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This is a list of counties in Nevada. There are sixteen counties and one independent city in the U.S. state of Nevada. On November 25, 1861, the first Nevada Territorial Legislature established nine counties.[1] Nevada was admitted to the Union on October 31, 1864 with eleven counties.[1] In 1969, Ormsby County and Carson City were consolidated into a single municipal government known as Carson City.[1]

The FIPS county code is the five-digit Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code which uniquely identifies counties and county equivalents in the United States.[2] The three-digit number is unique to each individual county within a state, but to be unique within the entire United States, it must be prefixed by the state code. This means that, for example, while Nye County, Nevada is number 023, Humboldt County, California and Grant County, Oregon also have the number 023. While Humboldt County, Nevada has number 013, Humboldt County, Iowa has number 091. To uniquely identify Nye County, Nevada, you would need to use the state code of 32 plus the county code of 023. Thus, the unique identifier in the entire United States for Humboldt County, Nevada would be 32013, while Nye County, Nevada would be 32023, etc.


FIPS code
County seat
Carson City510(Independent city)1969Founded 1858, consolidated with rump Ormsby county in 1969.Carson River, named in turn for Christopher Houston (Kit) Carson (1809–1868), the frontier scout and soldier.55,274144 mi²
(373 km²)
State map highlighting Carson City
Churchill County001Fallon1861OriginalSylvester Churchill (1783–1862), a general in the Mexican–American War.24,8774,929 sq mi
(12,766 km2)
State map highlighting Churchill County
Clark County003Las Vegas1908Lincoln CountyWilliam A. Clark (1839–1925), former United States Senator from Montana, and builder of a railroad line through the area.2,000,7597,911 sq mi
(20,489 km2)
State map highlighting Clark County
Douglas County005Minden1861OriginalStephen Arnold Douglas (1813–1861), former United States Senator from Illinois.46,997710 sq mi
(1,839 km2)
State map highlighting Douglas County
Elko County007Elko1869Lander CountyA Shoshoni word meaning white woman. It is said, among the very old Shoshoni, that this is where they first saw a white woman.48,81817,182 sq mi
(44,501 km2)
State map highlighting Elko County
Esmeralda County009Goldfield1861OriginalEsmeralda Mining District, named in turn for the legend that a massive amount of emeralds was buried in what is now Nevada. Esmeralda is the Spanish and Portuguese word for emerald.7833,589 sq mi
(9,295 km2)
State map highlighting Esmeralda County
Eureka County011Eureka1873Lander CountyGreek expression Eureka, meaning I have found it!, in reference to deposits of silver found in the vicinity.1,9874,176 sq mi
(10,816 km2)
State map highlighting Eureka County
Humboldt County013Winnemucca1861OriginalHumboldt River, named in turn for Alexander von Humboldt (1769–1859), a German naturalist and explorer.16,10616,528 sq mi
(42,807 km2)
State map highlighting Humboldt County
Lander County015Battle Mountain1861OriginalFrederick W. Lander (1821–1862), an American Civil War general and developer of the area.5,7755,494 sq mi
(14,229 km2)
State map highlighting Lander County
Lincoln County017Pioche1866Nye County and territory ceded by Arizona.Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865), the sixteenth President of the United States.5,34510,635 sq mi
(27,545 km2)
State map highlighting Lincoln County
Lyon County019Yerington1861OriginalGeneral Nathaniel Lyon (1818–1861), who was killed in action at the Battle of Wilson's Creek.51,9801,994 sq mi
(5,164 km2)
State map highlighting Lyon County
Mineral County021Hawthorne1911Esmeralda CountyMineral deposits in the area.4,7723,757 sq mi
(9,731 km2)
State map highlighting Mineral County
Nye County023Tonopah1864Esmeralda CountyJames W. Nye (1815–1876), a governor of the Nevada Territory and U.S. senator from Nevada.43,94618,147 sq mi
(47,001 km2)
State map highlighting Nye County
Pershing County027Lovelock1919Humboldt CountyJohn Joseph (Black Jack) Pershing (1860–1948), the World War I general.6,7536,009 sq mi
(15,563 km2)
State map highlighting Pershing County
Storey County029Virginia City1861OriginalEdward Farris Storey (1829–1860), a captain killed at Pyramid Lake in the 1860 Paiute War.4,010264 sq mi
(684 km2)
State map highlighting Storey County
Washoe County031Reno1861OriginalThe Washo, a small Indian tribe that inhabits the area.421,4076,342 sq mi
(16,426 km2)
State map highlighting Washoe County
White Pine County033Ely1869Lander CountyHeavy growth of pine trees in the area, thought to be white pine.10,0308,877 sq mi
(22,991 km2)
State map highlighting White Pine County

Defunct counties[edit]


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