List of covered bridges in Vermont

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Below is a list of covered bridges in Vermont. There are just over 100 authentic covered bridges in the U.S. state of Vermont, giving the state the highest number of covered bridges per square mile in the United States. A covered bridge is considered authentic not due to its age, but by its construction. An authentic bridge is constructed using trusses rather than other methods such as stringers (a popular choice for non-authentic covered bridges).


NameCountyLocationBuiltLengthCrossesOwnershipTruss Type
Cornwall-Salisbury[n 1]AddisonCornwall
43°55′05″N 73°10′26″W / 43.918159°N 73.173891°W / 43.918159; -73.173891 (Cornwall-Salisbury Covered Bridge)
1856136'Otter Creek on Creek RoadTownsTown lattice
Spade FarmAddisonFerrisburgh
44°14′15″N 73°13′56″W / 44.237513°N 73.232095°W / 44.237513; -73.232095 (Spade Farm Covered Bridge)
185085'storm drainage ditchPrivateTown lattice
Pulp Mill[n 2]AddisonMiddlebury
44°01′29″N 73°10′39″W / 44.024668°N 73.177485°W / 44.024668; -73.177485 (Pulp Mill Covered Bridge)
1820199'Otter Creek on Seymour StTownsBurr Arch
Halpin[n 3]AddisonMiddlebury
44°03′00″N 73°08′27″W / 44.050136°N 73.140846°W / 44.050136; -73.140846 (Halpin Covered Bridge)
185066.2'Muddy Branch (of the New Haven River) on Halpin Covered Bridge RoadTownTown lattice
Rutland Railroad[n 4]AddisonShoreham
43°51′34″N 73°15′21″W / 43.85933°N 73.255795°W / 43.85933; -73.255795 (Rutland Railroad Covered Bridge)
1897108'Richville Pond on an abandoned railroad bedVT State Division for Historic PreservationHowe truss
Paper MillBenningtonBennington
42°54′46″N 73°14′00″W / 42.912883°N 73.233393°W / 42.912883; -73.233393 (Paper Mill Covered Bridge)
1889131'Walloomsac River on Murphy RoadTownTown lattice
42°54′34″N 73°13′31″W / 42.909512°N 73.225304°W / 42.909512; -73.225304 (Silk Covered Bridge)
184088'Walloomsac River on Silk RoadTownTown lattice
42°54′46″N 73°15′17″W / 42.912643°N 73.254647°W / 42.912643; -73.254647 (Burt Henry Covered Bridge)
1840121'Walloomsac River on Murphy RoadTownTown lattice
43°04′20″N 73°07′59″W / 43.072215°N 73.133132°W / 43.072215; -73.133132 (Chiselville Covered Bridge)
1870117'Roaring Branch Brook on Sunderland Hill RoadTownTown lattice
West ArlingtonBenningtonArlington
43°06′16″N 73°13′13″W / 43.104445°N 73.220315°W / 43.104445; -73.220315 (West Arlington Covered Bridge)
185280'Batten Kill on Covered Bridge RoadTownTown lattice
Greenbanks HollowCaledoniaDanville
44°22′39″N 72°07′19″W / 44.377628°N 72.122004°W / 44.377628; -72.122004 (Greenbanks Hollow Covered Bridge)
188674'Joe's Brook on Greenbanks Hollow RoadTownQueen post
Schoolhouse[n 5]CaledoniaLyndon
44°30′58″N 72°00′37″W / 44.516174°N 72.010145°W / 44.516174; -72.010145 (Schoolhouse Covered Bridge)
187942'South Wheelock Branch of Passumpsic River on Wheelock RoadTown(?)Queen post
44°31′00″N 72°00′59″W / 44.51659°N 72.01647°W / 44.51659; -72.01647 (Chamberlin Covered Bridge)
188166'South Wheelock Branch of Passumpsic River on Chamberlin Bridge RoadTown(?)Queen post
Sanborn[n 6]CaledoniaLyndon
44°32′39″N 72°00′03″W / 44.544304°N 72.000875°W / 44.544304; -72.000875 (Sanborn Covered Bridge)
1867117'Passumpsic RiverPrivatePaddleford Truss
Millers RunCaledoniaLyndon
44°32′32″N 72°00′36″W / 44.542201°N 72.009898°W / 44.542201; -72.009898 (Millers Run Covered Bridge)
187856'Millers Run on Center StreetTown(?)Queen post
Old Burrington[n 7]CaledoniaLyndon
44°33′13″N 71°58′10″W / 44.553644°N 71.969515°W / 44.553644; -71.969515 (Old Burrington Covered Bridge)
186568'East Branch of Passumpsic River on Burrington Bridge RoadPrivateQueen post
Holmes CreekChittendenCharlotte
44°19′59″N 73°16′56″W / 44.333123°N 73.282301°W / 44.333123; -73.282301 (Holmes Creek Covered Bridge)
187041'Holmes Creek on Lake RoadTownKing Post with tied arch
44°17′21″N 73°09′01″W / 44.289068°N 73.15032°W / 44.289068; -73.15032 (Sequin Covered Bridge)
185070'Lewis Creek on Roscoe RoadTownBurr Arch
44°16′35″N 73°11′02″W / 44.27641°N 73.18388°W / 44.27641; -73.18388 (Quinlan's Covered Bridge)
184986'Lewis Creek on Monkton RoadTownBurr Arch
Browns River[n 8]ChittendenWestford
44°36′45″N 73°00′29″W / 44.61259°N 73.008088°W / 44.61259; -73.008088 (Browns River Covered Bridge)
183797'Browns River on Cambridge RoadTownBurr arch
Shelburne Museum[n 9]ChittendenShelburne
44°22′37″N 73°13′46″W / 44.377002°N 73.229527°W / 44.377002; -73.229527 (Shelburne Museum Covered Bridge)
1845168'Burr Pond on grounds of Shelburne MuseumPrivateBurr arch
Columbia[n 10]EssexLemington
44°51′12″N 71°33′06″W / 44.853245°N 71.551691°W / 44.853245; -71.551691 (Columbia Covered Bridge)
1912146'Connecticut River on Columbia Bridge RoadTownHowe truss
Mount Orne[n 11]EssexLunenburg
44°27′37″N 71°39′10″W / 44.460243°N 71.652709°W / 44.460243; -71.652709 (Mount Orne Covered Bridge)
1911266'Connecticut River on Mount Orne Bridge RoadTownHowe truss
Island Pond Footbridge[n 12]EssexIsland Pond
44°48′59″N 71°52′52″W / 44.816295°N 71.88105°W / 44.816295; -71.88105 (Island Pond Covered Footbridge)
2003242'railroad tracksTown(?)Howe truss
44°55′14″N 72°40′23″W / 44.92062°N 72.673096°W / 44.92062; -72.673096 (Hopkins Covered Bridge)
187584'Trout River on Hopkins Bridge RoadTownTown lattice
Maple StreetFranklinFairfax
44°39′49″N 73°00′38″W / 44.663697°N 73.010432°W / 44.663697; -73.010432 (Maple Street Covered Bridge)
186557'Mill Brook on Maple StreetTownTown lattice
East FairfieldFranklinFairfield
44°47′10″N 72°51′44″W / 44.78616°N 72.862294°W / 44.78616; -72.862294 (East Fairfield Covered Bridge)
186567'Black Creek on Covered Bridge RoadTownQueen post
44°53′59″N 72°38′41″W / 44.899637°N 72.644842°W / 44.899637; -72.644842 (Comstock Covered Bridge)
188369'Trout River on Comstock Bridge RoadTownTown lattice
West HillFranklinMontgomery
44°52′03″N 72°38′54″W / 44.867626°N 72.648318°W / 44.867626; -72.648318 (West Hill Covered Bridge)
188359'West Hill Brook on Creamery Bridge RoadTownTown lattice
44°54′12″N 72°38′24″W / 44.903349°N 72.640116°W / 44.903349; -72.640116 (Fuller Covered Bridge)
189050'Black Falls Brook on South Richford RoadTownTown lattice
Hectorville[n 13]FranklinMontgomery
44°51′14″N 72°36′49″W / 44.853781°N 72.613599°W / 44.853781; -72.613599 (Hectorville Covered Bridge)
188354'South Branch of Trout River on Gibou RoadTownTown lattice and King post
44°51′31″N 72°36′45″W / 44.858628°N 72.612551°W / 44.858628; -72.612551 (Hutchins Covered Bridge)
188354'South Branch of Trout River on Hutchins Bridge RoadTownTown lattice
44°54′26″N 72°39′21″W / 44.90723°N 72.655946°W / 44.90723; -72.655946 (Longley Covered Bridge)
186385'Trout River on Longley Bridge RoadTownTown lattice
Grist MillLamoilleCambridge
44°38′12″N 72°49′31″W / 44.636689°N 72.82537°W / 44.636689; -72.82537 (Grist Mill Covered Bridge)
187285'Brewster River on Canyon RoadTownBurr arch
44°39′05″N 72°48′53″W / 44.651343°N 72.81465°W / 44.651343; -72.81465 (Poland Covered Bridge)
1887153'Lamoille River on Cambridge Junction RoadTownBurr arch
Gates FarmLamoilleCambridge
44°38′45″N 72°52′20″W / 44.645773°N 72.872314°W / 44.645773; -72.872314 (Gates Farm Covered Bridge)
189760'Seymour River on farm access roadPrivateBurr arch
44°44′37″N 72°44′29″W / 44.743731°N 72.741433°W / 44.743731; -72.741433 (Mill Covered Bridge)
189571'North Branch of Lamoille River on Back RoadTownQueen post
44°44′37″N 72°43′41″W / 44.743575°N 72.728097°W / 44.743575; -72.728097 (Morgan Covered Bridge)
188762'North Branch of Lamoille River on Morgan Bridge RoadTownQueen post
Power HouseLamoilleJohnson
44°38′10″N 72°40′13″W / 44.636118°N 72.670414°W / 44.636118; -72.670414 (Power House Covered Bridge)
187263'Gihon River on School StreetTownQueen post
44°38′18″N 72°38′55″W / 44.638227°N 72.648559°W / 44.638227; -72.648559 (Scribner Covered Bridge)
 ?48'Gihon River on Rocky RoadTownQueen post
44°31′07″N 72°40′40″W / 44.518698°N 72.67772°W / 44.518698; -72.67772 (Red Covered Bridge)
189664'Sterling Brook on Cole Hill RoadTownKing post and Queen post
Emily's[n 14]LamoilleStowe
44°26′26″N 72°40′47″W / 44.440483°N 72.679831°W / 44.440483; -72.679831 (Emily's Covered Bridge)
184449'Gold Brook on Covered Bridge RoadTownQueen post
44°41′25″N 72°46′16″W / 44.690151°N 72.770983°W / 44.690151; -72.770983 (Village Covered Bridge)
187761'North Branch of Lamoille River on Church StreetTownQueen post
44°42′21″N 72°45′37″W / 44.705735°N 72.760236°W / 44.705735; -72.760236 (Montgomery Covered Bridge)
187770'North Branch of Lamoille River on Montgomery RoadTownQueen post
Codding HollowLamoilleWaterville
44°42′44″N 72°45′22″W / 44.712167°N 72.756247°W / 44.712167; -72.756247 (Codding Hollow Covered Bridge)
187762'North Branch of Lamoille River on Codding Hollow RoadTownQueen post
Fisher RailroadLamoilleWolcott
44°31′57″N 72°25′40″W / 44.532487°N 72.427832°W / 44.532487; -72.427832 (Fisher Railroad Covered Bridge)
190898'Lamoille River on Railroad lineState of VermontDouble Web Town lattice with steel deck supports
43°57′25″N 72°27′48″W / 43.957032°N 72.463401°W / 43.957032; -72.463401 (Moxley Covered Bridge)
188356'First Branch of White River on Moxley RoadTownQueen post
43°52′51″N 72°34′55″W / 43.880859°N 72.582008°W / 43.880859; -72.582008 (Kingsbury Covered Bridge)
190446'Second Branch of White River on Kingsbury RoadTownmultiple King post
43°54′59″N 72°33′18″W / 43.916258°N 72.555052°W / 43.916258; -72.555052 (Gifford Covered Bridge)
190446'Second Branch of White River on Hyde RoadTownmultiple King post
43°55′43″N 72°33′18″W / 43.928528°N 72.555098°W / 43.928528; -72.555098 (Braley Covered Bridge)
190438'Second Branch of White River on Braley Covered Bridge RoadTownmultiple King post
Union VillageOrangeThetford
43°47′19″N 72°15′15″W / 43.788728°N 72.254071°W / 43.788728; -72.254071 (Union Village Covered Bridge)
1867111'Ompompanoosuc River on Academy RoadTownmultiple King post variation
43°49′56″N 72°15′10″W / 43.832139°N 72.25278°W / 43.832139; -72.25278 (Sayres Covered Bridge)
 ?127'Ompompanoosuc River on Tucker Hill RoadTownHaupt truss variant with arch
43°51′54″N 72°29′57″W / 43.864938°N 72.499031°W / 43.864938; -72.499031 (Howe Covered Bridge)
187975'First Branch of White River on Belnap Brook RoadTownmultiple King post
43°52′59″N 72°30′14″W / 43.883036°N 72.5039°W / 43.883036; -72.5039 (Cilley Covered Bridge)
188368'First Branch of White River on Howe LaneTownmultiple King post
43°53′31″N 72°29′30″W / 43.891827°N 72.49158°W / 43.891827; -72.49158 (Mill Covered Bridge)
188376'First Branch of White River on Spring RoadTownmultiple King post
43°55′23″N 72°27′56″W / 43.923065°N 72.465506°W / 43.923065; -72.465506 (Larkin Covered Bridge)
190268'First Branch of White River on Larkin RoadTownmultiple King post
43°56′58″N 72°27′31″W / 43.949368°N 72.458621°W / 43.949368; -72.458621 (Flint Covered Bridge)
184587'First Branch of White River on Bicknell Hill RoadTownQueen post
Lord's CreekOrleansIrasburg
44°49′00″N 72°15′59″W / 44.816565°N 72.266487°W / 44.816565; -72.266487 (Lord's Creek Covered Bridge)
188150'Black River on Covered Bridge RoadPrivatePaddleford truss
Black RiverOrleansCoventry
44°51′40″N 72°16′24″W / 44.860981°N 72.273321°W / 44.860981; -72.273321 (Black River Covered Bridge)
188187'Black River on Hermanville RoadTownPaddleford truss
River RoadOrleansTroy
44°57′23″N 72°23′37″W / 44.956398°N 72.393492°W / 44.956398; -72.393492 (River Road Covered Bridge)
191092'Missisquoi River on Veilleux RoadTownTown lattice
43°42′34″N 73°02′34″W / 43.709567°N 73.04268°W / 43.709567; -73.04268 (Depot Covered Bridge)
1853126'Otter Creek on Depot Hill RoadTownTown lattice
43°41′26″N 73°01′43″W / 43.690459°N 73.028583°W / 43.690459; -73.028583 (Cooley Covered Bridge)
184951'Furnace Brook on Elm StreetTownTown lattice
Hammond[n 15]RutlandPittsford
43°43′15″N 73°03′13″W / 43.720703°N 73.053562°W / 43.720703; -73.053562 (Hammond Covered Bridge)
1843145'Otter Creek next to Kendall Hill RoadVT Division for Historic PreservationTown lattice
43°40′48″N 73°02′15″W / 43.680041°N 73.037539°W / 43.680041; -73.037539 (Gorham Covered Bridge)
1842115'Otter Creek on Gorham Bridge RoadTownTown lattice
43°47′23″N 73°06′42″W / 43.789661°N 73.111761°W / 43.789661; -73.111761 (Sanderson Covered Bridge)
1840132'Otter Creek on Pearl St ExtensionTownTown lattice
43°31′26″N 72°56′28″W / 43.523869°N 72.941065°W / 43.523869; -72.941065 (Kingsley Covered Bridge)
1870121'Mill River on East StreetTownTown lattice
43°33′59″N 72°55′08″W / 43.566326°N 72.918915°W / 43.566326; -72.918915 (Brown Covered Bridge)
1880112'Cold River on Upper Cold River RdTownTown lattice
Twin[n 16]RutlandRutland
43°38′55″N 72°58′22″W / 43.648645°N 72.972672°W / 43.648645; -72.972672 (Twin Covered Bridge)
185060'dry landTownTown lattice
CoburnWashingtonEast Montpelier
44°16′51″N 72°27′15″W / 44.280848°N 72.454198°W / 44.280848; -72.454198 (Coburn Covered Bridge)
1840s69'Winooski River on Coburn RoadTownQueen post
Orton Farm[n 17]WashingtonMarshfield
44°17′15″N 72°24′29″W / 44.287567°N 72.40818°W / 44.287567; -72.40818 (Martin Covered Bridge)
189045'Winooski River on a farm access roadTownQueen post
Stony BrookWashingtonNorthfield
44°07′13″N 72°41′21″W / 44.120409°N 72.689189°W / 44.120409; -72.689189 (Stony Brook Covered Bridge)
189937'Stony Brook on Stony Brook RoadTownKing post
Northfield FallsWashingtonNorthfield
44°10′21″N 72°39′05″W / 44.172491°N 72.651469°W / 44.172491; -72.651469 (Northfield Falls Covered Bridge)
1872137'Dog River on Cox Brook RoadTownTown lattice
Slaughter HouseWashingtonNorthfield
44°10′07″N 72°39′16″W / 44.168569°N 72.65457°W / 44.168569; -72.65457 (Slaughter House Covered Bridge)
187260'Dog River on Slaughterhouse RoadTownQueen post
Lower Cox BrookWashingtonNorthfield
44°10′22″N 72°39′11″W / 44.172788°N 72.653039°W / 44.172788; -72.653039 (Lower Cox Brook Covered Bridge)
187257'Cox Brook on Cox Brook RoadTownQueen post
Upper Cox BrookWashingtonNorthfield
44°10′26″N 72°39′20″W / 44.173809°N 72.655565°W / 44.173809; -72.655565 (Upper Cox Brook Covered Bridge)
187252'Cox Brook on Cox Brook RoadTownQueen post
Pine BrookWashingtonWaitsfield
44°12′20″N 72°47′32″W / 44.205639°N 72.792132°W / 44.205639; -72.792132 (Pine Brook Covered Bridge)
187248'Pine Brook on North RoadTownKing post
Great EddyWashingtonWaitsfield
44°11′22″N 72°49′25″W / 44.189497°N 72.823608°W / 44.189497; -72.823608 (Great Eddy Covered Bridge)
1833105'Mad River on Bridge StreetTownBurr arch
44°06′40″N 72°51′25″W / 44.111185°N 72.857037°W / 44.111185; -72.857037 (Warren Covered Bridge)
188055'Mad River on Covered Bridge RoadTownQueen post
Robbins Nest[n 18]WashingtonBarre
44°10′43″N 72°28′15″W / 44.178703°N 72.470833°W / 44.178703; -72.470833 (Robbins Nest Covered Bridge)
186457'Jail Branch of Winooski River on private drivePrivateQueen post
Kent's CornerWashingtonCalais
44°22′04″N 72°29′03″W / 44.367867°N 72.484287°W / 44.367867; -72.484287 (Kent's Corner Covered Footbridge)
196322'Curtis Brook on homestead pathPrivateKing post
AM Foster[n 19]WashingtonCabot
44°25′25″N 72°16′06″W / 44.423546°N 72.268453°W / 44.423546; -72.268453 (AM Foster Covered Bridge)
198840'pondPrivateQueen post
Creamery[n 20]WindhamBrattleboro
42°51′00″N 72°35′08″W / 42.849905°N 72.585664°W / 42.849905; -72.585664 (Creamery Covered Bridge)
187980'Whetstone Brook at Guilford StreetTownTown lattice
West Dummerston[n 21]WindhamWest Dummerston
42°56′12″N 72°36′46″W / 42.936654°N 72.612757°W / 42.936654; -72.612757 (West Dummerston Covered Bridge)
1872280'West River on Covered Bridge RoadTownTown lattice
Kidder HillWindhamGrafton
43°10′09″N 72°36′20″W / 43.169194°N 72.605459°W / 43.169194; -72.605459 (Kidder Hill Covered Bridge)
187067'South Branch of Saxtons River on Kidder Hill RoadTownModified King post
Green RiverWindhamGuilford
42°46′32″N 72°40′02″W / 42.775523°N 72.667238°W / 42.775523; -72.667238 (Green River Covered Bridge)
1870104'Green River at Jacksonville Stage RoadTownTown lattice
42°56′35″N 72°41′13″W / 42.943012°N 72.686848°W / 42.943012; -72.686848 (Williamsville Covered Bridge)
1870118'Rock River at Dover RoadTownTown lattice
Hall [n 22]WindhamRockingham
43°08′15″N 72°29′14″W / 43.137494°N 72.487243°W / 43.137494; -72.487243 (Hall Covered Bridge)
1870121'Saxtons River Hall Bridge RoadTownTown lattice
Victorian VillageWindhamRockingham
43°11′49″N 72°30′15″W / 43.196894°N 72.50412°W / 43.196894; -72.50412 (Victorian Village Covered Bridge)
187244'Rock Brook at the Vermont Country StorePrivateModified King post
Worrall BridgeWindhamRockingham
43°12′43″N 72°32′08″W / 43.211831°N 72.535558°W / 43.211831; -72.535558 (Worrall Covered Bridge)
187083'Williams River on Williams RoadTownTown lattice
Scott[n 23]WindhamTownshend
43°02′55″N 72°41′47″W / 43.048745°N 72.696388°W / 43.048745; -72.696388 (Scott Covered Bridge)
1870276'West River on Back Side RoadTownTown lattice with added arch with Howe truss metal rods for verticals
High MowingWindhamWilmington
42°53′03″N 72°50′55″W / 42.884085°N 72.848577°W / 42.884085; -72.848577 (High Mowing Farm Covered Bridge)
194921'Stowe BrookPrivateTown lattice
Johnny Esau[n 24]WindhamMarlboro
42°52′09″N 72°43′11″W / 42.869226°N 72.719675°W / 42.869226; -72.719675 (Johnny Esau Covered Footbridge)
200415'Unknown brookTown(?)Town lattice
43°09′41″N 72°33′06″W / 43.161488°N 72.55163°W / 43.161488; -72.55163 (Hitchcock-Cormier Covered Footbridge)
200822'Unknown brook ?Town lattice
Baltimore[n 25]WindsorSpringfield
43°16′13″N 72°26′54″W / 43.270319°N 72.448252°W / 43.270319; -72.448252 (Baltimore Covered Bridge)
187047'Unknown brookTownTown lattice
Stoughton[n 26]WindsorWeathersfield
43°22′07″N 72°30′59″W / 43.36853°N 72.516466°W / 43.36853; -72.516466 (Stoughton Covered Footbridge)
188048'Schoolhouse BrookPrivateMultiple King post
43°25′37″N 72°29′18″W / 43.426849°N 72.488388°W / 43.426849; -72.488388 (Salmond Covered Bridge)
187553'Sherman Brook on Henry Gould RoadTownMultiple King post
Upper FallsWindsorWeathersfield
43°23′55″N 72°31′19″W / 43.398687°N 72.522072°W / 43.398687; -72.522072 (Upper Falls Covered Bridge)
1840120'Black River on Upper Falls RoadTownTown lattice
BestsWindsorWest Windsor
43°27′19″N 72°30′59″W / 43.455201°N 72.516396°W / 43.455201; -72.516396 (Bests Covered Bridge)
188937'Mill Brook on Churchill RoadTownTied arch
BowersWindsorWest Windsor
43°27′41″N 72°29′27″W / 43.461416°N 72.490727°W / 43.461416; -72.490727 (Bowers Covered Bridge)
191945'Mill Brook on Bowers RoadTownTied arch
43°37′52″N 72°28′04″W / 43.631102°N 72.467725°W / 43.631102; -72.467725 (Taftsville Covered Bridge)
1836189'Ottauquechee River on River RoadTownMultiple King post and arch
43°36′03″N 72°34′08″W / 43.600768°N 72.568868°W / 43.600768; -72.568868 (Lincoln Covered Bridge)
1877136'Ottauquechee River on Fletcher Hill RoadTownPratt truss with arch
Union StreetWindsorWoodstock
43°37′29″N 72°31′14″W / 43.624745°N 72.520452°W / 43.624745; -72.520452 (Middle Covered Bridge)
1969139'Ottauquechee River on Mountain AveTownTown lattice
South PomfretWindsorPomfret
43°39′41″N 72°32′16″W / 43.661255°N 72.537677°W / 43.661255; -72.537677 (South Pomfret Covered Bridge)
187039'Barnard Brook on private lanePrivateTown lattice
Martins MillWindsorHartland
43°31′57″N 72°23′45″W / 43.5325°N 72.395949°W / 43.5325; -72.395949 (Martin's Mill Covered Bridge)
1881135'Lulls Brook on Martinsville RoadTownTown lattice
43°35′38″N 72°20′58″W / 43.59387°N 72.349455°W / 43.59387; -72.349455 (Willard Covered Bridge)
1870125'Ottauquechee River on Mill StreetTownTown lattice
(Willard) Twin[n 27]WindsorHartland
43°35′37″N 72°21′01″W / 43.593687°N 72.350158°W / 43.593687; -72.350158 (Willard Twin Covered Bridge)
200181'Ottauquechee River on Mill StreetTownTown lattice
Windsor-Cornish[n 28]WindsorWindsor
43°28′26″N 72°23′02″W / 43.47382°N 72.383981°W / 43.47382; -72.383981 (Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge)
1866449'Connecticut River on Bridge StreetNew Hampshire Department of TransportationTown lattice
Frank Lewis[n 29]WindsorWoodstock
43°39′12″N 72°33′54″W / 43.65328°N 72.564976°W / 43.65328; -72.564976 (Frank Lewis Covered Bridge)
198240'Gulf StreamPrivatecustom
Ledoux Hometown[n 30]WindsorReading
43°27′10″N 72°32′07″W / 43.452783°N 72.535354°W / 43.452783; -72.535354 (Ledoux Hometown Covered Footbridge)
200815'seasonal brookPrivateTown lattice


On August 28, 2011 the Bartonsville Covered Bridge was destroyed by raging river waters during Hurricane Irene and was removed from this list. However, it should be added back, because it was rebuilt using the same construction in 2012, and reopened on January 26, 2013.

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  1. ^ Longest town lattice span in Vermont.
  2. ^ A rare two lane covered bridge.
  3. ^ Highest covered bridge from its waterway in Vermont.
  4. ^ This bridge is one of two remaining rail road covered bridges in the state of Vermont.
  5. ^ Closed to motor traffic.
  6. ^ Closed to motor traffic.
  7. ^ Closed to motor traffic.
  8. ^ Closed to motor traffic.
  9. ^ Closed to motor traffic.
  10. ^ This bridge is technically in New Hampshire, due to the state line being the western edge of the river.
  11. ^ This bridge is in New Hampshire as the state line is the western edge of the river. Closed to traffic as of May 26, 2010. (see Article: "Mt. Orne Bridge Repairs Completed")
  12. ^ The length of the truss section is 112'. Overall length includes post and beam staircases on both ends.
  13. ^ This bridge was dismantled and stored in 2002. It is included on the list because there are reportedly plans to rebuild it (see Article: "Montgomery's Hectorville Bridge Project")
  14. ^ Reportedly haunted!
  15. ^ Closed to vehicle traffic (bypassed).
  16. ^ This bridge is now on dry land, and boarded up. It is being used as a storage shed by the Town of Rutland Highway Department.
  17. ^ Last authentic covered bridge left in Vermont that was built for agricultural use.
  18. ^ Replica of Old Bridge which was located just downstream.
  19. ^ Replica of Orton Farm Bridge
  20. ^ In process of being bypassed (see: Article: "Brattleboro's Creamery Bridge By-pass Project Status")
  21. ^ This is the longest covered bridge completely within Vermont borders.
  22. ^ Replaced in 1982 with a bridge of similar design, after a truck broke the old bridge in 1980. See "Around Bellows Falls: Rockingham, Westminster, and Saxtons River" By Anne L. Collins, Virginia Lisai, and Louise Luring. Arcadia Publishing, 2002. ISBN 978-0-7385-1033-0, page 127. Parts of the old bridge are on display outside the Saxtons River Cemetery on Westminster St.
  23. ^ This bridge has the longest single span in the state of Vermont, at 166'.
  24. ^ At Marlboro Elementary School. Built by school students and modeled after the Silk Covered Bridge
  25. ^ At Eureka Schoolhouse Park... closed to motor traffic.
  26. ^ In a field across from Weathersfield Elementary School. Owners welcome visitors. No motor traffic.
  27. ^ Located a few yards south of Willard Bridge. Replaces a Covered Bridge previously at this location prior to 1938.
  28. ^ This bridge is technically in New Hampshire, due to the state line being the western edge of the river. Longest wooden bridge in the United States. Longest two span covered bridge in the world
  29. ^ Truss design is an original combination of King post and lattice.
  30. ^ At the entrance to a Nature and Fitness trail, near the Elementary School.