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The following is a list of colleges and universities in the U.S. state of Colorado which range in age and focus of programs.[1] This list also includes other educational institutions providing higher education, meaning tertiary, quaternary, and, in some cases, post-secondary education. The State Commission data is also provided.

Colorado Commission on Higher Education[edit]

This table includes Locations, Governance, Institution Focus(es), The Enrollment Head count (the sum of undergraduate and graduate students), the number of Full-time equivalent students, and the percentage of these students which qualify as residents of the State.

InstitutionLocationGovernanceInstitution Focus(es)Fall 2008 Enrollment Head count2008 Full-time equivalent studentsFull Time Residency PercentagePart Time Residency Percentage
Adams State UniversityAlamosaDr. David Svaldi, President[1]A general baccalaureate institution with moderately selective admission standards[1]2338[1]1919[1]87[1]
Colorado Mesa UniversityGrand JunctionTim Foster, President[1]A comprehensive graduate university with moderately selective admission standards[1]6205[1]5058[1]91[1]
Colorado School of MinesGoldenBill Scoggins, President[1]A specialized baccalaureate and graduate research institution with high admission standards; first public institution of higher education to open doors in Colorado (in 1874)[1]4704[1]4325[1]69[1]
Colorado State UniversityFort Collins, ColoradoDr. Tony Frank, President[1]A comprehensive graduate research university with selective admission standards; one of 68 land‐grant institutions founded by the Morrill Act of 1862[1]25496[1]22312[1]82[1]
Colorado State University-PuebloPueblo, ColoradoJoseph Garcia, President[1]A regional, comprehensive institution with moderately selective admission standards[1]4633[1]3806[1]94[1]
Fort Lewis CollegeDurango, ColoradoDr. Kay Thomas, PresidentA public liberal arts institution with selective admission standards[1]3740[1]3530[1]72[1]
Metropolitan State University of DenverDenverDr. Stephen Jordan, President[1]A comprehensive baccalaureate institution with modified open admission standards[1]21469[1]16165[1]97[1]
University of Colorado BoulderBoulder, ColoradoBruce Benson, System President; Philip P. DiStefano, Chancellor[1]A comprehensive graduate research university with selective admission standards[1]30623[1]26815[1]67[1]
University of Colorado Colorado SpringsColorado Springs, ColoradoPam Shockley‐Zalabak, Chancellor[1]A comprehensive university with selective admission standards[1]8010[1]6606[1]92[1]
Pikes Peak Community CollegeColorado Springs, ColoradoLance Bolton, PresidentA two-year college with open admission standards
University of Colorado DenverDenver and AuroraBruce Benson, System President; Don Elliman, Interim Chancellor[1]An urban comprehensive undergraduate and graduate research university with selective admission standards[1]16283[1]13217[1]90[1]
University of Northern ColoradoGreeley, ColoradoKay Norton, President[1]A comprehensive baccalaureate and specialized graduate research university with selective admission standards[1]11130[1]9691[1]88[1]
Western State Colorado UniversityGunnison, ColoradoDr. Jay Helman, President[1]A general baccalaureate institution with moderately selective admission standards[1]2110[1]1875[1]97[1]
Colorado Community College SystemDr. Nancy McCallin, President[1]A state system of 13 community and technical colleges with open admission standards[1]71825[1]48004[1]33[1]67[1]
Aims Community CollegeGreeley, Colorado, Loveland, Colorado, Fort Lupton, ColoradoMarsi Liddell, President[1]A two‐year local district college with open admission standards[1]4840[1]3150[1]37[1]63[1]
Colorado Mountain CollegeGlenwood Springs, ColoradoStan Jensen, President[1]A two‐year local district college with open admission standards[1]5092[1]2766[1]24[1]76[1]

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