List of companies of Ghana

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This is a list of notable companies based in Ghana, grouped by their Industry Classification Benchmark sector.

Current companies[edit]

Basic materials[edit]

Consumer goods[edit]



Health care[edit]


Oil & gas[edit]




Companies based in another country[edit]

The following is a list of companies founded and 100% owned by Ghanaian expatriates based in another country.

Company NameFoundedFounderHeadquartersIndustry (ICB)Product(s)/Service(s)
Annansi Clothing Co.Annansi Clothing Co.2003G. Kofi AnnanUnited States Hillside, New JerseyGeneral retailer / FashionApparel
Ozwald BoatengOzwald Boateng1995Ozwald BoatengUnited Kingdom Savile RowPersonal Goods / Bespoke tailoringSuits

Former companies[edit]

The following is a list of former companies founded by Ghanaians and was 100% owned by Ghanaians or the Government of Ghana before ceasing operations.

Company NameFoundedFounderIndustryDefunct
Ashanti Goldfields Corporation1897Gold Mining2004
Ghana Airways1958Kwame NkrumahAviation2005
Ghana International Airlines2005Aviation2010
Original Black Entertainment TV2003Television broadcaster2011

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