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This is a list of cities in the United Kingdom, as of 2013. It lists those places that have been granted city status by letters patent or royal charter. In some cases the area holding city status does not coincide with the built up area or conurbation of which it forms part. In the case of Greater London, for example, only the City of London and City of Westminster hold city status. In other cases the status can extend to include a number of towns and rural areas within the local government district containing the main settlement after which it is named. Examples include the City of Canterbury and City of Lancaster.[1]

The column headed Cathedral shows the applicable cathedrals that were the grounds for the granting of city status in the case of cities recognised prior to 1888, i.e. cathedrals of the Church of England (including cathedrals that are now part of the Church in Wales) or pre-Reformation cathedrals in the Church of Scotland. Certain cities also have Roman Catholic cathedrals, but these are not listed.

As from 1888, the presence of a cathedral ceased to be a relevant factor in granting city status and all entries after this date are, therefore, marked not applicable. Cities that have acquired cathedrals since 1888 are Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Leicester, Newport, Portsmouth and Sheffield, while Llandaff Cathedral was included within the boundaries of the city of Cardiff in 1922. In Ireland, possession of a diocesan cathedral has never (except in the anomalous case of Armagh) been sufficient to attain city status.[citation needed]

There are currently a total of 69 official cities in the United Kingdom (51 in England, 5 in Northern Ireland, 7 in Scotland and 6 in Wales).[2]

There are a number of cities in the British Overseas Territories, such as Jamestown;[3] these are however not part of the United Kingdom.


City[2]Year granted city statusCathedral (pre-1888)City councilImagePopulation
Bath1 time immemorialBath Abbey4Charter trusteesSouthGate and Bath from Beechen Cliff.jpg83,992
Birmingham2 188933not applicableLocal government districtBirmingham-Skyline-from-the-West.jpg1,074,300 (2011)[4]
Bradford1 1897not applicableLocal government districtBradfordskyline.jpeg522,452 (2011)[4]
Brighton & Hove15 2000not applicableLocal government districtBrighton.UK.JPG273,369 (2011)[4]
Bristol1 1542Bristol CathedralLocal government districtColston Avenue, Bristol.jpg428,234 (2011)[4]
Cambridge3 195125not applicableLocal government districtKingsCollegeChapelWest.jpg123,867 (2011)[4]
Canterbury3 time immemorialCanterbury CathedralLocal government districtView of the city from Augustine House - - 1713524.jpg151,145 (2011)[4]
Carlisle1 1158Carlisle CathedralLocal government districtCarlisle Cathedral from the Air.jpg107,524 (2011)[4]
Chelmsford37 2012not applicableLocal government districtChelmsfordcath.jpg168,310 (2011)[4]
Chester3 1541Chester CathedralCharter trusteesBridge Street, Chester.jpg90,925
Chichester1 time immemorialChichester CathedralCivil parishChichester - Bishop's Palace Gardens - - 1349835.jpg25,749 (2010)[5]
Coventry1 time immemorialCoventry Cathedral5Local government districtSkyline of Coventry as seen from Baginton 3g06.JPG316,915 (2011)[4]
Derby13 1977not applicableLocal government districtIron Gate, Derby - - 587015.jpg248,752 (2011)[4]
Durham1 time immemorialDurham CathedralCharter trusteesDurham Cathedral from the train viaduct.jpg94,375 (2011)[6]
Ely1 time immemorialEly CathedralCivil parishEly Cathedral From Air.jpg20,240 (2010)[5]
Exeter1 time immemorialExeter CathedralLocal government districtExeter panorama 1.jpg117,773 (2011)[4]
Gloucester1 1541Gloucester CathedralLocal government districtGloucester and its cathedral - - 1454853.jpg121,688 (2011)[4]
Hereford119 time immemorialHereford CathedralCivil parishHereford cathedral 002.JPG58,896 (2011)[7]
Kingston upon Hull12 1897not applicableLocal government districtHull from Paull.jpg256,406 (2011)[4]
Lancaster1 193726not applicableLocal government districtCity of Lancaster (2).jpg138,375 (2011)[4]
Leeds1 1893not applicableLocal government districtLeedsSkyline2013.jpg751,485 (2011)[4]
Leicester1 191922not applicableLocal government districtCurve Leicester full panorama.jpg329,839 (2011)[4]
Lichfield17 time immemorialLichfield CathedralCivil parishLichfield Cityscape.jpg31,068 (2010)[5]
Lincoln3 time immemorialLincoln CathedralLocal government districtCathedral and Castle Square - - 134108.jpg93,541 (2011)[4]
Liverpool2 1880Liverpool Cathedral (1880)Local government districtLiverpool waterfront from Birkenhead 300809.JPG466,415 (2011)[4]
City of London6 time immemorialSt Paul's CathedralLocal government districtCity of London skyline from London City Hall - Oct 2008.jpg7,375 (2011)[4]
Manchester1 185334Manchester Cathedral (1847)Local government districtManchester Skyline.jpg503,127 (2011)[4]
Newcastle upon Tyne1 1882Newcastle Cathedral (1882)Local government districtBridges opening up - - 178375.jpg280,177 (2011)[4]
Norwich1 time immemorialNorwich CathedralLocal government districtGentlemanswalk.JPG132,512 (2011)[4]
Nottingham1 1897not applicableLocal government districtClipston Nottingham.JPG305,680 (2011)[4]
Oxford1 1542Christ Church CathedralLocal government districtOxford from Boars Hill.jpg151,906 (2011)[4]
Peterborough2 1541Peterborough CathedralLocal government districtPeterborough Cathedral oblique view.jpg183,631 (2011)[4]
Plymouth1 192827not applicableLocal government districtPlymouth from Mount Batten - - 1580485.jpg256,384 (2011)[4]
Portsmouth1 192624not applicableLocal government districtPortsmouthskyline.jpg205,056 (2011)[4]
Preston14 2002not applicableLocal government districtPreston City Centre.jpg140,202 (2011)[4]
Ripon1 1836Ripon Cathedral (1836)Civil parishRiponMarket.jpg17,193 (2010)[5]
Salford1 192624not applicableLocal government districtMariners Canal from Waterfront Quay, Salford Quays.jpg233,933 (2011)[4]

(formally known as New Sarum until 2009)

1227Salisbury CathedralCivil parishSalisbury Cathedral.jpg39,896 (2010)[5]
Sheffield3 1893not applicableLocal government districtPeaceGdnsSheffd.jpg552,698 (2011)[4]
Southampton1 1964not applicableLocal government districtSouthampton from Aurora 01.JPG236,882 (2011)[4]
St Albans7 187736St Albans Cathedral (1876)Local government districtCathedral.png140,644 (2011)[4]
Stoke-on-Trent3 192528not applicableLocal government districtHanley City - - 155173.jpg249,008 (2011)[4]
Sunderland18 1992not applicableLocal government districtSunderlandBridges.jpg275,506 (2011)[4]
Truro1 1877Truro Cathedral (1877)Civil parishTruro stmarysst.jpg19,382 (2010)[5]
Wakefield3 1888Wakefield Cathedral (1888)Local government districtWakefield County Hall.jpg325,837 (2011)[4]
Wells1 1205Wells CathedralCivil parishWells main street arp.jpg10,491 (2010)[5]
City of Westminster21 1540Westminster Abbey4Local government districtHdr parliament.jpg219,396 (2011)[4]
Winchester1 time immemorialWinchester CathedralLocal government districtWinchester 13.JPG116,595 (2011)[4]
Wolverhampton16 2000not applicableLocal government districtSt Peter's Church, Wolverhampton.jpg249,470 (2011)[4]
Worcester3 time immemorialWorcester CathedralLocal government districtRiver Severn, Worcester - - 894221.jpg98,768 (2011)[4]
York18 time immemorialYork MinsterLocal government districtYork Davygate.jpg198,051 (2011)[4]


CityYear granted
city status
City councilImagePopulation
(Scots: Aiberdeen)
(Scottish Gaelic: Obar Dheathain)
city status confirmed 189131
(royal burgh 1179)
St Machar's CathedralLocal government districtAberdeen from Torry - - 1454885.jpg189,12038
(Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Dèagh)
(royal burgh 1191)
not applicableLocal government districtMidsummer night^ - - 9752.jpg153,99038
(Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Èideann)
accepted as city by ancient usage by the eighteenth century
and confirmed in subsequent local government legislation[8]
(royal burgh 1329)
St. Giles' CathedralLocal government districtEdinburgh. View from Calton Hill.jpg468,72038
(Scots: Glesga)
(Scottish Gaelic: Glaschu)
accepted as city by ancient usage by the eighteenth century
and confirmed in subsequent local government legislation[8]
(royal burgh 1492)
St. Mungo's CathedralLocal government district(looking down) Buchannan Street, Glasgow.jpg589,90038
(Scottish Gaelic: Inbhir Nis)
2000not applicablenoneInverness view 3.jpg57,960[9]
(Scots: Pairth)
(Scottish Gaelic: Peairt)
(city status had previously been held by the Royal Burgh of Perth, created in the twelfth century and abolished in 1975.[11])
not applicablenonePerthScotland.jpg45,77038
(Scots: Stirlin)
(Scottish Gaelic: Sruighlea)
2002not applicablenoneStirling(DonaldMacDonald)Dec2005.jpg34,79038


CityYear granted
city status
City councilImagePopulation
Bangor1 time immemorialBangor CathedralCommunityBangor from Bangor-mountain.jpg14,875 (2010)[5]
(Welsh: Caerdydd)
190529not applicableLocal government districtCardiff City Hall cropped.jpg346,090 (2011)[4]
2002not applicableLocal government districtNewportciviccentre.jpg145,736 (2011)[4]
St Asaph37
2012not applicableCommunitySt Asaph, Cathedral.jpg3,444 (2010)[5]
St David's20
1994not applicableCommunitySt.Davids, Wales, UK.jpg1,661 (2010)[5]
196923not applicableLocal government districtSwansea Railway Station - - 1484946.jpg239,023 (2011)[4]

Northern Ireland[edit]

CityYear granted city statusCity councilImagePopulation
(Irish: Ard Mhacha)
(Ulster-Scots: Airmagh)
1994Local government districtThe Mall, Armagh.jpg59,340 (2011)[12]
(Irish: Béal Feirste)
(Ulster-Scots: Bilfawst)
1888Local government districtBelfast City Hall 2.jpg280,962 (2011)[12]
(Irish: Doire / Doire Cholmchille)
Derrie / Lunnonderrie)
1604[13]Local government districtSt Eugene's Cathedral, August 2009.JPG107,877 (2011)[12]
(Irish: Lios na gCearrbhach)
2002Local government districtIrish Linen Centre Lisburn Museum.jpg120,165 (2011)[12]
(Irish: Iúr Cinn Trá)
(Ulster-Scots: Newrie)
2002noneMarcus Sq Newry.jpg27,433

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  • ^6 Note that the City of London covers only the "square mile", and is usually just referred to as "the City". The larger conurbation of Greater London has no city charter, and consists of the City of London, the City of Westminster and 31 other London boroughs. This can be compared to the City of Brussels, within Brussels.
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