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This is a list of colleges and universities in the U.S. state of Oregon. Four public universities make up the Oregon University System, and seventeen community colleges are operated by locally elected boards. There are also numerous private degree-granting institutions.

The oldest college is Willamette University, which was established 1842, and is the oldest university in the Western United States. The oldest community college is Southwestern Oregon Community College which was established in 1959.[1] The college has about 14,500 students which have access to the over 150 acres (61 ha) of campus.

This list includes all schools that grant degrees at an associates level or higher, and are either accredited or in the process of accreditation by a recognized accrediting agency.


George Fox University
Gutenberg College
Lane Community College
Oregon Health & Science University
Oregon State University
Pacific University
New Hope Christian College
Portland Community College
Portland State University
University of Oregon
University of Portland
Willamette University
SchoolMain locationControlType[2]Enrollment (2005)Founded
American College of Healthcare SciencesPortlandPrivate
Health professions school1,0321978[3]
Art Institute of PortlandPortlandPrivate
School of art1,5341963[4]
Blue Mountain Community CollegePendletonPublicAssociates college2,2161962[5]
Central Oregon Community CollegeBendPublicAssociates college4,0481949[6]
Chemeketa Community CollegeSalemPublicAssociates college9,2281970[5]
Clackamas Community CollegeOregon CityPublicAssociates college6,9021961[5]
Clatsop Community CollegeAstoriaPublicAssociates college1,6101958[5]
Columbia Gorge Community CollegeThe DallesPublicAssociates college8311989[5]
Concordia UniversityPortlandPrivate
Masters university1,4041905
Corban UniversitySalemPrivate
Baccalaureate college7541935
Eastern Oregon UniversityLa GrandePublicMasters university33381929
George Fox UniversityNewbergPrivate
Research university3,3821891
Gutenberg CollegeEugenePrivate
Religious school[7]48[8]1994[9]
Klamath Community CollegeKlamath FallsPublicAssociates college1,619[10]1996[5]
Lane Community CollegeEugenePublicAssociates college9,1101964[5]
Lewis & Clark CollegePortlandPrivateLiberal arts college3,2591867
Linfield CollegeMcMinnvillePrivate
Liberal arts college2,606[11]1858
Linn-Benton Community CollegeAlbanyPublicAssociates college5,3911967[5]
Marylhurst UniversityMarylhurstPrivate
Masters university1,2451893
Mount Angel SeminarySt. BenedictPrivate
Religious school1771887[12]
Mount Hood Community CollegeGreshamPublicAssociates college7,8171965[5]
Multnomah UniversityPortlandPrivate
Religious school7631936[13]
National College of Natural MedicinePortlandPrivateHealth professions school4751956[14]
New Hope Christian CollegeEugenePrivate
Religious school1921925
Northwest Christian UniversityEugenePrivate
(Disciples of Christ)
Baccalaureate college4591895[15]
Oregon Coast Community CollegeNewportPublicAssociates college6271987[5]
Oregon College of Art and CraftPortlandPrivateArt and Craft College1431907[16]
Oregon College of Oriental MedicinePortlandPrivateHealth professions school2581983[17]
Oregon Health and Science UniversityPortlandPublicMedical school2,5531974[18]
Oregon Institute of TechnologyKlamath FallsPublicBaccalaureate college3,3721947
Oregon State UniversityCorvallisPublicResearch university19,590[19]1858
Oregon State University - CascadesBendPublicResearch university (A branch campus of Oregon State University)8012001
Pacific Northwest College of ArtPortlandPrivateSchool of art3031909
Pacific UniversityForest GrovePrivateResearch university2,5211849
Pioneer Pacific CollegeWilsonvillePrivate
Associates college1,0151981[20]
Portland Community CollegePortlandPublicAssociates college24,5051961[5]
Portland State University[21]PortlandPublicResearch university23,4441946
Reed CollegePortlandPrivateLiberal arts college1,3411911
Rogue Community CollegeGrants Pass, MedfordPublicAssociates college4,2111970[5]
Southern Oregon UniversityAshlandPublicMasters university5,1541926
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeCoos BayPublicAssociates college2,1141961[22]
Tillamook Bay Community CollegeTillamookPublicAssociates college2431981[5]
Treasure Valley Community CollegeOntarioPublicAssociates college1,9611962[5]
Umpqua Community CollegeRoseburgPublicAssociates college1,1471964[23]
University of OregonEugenePublicResearch university20,2961876
University of PortlandPortlandPrivate
Masters university3,9111901
University of Western StatesPortlandPrivateHealth professions school4051904[24]
Warner Pacific CollegePortlandPrivate
(Church of God)
Baccalaureate college5121937[25]
Western Culinary InstitutePortlandPrivate
Associates college1,2851983[26]
Western Oregon UniversityMonmouthPublicMasters university4,7681856
Western SeminaryPortlandPrivate
Religious school6251927[27]
Willamette UniversitySalemPrivateLiberal arts college2,6631842

Out-of-state institutions[edit]

Several schools based in other states offer degree programs at locations in Oregon:

Defunct institutions[edit]

Albany CollegeAlbany18671942Became Lewis & Clark College[33]
Ashland College & Normal SchoolAshland1869Underwent name changes to Southern Oregon College (SOC) to Southern Oregon State College (SOSC) and finally to Southern Oregon University (SOU) in 1997.[34][35]
Baker Business CollegeBaker18911976Was in operation from 1891-1976.[36] No transcripts are available.[37]
Baker City Normal & Business CollegeBaker18871905
Baker CollegeBaker19691970Formerly Magic Valley Christian College, which moved to Baker from Albion, Idaho in 1969.[38] Today, the records for Baker College and Magic Valley Christian College are held at Oklahoma Christian University.[39]
Bassist CollegePortland1998Called now the Art Institute of Portland, who has the Bassist College transcripts.[40]
Bethel CollegeBethel18551862Merged with Monmouth University to form, in turn, Christian College in 1865, Oregon State Normal School in 1882, Oregon Normal School in 1911, and Oregon College of Education in 1939, which is Western Oregon University today.[41]
Blue Mountain UniversityLa Grande18731885[42]
Cascade Christian CollegePortland19181969Records are at Seattle Pacific University.[43]
Cascade CollegePortland19562009School was operated by Oklahoma Christian University as a branch campus from 1994 to 2009. The school was formerly Columbia Christian College from 1956 to 1993.[44]

Today, the records for both Columbia Christian College and Cascade College (the one that closed in 2009) are at Oklahoma Christian University.[39]

Colegio Cesar ChavezMount Angel19731983First Chicano college in U.S.
An archive on this college is available through the Oregon State University archives.[45]
College of PhilomathPhilomath18891912[46]
Columbia Christian CollegePortland19471993The records for both Columbia Christian College and Cascade College (the one that closed in 2009) are at Oklahoma Christian University.[39]
Columbia CollegeEugene18551860[47]
Columbia College of BusinessClackamas1999According to the Oregon Department of Education's list, the records are available at Pioneer Pacific College in Wilsonville.[48]
Coquille College18901905
Corvallis CollegeCorvallis18591885Forerunner of Oregon State University.[49]
Dallas CollegeDallas19001914
Eastern Oregon CollegeLa Grande18921898Forerunner of Eastern Oregon University.[50][51]
Jefferson InstituteJefferson1846
Judson Baptist CollegeThe Dalles19561985Records at Arizona Christian University.[52]
Liberal UniversitySilverton18961903
Mineral Springs CollegeSodaville18921908
Mount Angel CollegeSt. Benedict18871973Although the college closed, the seminary, Mount Angel Seminary, is in operation.[53]
Multnomah CollegePortland18971969Records at the University of Portland.[54]
North Pacific CollegePortland18991945Dental school absorbed into Oregon Health & Science University[55] and optometry school absorbed into Pacific University.[56]
Oregon City CollegeOregon City1849Assets donated to McMinnville College.[57]
Oregon College of ArtAshland1984The records went to Pacific College of Art & Design,[48] and since then, Pacific College of Art & Design has likely closed (it lost its tax-exempt status).[58][59]
Oregon Denturist CollegeMilwaukie1993
Oregon Law SchoolSalem and Portland19021922Not to be confused with the University of Oregon School of Law.[60][61]
Oregon School of DesignPortland1992
Pacific College of Art & DesignMedfordLost its tax-exempt status.[58][59]
Philomath CollegePhilomath18671927
Portland UniversityPortland18911900Was a Methodist school with ties to Willamette University. Campus and buildings sold to the Catholic Church and became the campus for the University of Portland.
Saint Francis College18851905
Saint Joseph College18441849
Saint Michael's CollegePortland18711928
Sublimity CollegeSublimity18571860
Whitney Business CollegeBaker18871891[62]

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