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There are 99 counties in the U.S. state of Iowa. The first two counties, Des Moines County and Dubuque County, were created in 1834 when Iowa was still part of the Michigan Territory. In preparation for Michigan's statehood, part of Michigan Territory was formed into Wisconsin Territory in 1836.[1] Two years later, the western portion was split off to become Iowa Territory.[2] The south-eastern part of Iowa Territory became Iowa, the 29th state in the union, on 28 December 1846,[3] by which point 44 counties had been created. Counties continued to be created by the state government until 1857, when the last county, Humboldt County, was created.[4] One of the most significant days in Iowa county history was January 15, 1851, on which 49 counties were created.[5]

Map of counties numbered as in the National Atlas of the United States

The Iowa Constitution of 1857, which is still in effect today, states that counties must have an area of at least 432 square miles (1,120 km2), nor can any county be reduced below that size by boundary changes.[6] However, exceptions to this rule were granted, as ten counties have areas below this size. (The table below shows land area, but the Constitution deals with total area.[6]) The smallest county (Dickinson) has a land area of 381 sq mi (990 km2), while the largest (Kossuth) has an area 973 sq mi (2,520 km²). Polk County is the most densely populated county at 756/sq mi (291.7/km2), an increase in density from 2000 when it was 657 inhabitants per square mile (254 /km2).[7] Polk County contains the state's capital and largest city, Des Moines. In addition Iowa has one of the fewest number of counties whose boundaries are dictated by natural means, the vast majority of which being formed by lines of survey instead, resulting in a large number of "box counties".

County information[edit]

The number in the column headed "#" is the one used on the map from the National Atlas of the United States, shown on the left. The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code, which is used by the United States government to uniquely identify counties, is provided with each entry. The FIPS code for each county links to census data for that county.

FIPS code
County seat
Formed from
Adair County001Greenfield69January 15, 1851Cass CountyJohn Adair (1757–1840), sixth governor of Kentucky7,682569 sq mi
(1,474 km2)
State map highlighting Adair County
Adams County003Corning81January 15, 1851Taylor CountyJohn Adams, second President of the United States (1797–1801)4,029424 sq mi
(1,098 km2)
State map highlighting Adams County
Allamakee County005Waukon11February 20, 1847Clayton CountyDisputed, possibly named for Allan Makee, an early Indian trader and guide for early settlers14,330640 sq mi
(1,658 km2)
State map highlighting Allamakee County
Appanoose County007Centerville96February 17, 1843Davis CountyAppanoose, Native American chief who headed peace party in the Black Hawk War12,884496 sq mi
(1,285 km2)
State map highlighting Appanoose County

Audubon County009Audubon57January 15, 1851Black Hawk County and Cass CountyJohn James Audubon (1785–1851), ornithologist and artist6,119443 sq mi
(1,147 km2)
State map highlighting Audubon County
Benton County011Vinton51December 21, 1837Native American lands and Wisconsin TerritoryThomas Hart Benton, United States Senator (1821–1851)26,076716 sq mi
(1,854 km2)
State map highlighting Benton County
Black Hawk County013Waterloo39February 17, 1843Delaware CountyBlack Hawk (1767–1838), chief of Fox and Sac Indians and leader in the Black Hawk War131,090567 sq mi
(1,469 km2)
State map highlighting Black Hawk County
Boone County015Boone47January 13, 1846Polk CountyNathan Boone (1781–1863), one of the first to survey Iowa26,306572 sq mi
(1,481 km2)
State map highlighting Boone County
Bremer County017Waverly30January 15, 1851Native American lands and Winnebago CountyFredrika Bremer (1801–1865), Swedish poet and author24,276428 sq mi
(1,109 km2)
State map highlighting Bremer County
Buchanan County019Independence40December 21, 1837Delaware County and Wisconsin TerritoryJames Buchanan, fifteenth President of the United States (1857–1861)20,958571 sq mi
(1,479 km2)
State map highlighting Buchanan County
Buena Vista County021Storm Lake24January 15, 1851Clay County and Sac CountyBattle of Buena Vista, a battle during the Mexican-American War20,260575 sq mi
(1,489 km2)
State map highlighting Buena Vista County
Butler County023Allison29January 15, 1851Black Hawk County and Buchanan CountyWilliam Orlando Butler (1791–1880), War of 1812 hero and unsuccessful candidate for Vice President14,867580 sq mi
(1,502 km2)
State map highlighting Butler County
Calhoun County025Rockwell City34January 15, 1851Fox County (renamed)John Caldwell Calhoun, Vice President of the United States (1825–1832)9,670570 sq mi
(1,476 km2)
State map highlighting Calhoun County
Carroll County027Carroll45January 15, 1851Guthrie CountyCharles Carroll (1737–1832), longest lived signatory of the Declaration of Independence20,816569 sq mi
(1,474 km2)
State map highlighting Carroll County
Cass County029Atlantic68January 15, 1851Pottawattamie CountyLewis Cass, United States Senator from Michigan and unsuccessful candidate for President (1848)13,956564 sq mi
(1,461 km2)
State map highlighting Cass County
Cedar County031Tipton65December 21, 1837Wisconsin TerritoryRed Cedar River, river which runs through county18,499580 sq mi
(1,502 km2)
State map highlighting Cedar County
Cerro Gordo County033Mason City17January 15, 1851Floyd CountyBattle of Cerro Gordo, battle during the Mexican-American War44,151568 sq mi
(1,471 km2)
State map highlighting Cerro Gordo County
Cherokee County035Cherokee23January 15, 1851Crawford CountyCherokee Native American tribe12,072577 sq mi
(1,494 km2)
State map highlighting Cherokee County
Chickasaw County037New Hampton19January 15, 1851Fayette CountyChickasaw Native American tribe12,439505 sq mi
(1,308 km2)
State map highlighting Chickasaw County
Clarke County039Osceola83January 13, 1846Lucas CountyJames Clarke, third Governor of Iowa Territory (1845–1846)9,286431 sq mi
(1,116 km2)
State map highlighting Clarke County
Clay County041Spencer14January 15, 1851Native American landsHenry Clay, Jr. (1807–1847), officer in the Mexican-American War16,667569 sq mi
(1,474 km2)
State map highlighting Clay County
Clayton County043Elkader21December 21, 1837Dubuque County and Wisconsin TerritoryJohn M. Clayton (1796–1856), United States Senator from Delaware18,129779 sq mi
(2,018 km2)
State map highlighting Clayton County
Clinton County045Clinton66December 21, 1837Dubuque County and Wisconsin TerritoryDeWitt Clinton (1769–1828), Governor of New York49,116695 sq mi
(1,800 km2)
State map highlighting Clinton County
Crawford County047Denison44January 15, 1851Shelby CountyWilliam Harris Crawford (1772–1834), United States Senator from Georgia17,096714 sq mi
(1,849 km2)
State map highlighting Crawford County
Dallas County049Adel59January 13, 1846Polk CountyGeorge Mifflin Dallas (1792–1864), eleventh Vice President of the United States66,135586 sq mi
(1,518 km2)
State map highlighting Dallas County
Davis County051Bloomfield97February 17, 1843Van Buren CountyGarrett Davis (1801–1872), congressman8,753503 sq mi
(1,303 km2)
State map highlighting Davis County
Decatur County053Leon94January 13, 1846Appanoose CountyStephen Decatur (1779–1820), naval officer in the War of 18128,457532 sq mi
(1,378 km2)
State map highlighting Decatur County
Delaware County055Manchester41December 21, 1837Dubuque County and Wisconsin TerritoryState of Delaware, home of Iowa statehood advocate U.S. Senator John M. Clayton17,764578 sq mi
(1,497 km2)
State map highlighting Delaware County
Des Moines County057Burlington89September 6, 1834Michigan Territory and Wisconsin TerritoryDes Moines River, river that once ran through the county40,325416 sq mi
(1,077 km2)
State map highlighting Des Moines County
Dickinson County059Spirit Lake3January 15, 1851Kossuth CountyDaniel Stevens Dickinson (1800–1866), United States Senator from New York16,667381 sq mi
(987 km2)
State map highlighting Dickinson County
Dubuque County061Dubuque42September 6, 1834Michigan Territory and Wisconsin TerritoryJulien Dubuque (1762–1810), first permanent white settler in Iowa93,653608 sq mi
(1,575 km2)
State map highlighting Dubuque County
Emmet County063Estherville4January 15, 1851Dickinson County and Kossuth CountyRobert Emmet (1778–1803), Irish revolutionary and American republican sympathizer10,302396 sq mi
(1,026 km2)
State map highlighting Emmet County
Fayette County065West Union20December 21, 1837Clayton County and Wisconsin TerritoryMarquis de Lafayette (1757–1834), Frenchman who aided colonial forces during the American Revolutionary War20,880731 sq mi
(1,893 km2)
State map highlighting Fayette County
Floyd County067Charles City18January 15, 1851Chickasaw CountyCharles Floyd (1782–1804), member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition who died in Iowa16,303501 sq mi
(1,298 km2)
State map highlighting Floyd County
Franklin County069Hampton28January 15, 1851Chickasaw CountyBenjamin Franklin (1706–1790), statesman and U.S. founding father10,680582 sq mi
(1,507 km2)
State map highlighting Franklin County
Fremont County071Sidney90February 24, 1847Pottawattamie CountyJohn Charles Fremont (1813–1890), officer in Mexican-American War7,441511 sq mi
(1,323 km2)
State map highlighting Fremont County
Greene County073Jefferson46January 15, 1851Dallas CountyNathanael Greene (1742–1786), American Revolutionary War general9,336568 sq mi
(1,471 km2)
State map highlighting Greene County
Grundy County075Grundy Center38January 15, 1851Black Hawk CountyFelix Grundy (1777–1840), United States Senator12,453503 sq mi
(1,303 km2)
State map highlighting Grundy County
Guthrie County077Guthrie Center58July 8, 1851Jackson CountyEdwin B. Guthrie, officer in Mexican-American War10,954591 sq mi
(1,531 km2)
State map highlighting Guthrie County
Hamilton County079Webster City36December 22, 1856Webster CountyWilliam W. Hamilton, President of the Iowa Senate (1856–1857)15,673577 sq mi
(1,494 km2)
State map highlighting Hamilton County
Hancock County081Garner16January 15, 1851Wright CountyJohn Hancock (1737–1793), President of the First Continental Congress11,341571 sq mi
(1,479 km2)
State map highlighting Hancock County
Hardin County083Eldora37January 15, 1851Black Hawk CountyJohn J. Hardin (1810–1847), prominent soldier in the Black Hawk War17,534569 sq mi
(1,474 km2)
State map highlighting Hardin County
Harrison County085Logan55January 15, 1851Pottawattamie CountyWilliam Henry Harrison (1773–1841), ninth President of the United States14,928697 sq mi
(1,805 km2)
State map highlighting Harrison County
Henry County087Mount Pleasant88December 7, 1836Wisconsin TerritoryDisputed; either[12] Henry Dodge (1782–1867), governor of Wisconsin Territory; or James Dougherty Henry, general in the Black Hawk War20,145434 sq mi
(1,124 km2)
State map highlighting Henry County
Howard County089Cresco9January 15, 1851Chickasaw CountyTilghman Ashurst Howard (1797–1844), congressman9,566473 sq mi
(1,225 km2)
State map highlighting Howard County
Humboldt County091Dakota City26February 26, 1857Webster CountyAlexander von Humboldt (1769–1859), German scientist9,815434 sq mi
(1,124 km2)
State map highlighting Humboldt County
Ida County093Ida Grove32January 15, 1851Cherokee CountyMount Ida in Greece7,089432 sq mi
(1,119 km2)
State map highlighting Ida County
Iowa County095Marengo63February 17, 1843Washington CountyIowa River, river that flows through the county, and which is itself named for the Ioway Native American tribe16,355586 sq mi
(1,518 km2)
State map highlighting Iowa County
Jackson County097Maquoketa54December 21, 1837Wisconsin TerritoryAndrew Jackson (1767–1845), seventh President of the United States19,848636 sq mi
(1,647 km2)
State map highlighting Jackson County
Jasper County099Newton61January 13, 1846Mahaska CountyWilliam Jasper (1750–1779), sergeant in the American Revolutionary War36,842730 sq mi
(1,891 km2)
State map highlighting Jasper County
Jefferson County101Fairfield87January 21, 1839Native American landsThomas Jefferson (1743–1826), third President of the United States16,843435 sq mi
(1,127 km2)
State map highlighting Jefferson County
Johnson County103Iowa City64December 21, 1837Des Moines County, Iowa and Wisconsin TerritoryRichard Mentor Johnson (1780–1850), Vice President of the United States 1837-1841130,882614 sq mi
(1,590 km2)
State map highlighting Johnson County
Jones County105Anamosa53December 21, 1837Wisconsin TerritoryGeorge Wallace Jones (1804–1896), United States Senator from Iowa20,638575 sq mi
(1,489 km2)
State map highlighting Jones County
Keokuk County107Sigourney74December 21, 1837Washington CountyKeokuk (1767–1848), chief of the Sac Native American tribe10,511579 sq mi
(1,500 km2)
State map highlighting Keokuk County
Kossuth County109Algona5January 15, 1851Webster CountyLajos Kossuth (1802–1894), Hungarian revolutionary who was inspired by American democratic ideals15,543973 sq mi
(2,520 km2)
State map highlighting Kossuth County
Lee County111Fort Madison and Keokuk99December 7, 1836Des Moines CountyWilliam Elliott Lee, businessman from the New York Land Company, which sold the county's first tracts of land35,862517 sq mi
(1,339 km2)
State map highlighting Lee County
Linn County113Cedar Rapids52December 21, 1837Wisconsin TerritoryLewis Fields Linn (1795–1843), doctor and United States Senator from Missouri211,226718 sq mi
(1,860 km2)
State map highlighting Linn County
Louisa County115Wapello76December 7, 1836Des Moines CountyDisputed; either[13] Louisa Massey, a woman then famous for avenging the death of her brother; or Louisa County, Virginia11,387402 sq mi
(1,041 km2)
State map highlighting Louisa County
Lucas County117Chariton84January 13, 1846Monroe CountyRobert Lucas (1781–1853), first Governor of Iowa Territory8,898431 sq mi
(1,116 km2)
State map highlighting Lucas County
Lyon County119Rock Rapids1January 15, 1851Woodbury County, IowaNathaniel Lyon (1818–1861), first Union general to be killed in the American Civil War, (formerly named Buncombe County)11,581588 sq mi
(1,523 km2)
State map highlighting Lyon County
Madison County121Winterset70January 13, 1846Polk CountyJames Madison (1751–1836), fourth President of the United States15,679561 sq mi
(1,453 km2)
State map highlighting Madison County
Mahaska County123Oskaloosa73February 17, 1843Fox and Sac Indian landsMahaska (1784–1834), chief of the Ioway Native American tribe22,381571 sq mi
(1,479 km2)
State map highlighting Mahaska County
Marion County125Knoxville72June 10, 1845Washington CountyFrancis Marion (1732–1795), general in the American Revolutionary War33,309554 sq mi
(1,435 km2)
State map highlighting Marion County
Marshall County127Marshalltown49January 13, 1846Jasper CountyJohn Marshall (1755–1835), fourth Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court40,648572 sq mi
(1,481 km2)
State map highlighting Marshall County
Mills County129Glenwood79January 15, 1851Pottawattamie CountyFrederick Mills, major killed during the Battle of Churubusco in the Mexican-American War15,059437 sq mi
(1,132 km2)
State map highlighting Mills County
Mitchell County131Osage8January 15, 1851Chickasaw CountyJohn Mitchel (1815–1875), Irish revolutionary who for a time operated out of the United States10,776469 sq mi
(1,215 km2)
State map highlighting Mitchell County
Monona County133Onawa43January 15, 1851Harrison CountyWord of Native American origin that perhaps translates to "peaceful valley"9,243693 sq mi
(1,795 km2)
State map highlighting Monona County
Monroe County135Albia85February 17, 1843Wapello CountyJames Monroe (1758–1831), fifth President of the United States7,970433 sq mi
(1,121 km2)
State map highlighting Monroe County
Montgomery County137Red Oak80January 15, 1851Polk CountyRichard Montgomery (1738–1775), general in the American Revolutionary War10,740424 sq mi
(1,098 km2)
State map highlighting Montgomery County
Muscatine County139Muscatine77December 7, 1836Des Moines CountyMuscatine Native American tribe42,745439 sq mi
(1,137 km2)
State map highlighting Muscatine County
O'Brien County141Primghar13January 15, 1851Cherokee CountyWilliam Smith O'Brien (1803–1864), Irish revolutionary who was inspired by American democratic ideals14,398573 sq mi
(1,484 km2)
State map highlighting O'Brien County
Osceola County143Sibley2January 15, 1851Woodbury CountyOsceola (1804–1838), Native American leader6,462399 sq mi
(1,033 km2)
State map highlighting Osceola County
Page County145Clarinda91February 24, 1847Pottawattamie CountyJohn Page, officer killed in Battle of Palo Alto in the Mexican-American War15,932535 sq mi
(1,386 km2)
State map highlighting Page County
Palo Alto County147Emmetsburg15January 15, 1851Kossuth CountyBattle of Palo Alto in the Mexican-American War9,421564 sq mi
(1,461 km2)
State map highlighting Palo Alto County
Plymouth County149Le Mars22January 15, 1851Woodbury CountyLanding place of the Pilgrims who came to America on the Mayflower24,986864 sq mi
(2,238 km2)
State map highlighting Plymouth County
Pocahontas County151Pocahontas25January 15, 1851Greene County and Humboldt CountyPocahontas (1595–1618), famous Native American woman7,310578 sq mi
(1,497 km2)
State map highlighting Pocahontas County
Polk County153Des Moines60January 13, 1846Native American landsJames K. Polk (1795–1849), eleventh President of the United States430,640570 sq mi
(1,476 km2)
State map highlighting Polk County
Pottawattamie County155Council Bluffs67February 24, 1847Native American landsPottawattamie Native American tribe93,158954 sq mi
(2,471 km2)
State map highlighting Pottawattamie County
Poweshiek County157Montezuma62February 17, 1843Mesquakie Indian landsPoweshiek, chief of the Fox tribe18,914585 sq mi
(1,515 km2)
State map highlighting Poweshiek County
Ringgold County159Mount Ayr93February 24, 1847Taylor CountySamuel Ringgold (1796–1846), major killed in the Mexican-American War5,131538 sq mi
(1,393 km2)
State map highlighting Ringgold County
Sac County161Sac City33January 15, 1851Greene CountySac Native American tribe10,350576 sq mi
(1,492 km2)
State map highlighting Sac County
Scott County163Davenport78December 21, 1837Wisconsin TerritoryWinfield Scott (1786–1866), U.S. Army General during the War of 1812165,224458 sq mi
(1,186 km2)
State map highlighting Scott County
Shelby County165Harlan56January 15, 1851Cass CountyIsaac Shelby (1750–1826), general in the American Revolutionary War and the War of 181212,167591 sq mi
(1,531 km2)
State map highlighting Shelby County
Sioux County167Orange City12January 15, 1851Plymouth CountySioux Native American tribe33,704768 sq mi
(1,989 km2)
State map highlighting Sioux County
Story County169Nevada48January 13, 1846Boone County, Jasper County, and Polk CountyJoseph Story (1779–1845), United States Supreme Court justice89,542573 sq mi
(1,484 km2)
State map highlighting Story County
Tama County171Toledo50February 17, 1843Benton County and Boone CountyDisputed; either [14] Taimah, Fox chief; or Taomah, wife of Poweshiek17,767721 sq mi
(1,867 km2)
State map highlighting Tama County
Taylor County173Bedford92February 24, 1847Page CountyZachary Taylor (1784–1850), twelfth President of the United States6,317534 sq mi
(1,383 km2)
State map highlighting Taylor County
Union County175Creston82January 15, 1851Clarke CountyThe union of the states12,534424 sq mi
(1,098 km2)
State map highlighting Union County
Van Buren County177Keosauqua98December 7, 1836Des Moines CountyMartin Van Buren (1782–1862), eighth President of the United States7,570485 sq mi
(1,256 km2)
State map highlighting Van Buren County
Wapello County179Ottumwa86February 17, 1843Native American landsWapello, chief of the Fox Native American tribe35,625432 sq mi
(1,119 km2)
State map highlighting Wapello County
Warren County181Indianola71January 13, 1846Polk CountyJoseph Warren (1741–1775), General in the American Revolutionary War46,225572 sq mi
(1,481 km2)
State map highlighting Warren County
Washington County183Washington75January 25, 1839Wisconsin TerritoryGeorge Washington (1732–1799), first President of the United States21,704569 sq mi
(1,474 km2)
State map highlighting Washington County
Wayne County185Corydon95January 13, 1846Appanoose CountyAnthony Wayne (1745–1796), General in the American Revolutionary War6,403526 sq mi
(1,362 km2)
State map highlighting Wayne County
Webster County187Fort Dodge35January 12, 1853Risley County and Yell County (defunct counties)[15]Daniel Webster (1782–1852), U.S. Senator from Massachusetts38,013715 sq mi
(1,852 km2)
State map highlighting Webster County
Winnebago County189Forest City6January 15, 1851Kossuth CountyWinnebago Native American tribe10,866400 sq mi
(1,036 km2)
State map highlighting Winnebago County
Winneshiek County191Decorah10February 20, 1847Native American landsWinneshiek, chief of the Winnebago Native American tribe21,056690 sq mi
(1,787 km2)
State map highlighting Winneshiek County
Woodbury County193Sioux City31January 12, 1853Polk CountyLevi Woodbury (1789–1851), Governor of New Hampshire, (formerly named Wahkaw County)102,172873 sq mi
(2,261 km2)
State map highlighting Woodbury County
Worth County195Northwood7January 15, 1851Mitchell CountyWilliam Jenkins Worth (1794–1849), officer in the Black Hawk War and the Mexican-American War7,598400 sq mi
(1,036 km2)
State map highlighting Worth County
Wright County197Clarion27January 15, 1851Webster County and Kossuth CountySilas Wright (1795–1847), Governor of New York, and Joseph Albert Wright (1810–1867), Governor of Indiana, brothers13,229581 sq mi
(1,505 km2)
State map highlighting Wright County

Former counties[edit]

The following counties no longer exist:[16]

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