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This is a list of colleges and universities in the U.S. state of Nevada. The higher education system of Nevada is composed primarily of public two- and four-year institutions, private four-year institutions, and two- and four-year for-profit schools. The largest college in the state is the College of Southern Nevada with over 37,000 students and the smallest is privately run Morrison University with 134 students.[1][2]

The eight public institutions are under the control of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) (formerly the University and Community College System of Nevada "UCCSN") and are divided into comprehensive colleges and community colleges.[3] An unusual characteristic of the community colleges is that they award bachelor's degrees in recognition of the limited resources of the state.[4]

The oldest college in the state is the University of Nevada, Reno was founded in 1874 in Elko, Nevada as a political compromise and later became a Morrill Act Land Grant institution.[4] Following a period of inactivity, the college was re-founded in Reno, Nevada in 1886. In 1951 an extension campus was created in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1957 the extension became the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.[5] In 1971 the College of Southern Nevada was founded to serve the growing population of Nevada. The most recent public college is Nevada State College in Henderson, Nevada, which was founded in 2002.

The private colleges of Nevada are divided into non-profit and for-profit institutions, with several branches of national for-profit institutions such as the University of Phoenix and ITT Technical Institute.

Public colleges and universities[edit]

College of Southern NevadaLas VegasTwo year197137,758[6]Founded as Clark County Community College, later renamed to the Community College of Southern Nevada.
Desert Research InstituteReno and Las VegasGraduate1959440[7]Degrees awarded through the University of Nevada and Reno
Great Basin CollegeElkoTwo year19673,216[8]Founded as Elko Community College, it was later renamed Northern Nevada Community College.
Nevada State CollegeHendersonFour year20022,196[9]
Truckee Meadows Community CollegeRenoTwo year197112,166[10]Split from Western Nevada College in 1979.
University of Nevada, Las VegasParadiseFour year195727,960[11]
University of Nevada, RenoRenoFour year187416,681[12]
Western Nevada CollegeCarson CityTwo year19714,820[13]Formerly known as Western Nevada Community College.

Private, nonprofit colleges and universities[edit]

National UniversityHendersonFour year1971487[14]California-based nonprofit providers of adult education. One of 28 locations in Western states.
Sierra Nevada CollegeIncline VillageFour year1969833[15]
Touro University NevadaHendersonGraduate20041,300[16]Sister colleges are located in New York and California.
Roseman University of Health SciencesHendersonFour year2001671[17]Formerly known as Nevada College of Pharmacy, later changed to University of Southern Nevada. Most recent name change occurred in 2011 to reflect the university's large presence in Utah.
Wongu University of Oriental Medicine and AcupunctureLas VegasFour year2012671[18]A Las Vegas Oriental Medical University and Acupuncture School approved by the Nevada State Board of Oriental Medicine.

For-profit colleges and universities[edit]

Career College of Northern NevadaRenoFor-profitTwo year1984303[19]
DeVry UniversityHendersonFor-profitFour year1931176[20]
Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences in HendersonHendersonFor-profitTwo year1947155[21]
Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences in Las VegasLas VegasFor-profitTwo year1947200[22]
International Academy of Design and TechnologyHendersonFor-profitFour year1977399[23]
ITT Technical InstituteHendersonFor-profitTwo year1946769[24]
Kaplan CollegeLas VegasFor-profitTwo year1990475[25]Formerly known as Heritage College.[26]
Everest CollegeHendersonFor-profitTwo year1979639[27]
Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Las VegasLas VegasFor-profitTwo year2003757[28]
Morrison UniversityRenoFor-profitFour year1902134[2][29]
Pima Medical InstituteParadiseFor-profitTwo year2003820[30]
The Art Institute of Las VegasHendersonFor-profitFour year19831,043[31]
University of PhoenixLas VegasFor-profitFour year19763,169[32]
University of PhoenixRenoFor-profitFour year1976637[32]

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