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This is a list of countries by lowest point on land. Countries whose lowest point is exactly sea level (a substantial number) are excluded from this list.

Note that many countries have land below sea level, e.g. the Dead Sea is at 418 m below sea level, and is shared by Israel and Jordan. This is the lowest point on land.

CountryLowest pointAltitude
 LesothoOrange and Makhaleng Rivers1,400 m (4,593 ft)
 RwandaRuzizi River950 m (3,117 ft)
 AndorraGran Valira840 m (2,756 ft)
 BurundiLake Tanganyika772 m (2,533 ft)
 UgandaAlbert Nile621 m (2,037 ft)
 MongoliaHoh Nuur518 m (1,699 ft)
 BotswanaLimpopo and Shashe Rivers513 m (1,683 ft)
 KyrgyzstanKara Darya435 m (1,427 ft)
 LiechtensteinRhine430 m (1,411 ft)
 ArmeniaDebed400 m (1,312 ft)
 South SudanWhite Nile400 m (1,312 ft)
 Central African RepublicUbangi River335 m (1,099 ft)
 ZambiaZambezi329 m (1,079 ft)
 TajikistanSyr Darya300 m (984 ft)
 AfghanistanAmu Darya258 m (846 ft)
 NigerNiger River200 m (656 ft)
 Burkina FasoBlack Volta200 m (656 ft)
  SwitzerlandLake Maggiore195 m (640 ft)
 ZimbabweRunde and Save Rivers162 m (531 ft)
 ChadBodélé Depression160 m (525 ft)
 LuxembourgMoselle River133 m (436 ft)
 Czech RepublicBanks of the Labe or Elbe river near Hřensko (Czech/German border)115 m (377 ft)
 AustriaApetlon114 m (374 ft)
 BhutanDrangme Chhu97 m (318 ft)
 SlovakiaBodrog94 m (308 ft)
 BoliviaRio Paraguay90 m (295 ft)
 BelarusNeman River90 m (295 ft)
 Kosovo[note 1]banks of White Drin at border with Albania80 m (262 ft)
 HungaryTisza (south of Szeged)76 m (249 ft)
 LaosMekong70 m (230 ft)
   NepalKanchan Kalan70 m (230 ft)
 San MarinoAusa River55 m (180 ft)
 Republic of MacedoniaVardar50 m (164 ft)
 ParaguayRio Paraguay46 m (151 ft)
 MalawiShire River37 m (121 ft)
  Vatican CitySt. Peter's Square33 m (108 ft)
 SerbiaIron Gate (Danube)28 m (92 ft)
 MaliSenegal River23 m (75 ft)
 SwazilandMaputo River21 m (69 ft)
 MoldovaDniester2 m (7 ft)
 NigeriaLagos Island−0.2 m (−0.7 ft)
 PhilippinesHabay, Bacoor−0.5 m (−1.6 ft)
 LithuaniaNemunas delta−1.3 m (−4.3 ft)
 PolandŻuławy Wiślane−1.8 m (−5.9 ft)
 FranceCamargue−2 m (−6.6 ft)
 New ZealandKirks Drain Road, agricultural land north of Dunedin International Airport on Taieri Plain[1]−2 m (−6.6 ft)
 IndiaKuttanad−2.2 m (−7.2 ft)
 SwedenKristianstad−2.4 m (−7.9 ft)
 ItalyLe Contane, Jolanda di Savoia−3.2 m (−10.5 ft)
 GermanyNeuendorf bei Wilster−3.5 m (−11.5 ft)
 JapanHachiro-gata−4 m (−13 ft)
 United KingdomThe Fens−4 m (−13 ft)
 MauritaniaSebkhet Te-n-Dghamcha−5 m (−16 ft)
 UkraineKuyalnik Estuary−5 m (−16 ft)
 DenmarkLammefjord−7 m (−23 ft)
 NetherlandsZuidplaspolder−7 m (−23 ft)
 MexicoLaguna Salada−10 m (−33 ft)
 UzbekistanSariqarnish Kuli−12 m (−39 ft)
 AustraliaLake Eyre−15 m (−49 ft)
 TunisiaShatt al Gharsah−17 m (−56 ft)
 AzerbaijanCaspian Sea−28 m (−92 ft)
 IranCaspian Sea−28 m (−92 ft)
 RussiaCaspian Sea−28 m (−92 ft)
 PeruSechura Depression−34 m (−112 ft)
 AlgeriaChott Melrhir−40 m (−131 ft)
 Dominican RepublicLago Enriquillo−46 m (−151 ft)
 LibyaSabkhat Ghuzayyil−47 m (−154 ft)
 MoroccoSebkha paki Tah−55 m (−180 ft)
 EritreaAfar Depression near Lake Kulul−75 m (−246 ft)
 TurkmenistanVpadina Akchanaya−81 m (−266 ft)[note 2]
 United StatesBadwater Basin−85.5 m (−280.5 ft)
 ArgentinaLaguna del Carbón−105 m (−344 ft)
 EthiopiaAfar Depression−125 m (−410 ft)
 KazakhstanKaragiye−132 m (−433 ft)
 EgyptQattara Depression−133 m (−436 ft)
 People's Republic of ChinaAydingkol Lake−154 m (−505 ft)
 DjiboutiLac Assal−155 m (−509 ft)
 Syriaunnamed point near the Sea of Galilee in the Golan Heights[note 3]−214 m (−702 ft)
 IsraelDead Sea−418 m (−1,371 ft)
 JordanDead Sea−418 m (−1,371 ft)
 AntarcticaBentley Subglacial Trench−2,540 m (−8,333 ft)

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  1. ^ Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Kosovo. The latter declared independence on 17 February 2008, but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. Kosovo's independence has been recognised by 106 out of 193 United Nations member states.
  2. ^ Sarygamysh Koli is a lake in north eastern Turkmenistan whose water levels fluctuate widely; at its shallowest, its level is -110 m; it is presently at -60 m, 20 m above Vpadina Akchanaya
  3. ^ The Golan Heights, claimed by Syria and generally held by the international community to belong to Syria, is occupied and controlled by Israel. If the Golan Heights is excluded from consideration, then the lowest point in Syria is probably the point where the eastern border of the buffer zone between the Golan Heights and the rest of Syria meets the border with Jordan, at latitude 32.745522° east, longitude 35.759676° north. This is in the gorge of the Yarmouk River a short distance upstream from where it is joined by the Wadi Ruqqad; the elevation there is somewhat lower than −60 m (−197 ft)


This page of ranking is based on figures from the 2007 CIA World Factbook.

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