List of countries by gold production

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World gold output (in kilograms).
Trends in the top five gold-producing countries

This list of countries by gold production is from a report on the U.S. Geological Survey website.[1]

For many years until 2006, South Africa was the world's dominant gold producer, but recently, other countries with large surface area have surpassed South Africa, including China, Russia, the United States, Peru and Australia.[2]

RankCountry/RegionGold production (Metric Tons) in 2013
1China China420
2Australia Australia255
3United States United States227
4Russia Russia220
5Peru Peru150
6South Africa South Africa145
7Canada Canada120
8Mexico Mexico100
9Uzbekistan Uzbekistan93
10Ghana Ghana85
11Brazil Brazil75
12Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea62
13Indonesia Indonesia60
14Chile Chile55
Rest of the world700

2006 Statistics[edit]

This is a list of countries by production of gold in 2006, mostly based on British Geological Survey:

RankCountry/RegionGold production (Metric Tons)
1South Africa South Africa272
2United States United States252
3China China248
4Australia Australia247
5Peru Peru203
6Russia Russia159
7Canada Canada104
8Indonesia Indonesia85
9Uzbekistan Uzbekistan77
10Ghana Ghana72
11Mali Mali58.38
12Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea58.35
13Argentina Argentina44
14Chile Chile42
15Brazil Brazil40
16Tanzania Tanzania39
17Philippines Philippines36.1
18Mexico Mexico35.9
19Mongolia Mongolia21.267
20Guinea Guinea16.36
21Colombia Colombia15.6
22Venezuela Venezuela14.9
23Zimbabwe Zimbabwe11.4
24Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan10.7
25New Zealand New Zealand10.6
26Suriname Suriname10.4
27Kazakhstan Kazakhstan10.0
28Bolivia Bolivia9.6
29Japan Japan8.9
30Turkey Turkey8.040
31Sweden Sweden6.8
32Guyana Guyana6.4
33Niger Niger5.5
34Iran Iran5.5
35Ecuador Ecuador5.3
36Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia5.2
37Guatemala Guatemala5.0
38Sudan Sudan4.5
39Burundi Burundi4.3
40Honduras Honduras4.1
41Ethiopia Ethiopia3.828
42Bulgaria Bulgaria3.818
43Malaysia Malaysia3.496
44Thailand Thailand3.470
45Nicaragua Nicaragua3.395
46Botswana Botswana3.020
47Vietnam Vietnam3.000
48Uruguay Uruguay2.800
49Namibia Namibia2.790
50India India2.488
51Georgia (country) Georgia2.400
52Denmark Denmark2.324
53French Guiana French Guiana2.000
54Tajikistan Tajikistan1.920
55Romania Romania1.878
56Poland Poland1.700
57Ivory Coast Ivory Coast1.600
58Burkina Faso Burkina Faso1.571
59Spain Spain1.565
60Armenia Armenia1.500
61Morocco Morocco1.500
62Uganda Uganda1.500
63Fiji Fiji1.403
64Costa Rica Costa Rica1.323
65Finland Finland1.300
66Laos Laos5.5 [3]


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