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These are the lists of countries of the world by percentage of population living in poverty. "Poverty" defined as an economic condition of lacking both money and basic necessities needed to successfully live, such as food, water, education, healthcare, and shelter. There are many working definitions of "poverty," with considerable debate on how to best define the term. Lack of income security, economic stability and the predictability of one's continued means to meet basic needs all serve as absolute indicators of poverty. Poverty may therefore also be defined as the economic condition of lacking predictable and stable means of meeting basic life needs.

Only countries for which sourced data is available are listed.

Map of world poverty by country, showing percentage of population living on less than $1.25 per day. Based on 2009 UN Human Development Report.
Map of world poverty by country, showing percentage of population living on less than $2 per day. Based on 2009 UN Human Development Report.
Map of world poverty by country, showing percentage of population living below the national poverty line. Based on data from the CIA World Factbook. Not all figures are up to date.
Population living under 1.25 and
2 dollar (PPP) a day (%)
(International poverty line)
Population living below national poverty line (%)
Country< $1.25[1]< $2[1]Year
 Bosnia and Herzegovina0.040.192007
 Burkina Faso44.6072.562009
 Cape Verde21.0240.852002
 Central African Republic62.8380.092008
 Congo, Democratic Republic of the87.7295.152006
 Congo, Republic of the54.1074.402005
 Costa Rica3.125.972009
 Côte d'Ivoire23.7546.342008
 Czech Republic0.130.191996
 Dominican Republic2.249.882010
 East Timor37.4472.822007
 El Salvador8.9716.942009
 Gambia, The33.6355.932003
 Macedonia, Republic of0.005.912009
 Micronesia, Federated States of31.1544.692000
 Papua New Guinea35.7957.381996
 São Tomé and Príncipe28.1854.202001
 Sierra Leone53.3776.082003
 South Africa13.7731.332009
 Sri Lanka7.0429.132007
 Saint Lucia20.9340.581995
 Trinidad and Tobago4.1613.531992
 West Bank and Gaza0.040.342009
 Albania12.4200812.52008 est.N/AN/A
 Algeria22.61995232006 est.N/AN/A
 AngolaN/AN/A40.52006 est.N/AN/A
 Armenia35.8201034.12009 est.N/AN/A
 Azerbaijan15.82008112009 est.N/AN/A
 Bahamas, TheN/AN/A9.32004N/AN/A
 Bangladesh31.51201031.52010 est.N/AN/A
 Belarus5.4200927.12003 est.N/AN/A
 BelgiumN/AN/A15.22007 est.N/AN/A
 Belize33.52002432010 est.N/AN/A
 Benin39200337.42007 est.N/AN/A
 Bolivia60.1200751.32009 est.[7]54.02007[5]
 Bosnia and Herzegovina14200718.62007 est.N/AN/A
 Burkina Faso46.7200946.42004N/AN/A
 BurmaN/AN/A32.72007 est.N/AN/A
 Burundi66.92006682002 est.N/AN/A
 Cambodia30.12007312007 est.N/AN/A
 Cameroon39.92007482000 est.N/AN/A
 Cape Verde26.62007302000N/AN/A
 Central African Republic622008N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Chad552003802001 est.N/AN/A
 Colombia37.2201037.22010 est.45.72009[5]
 Comoros44.82004602002 est.N/AN/A
 Congo, Democratic Republic of the71.32006712006 est.N/AN/A
 Congo, Republic of the50.12005N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Costa Rica24.2201024.22010 est.18.92009[5]
 Côte d'Ivoire42.72008422006 est.N/AN/A
 Czech RepublicN/AN/A92010 est.N/AN/A
 DjiboutiN/AN/A422007 est.N/AN/A
 DominicaN/AN/A292009 est.N/AN/A
 Dominican Republic34.4201042.2200441.12009[5]
 East Timor49.92007412009 est.N/AN/A
 Ecuador32.8201028.6December 201140.22009[5][6]
 Egypt222008202005 est.N/AN/A
 El Salvador37.8200936.52010 est.47.92009[5]
 Equatorial Guinea76.82006N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Eritrea691993502004 est.N/AN/A
 Ethiopia38.9200529.2FY09/10 est.N/AN/A
 Gambia, The48.42010N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Gaza StripN/AN/A382010 est.N/AN/A
 GermanyN/AN/A15.52010 est.N/AN/A
 Ghana28.5200628.52007 est.N/AN/A
 GreeceN/AN/A202009 est.N/AN/A
 GreenlandN/AN/A9.22007 est.N/AN/A
 GuamN/AN/A232001 est.N/AN/A
 Guatemala512006542011 est.54.82006[5]
 Guinea532007472006 est.N/AN/A
 Haiti772001802003 est.N/AN/A
 India29.82010252007 est.N/AN/A
 IranN/AN/A18.72007 est.N/AN/A
 Iraq22.92007252008 est.N/AN/A
 IrelandN/AN/A5.520096.82004 est.[12]
 Jamaica9.9200716.52009 est.N/AN/A
 Kenya45.92005502000 est.N/AN/A
 Korea, SouthN/AN/A152006 est.N/AN/A
 Kosovo34.52009302010 est.N/AN/A
 Kyrgyzstan33.7201033.72011 est.N/AN/A
 Laos27.62008262010 est.N/AN/A
 LebanonN/AN/A281999 est.N/AN/A
 Liberia63.82007802000 est.N/AN/A
 LibyaN/AN/ASee note.[15]N/AN/A
 Macedonia, Republic of19200630.9201030.42011[16]
 Madagascar68.72005502004 est.N/AN/A
 Malaysia3.820093.82007 est.N/AN/A
 Mali47.4200636.12005 est.N/AN/A
 Mauritania422008402004 est.N/AN/A
 MauritiusN/AN/A82006 est.N/AN/A
 Micronesia, Federated States ofN/AN/A26.72000N/AN/A
 Montenegro6.620106.62010 est.N/AN/A
 Morocco92007152007 est.N/AN/A
 Mozambique54.72008542008 est.N/AN/A
 Namibia38200455.82005 est.[18]N/AN/A
 Niger59.52007631993 est.N/AN/A
 Nigeria54.72004702007 est.N/AN/A
 Pakistan22.3200622.3FY05/06 est.N/AN/A
 Panama32.72008292011 est.26.42009[5]
 Papua New Guinea37.51996372002 est.N/AN/A
 Paraguay34.7201018.82009 est.56.02009[5]
 Philippines26.5200932.92006 est.N/AN/A
 Poland10.62008172003 est.N/AN/A
 Russia11.1200613.1201013.1Dec. 2008[20]
 Rwanda44.92011602001 est.N/AN/A
 São Tomé and Príncipe66.22009542004 est.N/AN/A
 Senegal50.82005542001 est.N/AN/A
 Serbia9.220108.82010 est.N/AN/A
 Sierra Leone66.4200370.22004N/AN/A
 South Africa232006502000 est.N/AN/A
 South Sudan50.62009N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Sri Lanka8.920108.92009 est.N/AN/A
 Sudan46.52009402004 est.N/AN/A
 SurinameN/AN/A702002 est.N/AN/A
 SyriaN/AN/A11.92006 est.N/AN/A
 TaiwanN/AN/A1.162010 est.N/AN/A
 Tajikistan46.72009532009 est.N/AN/A
 Tanzania33.42007362002 est.N/AN/A
 Thailand8.120098.12009 est.N/AN/A
 Togo61.72006321989 est.N/AN/A
 Trinidad and TobagoN/AN/A172007 est.N/AN/A
 Tunisia3.820053.82005 est.3.82005[22]
 TurkmenistanN/AN/A302004 est.N/AN/A
 Uganda24.52009352001 est.N/AN/A
 United Arab EmiratesN/AN/A19.520030.02011[24]
 United KingdomN/AN/A142006 est.N/AN/A
 United StatesN/AN/A15.12010 est.15.12010[25]
 UzbekistanN/AN/A262008 est.N/AN/A
 Venezuela28.5200927.42011 est.27.62008[5]
 Vietnam14.5200814.52010 est.N/AN/A
 Virgin Islands, U.S.N/AN/A28.92002N/AN/A
 West BankN/AN/A18.32010 est.N/AN/A
 West Bank and Gaza21.92009N/AN/AN/AN/A

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