saga. Destroyed in a shipboard fire, 1990. Parts of the hull were salvaged for Sally Albatross (II)
SapphireLouis Cruise Lines196712,263Formerly: Italia, Ocean Princess, Sea Prince, Sea Prince V, Sea Prince (again), Princesa Oceanica. Sold for scrap in 2012.
Sapphire PrincessPrincess Cruises2004115,875Operating
Sea BreezeDolphin Cruise Lines198921,000Ended operation in 2000. Sank later that year. Formerly: Federico C., Royale, StarShip Royale
Sea CloudSea Cloud Cruises19792,523Operating, formerly Hussar II, USCGC WPG-284, IX-99, Angelita, Patria, Antarna, Sea Cloud of Cayman
Sea Cloud IISea Cloud Cruises20013,849Operating
Sea DiamondLouis Hellenic Cruise Lines200622,412Former Birka Princess. Capsized and sank within the caldera of the Greek island of Santorini 6 April 2007 after running aground.
Sea ExplorerPoseidon Expeditions20134,200Operating
Sea PrincessPrincess Cruises199877,000Transferred to P&O Cruises in 2002 as Adonia, but returned to Princess in 2005. Operating
Seabourn LegendSeabourn Cruise Line199610,000Operating. Formerly: Royal Viking Queen, Queen Odyssey
Seabourn OdysseySeabourn Cruise Line200932,000Operating
Seabourn SojournSeabourn Cruise Line201032,000Operating
Seabourn PrideSeabourn Cruise Line198810,000Operating
Seabourn QuestSeabourn Cruise Line201132,000Operating
Seabourn SpiritSeabourn Cruise Line198910,000Operating
SeaDream ISeaDream Yacht Club19844,333Operating. Originally, the Sea Goddess I, formerly: Seabourn Goddess I
SeaDream IISeaDream Yacht Club19854,333Operating. Originally, the Sea Goddess II, formerly: Seabourn Goddess II
SeaWind CrownSeawind Cruise Lines199123,306Formerly: the Infante Dom Henriquec (1961–75) and the Vasco de Gama (1988–91), Operated as a hotel 1976-88, laid up in 2002, sold and renamed the Barcelona, sent to the breakers in India in 2004
Serenade of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International200390,090Operating
SerenissimaPremier Cruises19602,598Operating - Originally, the Harald Jarl, formerly: Andrea
Seven Seas MarinerRegent Seven Seas Cruises200148,075Operating
Seven Seas NavigatorRegent Seven Seas Cruises199928,550Operating
Seven Seas VoyagerRegent Seven Seas Cruises200342,363Operating
Silver CloudSilversea Cruises199416,800Operating
Silver ExplorerSilversea Cruises20076,130Operating. Formerly: MS Delfin Clipper, MS Sally Clipper, MS Baltic Clipper, MS Delfin Star, MS Dream 21, MS World Discoverer, MS World Adventurer, MS Prince Albert II
Silver ShadowSilversea Cruises200028,258Operating
Silver WindSilversea Cruises199516,800Operating
Silver WhisperSilversea Cruises200128,258Operating
Silver SpiritSilversea Cruises200936,000Operating
Siritara Ocean QueenSiritara Enterprise19646,262Capsized in 2006. Originally, the Bashkiriya (1964–1992), Odessa Song (1992–1997), Royal Dream (1997–1998), Silver Star (1998–2003), Nandini (2003–2003), Olviara (2003–2004), Ocean Princess (2004–2006)
SovereignPullmantur Cruises198873,192Operating. Formerly: Sovereign of the Seas
Spirit of AdventureSaga Cruises20069,570Operating - Former Berlin, Princess Mahsuri, Orange Melody
Spirit of AlaskaCruise WestOperating
Spirit of ColumbiaCruise WestOperating
Spirit of DiscoveryCruise WestOperating
Spirit of EndeavourCruise WestOperating - Former Newport Clipper
Spirit of Glacier BayCruise WestOperating - Former "Spirit of Nantucket" & Nantucket Clipper
Spirit of OceanusCruise WestEnded service 1992. Subsequently Renaissance Five, Sun Viva, Megatar Sagittarius, Hanseatic Renaissance.
Spirit of YorktownCruise West19882,354Operating - Former Yorktown Clipper
Spirit of '98Cruise WestOperating
Splendour of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International199670,000Operating
Star ClipperStar Clippers19922,298Operating.
Star FlyerStar Clippers19912,298Operating.
Star PiscesStar Cruises199340,053Operating. Former Kalypso.
Star PrincessPrincess Cruises2002108,977Operating. Underwent repairs following a shipboard fire
StatendamHolland America Line199455,451Operating
Stella PolarisBergen Line - Sweden19275,0201927 - 1940: Cruising; 1940 - 1945: German Army; 1945: Bergen Line + rebuilt; 1952: Clipper Line - Sweden + rebuilt; rebuilt in 1954, 1965 and 1968; 1969: International Houdse Cy. - Japan Floating hotel in Kisho Nishiura (Japan) under the name "Stella Polaris - Floating Restaurant Scandinavia". 2005: Petro Fast AB - Sweden. End of August 2006: leaves under tow her berth for the first time in 30 years for refitting and voyage to Europe. Sept. 2, 2005: Sunk while under tow in southeastern Japanese waters in 70 meters deep water. Unconfirmed plans to raise her from the ocean floor or to rebuild this iconic cruise ship.[11]
SS Stella SolarisRoyal Olympic Cruises195310,595Former Cambodge; Rebuilt 1971-1973; Scrapped 2003
Sun 11German Atlantic Line196725,338Ended service 1973. Built as the ocean liner SS Shalom. Subsequently Hanseatic, Doric, Royal Odyssey, Regent Sun. Sunk 2001.
Sun PrincessPrincess Cruises199577,499Operating
Sun VistaSun Cruises199730,440Galileo Galilei. Sank 1999.
SuperStar AquariusStar Cruises200750,764Operating, former Windward, and Norwegian Wind.
SuperStar GeminiStar Cruises199850,764Operating near Shanghai, China. Formerly Norwegian Dream and Dreamward.
SuperStar LibraStar Cruises200542,000Operating. Formerly: Norwegian Sea
SuperStar VirgoStar Cruises199976,800Operating
Svea CoronaRederi AB Svea / Silja Line197513,257Ended service in 1984. Later Sundancer, Pegasus. Scrapped 1995.


List of Cruise Ships (T)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Taras ShevchenkoBlack Sea Shipping Company196719,549Scrapped 2005
The Big Red BoatPremier Cruises199832,000Repossessed by creditors in 2000. Formerly: SS Big Red Boat III, SS IslandBreeze, SS Festivale, SS S.A. Vaal, RMS S.A. Vaal, RMS Transvaal Castle. Sold for scrap in 2003.
The CalypsoLouis Cruise Lines/Thomson Cruises200011,162Operating. Formerly: Canguro Verde, Durr, Ionian Harmony, Sun Fiesta, Regent Jewel
The EmeraldLouis Cruise Lines/Thomson Cruises199726,428Operating. Formerly: Regent Rainbow, Diamond Island, Santa Rosa
The WorldResidenSea200253,524Operating
Thomson CelebrationLouis Cruise Lines/Thomson Cruises200533,930Operating. Formerly: Noordam
Thomson DreamLouis Cruise Lines/Thomson Cruises198642,092Operating. Formerly: Homeric, Westerdam, Costa Europa
Thomson MajestyLouis Cruise Lines/Thomson Cruises199748,876Operating. Formerly: Royal Majesty, Norwegian Majesty, Louis Majesty
Thomson SpiritLouis Cruise Lines/Thomson Cruises200233,930Operating. Formerly: Nieuw Amsterdam, Patriot


List of Cruise Ships (U)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
SS UgandaBritish-India Steam Navigation Company195217,000Began life as an ocean liner, served as a hospital ship in the Falklands War. Sold for scrap in 1986.


List of Cruise Ships (V)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
Van GoghTravelscope / Van Gogh Cruises199915,402Operating. Formerly: Club I, Odessa Sky, Gruziya
VeendamHolland America Line199655,451Operating
VenturaP&O Cruises2008116,017Operating
Vision of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International199878,491Operating
VistamarPlantours & Partner19897,500Operating - since 2012: Orient Queen II (Abou Merhi Cruises)
VolendamHolland America Line199960,906Operating
Voyager of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International1999137,280Operating
VoyagerVoyages of Discovery199015,271Operating. Formerely: Crown Monarch, Cunard Crown Monarch, Nautican , Walrus, Havens Star, Neptune, Rembrandt II, Jules Verne, Alexander Von Humboldt II


List of Cruise Ships (W)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
WesterdamHolland America Line200481,811Operating
Wind SongWindstar Cruises19875,350Devastated by fire in 2002 and scuttled in January 2003
Wind SpiritWindstar Cruises19885,350Operating
Wind StarWindstar Cruises19865,350Operating
Wind SurfWindstar Cruises199814,745Operating – Former: Club Med I
World DiscovererAdventurer Cruises19753,724Wrecked April 30, 2000


List of Cruise Ships (X)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
XpeditionCelebrity Cruises20042,842Operating - Formerly: Sun Bay I


List of Cruise Ships (Y)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
YamalPoseidon Arctic Voyages199223,445Operating
Yankee ClipperWindjammer Barefoot Cruises1965327Operating
YorktownCruise West19882,354Operating


List of Cruise Ships (Z)
NameOperatorBegan operationTonnageStatus
ZaandamHolland America Line200060,906Operating
ZenithPullmantur Cruises199247,255Operating. Transferred from Pullmantur Cruises to CDF Croisières de France in 2014
ZuiderdamHolland America Line200281,679Operating

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